World of Tanks || Centurion 5/1 RAAC – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Centurion 5/1 RAAC. Another T8 premium this way comes… But at least it’s British! Let’s see how it stacks up!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Quickybaby or, perhaps someone else knowledgeable with British tanks could educate me on the difference between the 20 pdr and the 105mm the Isrealis fitted to this tank? From my understanding, the Isrealis had a field day during the Yom Kippur war when these tanks faced off against T-55s and 62s.
    Also, could someone explain the fascination with horsepower figures when it’s torque that I believe one should get excited about?? I know my son and other deisel truck owners here in the States are more concerned with torque figures, when it comes to moving/ towing a large trailer/ load. I would assume it’s similar for tanks, which are basically a high performance tractor (in a manner of speaking) that aste festooned with weaponry.
    Quickybaby- I wanted to let you know that I do NOT play video games, but, as a 3rd generation Veteran, I am certainly fascinated with WarGaming titles! Yourself and Jingles are so enthusiastic, entertaining and just damned adept at handling your chosen vehicle (or, in jingles case, ships as well) that I subscribed to BOTH your channels years ago! BTW- any chance you start playing World of Warships and posting videos again? Some of the most entertaining replays I’ve seen are with you and Jingles doing WoW livestreams! And, lastly, any chance of doing historical backgrounds on these tanks during some of your presentations?
    Again, thank you for making such well done and entertaining videos- even though I don’t play, I’ll continue to watch! Cheers!!

  2. premium tanks by virtue of their name being: “premium”, should be better than the standard of the same type & tier. That’s why you pay for them else… why would you?!

  3. Nice Australian, I mean British Cent.

  4. YEEESSS!! <3<3 finally we'll get the Tier 8 Premium British Hea...... what?? Medium???

  5. None of the visible gas tanks outside of tanks count as an actual gas tank to shoot at. Because during a war, these outboard gas tanks were unhooked and left on the ground when the tank was in combat. They were only for refilling, mostly. And they were placed outside the tank exactly to prevent the whole thing going up in flames in an accident.

  6. I want Phil’s job: shooting at QB over and over looks fun

  7. They should give the reg centurion that hull buff

  8. This is in WoT Console. It’s called the Atomic though

  9. Whoa I can’t get over how odd it looks…….. I like it.

  10. DragonSlayer 164789


  11. not p2w or op but definitely overperforms compared to its brethren

  12. I swear at 12:42 when he said 680 I tried look at comments and QB had exactly 680 comments this being the 681st…howww?

  13. Anyone with an FV4202 should be offered a refund! WG has no decency at all.

  14. Another t8 premium that is better than it’s t8 non premium counterpart in every way shape and form. Just like the t-54 prototype and t-44. I’m never ever spending a single dime on this horrific garbage game.

  15. I only play British tanks and the Centurions are my fav overall so I am certainly gonna pick up this tank 😀 Looks fun

  16. In my opinion, there are too many premium tanks in the game. I play tier 8, 9 and 10. In way too many of the games we find a number of people on our teams who do little or no damage. Inevitably, they are playing a premium tank. We are flooded with noob’s who haven’t a clue on how to play the game. This handicap is very frustrating to those of us who learned how to play by grinding our way to the upper tiers. I feel that there should be a restriction on premium tanks at higher tiers as they are ruining the game.

  17. Niemawolnejnazwy

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanother one

  18. A premium I’ll probably buy…mostly because I think the Centurions are the sexiest tanks in Wot. 😛

  19. *Who’s first reaction at the start was to ask “What the Fek is That??”*

    • As for the wrong belief that “It has to be bad to be ok,” thing……………………

      I think what you _Mean_ to say is if they were to buffed the base ‘in game/tree’ version?
      Having things at least on pair would have been a good thing.

      The idea that “if it doesn’t suck to use then it is op” is one in games that needs to be ended.
      By the same point, that people making these games do remember to consider making their In Tree/game units at least unique vs “Gold” ones and at least as good or better.

      I’m all for having very good Prems, but yeah… like with the ‘best’ Prem Tanks as such with the IS6 and T34 they had things to make them great but for some kinds of drawbacks. Similarly the FMC 50t with its _proper_ mobility was amazing along with a 400m view range and fast firing 90mm gun.

      They had weaknesses to go along with amazing strengths.

      Most of these now? You basically are forced to buy your way in if going to play competitive.
      (then there are the fake “reward” tanks that further punish real players)

  20. “I LOVE getting my tank wet…..”
    As do we all buddy, as do we all.
    Also: how’s this for a disadvantage for the tank: that extra fuel tank on the back is the actual fuel tank for the vehicle.

  21. Nemanja Aleksić

    Quickly baby or anyone else can you tell me how could I train my crew on 120+%. Im playing 2 and half years I don’t know how to train them like that. Pls answer on my question. Your fan no.1.

  22. Derp TV WoTBlitz

    1:02 the reason this Tank doesn’t have side skirts is because we (Australia) blew up an atomic bomb 500 meters from this tank. All that happened is it rolled back 5 meters and… lost its side skirts. For more info watch this video:
    Like this so QB sees it!

  23. World of premium tanks and RIP the people that paid for the FV4202 that compared to this is trash.

  24. redcrow_ sniper

    little confused how is it that a tanks get better hull armor but less hit points I would think for hull would give it more health just throwing it out there thanks for the vid

  25. I’m not sure I want to pick this tank up. I’ve found that I am enjoying my standard tanks more than my premium tanks at the moment. Combine that with WG’s recent need to bundle a load of extra gold & credits into tank bundles then you end up with a player that would prefer to hold onto his hard-earned cash.

    Nice video QB. Thank you for uploading it!

  26. This makes my FV4202 sad…

  27. so thats a 50 dollars/euros/pounds buff to a standard centurion. Who said wot is p2w??

  28. Allard Jan van Marle

    Wow, finally a Centurion with actual armour. Considering that the Centurion was always known for its good protection, that was about time. Too bad that this tank effectively renders the others obsolete.
    This was actually what I hoped they would do with the standard Centurion when the British tanks were getting their buffs.

  29. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  30. I mean do they think we are stupid ? Stupid enough to think this is the way to make new tanks ?

  31. Wargaming will never learn

  32. Hi, gj QB, love your previews, BUT premium tnaks should be a little better than standards one, because:
    1. are with REAl mony…keep the game alive and ”poor” players play for free…
    2.they are for make silver mony…it is absurd to ask to a pleyer, who keep de game running, to be bether with a poor premium when he wants to make silver. I pay to make staff a little easyer…i want fun, not be concentrated at maximum to make 1k damage….
    3.WG shoul make then equal with full upgraded version, maybe a player want to bay a E50M to make that tank premium…why not? No one will play only one tank…

  33. Woo!! Been hoping for this tank to come out someday. The good’old Aussie Centurion!!!

  34. Buy me a birthday gift!

  35. Do you know when will 1.1 come out?

  36. Master_Disaster

    i´m going my way up to the super conquerer a premium T8 heavy would be nice for the brits

  37. the new T-44-100 … simply a better version of the standard vehicle

  38. Need a Chieftain not another ruddy Centurion!

  39. Juan Miguel Fernandez

    Forever FV 4202 ?

  40. It feels that for good players, this tanks is not an upgrade worth 35 €. It is just a more “noob friendly tank”. However I do not like this especially because it is not good for the “tactical interest” that the game has.

  41. Nothing like a wet tank lol QB.

  42. MattL600's Technic

    I bet that people will be shooting the rear fuel tank with fury.

    Valve, please fix.

  43. how can i try this tank on the test sever ?

  44. MattL600's Technic

    Pay2Win tank.

    Basically replaces FV4202

  45. The tank looks cool but then again this is just another wg fail

  46. On console we recently got the atomic Centurion. It is almost identical to the Centurion 1 except it gets a tier 9 20 pounder on it. The rate of fire is exceptionally better than the Centurion 1 but the atomics accuracy is .02 worse… Nothing a snakebite crew can fix though. Other than that, its not all that overpowered. The Centurion 5/1 on the otherhand is ridiculously overpowered. I hope it never comes to console in this state

  47. This is all but legally speaking a pay 2 win game.

  48. Galath-The Worker Of Secrets

    They need an Australian tech tree, even if the tanks are as realistic as the Chinese tank destroyers. Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  49. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  50. Sad that they keep making premiums that are better than standard tanks.

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