World of Tanks – Celebrity Spotlight – Orzanel

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“Jingles!” they said. “Orzanel just played a match on Arctic that you MUST see!” So I did. And they were right. And now you get to see it too.

Who is this Orzanel dude anyway?


  1. yeah Orzanel,….sounds like Turk,…must be awseome

  2. Actually Jingles, it’s 490 alpha on the borsig 128mm

  3. Orzanel is driving a Spic? dat’s racist!

  4. Jingles that was a comet not a cromwell

  5. Dicker max who did 0 damage called him an idiot 7:48

  6. hey jingles can you do a live stream with quick baby and ikor in world of
    war ships in the tier 5 American battleship the US texas

  7. Hey Jingles ever thought about adding in the damage logs in that quickybaby

  8. Whatabout your plays Jingles!?

  9. That KV-4 experienced a full burn…along with his engine, I’d bet most of
    his internal modules were yellow. 6 critical hits against him on the
    results screen. Judging by how fast he moved into cover, though, he DID
    repair his engine.

    Don’t neglect the fire extinguisher, guys, not when your engine deck alone
    is longer than some tanks : 

  10. Ethan “Memes” Owens

    I’de like to see Orzanel vs. QuickyBaby

  11. Orz is a pretty big douchebag.

  12. nice game! but you can see that the creditoutput in wot stinks…

  13. THE best video you have ever done! Well done mate!

  14. to bad that he wasnt sweatin tank shells then he could fire XD

  15. Orz is a WOT King. I think as of right now, there is only ONE person who
    has more 3 marked tanks than him. He use to have the most.. He may be back
    at #1

  16. +TheMightyJingles You might have the time if you’d crawl your fat ass out
    of World of Warcraft. Kappa

  17. This is the super fast lawnmower, right?

  18. for the record that t20 driver sucked in the end…I love mine and you
    gotta use its speed and low profile to your advantage not sit with your ass
    exposed to high explosive -_-

  19. World of tanks with the mighty Jingles….. well with his voice at least.
    You’re shit Jingles, total crap. World of Shit with the Mighty shit.

  20. this guy wasted so much ammunition

  21. hahahahaha jingles “screw you guys im going home”

  22. really jingles. CDC heavy tank ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

  23. wasnt it supposed to be orzy, foch and circon originally? what happened

  24. thats a lot of skill rounds

  25. PolskieArmyBestArmy

    He won this with pure luck

  26. That game is why I hate WOT now. You can do great in the game… Still
    lose money… Pay to progress…

  27. I was under the impression the SP 1C didn’t have a fully rotating turret,
    but I guess I was wrong

  28. y don’t I get these kind of noobs to play against

  29. Hey Jingles could you weigh in on the USS Alabama controversy in World of

  30. In the middle of WOP WOPS

    what do you mean how does he find the time. hes got the easy life

  31. Could you in the future put a link in the description of a featured player
    if they have a YouTube channel please.

  32. I’m going to assume Orzanel has had better games, but this one was
    basically just not that great … too much luck and too many wasted shots
    to make it all that you seem to think it is.

  33. Damage engine indeed. Look at the Module Damage of the KV4, there was no
    way or any chance to carry a 98T Heavy Tank up the south end of the road as
    if he would be walking on it kneels. T95 broken engine on the other
    hand….you need a strong wrench to be able to even climb that hill.

  34. The non-autoloader gun are so much better

  35. What a Match.Well played

  36. Pure luck,nothing special

  37. Best wot video loong time! 😀 amen to jingles commentary 

  38. WTF?? Only 52k/78k credits for that game!? Whatta fuck you need to do with
    this tank to get at least some money?? Kill 14 Tier 10 hevys and do 15kdm
    and spot them all??

  39. Note to noob players….FIRE EXTINGUISHERS!!!!!!!

  40. The best is the 769 Wn8 Dicker Max who flame him as an Idiot. GG Paratwa

  41. Can someone please finally answer me this, when are the winners for the
    gaming chairs chosen?

  42. When the gods smile upon thee and the stars align you get one in a million
    game like this.

  43. wasting ammo like a noob and getting saved again and again by WG Unicum RNG
    protection 8:50 11:15 12:30

  44. Jingles your drunk you called the CDC a heavy its not its a medium Tank.

  45. XD AHAHA the dicker max at 7:50 in chat

  46. 7:50 the chat XD

  47. Bartholomew Macaluso

    It is weird how the T20 didn’t shoot at him, its not like he was especially
    adept ad dodging, anyone who plays the game knows that at that range its
    almost impossible to miss. What I find funny is how at start he makes a
    dead run in the middle of the field and everyone on his team seems to fan
    out to support HIS wings. When I play or I think most people play when they
    run out like that you dont have the rest of the team fanning out to present
    a united front. Instead what you have are people tending to one side of the
    field or the other or, if you survive, they follow DIRECTLY behind you to
    leech off your skills. It is really odd to me to see so many sitting ducks
    on the enemy side. I know I dont play bad. Something aint right. Do people
    know who the youtubers are? This may effect in game psychology. Its like
    this, I am just not convinced.. g

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