World of Tanks – Carnage

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s not often I get a World of Tanks replay that actually gets the heart pumping, so when I got two in one day I knew someone was trying to to tell me something!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles:Maybe its time to do a short video about how to record and send a video to Jingles.  Up till recently, my games were pretty average with the occasional flash of brilliance.   As I’ve spent more time with the game (both WoT and WoWS) some of them are worth seeing.  Yet I have no idea (or idear as we say in New England…) how to record a game.  Please o mighty Salt Mine Gnome inform your minions.

  2. I feel Jingles should do his own version of the Oscars for World of Tanks. Best kill, best kill streak, best supporting tank and so on.

  3. Yeah, because even higher dpm for sovvie meds is what was needed. Never mind that literally none of the high tier ever approached it, and high dpm+mobility was the only thing the Jap Med line had going for it.

  4. gazzbott 2point0

    you were right on the pronunciation of Petkonzy (Dave) Jingles, as a former clan mate on WoWS and friend on discord i can tell you that very gung-ho battle was about standard for him 😀

  5. Good games.

  6. Russian tier 10 medium with 60mm armour?
    **every KV2 driver’s bonner hardens**
    P.s- I had a guy (in a light tank AMX) telling me to spot in my KV2 with 4 kills and 80hp in tier 8 match. So Im sure that you will always have enough material to make “The Good & Bad & Ugly videos”.

  7. Good stab at that name tho @Jingles 😀 back to the salt mines for me for more TVP aces

  8. And you are indeed correct, had the 705 not held that rock they most likely would have rushed right up onto the hill and I would’ve been up sh*t creek with no paddle

  9. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    lol, that less than 200HP AMX light tank got the 6th kill on dave´s team.

  10. People who chose to drive light tanks and not spot and instead camp back of the map and try playing a very shitty TD need to get their accounts taken away. PERIOD!

  11. 60 x 3 =120? Watch out for 121 mm guns and up guys

  12. man I really want a k-91 now but forcing myself to play 430 v2 is suuuuuuuuuch shit now

  13. Drive backwards depression.

  14. Bias

  15. You ARE making a darn good job of commenting the action in this action packed second game you CANNOT POSSIBLY comment in a good fashion. Your only slipup was the 110E4 “fresh out of friends”, because there was still an object around the corner… But you’ve seen that too so…

  16. Yeeeeey 2 smart Balkan players in 1 battle praised by Mr. Jingles, faith in humanity restored! 😂 I wonder if my Football replay will provide enough of excitement for Mr. Jingles too… 😓

  17. General Patton would a been proud..

  18. Both games Patton approves

  19. Circon hates this map but this is his kind of battle

  20. Dave/circon

  21. Dave team will loose 1 tank

  22. more russian bias in world of tanks?

  23. Dmasephotography

    The guy in the K-91 went full Rambo

  24. Over 9000 damage on mines with the enemy team being trash, it sure helps that he was in a tier 10 tank with an auto loader and no arty

  25. Sometimes I wonder how Wargaming kept on finding new “historical” vehicles to put into the game. I think the Wikipedia article about the Leichttraktor did not exist before it was released in World of Tanks. The K-91 supposedly existed in blueprints before it was cancelled in 1949. I did not find any historical article about K-91 besides in relation to World of Tanks. If the information in the game was true, the K-91 is supposed to have an autoloader but its rate of fire is so consistent in World of Tanks (no autoloader?) and with these crew skills, equipment and/or consumables, the K-91 can shoot at least 10 shots a minute (5-6 s)!

  26. 5 kills was my guess, the 6 dead before, I was right, so yeah got the 2 minute smoke break! Now I just need to take up smoking.

  27. Jingles 10 tanks Before AMX Get the Ticket. Dave team 2 Tanks Dead. So What the Loser Get

  28. The dead T26 was giving cover, not concealment. Bushes give concealment, not cover.

  29. I enjoy it..✌🏼

  30. 4 enemy tanks killed in about 20 secs.

  31. more overpowered russian tenks? more top tier mt curb-stomp battles? this is why new and free to play gamers hate WOT.

  32. 14 – 1

  33. Exactly what the game needs…. another op tank.

  34. lol jingles you missed the part where Claw missed the scorpion and killed the lor.155.51 rofl

  35. What exactly did they do to you when you were in russia, Jingles? “THIS rUSSIAN TANK IS FANTASTIC!!!!!”

  36. Michael gerard Koll junior
  37. I’d say 5 and 8

    Edit: well 6 but close enough
    I guess…

  38. 14 enemies will die before they get a kill

  39. 2:40 i thought its the 3 caliber rule? Dont you need 183mm gun on FVandsomenumbers (tier 10 brit TD) to overmatch 60mm of armour?

    • Yes, if the caliber of the shell is 3 times the thickness of the armor, it will penetrate no matter the angle, but if the caliber is 2 times the thickness of the armor, the angle it can penetrate from increases.

    • t0piass OK disnt know that

  40. Dat is Claw. Don’t mind him, he likes to come out and sy “BOO!” hehehehe

  41. Srsly mines perma-win north spawn replay? That’s just fraking dumb.

  42. The tvp seems to have a frame rate problem too, the turret jerks a few times at the start.

  43. I said that 2 years ago when they started to introduce more and more of
    the Type 62A-like tanks in the russian tech: There is really no reason
    to play WoT with any other nation than Russia because it is just not
    worth the time to play tactical and to the strength of your tank if you
    can have it all in the standrard t9-10 russian mediums (and now even in
    hightier russian lights)… They removed the T50-2 alsmost 4 years ago
    because it was a joke (that was before you could slide a rround and skip
    your tank over). After that they implemented the MT 25 which was whider
    and had bigger stracks so it could not flip that easy… funny… and
    now they have that flat light ufo in hightier which goes with 72kmh is
    hard to hit because of no silhouette (the ELC is taller) and the gun
    somehow hits with fullspeed like a laser…
    Its not even worth going for the hightier heavy bunkers of the russian tech because the new TDs have the better guns and at least the same strong armour and mobility…

  44. Seven.

  45. Every time I see Jingles intro, I say this again: ‘a World of Tanks intro without The Mighty Tog is a bad World of Tanks intro

  46. First replayer is a cheater.

  47. Trick question, Sir!I don’t think he’s going to die.

  48. WHAT!!!! OVER 9000!!!!!

  49. I don’t know why you would be so excited about these two games, Jingles. Both tanks were op tier 10 mediums as usual. The first one camped half of the game if not more in the same spot, shooting lower tier targets that other players spotted.
    The second one was a lot better, in that short time he was able to do 9k damage yes, but again in a TVP with an enemy team full of bots and again against lower tiers. If either of these games was done in a Leopard 1, I would be impressed.
    I have managed to do 7,5k dmg in the Object 430 2 in a tier 10 battle and I did not camp. I did spam that well balanced heat ammo though 😛

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