World of Tanks – Carry Harder

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Yes, I forgot to write a description.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Ye gods! I have rippled muscles on my back just from watching that!!!!

  2. have you seen the war thunder updates yet? the biggest gun in the game now is the FV4005.

  3. I like the old intro better

  4. why is it called a yageroo?

  5. The Imperial March is the perfect song for that Tank Destroyer. I have to play it every time I hear it played.

  6. Oh jingles I’ve put up with this nonsense for enough! Where’s the Luchs in the intro!

  7. is it me or is the resolution 720p even when I put it on 1080p

  8. dam ….. ouch and dam again

  9. Jingles, you can’t play the Imperial March for the Jg. Pz. E 100, only for the FV215b 183

  10. let’s see a T20 American medium tank replay plz

  11. No sixth sense? BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  12. jingles do you play wot blitz?

  13. imthemistermaster

    how do you make it to tier 10 without getting 6th sense?

  14. This was my 2nd game playing in the Jadgeroo

  15. Yep I love m some 183 in my jaggaru

  16. 420mm penetration? Great, so it’s a tank with a bigger gun than a Sverdlov class cruiser that could penetrate the citadel of an Iowa class Battleship… just to put it in perspective… but that’s not even the biggest gun in the game lol

  17. At 1:28 I thought Jingles said “Its a salt”. Little did I know how prophetic that would be.

  18. Russian tier ten TD need buff

  19. WOW, that game made me cringe more than any game jingles has ever shown

  20. He kinda deserved to lose regardless of the damage he did. He waited to long to take the necessary risk in the end.

  21. This reminds me of a game I had in my hellcat a long time ago. I was a tier 6 in a tier 8 game, did the highest damage and had the most kills on my team and yet 3 friendly players still raged on me because I couldn’t take out the the rest of the enemy team by myself after my team had all died. Same thing happened in another game I played with my T-92 artillery. I did 5800 damage which was the highest of both teams yet multiple friendlies blamed me in chat for the loss because I didn’t try to shoot 1 enemy tank which had been hidden behind a rock the entire match. They said “We kept him lit for 5 minutes!” and they didn’t seem to give a rats ass that he was behind a F***ing rock where I could have never hit him no matter what because he never once ever poked out(Also they had done almost no damage themselves). You know…world of Tanks could be so much more fun if not for the other players.

  22. Hello comment section window washers, quick question. What tank would you recommend for having a decent reload time, and high concealment?

  23. Yeah it was a good game but jesus he’s lucky as tits. I’ve played over 300 games in my jageroo so far and literally 1 in every 10 do over 1000 damage. and it’s even rarer that I do over 1100. this guy literally got 1100 twice in a row

  24. pfft. 9353 damage done and the game still ended on a draw.

  25. The Crazy Pineapple

    I still think the JgPz E100 is more fit for the Death Star title than FV. It’s as big, slow, grey and fearsome as the Death Star, while FV has a little bigger gun and that’s it.

  26. what did the librarian say to the gamer

    read more

  27. Your voice is so calming…. Are you the new Morgan Freeman?

  28. Carrying the team being enough: Literally be the only only one on your team to do any damage, getting all 15 kills, using nothing but HE and penetrating EVERY shot, max rolling EVERY shot, and bouncing all return fire even from arty so they don’t do any damage, then you have a 1% chance of being able to have carried hard nuff

  29. A system I think would stop TKers is that it reflects the same percent damage you deal back at you, but doubled. So, you deal 10% damage to a tank, and you lose 20% of your health. That way, if you insta-kill someone, you die in that match, and the next match as well, for being a cunt.

  30. actually jingles, the T92 has the biggest gun in the game, we know what you men’t by *GUN* though not howitzer lol

  31. Fun fact: the 16 inch USN guns actually had more penetration than the Yamato’s 18.1 inch gun thanks to higher velocity, flatter curve, and MUCH better AP rounds.

    The boat game is better…

  32. Well actually Jingles, the Jagderoo got an alpha damage nerf! From 1050-950.

  33. “If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t be playing World Of Tanks” – The Mighty Jingles 2017

  34. Jingles – when the FV (183) came around – we named it the “Star Destroyer” and kept the “Death Star” moniker for the JgPz E100. I know, I know, it directly competes with your “Jaegaroo” knickname – but I thought I’d mention it none-the-less.

  35. cool story bro

  36. I had a 6500+ damage loss in my jagaroo last night.

  37. Why do so many people play with colorblind mode on?

  38. Ahh the good ol’ “Exit and shut down the PC” game.
    Because WoT says no wins for you today, no matter how hard you try

  39. War gaming…

  40. Yeah carrying in world of tanks has become very hard due to brain-afk donkeys driving their tanks 😀 if i had gotten that result, i would have destroyed something, probably my keyboard or mouse…

  41. I cant get over the intro. I love bert,except when it is on the enemy team

  42. Aj dude im just watching some ooold jingles vids, and the nostalgia is real…

  43. Destroyer Inazuma

    Insert that crying black man video: “naaaaahhhhh” 🙁

  44. 9,000 damage still lost. As I say. No matter how good you are if your team is shit it doesn’t matter how well you’ve done. Hell I’ve lost a game where I killed 13 of the 14 enemy tanks that were killed without me my team unquestionably would’ve been screwed up the ass in terms of score and yet still I couldn’t pull it off.

  45. My favorite tank in the game is the Jagaroo / JPZE100
    I fucking love it to bits !!!
    If i lose i am happy, If i win i am happy, if i do 0 damage i am still happy just because i am driving the jagaroo 🙂

  46. Pro Tip: Listening to the imperial march in this tank doubles the fun in every game. 🙂

    Edit: My soundtrack of choice for the maus is “my heart will go on” from the titanic movie… Dont ask me why…

  47. The JgPZE100 lost the game. All he needed to do was spot the cappers. He would have died doing it, but the game would have been won.

  48. You know that video where a fatty plays a horror game and after an jumpscare he basecly pierces trough his monitor with his bare hand? Yeah,that can very easily happen to my monitor and after I do that I’ll trow my ancient half-fossilezed computer trough the window of my apartment that’s on the 4th floor

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