World of Tanks || Carrying as Bottom Tier

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Source: QuickyBaby

– Carrying as Bottom Tier. Face it, most people hate being bottom tier in World of , but not Sammy_Bouchacka who shows us how carry, even as the underdog!

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  1. What is the mod called which indicates when you`re being spotted and the
    one which shows you how much damage you`ve done?

  2. Perfect game !

  3. So? Who wants free COD points

  4. they underestimated him

  5. Syahareen Sha Rani

    oh Cromwell is my favourite tank best tank in the game

  6. that position gets used lots now since patch u can climb it easy :D

  7. Just so you know, Bouchacka is to be pronounced Bow-khach-kah, and it means
    “gun”, making Sammy Bouchacka – Sammy the Gun. :-)

  8. Total Blackness666

    Absolutely amazing reply.

  9. The Comet has technically a smaller version of the 17 pounder which is 76mm
    not 75mm but they called it 77mm to not confuse it with the 17 pounder.

  10. Bernhard Weinlechner

    Lovely video 🙂 please do a “Carrying as Bottom Tier” episode on the AMX 12
    Doktor_Dude sent you some good replays :)

  11. Mh, he is using the advanced autoaim mod -> forbidden mod, everyone can
    read this in the Terms and Policies. But well, I am really happy that QB
    pick a lowtier match cuz they are much more intense and look way better
    than this high-tier-easy-games.

  12. Dear MoronBaby, I hope you do relize every fucking retard sits on that
    corner on top of the hill now untill 9.16.

  13. FunnyPotato Productions

    I’m really about to hit my self with a baseballbat…
    Why the hell didn’t I save the replay of me in my PzIC carrying a Tier 5
    game and even killing a damn churchill?! :/

  14. Why wasn’t an Ace Tanker Earned? 2000? Base XP? seems odd.

  15. Blitz changed it to +1/-1

  16. you spoke finnish there in the end. My Sweet Language?.

  17. you can also get up there fairly easily with the amx elc.

  18. Perfect play in the end. GG.

  19. Lol Ocapileon is my clanmate ;D

  20. Not-so-dank memer

    Congrats on 400k QB!!!

  21. one of the best replays i’ve seen on QB. sammy played extremely well in
    terms of marksmanship, kept calm in high pressure situations and made the
    right decisions. great entertainment!

  22. Angelsangling (angelsangling)

    Hi i cant get ur mod to work on can u help pls.

  23. Vukasin Stankovic

    So QB you literally said that T 44 sucks at the game and he didnt do shit
    and he got carried…

  24. Sammy Bouchačka is a czech translation of one character in video game
    played by Dave Lister on Red Dwarf.

  25. Saw a grille on that position. Nuked him with T92 c:

  26. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since . I don’t really play WoT myself
    anymore, but I still enjoy your videos. Keep up the amazing work:) Btw,
    what happened to Ik? Doesn’t seem like you play with him at all.

  27. Really impressive game! Quite honestly, I think the best play at the end
    (for the 2v2) would have been to cap with both tanks and ensure the win,
    but I guess its hard to know whether the T-44 would have co-operated

  28. Best replay in a while.

  29. number one player … QuickyBaby

  30. Speed and RoF is everything nowadays …

  31. kudos to that t-44 with 122mm ¯*(ツ)*/¯

  32. Βασίλης Χατζηιωάννου

    anyone knows how to use this camera view where you can “travel” through the
    entire map??

  33. show me a kv1-s against 7 tier match without gold ammo as the bottom player

  34. +QuickyBaby I have an amazing Cromwell match on tundra, it was a
    Heartbreaker. I uploaded it on your website and would appreciate it if you
    can watch it, username: unbreakable702

  35. I wonder my replay was not featured this replay so badass

  36. Nicola Signorelli

    Let me know in the Comets down below u.u

  37. ionicafardefrica

    Now THAT is a replay worth showing out! Compared to other crap I’ve seen on
    the channel, where luck or bad opponents were the only factors, I really
    liked this one. And btw, QB, that position at the start is pretty common,
    you could even do it before the physics patch, but people rarely are
    successful there.

  38. Powerful? Are you kidding me? The damned thing is outright OP this side of
    WoT’s bias Soviet tanks. I have fired am 88 into the engine of a Cromwell,
    mind you not HE, 4 times and only did 25% DMG to it. No it’s not OP at all!
    Anyone in a clan? This OP medium in my opinion is in the top 5 tanks in
    clan battles. I have had over 100 battles in clan match ups and so far this
    tank is in the high 90% percentile of always being in! If this tank is as
    great as WG has fluffed it up to be, the UK could have easily wiped the
    floor with the Axis and never asked for help. But hey WG has “creative
    licencing” with these tanks. I mean after all a lone Cromwell can single
    handily beat a Tiger 1.

    See matches like this show a couple of things.

    1.) Cromwell, disgustingly OP.
    2.) Advanced players know the maps and know the tanks. The average and new
    WoT players will NEVER EVER stand a chance in hell against these types of
    players no matter what tank they are in. And here in is the game breaker,
    experienced players. Not because of them, but because the MM is so messed
    up, it does not read what players battle EXP is. That is why you see match
    ups ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG of “tomato” teams against guys batting
    anywhere between 20K to 78K battles fought. It’s pure BS! The MM is the
    Shepard leading the lambs to slaughter!
    3.) Did I say the Cromwell is OP yet? Well, it is!
    4.) That spot should be removed from the game altogether. Most tanks CANNOT
    make it up that cliff side. It is a seriously over powered spot. Hell, OP
    spot for a OP tank.

    What makes things even worse is that a big WoT youtube celebrity, Quicky,
    actually brings praises and approvals of how well Sammy_Bouchacka played.
    Do I think Sammy did good? I do. Not bad. But here is the catch, we all
    know this guy or girl, IS NOT an average WoT player. No freaking way. But
    it’s players like Sammy, who hide their stats if you look them up on the NA
    WoT page, that also lurk around at lower tiers making life suck for those
    who are learning the game. Why because they can. They have the higher
    stats, they have a ton of tanks from tiers 1-10 yet they are not satisfied
    with their tier 8, 9 or 10 tanks. Why? Because they will face off against
    opponents a lot closer to their expertise.

    You know I could understand a player with high degree of experience
    starting a new nation tech tree. Perhaps they have completed all the
    vehicles they wanted from 3 nations and wanted to try some thing new.
    Perhaps their absolutely favorite tank in the game is at a lower tier. That
    is fine too. This stuff is understandable. But to have almost 100 tanks
    many at tier 9 and 10 and still battle at way lower tiers, well, something
    just does not seem right in that. icould careless what tank they play in at
    what tier, what I care about and find to be stupid beyond all measure is
    that these excellent players are allowed to enter matches with players just
    starting the game out! It’s vastly unfair. This is a MASSIVE issue that
    makes new players just quit WoT because it’s just 100% wrong. It’s not fair
    in the least. I have known almost 10 people that started WoT up the first
    time, many of which are close friends, who played a few games and quit
    after their umpteenth loss in a row. They told me it’s clearly not a fun
    game because they never face off against players that are equal in
    experience. And they are 100000% correct. WoT PUNISHES new players to no

    Lets say I am trying to a new nation, which I am, the French line but I am
    running into match, after match, after bloody match, at lower tiers mind
    you, of some of these advanced players. I am talking about players that are
    sporting 30K battles fought and up. These players are deliberately
    sealclubbing to make life as horrible for those of us who are actually
    trying to broaden their tank collections and tastes. What is even worse is
    that people like this will pick a premium tank and platoon with 2 other
    like minded players in the same premium tanks. I have run into this
    COUNTLESS times as they systematically dominated the match with utter ease.
    It’s not just premium tanks either. Just today I ran into a platoon of 3
    Matilda players, each one of these players had around the 50k battles a
    piece. They won the match to say the least. What sucks even more? They were
    top tier and our top tier tank was a Pz B2! No arty either. The highest
    experienced player on our side had 9k battles fought…. that means they
    still trumped him by 141k! This is just getting disgusting what WG allows.
    All the BS talk about them fixing stuff is a joke. People have been
    complaining for years about this and they still have done NOTHING to remedy
    the issues and something tells me they never will. If it was up to them
    they would monetize every time you hop online. Want and example of how
    awful the MM is here:

  39. How is 2033 base exp no MasteryBadge?

  40. social3ngin33rin

    you’ve never seen anyone use that hill?!?! @_@

  41. Who else has noticed that a lot of these amazing replays are games without
    self-propelled guns?

  42. Great little spot. The thing is, WG hate people being creative and this
    spot will be blocked and we will have to go back to fighting within their
    dumb corridors.

  43. Ive used it also in my T54 a couple of days ago, I Finished with 4k+DMG :D

  44. Comi Wolfsbrother

    Sammy did a great job, but the enemy team is a joke.

  45. please do more bottom tier carry videos ^_^ they are great!

  46. That Tiger II at the end could have won if he had played better.

  47. I’ve seen an SU-152 up on that hill.
    Also, I find the Cromwell does very well with the 6-pdr gun, It has
    massively more DMP.

  48. I used this spot before too….its not that OP….u can get there in most
    vehicles….its more a location for a Suprise angle ambush attack…

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