World of Tanks | CARNIVAL EVENT! | Type 62 Gameplay

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Source: Krebs

World of Tanks | CARNIVAL EVENT! | Type 62 Gameplay
▶ There’s an awesome event going on on the NA server at the moment – Carnival! Since the Type 62 is on sale I’m going to play in today’s video 🙂

You can try out and play the Carnival event here:

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  1. If you haven’t played WoT yet it’s pretty much an essential game to have
    played at least once. I got a link in the description should you want to
    join! Enjoy!

  2. Meanwhile on the EU server we get our weekly “5 repair kit for 100000
    damage” mission.

  3. Hey Krebs just wondering are you ever gonna make a new intro for the
    future. (I like the latest one but it would be cool if you made another

  4. Sorry dude game is still the same with or with out new stuff. CRAP! Nice

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