World of Tanks – Celebrity Spotlight – Mister Cro

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Source: The Mighty

Two games from Croatian EU Community Contributor . Same map, same type of tanks. Results? Watch and see.

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  1. Darn good player, that Mister Cro. It does not help that my wife is moaning
    every time she sees his picture…..

  2. I just drank some soda. It had 41 grams of sugar. I regret drinking it.

  3. He’s really good!

  4. watching this 60 fps smoothness makes me realize what a disadvantage I have
    with my 28-36 fps

  5. sets the map to absolutely tiny – “did you pay attention to the map…”

  6. well he kinda fucked it up by his own… he did not focus down the 110, so
    the 110 killed the obj430, what could have made a difference

  7. zdravo balkanci

  8. Is that…


  9. Jingles please do tank reviews!!!

  10. No left high kicks? I am disappointed.(Cro Cop reference)

  11. The FV4202 British Medium Tank is still in the game? I thought it was
    removed for the Action X?

  12. So did anyone learn anything from this video? I did! Fully upgraded tanks
    with crews with more then 2 skills a crew member, makes tanks move around
    and operate unhindered. And unhindered tanks are miles better then those
    that are stock and have crew of just 75% trained. Again, how is this fair
    that Mister Cro can load into a lower tier match and pound the crap out of
    lower less experienced players that are still learning the game and have
    stock tanks and crews that are SIGNIFICANTLY insufficient to battle players
    of this kind of caliber? Answer is simple, its not.

    See this is the big flaw in WOT. I dare ANYONE to go out and buy a game and
    play it. Do you die in 2 minutes? 3 minutes? No. You know why? Because any
    good game developer knows from the start that you DO NOT **** over the
    player. Apparently Wargaming has not learned this. They are still cowed
    with the idea of screwing players over to the point that they are going to
    do 2 things.

    1.) Quit, but at this rate does it matter? The second you make an account
    you become just a number. See when you see those WoT ads saying that WoT
    has millions of players playing their game, this is a half lie and is used
    for marketing ploys. Millions? I have NEVER seen more then 40,000 people on
    the US servers when I play. Shit, the other night there were just 8,000! I
    understand that WoT is a huge thing in Europe and Russia. The issue I have
    is that they USE YOU as a number and ONLY as a number even if you never
    even played a single game. What about the people that played the game and
    think that it sucks and deletes the game and account? Wargaming STILL uses
    them as a number to puff up the millions counter.

    2.) Players will get so pissed off and crave to have an edge because they
    realized that the MM keeps screwing them because it places them into
    matches against a super team filled with unicums and super unicums. Correct
    me if I am wrong here, but how often do you see those landslide wins and
    losses? You know when one side completely dominates and decimates the
    opposing side? Does this look like a equal and fair match? Hell no. Whole
    teams destroyed in single digit MINUTES. This might not be the case over in
    the the EU, RU and Asia servers but it’s HIGHLY prevalent here in the
    states! The question is why? The answer is simple. Here in the states
    people realize that game stops being fun after they get their asses whooped
    for the 15th time in a row. Thus leaving only the new and causal players
    that do like the game enough to grin and bare it while they get mopped up
    by way better players.

    How is it that I can sniff this BS out and no one else does? Or perhaps
    they do, but feel that it’s not worth talking about or even mention? I see
    the addiction level here, and see the game potential but apparently the
    devs refuse to make a game where EVERYONE can enjoy it. A game where all
    the players get a fair shake to a degree. But this is not in the current
    meta and that only the best of the best can have fun and everyone less is
    just free points for them. I am just so tired of trying to play, to have
    “fun” but am one upped all the time by massively better players. I have no
    damned right trying to fight platoons of players that have been playing the
    game since 2011. Nor should they have the right to bash the crap out of
    players far less experienced then them. In a nutshell WoT is ONLY for
    better players. Even the devs have said they fear veteran players will
    leave if they get bored of WoT and leave. What better way to keep them
    around then to toss free points at them in the form of new or casual

    In a nutshell WoT is ONLY for the best of the best players. Anyone less
    then them DO NOT COUNT. See, how can a person have fun if they are
    constantly losing? And this “losing rut” that so many players have, well,
    has anyone at all really thought that it is only a money making scheme by
    WG? Constantly lose over and over again effects your credits, especially in
    high tiered tanks. Losing 15 times back to back on a normal non premium
    account even if stacked with thousands of gold and millions upon millions
    of credits still hurts. Imagine this with a player that does NOT have the
    aforementioned currency and how painful it it. Yeah, I think you get the
    point. I have never seen a game that so brutally crushes and punishes it’s
    player base for just playing their game then WoT.

  13. dafuq do you go forward after that, he should have reversed

  14. As far above my skill level as I can tell Cro is, I’m not quite sure he was
    at his best in the first replay. There were a couple of situations where,
    had he acted differently (ie. finishing the 110 and saving the friendly
    Object instead of putting a shot in the IS-3A), he could have quite likely
    won the match. Now, I’m not suggesting for a minute that I could do better,
    merely that, judging by the rest of his performance, this might just be the
    tip of the iceberg with regards to Cro’s ability.

  15. hi i have a question. why jungles has in all the gameplays the purple enemy
    indicator ? its because is he daltonic or only because he likes it ?

  16. All these tier 10 mediums are just putting me off of WoT :/ They’re just
    too quick at everything and playing them to their fullest potential
    requires such fast twitch reactions and situational awareness that, well,

  17. very entertaining, i love good close battles, cant take the t62a seriously
    though, knowing its the victim of the longest range tank on tank kill in

  18. The E50M is my favourite of all tanks.

  19. Russian tenk always win

  20. 12:20 drug store :D

  21. Why is the Jagdpanzer E100 called the “Jager Rue”?

  22. Can we have KV-2 matches? I sent you some of my KV-2 videos that would be
    entertaining to watch.

  23. 8:12 or *”Sukch is WoT”* as we say in the biz of not being bad in the games
    we play.
    ^-<)7 *"Shit Happens, as do games of World of Tanks."*

  24. I am moving to frankfurt

  25. Keemstar The gnome

    That AMX was great!

  26. I find it hilarious how you guys call and think of yourselves at
    Celebrities” :)

  27. Its my Birthday Mighty Jingles, any way you can do a Kongo or Texas Ships
    video tomorrow?

  28. When he was facing the AMX in the end, how is it better to wiggle the tank
    instead of just keeping it an angle?

  29. Your cow committed Suicide


  30. Omg…I just got an advert at the side of this video for Wot and it said at
    the top of the ad: “The best stress killer”…. That is literally the
    opposite of what Wot is xD It’s the fucking worst creator of stress! The
    fucking cheek of WG lol.

  31. As someone who plays WoWS a fair amount but only watches WoT
    videos…hearing 170 mm referred to as ‘big” amuses me. (Yes I know it’s
    bloody huge for a tank but I still find it amusing)

  32. 12:57 Actually Jingles, that’s an E5, not an E4.

  33. He’s playing a tier 10 medium, cause y’know, everybody who’s anybody always
    plays top tier..

  34. why do you angle the German turrets away? wouldn’t that just flatten out
    the cheek armor making it easier to penetrate?

  35. Jingles he use Fire extinguisher on t-62 ?

  36. I hurt something laughing when it got to him manhandling that AMX at 5:15.
    I can only imagine what that guy’s view must’ve been like in first person

  37. wow. just wow. this guy is a freaking superstar

  38. Angling the E50M’s turret like that is pretty dumb actually.

  39. Damn Mister Cro, what a beast in-game, and very handsome irl as well

  40. We… croats!

  41. This guy is considered really good, 2 replays with 6 k damage, “so good”

  42. I love his voice, commentating and knowledge in tanks. It would be great to
    see him play realism in warthunder but I think he’s only making contents
    from WoT.

  43. AMX 13 90 showing it’s as good as a stress toy for big tanks as it is a

  44. It so refreshing to see ppl from Balkans that are active on EU server.
    Salute to admiral Jingles and all Balkan players and streamers.

  45. 6:10 – MisterCro let the Obj 430 die XD

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