World of Tanks – Celebrity Replay Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

By a stunning coincidence, both RitaGamer and Circonflexes send me replays on the same day. Hmmm… I have a cunning plan for a vaguely deceptive clickbait video thumbnail!

Tanks –

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Camperoftehintrowebz

    Freedom is great for weakspot management as both weakspots are on the right
    as well
    The DPM on it isnt horrible and the armor makes up for its slowness

  2. Just a couple things spotted in Ritas replay, in case no one else spotted
    The GW Tiger may have ended up ram-killing the SU, judging by the
    ensuing chat, and the IS-6 was firing HE into Rita’s front at the
    end(estimated from the 150-200 damage roll).

  3. Rita must be a lesbo she has all them hot gamer studs around her… if she
    wanted it it would be raining man meat.

  4. evil dutch on the prowl (

  5. My older brother hates Soviet tanks, because and I quote “Too easy to
    drive” he’s a German tank driver & I’m a Soviet Union loving medium tanker

  6. Very honorabru kamikaze dive from that T-10 in Rita’s game against the
    Walker Bulldog.

  7. The first tank Circon kills, the one that commits suicide by shooting at
    him, is called “SovietSuicideTenk”.

  8. noobinator Simelane

    Surprise butt sex; bum rush… Jingles what you do to Rita I just but

  9. Unsubscribed for clickba…oh hell who am I kidding. You are a jerk though.

  10. brilliantlysplendid

    “right about now”

  11. I wonder if Circon bought the same Stalin statue as Jingles :P

  12. Small question- is Rita fine with me naming my Meowth after her, but forgot
    the gamer part though (Gonna change that)

  13. Jarrod Ongchangco

    what happened to IK? why did he stop uploading? Is he dead?

  14. Bruh the Russian accent got me laughing so hard????

  15. Is it just me or are the comments a bit off today?

  16. HrothgarHeavenlight

    Jingles said that it was good day because he play WoT.
    Nah, he drank before this ton of beer and ate burritos, that’s why it was a
    good day.

  17. the tortoise has a 30mm roof…even if you hide the mg port you can over
    match the roof every time

  18. jtiger is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then the tortoise crap!

  19. Easy 8 derp was better
    HE better
    HEAT maybe less than 122mm derp but with that gun handling,aim time ,crap
    Easy 8 can do the same dmg with HE while spit it out in 5s
    122mm 9s

  20. When you watch a SirFoch replay cast/stream and he has zero premium rounds
    loaded, and totally owns the battle unplatooned.
    Yea well..


    Todays story, A member of the jingles breeding program, RitaGamer got into
    some serious beef acording to World of Tanks youtuber, the Mighty Jingles’
    thumbnail on his latest video.

  22. The Großer Kurfürst has already been leaked you know?

  23. ethan micah Bench

    Click bait thumbnail was epic!

  24. Ha! That M44 bought the feint hook, line, and sinker.

  25. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    That’s what happens when there’s 10 year old bots playing 8:50 they haven’t
    even heard of flanking before!

  26. but jingles, circon also did in in the m64 patton with the m4 derp gun, it
    was on a why u heff to be mad that you took down(yes, I was also there for
    the live stream

  27. Jingles
    Random question.

    Do you pronounce Lieutenant as “LOO-ten-ant” or “Lef-Ten-ant”?

  28. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Circonflexes???? Nooooo, CirconDerps!

  29. Maciek Waligorski

    I like how that T-28’s (from Circons replay) nick was SovietSuicideTenk.
    Lived up to his name

  30. Stupidity of camo visibility versus rendering…. I’ve had times that I’m
    staring at an enemy tank, fully rendered mind you, and the game says NOPE
    not there. For example, an artillery piece in a bush that has no outline
    with my reticle on it. It isn’t on the mini map. Yet, I’m staring right at
    it with its barrel up in the air. Not until I ram it, does it “appear”.
    Mind you, this is only one example that has persisted now between the last
    three patches.

    On the reverse of this, I have been in matches that a tank is cruising on
    open terrain at full speed. It is well within my tanks view range, on the
    edge of the map and I’m looking directly down the line. Yet it doesn’t
    render or appear until its 15 meters from me.

    Visibility on WoT is a broken system.

  31. You got any video of you actually running that fancy Sherman from the
    opening? I would like to watch it.

  32. Jingles its my birthday and its my 3rd biggest wish for you to respond

  33. Excellent played by Rita in the Tortoise and about the IS6……well, it’s
    premium tank, right?

  34. circon makes it look so easy.

  35. The WTF E100 wasn’t the only time Circon did something like this. He also
    equipped a Pershing with the 105 mm howitzer, which should have made him
    completely outclassed by tier 8 since it only has about 50 mm of
    penetration, but he still kicked ass with it. It was in one of your
    Good/Bad/Ugly videos.

  36. Go watch Filthy Franks new video its great

  37. snipe that hatch … lol

  38. The Anime Civilian

    Are you doing a Derpitz video?


  40. Why not do a Jingles and subscribers vs Circon and subscribers ect.

  41. what is this parallel universe, where the Tortoise doesn’t basecamp the
    whole game?

  42. Alexander Snowden

    It’s a Tortwaz

  43. ThePersistentNoob

    How the heck did that IS-6 spot Rita @ the 7:15 mark?! There was never any
    line of sight for her to be spotted.

  44. jingles can you do an AW replay? I sent you a pretty good game that I had
    in my T-90MS

  45. Jingles didn’t you know, in russian tanks, aiming is for noobs!

  46. how the fuck did that IS-3 destroy her radio in the Tortoise??

  47. The Sanity Assassin

    Watching Circ’s Livestream when he was trying to get his 3rd Mark in the
    T-34-85 with the Derp… and then this game happened…. The Memes are
    strong with Circon.

  48. Ravioli, ravioli, 9/11 was an inside jobioli.

  49. I’m still feeling salty cause I didn’t even get on the shortened contenders
    list in his 500k video contest with my WTF prt1… So I said, screw him,
    I’ll stop watching his videos… Like that’s gonna happen 🙂 Jingles makes
    WoT more fun to watch than to actually play 🙂 Love ya vid’s, sorry for
    poking your voodoo doll with a pointy stick the last week :)

  50. Oh look- Rita playing the Tortoise. Who would’ve thought?

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