World of Tanks – Casual Killers

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Five minutes of fun in with the Centurion 7/1 and !

Live streaming with standards!


  1. Hoping to see a strafing run with your full thoughts on the division :D

  2. Sidestrafe. Stop with the Highlight reel and show us the entire matches. I
    know you have been schooled in editing recently. But its not the side
    strafe that we know and love! Give us the whole

  3. Do longer WoT vids! :D

  4. how did you get your team lists things on the side to be so small

  5. you are the reason I joined world of tanks

  6. The cent 7/1 is still the sexiest tank in the game. If only its DPM was bit

  7. Good vid, keep ’em coming!

  8. Too short =(

  9. Yeah, Strafe if back and with a vengeance. Glad to see it, mighty glad.

  10. A five minute video isn’t going to satisfy my addiction SS…^^

  11. I thought you quit this game for good……

  12. Germaine Westhiemer

    It’s nice to see some lite-hearted game play. It’s all fun and game right?

  13. Is roughly one video a week the new normal strafe ?

  14. Great video man. You’ve gotten a little rusty but that’s to be expected.
    Personally if your going to keep playing this game I feel like less editing
    would help. I get your trying to cut out the dull parts but I enjoy
    watching you plan your attack and I feel like I lose a lot of good stuff
    with the editing

  15. We back Playing WoT SS? Always liked your WoT content mate. Love the new
    stuff, especially the dual perspective stuff, very sad that hasn’t worked
    out. Hate it when someone puts, a very evident, level of effort in, and
    doesn’t get rewarded. Keep your chin up mate.

  16. It’s great to see you playing the game that basically got me to subscribe
    to you! :D

  17. It’s pretty cool that your first WoT video in a while has Centurion 7/1
    game play in it. Less than 10k exp till unlock that beauty. Keep on doing
    what you do SS!

  18. Still waiting for that moment when it’s:
    Ladies and gentleman sidestrafe back with some Dayz!!

  19. Welcome back

  20. All your videos are fantastic. Hope you keep uploading!

  21. I am so glad that you are again posting world of tanks to the channel, as
    it was the main reason I subbed to you. I really look forward to future

  22. Good to see regular content returning to the channel. Hope to see you live
    streaming again soon.

  23. you must play at 1920×1080 because all your ui is so small

  24. Sidestrafe playing WOT? Man, it’s like the feeling of coming back to your
    home town after years…it’s great but not as good as you remembered it to

  25. Love that you revisit WoT. Please never forsake it. Thanks.

  26. how I love it when you say “back with world of tanks”…

  27. SideStrafe, I’ve been playing War Thunder but haven’t played World of
    Tanks. What does WoT offer that WT doesn’t? What’s the appeal of WoT that
    I’m missing?

  28. Aand he’s back! Thanks sidestrafe!

  29. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……..
    awesome to hear ur comment on WOT again. It’s so much different to hear ur
    calm voice. Btw.. i rage… sometimes. But only when it’s necessary
    (conditions apply). Ur videos… i love… Please continue…

  30. The boss' channel

    Ur game looks soooo good u mod it

  31. Ah, the Centurion 7/1. It was the videos of you kicking ass in this tank
    way back when that got me hooked on your content.

  32. Wow, WoT content? Yaaay!!!! Thanks SS

  33. Give me mwo any day over wot! and yeah I know mwo isn’t perfect

  34. I’m so happy he’s doing more world of tanks!!!

  35. i don’t like using national voices…. i love the generic voice, it
    motivates me PS- whats with the jump cuts?

  36. Haha, I used to be addicted to your WoT videos back in the day… cant
    believe that was three years ago! Damn, i feel inspired to go play some
    matches myself now lol, been gone from WoT for a year and a half…

    Since i saw people putting tank suggestions, ill suggest the action X
    centurion, i know you had the FV4202, so you should have it…

  37. While im exited to see you back to WoT and i do appreciate the time and
    effort you put into editing in that video. I feel like there was a little
    to much editing and it was taking a bit away from the gameplay. It was
    still enjoyable and i will still watch your content either way. Just though
    i would throw my opinion in I hope you dont take this the wrong way.

  38. When you made the video about the new sound, I had no idea that they did
    that so I started up WoT and played a few games and its soooo nice now. The
    game desperately needed new and improved sounds and the game seems to run
    better as well.

  39. Yeah, it’s good to see you playing WoT again mate. Don’t burn out on it
    this time aye ;)

  40. +Sidestrafe, playing World of Tanks? Who are you and what have you done
    with the Real SideStrafe?

  41. Yay! WoT is back. 🙂 Thanks Strafe. Maybe some glorious T34 like the good
    ol’ days?

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