World of Tanks || Centurion Action X – 10.0 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

The Centurion Action X will be a T10 British replacement the 4202 coming in patch 10.0 Rubicon – let’s check out!

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  1. Finally some better top speed,the FV4202 always lacked the speed to play as
    a med,even heavies would pass you.

  2. Do you still play with blitz mister qb ?

  3. There is a t-10 in the game !!! What is it ???

  4. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    this model makes me wanna play world of tanks again… it looks soooooooooo

    *edit* so what i’ve been wondering …. how does ground ressistence affect
    the spinning out with the handbrake and such? or doesn’t it :P?

  5. if they buff the turret little bit so that is not pened that ”easy” i
    guess it would be awsome..i loved cent 7 and i loved fv..i guess i was
    little bit disaponted after cent but u get used too it and it was good tank
    in my opinion but this looks like a beautifull tank

  6. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Where the heck is the chieftain >:(

  7. Hey Mate,

    do you got any further information about the Premium FV4202? If i have the
    FV4202 in my Garage do i just get the Action X or do i get both (Action X
    and Premium T8)? I heard some rumors.

  8. Centurion Action X
    Leopard 1 = new Trio 🙂

  9. it’s looklike a modern tank

  10. Mines is just too small for high tier battles

  11. This new Centurion AX looks great.
    Artificial speed limit at FV4202 was annoying and and also the touret seems
    more to the front in AX allowing better ridge work I guess. Still a bit
    worried that this is much bigger than 4202 – shame we can’t see both tanks
    side by side for comparison.
    Patton M48 must be so jealous now. WG should just shrink it 🙂 so it would
    be smaller than E5 and it would be perfect :)

  12. Koti Tabletti Koti Tabletti

    When can I get in to WoT test server? Please Help!

  13. british tanks are horrorible, obj 140 is better

  14. The speed increase is certainly very welcome, also the model looks very
    good. The turret armor seems pretty disappointing however.

  15. Dawid “dawid1981m” M

    Im on my way too this tank and i hope that the tier 10 that we have now
    will become premium tank. and i like the look of this centurion action 10.

  16. Turret looks like same garbage as on FV, but seems like it can at least
    bounce a bit around gun when you poke ridges. Little disapointed with the
    hull, as that is best thing on current FV, but GOSH FINALLY UK Medium which
    goes 50+. I guess you can live with paper tanks as long as they are fast
    (BC, Leo), so lets see. And the HEATs are also bonus. Nothing against HESH
    shells, they are imho best gold ammo (by principle – less pen, more dmg) in
    game, but where others started to load HEAT to get out of the tricky
    situation, FV was stuck to the APCR as HESH on the low caliber gun was not
    an option.

    I like my FV4202, its a good reliable tank which can do some great things,
    if used with caution. I recently bought Obj. 140, and tho i was told its
    better, i am not sure… I get pen to turret in same fashion as i am in FV,
    and the gun… getting 60-70% shells dmg rolls starting 2xx recently just
    does not feel right. Right it has deadly DPM, but to use it you have to
    fire almost non-stop. If you are not able to fire each 5.5s, the FV just
    feels better for me …. Oh well, maybe it is just in hands…


  18. well I’m sad and happy at the same time I really liked FV4202 but this tank
    looks really nice

  19. Poor M48 Patton and E50M…-.- suffering a bit of power creep by the look
    of it…

  20. Wait, they r replacing the IS-7?! NOOOOOOOOOOO.

  21. I love my FV4202, It is by far for my play style one of the best mediums in
    the game. I always had that turret ring to worry about. This tank feels
    much the same to me as the FV4202 just slightly faster. I am looking
    forward to the Action X on the live server where not everyone and their
    mother is shooting gold at you.

  22. 0:43 “QB” above the words “Harbinger of the apocalypse”?? Lol XD

  23. This pay 2 win game is finished. Armored Warfare is such a better game in
    all aspects

  24. I think the Centurian action X is getting dangerously close to a modern

  25. The FV4202 will probably become the FV4202 (P) that’s been in the game
    files for a long time. From the looks of it, it’ll be a Centurion 1 with a
    lower top speed (35kph LOL), arguably worse turret, better angled (frontal)
    hull armor, worse gun handling, lower ammo capacity, worse engine, faster
    hull traverse, and better ground resistances.

    Oh, and as it sits now it’ll cost 8,000 gold. For a nerfed Centurion 1.

  26. I don’t play WoT; but, just started the Open Beta on Armored Warfare. Can
    you do videos on starting off over there ? I understand the game plays
    similar to WoT…

  27. Still waiting for Chieftain in HT line.

  28. NA test server is not active why?

  29. Nice change looking forward to it – Great review 🙂
    Just a small point a HESH round does not have any penetration “Against
    Armoured Vehicles like Tanks” & if WG claim such then it is like Arty a
    flawed mechanic.
    HESH is meant to pancake against the old style Rolled Homogeneous Armour
    (RHA) plates or a Cast Armour Turret & then be set off; this was meant to
    create vibration and De-lamination between the RHA plates or Cast armour
    and cause a scab to break off and fly around inside the vehicle hence old
    style HESH is weak on Composite or exotic mixed Armours and has ceased to
    be used today.

  30. Do you know if this is coming to Blitz?

  31. Darstadly artillery! *on the stream that night* I don’t really have a
    problem with artillery! They are just good players all round!

  32. I am pretty excited for the 4202 to be replaced. I mean, it was only
    announced like 4 years ago.

    I mean, Jesus Christ, Wargaming! Get your shit together. You’ve had
    unlimited time to replace a tank that desperately needed it.

    I mean, the WT E-100 was announced to be replaced 2 years ago, and it needs
    replacement even more. I can’t wait to see the Waffentäger panther… in
    about 5 years.

  33. I think they made it TOO big for the increased top speed. I for one would
    rather be able to not get shot than be able to drive to a ridgeline a tiny
    bit faster. The FV4202 did what it was supposed to well, and this looks
    like it will be noticeably worse at what the FV4202 does and not good
    enough at what other tier 10 mediums do to contest them.

  34. Pretty good video, and I am quite excited for this tank.

    However, the armor test was a complete waste of time. You can calculate the
    effective armor at any given point using pretty basic trigonometry.

  35. Gutted to be losing my FV4202, though I can’t play it at all. Hope my crew
    , flags and paint job will be transferred automatically? Anyone have any
    input on this? Thank you.

  36. Love the videos keep up the great work :)

  37. Samuel Giovannucci

    I’m kind of sad. I like FV4202 cause its small. But I’ll probably get over

  38. Pls do a review of the T 10

  39. Hype, Hype, Hype. But i did like the fv4202 alot

  40. So… They downgrade one British tier 10 medium to make room for another.
    Rather than buff the fv4202 and make it competitive, they just replace it
    with another. Okay, I get that, but what bothers me is they don’t do that
    with all the tier 10 Russian mediums.

  41. Will miss fv4202 :(

  42. At the 5:00 mark; the turret live-action test is awesome. Please do that
    for every review, 3d viewer or not. That real-time look (great camera work)
    at the armor is really, really good stuff.

  43. I dunno about public opinion but FV4202 is awesome. One of the easiest tank
    I ever drive. It feels so flexible and easy to control. Honestly, I like it
    more than Cent.7

  44. That area above the gun will likely be penetrated almost every time with
    217mm of penetration — the reason it wasn’t here is because you were
    firing APCR. APCR only has 3 degrees of normalisation, whereas AP has 5. I
    don’t need to explain over match and normalisation mechanics to you but
    thought you may have forgot to consider this when making the video. My
    guess is something like the E 50 with 220 AP pen (as its standard rounds
    aren’t APCR like other tier 9 meds tend to have) would butter the turret
    roof practically every time

  45. The fv4202 should be a kind of gift tank or something ya know?

  46. First off Quicky, let me thank you for being one of only two of the gaming
    channels (the other being the gnome we all know and love) in my
    subscriptions that isn’t playing the Battlefront beta.
    From what I’ve heard about the FV4202, this thing is a massive improvement
    over it simply because of the 4202’s relative lack of mobility. I actually
    remember someone saying once that, tier for tier, the FV4202 was actually
    worse than the Centurion 7/1.

  47. You have no clue how long ive been waiting for this video.

  48. Broken Heart Martinez

    how do u turn off the outline of your tank when u pass through bushes or
    see it through friendly tanks?

  49. Looks beautiful! Kind of bummed to see the turret doesn’t seem as
    bouncy/troll as the Cent7 though.

  50. honestly i’m disappointed, it’s just another centurion with a bad turret.
    and now the Caernarvon is getting that bad turret too. also I don’t see the
    point of having 3 centurions that all behave more or less the same in the

  51. Put the fucking Chieftain in the game

  52. I Want my HESH back

  53. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    I actually like the Fv4202 so im a bit sad that its being replaced, but
    since i havent tried the Action X i cant really say wether or not its

  54. Regarding the FV4202 vs Action X switch… well, I’ve got the Fv. I don’t
    care how good a tank it is, but it just needs a paper bag over its head. I
    can’t stand looking at it, and so I don’t play it. Even if the Action X is
    worse, I don’t CARE, because it looks pretty… and that covers a multitude
    of sins. Of course, your mileage may vary. :)

  55. OMG ! This tank looks awesome! I want to marry it o_o

  56. 2:23 what is that ?

  57. About half the spotting damage came from tracking the T110E3 at 11:00

  58. using the height and the gun depression this is better than the 4202, the
    taller you are the more you can see, the shorter you are well, the less you
    can see, if my statement is incorrect pls correct, Looks really nice after
    all Centurion AX

  59. this is what’s replacing my FV? wtf wargaming, leave the fv in and make
    this a second option. I love my FV4202, why do I have to get this >:(

  60. Double A Batteries

    Sexy tank most definitely. I can’t wait for this to come to Xbox then I’ll
    get a free super Centurion.

  61. How long will the test server be up?

  62. nuclearsharkattack

    Great review as always, QB. The Action X does look pretty awesome with all
    that HD detail, very nice model. Looking forward to playing it when 10.0
    hits. I tried to get on the 48 hr test server to play it but like a lot of
    people I kept getting that “tank synchonization” error. Hopefully when the
    actual 10.0 test server goes live they will have fixed that problem.

  63. Still no gun mantlet, way less angle on the hull armor because of a
    different hull, side armor still shitty, but it is a little faster, so
    that’s good. Same rate of fire, but they swapped my HESH for HEAT?
    Definitely not going to play this thing as much as my 4202.

  64. Wow, That is a seriously gorgeous looking model.

  65. Is the FV202 still being brought in as a tier 8 premium? Seeing as the
    British don’t have a tier 8 premium I think it’d be a good idea for
    training Centurion crews.

  66. 3:38 reference to the 59 patton
    aka WG’s FK UP.

    balanced? NOPE.

    WG needs to buff 59 patton.

  67. I loved my FV4202 on Xbox. Now I’m sad because it’s the best ridge line
    warrior in the game RIP BUT action X will be a lot of fun

  68. 7:05 – “Alot better than the M48 Patton’s gun”
    Is there even a point to the M48 now? I’ve been grinding up the US Med line
    for quite some time now and it just seems like its all leading up to a huge
    disappointment. :(

  69. Drool !!

  70. Quickubaby, do you think the M48 Patton needs a buff, with all the new
    buffs and new vehicles I feel that the once great Patton it’s becoming

  71. Rita had this stuff like 2 weeks ago… and you could see the stats on Tank
    Inspector. This really doesn’t seem that much better than the FV4202, worse
    than the T-22sr for all intents and purposes.

  72. Disappointed it’s being added so soon, was really looking forward to the
    FV4202 just to have a hopefully free Tier 8 premium, I’m barely out of Tier
    3 on PC. Xbox is about 8 patches or so behind PC, so hopefully that gives
    me ample time to grind up to the FV4202 from the Crusader. I’ve got plenty
    of time on Blitz, I’m about 1/3 of the way through the Comet and I just got
    it last week, definitely one of my favorite tanks in the game though for me
    the T-43 is slightly better at Tier 7.

  73. sexy

  74. How do they handle existing crew for tanks that are replaced such as the
    4202 -> cent AX?

    I assume the existing 4202 crew are retrained to exactly the same level for
    the new tank?

  75. first tank to have side view mirrors in wot

  76. Wait a minute.. So you’re telling me, that I’m giving up my FV4202, for

    It has a worse power/weight ratio, worse turret, worse hull armor, and
    worse accuracy, all for a little bit of a speed boost and an
    inconsequential terrain resistance buff??

    No thank you. I’ll take my troll armored mountain goat over that pile any
    day of the week..

  77. Hector pisonero diaz

    I play arty usually but OMG… x4 artys on test server matchup is insane :P

  78. If you hit the light, will it do damage?

  79. I Made in the centurion aktion x 15.000 assist dmg ;)

  80. Thx Super video… Super Centurion…

  81. I NEED IT!

  82. Does this mean my m48 patton is gonna be crowned worst tier 10 medium tank

  83. make a review of tiger (p).pleaseee :)

  84. shit

  85. Hull is actually much weaker than the 7/1. Less angled (Centurion 7/1 is
    over angled unhistorically)

  86. *sigh* its not the Tier 10 Heavyreplacement xD

  87. фигню каккую-то картошка впаривает!,фв в разы круче

  88. I got half EXP to develope FV4202 – will it be change to Action X?

  89. No stat changes to is-8? just renamed): way to get my hopes up for nothing.

  90. Fv4202 should stay or get it free premium as well as the actionX

  91. So another Tier X that is not CW viable…WG fails again

  92. Tank looks balanced! Unlike the T-22, which is even more OP than the other
    russian meds already are…

  93. MY GOD! THAT THING IS SEEEEXY!!!!!!! I got a FV4202 so

  94. thatbattlefield dude

    I fucking love this tank. it is a MONSTER for sure

  95. Looking good, they should still launch the Chieftain IMAO

  96. AMX 30 b better ?⚪️?

  97. Aidan Nielsen (VideoGameVloggers)

    With this replacing the 4202, the M48A1 Patton is now officially the most
    useless tier 10 medium in the game.

  98. how about current FV4202 owners? will they get the tier 8 prem for free,
    just like the T34 back in the day?

  99. brilliantlysplendid

    Why did they even give HESH ammo 210 mm pen? It was designed to squash onto
    the side of targets (hence the name) and detonate its plastic explosive,
    not go through armor

  100. Giovannie Doldolea

    hope the FV215b will be replaced by the Chieftain

  101. Hey Quicky, have you stopped beating your wife (at World of Tanks)? :-)

  102. Great video, but its not a searchlight. Wargaming should fix it. its an
    infrared light to light up enemy targets at night so the crew can see them
    using the night vision :D

  103. please some replay kv 85

  104. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    forget the centurion x its all about the chieften mk6

  105. Suscribanse a Joak Its a…

  106. Honestly, apart from how this tank looks, i think i prefer the fv4202…
    i’m going to be sad when this tank replaces it 🙁 i dont see why they had
    to remove fv4202, from tier 10 most of the other nations have more than one
    medium tanks so why not just leave it in? Meh. I lose more interest in this
    game with every patch and its a real shame.

  107. I always read it as “Action Ecks” because that sounds better in my mind,
    but I guess “Action Ten” is more accurate. Great vid!

  108. Really detailed and beautiful looking HD-model. How about reworking the
    older HD-models (Tiger 1, Centurion, Panther etc.) and adding more details
    to them? For example, especially the Tiger just looks so naked and kinda
    weird. It definitely needs some additional tracks at the turret and the
    front, which should provide additional armor there. The Panther also should
    receive its side skirts and so on.
    Most of them look “ok” at the moment, but definitely not half as good as
    this one. I hope WG gets its lazy ass up and improves the models.

  109. Basically the Action X is a fatter 4202 with extra top speed. I don’t think
    the change is very noteworthy. The interesting question is actually what’ll
    happen to the entire series of Centurions when the mark 1 gets HD-modeled
    and consequently its turret armor gets nerfed. If they decide that buffs
    are needed to balance this change, will they do so to the mark 7/1 as well?
    And if so, will that mean the Action X will also have to be re-balanced to
    stay in line with the previous two?

  110. Reason the Centurions suck so much compared to tanks like the leopard is
    because the cents were introduced into service 10 years before most of the
    other tier 10 mediums. Same goes with the tiger.

  111. is the testserver out?


  113. I should buy the fv4202 before it gets replaced…

  114. That model is absolutely amazing.

  115. Plaek Phibunsongkhram

    1:09 85% of the tanks in World of tanks

  116. Florin Petru (MachineXtech)

    Cromwell father ^_^

  117. hey quicky can you do more tank reviews on a older tier 10 tanks , or at
    least on some of the interesting ones. There is not much info on youtube
    for some of the older ones . I reall wanna see how leopard 1 is doing now
    when there is a lot of new tanks . Good job on all of this videos .

  118. After thinking WT was a better tank game, with the new MM they added, we
    can see in every single match, a T-10M (IS-8 in WoT) with invincible armor
    to 3/4’s of the team, very high penetration, and for those thinking that
    the lower glacis is a weakspot, let me tell you that no german tank higher
    other than the maus or leopard can pen the “weakspot”, (Using APCR ain’t an
    option either.) This is why after a year and half, I’m finally returning to
    WoT, where tanks pen tanks, regardless of what nation they are. Good job
    Gajin, making every single German tank and almost every american tank
    useless. WoT, here I come!

  119. this is chieftain! not centurion, wot rubbish in names

  120. *Centurion 7/1 Grinding intensifies*

  121. can you do a video on the T10 please m8 thanks great video

  122. a great video by you as always, QB.

    I just would have wanted to see how the turret armor handles against thise
    330 pen heat rounds when using the 10 degrees of gun depression… :/

    but still thanks for the great video. :)

  123. I like the FV4202 better but the Centurion Action X is fine but I will have
    to get use to it

  124. Centurion AX sounds stupid, it should be Centurion X

  125. Can I just get my chieftan please ? I’ve been waiting a very long time !

  126. Love the heat shroud on the barrel.

  127. I haven’t played wot for like 8 months now lol. I think I missed alot of
    updates :D

  128. This update is coming to quickly. I don’t play the game long enough to have
    fv4202 :(

  129. “QuickyBaby_US” NA server…?

  130. 1:23 thats what an m3 lee would say xd

  131. Is Chieftain going to be the new T10 heavy in the next patch too?

  132. aren’t the t 10 and the is 8 the same tank

  133. T-10 is just a name change of the IS-8.

  134. I love the centurion 7/1, it’s the combination of good gun depression, a
    strong turret, and amazing penetration, that made it so attractive. With a
    weak turret front, the Centurion Action X or FV4202 just doesn’t have much
    appeal to me.

  135. Monocle tank!

  136. Quicky you are my go to on all things world of tanks!

  137. Meh, FV4202 looks better.

  138. Alexandru Cucuteanu

    Centurion AX it’s SHIT!!!

  139. thank god its finally here.

  140. I’ve been waiting for this tank for so long! But I quit so oh well.

  141. looks nice, works shit…

  142. This tank looks gorgeous ! I hope Wargaming will introduce or improve tanks
    just like they did with this Centurion Action X, the details on it make the
    game even more enjoyable ! And having so much things going on your tank
    makes the enemy think twice before finding your weak point ;)

  143. So the point of STB-1 is now…?

  144. QB how do you go in free camera mod pls respond :-)

  145. sexiest tank in the game? probably, just after tog ;)

  146. Will your FV4202 crew be automatically transferred to the Cent AX or will
    it remain in the tier 8 premium?

  147. why a replacement? other nations have multiple tier 10 meds. why cant the
    British tree have 2 tier 10’s?

  148. All these new Medium tanks making look Leo. 1 like total crap. I played it
    so much when it came out, but now I rather play 30B. Its just better and
    now AX ….

  149. My goodness that tank is beautiful.

  150. WAIT THERE REPLACING MY IS-8….why and with what

  151. All i have to say to this tank (SHIT)

  152. Will you preview the T-10?

  153. Very interesting… but what will happen to my FV4202 ? Its crew should be
    retrain? And all the equipment?After that, I think this is going to make
    the tier10 british medium a real medium, compared to the Others, what the
    FV4202 wasn’t…

  154. How much you got paid to not play AW ya cunt ?

  155. Seems to me that the Russian high tier tanks get replaced with something
    better whilst the other nations get crap in comparison. To make it even
    worse the few vehicles that hold an advantage over the Russians are getting
    replaced e.g the WT E100, yes it had no armour but that gun could decimate
    in the right situations so it therefore must be removed ASAP because it’s
    not Russian.

  156. That 7/1 looks naked compared to the awesome model of the AX lol :)

  157. Hey guys when will test server be open to play again?

  158. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    I already enjoyed my FV4202, now I get this thing that has great mobility,
    the same gun, can load a HEAT shell, and has the upgraded though not super
    HE? I’m pretty happy if this is the case and will enjoy making videos for

  159. I’m gonna miss the auto-bounce plate on the FV4202

  160. Matthew “Donutdude” Halsey

    Wow. What a gorgeous machine. I’m looking forward to chewing up this new
    machine in my IS-8!

    Thank you for the video QB. Top notch as always.

  161. looks worse because the fv had a good upper plate and was much smaller.
    seems like a nerf to me. why just make the fv faster?

  162. SovietTenkDestroyer

    The T-10 isn’t a replacement to the IS-8… It’s just a renaming.

  163. Is the huge spotlight on top of the turret part of the hitbox? If so. How
    much mm does it have?

  164. nooo! those lovely prem hesh rounds to troll lower tiers and do insane
    damage :(

  165. It sure is much better looking then the FV4202

  166. everything i hated about fv is getting fixed with this tank..great…

  167. IS8 replacement??? someone mind filling me in?

  168. Time to wait months for this to come to Xbox..

  169. whats up with the big camera on top?

  170. Why can’t I connect to the Test Server? D: It just says: Failed to connect
    to server. The server may be unavalible, or you network connection settings
    may be wrong. Even through network connection is totaly fine. 🙁 Pls help.

  171. Nerf the brittish to oblivion, insert OP russians.. yeah..

  172. That is a Leopard 1 with armour and better relod speed…. OP OP OP OP OP
    OP and more OP OP OP…..

  173. That searchlight looks like a monocle… like on a true British gentleman!

  174. Lol flag of Belarus

  175. looks beautiful, love the rags on the barrel

  176. When will 10.0 hit ? anybody ?

  177. As a FV4202 driver I don’t like the worse hull armour, but I guess the
    improved top speed makes up for it, also I don’t know how I feel about HEAT
    instead of HESH…

  178. What replaces the waffletraktor auf e100?

  179. Hey whatta you know, it has the same hull as all brit tanks, those lazy

  180. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    Does anybody know if i will have to retrain my crew when this vehichle is

  181. This tank literally light you up 😀 Guess why…

  182. The Centurion hull is such a big nerf to the British tier 10. FV could get
    in tanks faces, brawl and potentially bounce shots aimed down at the hull.
    This new hull is so big, poorly armored and poorly angled that it has no
    chance vs any gun you will come across.
    I really like my FV4202 and it probably has one of my highest win rates. I
    am pretty sure this new tank will not be able to compare.
    Right, rant over, have a good day :)

  183. T10 is the IS-8 replacement? What will happen to the IS-8?

  184. To me the turret seems similarly useless to the FV4202. It’s basically a
    fast version of the fv4202

  185. I really feel like this isn’t what we really wanted. Yeah it’s a Centurion,
    but speaking from what it looks like, the 7/1 turret is better than the X.
    A mantelet trolls AP and Heat/He making it far superior. Someone should
    test this!

  186. Wait, T-10 is the same tank with IS-8.Are they just changing the name? Why?
    For what?

  187. is 10.0 test server will be the 15 of this month?

  188. 7:56 Butter again! BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER!!! LURPAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. BustRobot's Gaming Corner

    The FV4202 was the first tier X tank I ever got; she’ll always hold a
    special place in my heart because of that – and also because I consider her
    to be a very good tier X tank. With that said, she never really felt like
    that much of a upgrade from the Centurion 7/1. Sure, reload was better and
    so was mobility, but beyond that the FV4202 was never much of an upgrade,
    more a mild improvement.

    The Centurion Action X looks, in general, better. I’ve never found the
    FV4202 that bouncy anyway, and the Action X turret may be a bit bouncier by
    the looks of it – and I love using ridge-lines and gun depression so
    covering the hull isn’t an issue, and the added speed and mobility is a
    major plus for the loss of low profile and very well sloped hull.

    For me though the REAL excitement is with the upcoming (hopefully)
    Chieftain, which is going to be a major improvement over the FV215B. I
    rather like the FV215B but she’s never really felt competitive with the
    other tier X heavy, and the Chieftain looks to change all that.

  190. as an FV4202 driver i still like the upgrade in mobility, i do think the AX
    is better in almost every way. but that ammorack though

  191. Bulky Cent 7/1 body, with thinner armor in many spots. Crappier turret
    armor (I was able to bounce sometimes in my 4202 in a frontal battle vs
    T10s on occasion). A lot more speed. Same gun.

    The speed is great sure, but why do I need to be thrilled about this again?
    HEAT is a nice change to be sure though. The premium HESH just
    under-performed so much even against targets it should have had zero issues

    I feel like they just mixed and matched a pile of already existing parts
    lol 😛 FrankenMed o_0

  192. Anyone else hoping that it would be a chieftain

  193. it will be nice when they replace the teir 10 brit heavy. such a piece of


  195. The aesthetics on that tank look awesome.

  196. I do not mind taking first spot in the comments as i have never been first.
    Good video i am working through the comet atm and loving it.

  197. So the turret is terrible

  198. L7A2? the gun is not compatible with with the centurion 7/1 :(

  199. I love the 4202 but with the extra speed of the X I think it will be a
    great replacement. If the 5 tier 10’s that I have the 4202 gets the most
    damage per game for me so this should be exciting. Thanks for the great

  200. And new Chieftain? I interrest about it. Old FV not my cup of tea…

  201. What about the Chieftain ?! I don’t want to start grinding Churchills and
    the Black prince for nothing.

  202. YOLOOOO ^^
    I love that news x)

  203. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    It’s overall much better for clan wars though, with FV4202… well, she
    sadly never gets picked… like ever, because no matter how good she is in
    a hull down there are other tanks that can do that and her lack of high
    penetration premium round makes her a risky choice unless if the strat
    really can make use of her quirks… which is rare…

    with Centurion Action X, this is at least a much better choice because she
    have 2 reliable shells to choose from for most situations… both of which
    can perform well against most of the tanks it will meet without the need of
    a specific strat, as long as she can move into a good firing position.

  204. Should I grind up to the Action X on Mac? I have the Cent 7/1 on blitz.
    Will they replace the FV4202 on blitz anytime soon? Is it worth the grind
    on Mac?

  205. this is the british leopard one with armor ^^

  206. it’s like Cromwell at tier 10 great result ;)

  207. IS8 replacement?! WHYYY

  208. No more HESH shells? What a pity… It was 1 of the best reasons to drive
    british mediums…
    I wish WG would implement more of this alternate ammo.

  209. It’s shit just like what it replaces

  210. interesting vehicle, I’m some ways off from getting any tier 10 myself, but
    I can see I’ll have trouble with my tier 8s in the future though

  211. The T-10 plague is coming to WOT… you people dont know what that tank can
    do… in WT… 282mm of penentration… gosh

  212. So, what will happen to the owners of FV4202?

  213. 3:41 The old wot tank viewer by rextimmy gets its data directly from the
    local game files. It kinda slipped under the radar because it doesn’t offer
    as much indepth and dynamic data as other tank viewers. However to get an
    idea for the armor in early stages (like while the test server is up) it is
    still quite sufficient.
    (fixes for possible problems can be found on the newest pages)

  214. I have the FV4202 phew

  215. damn that’s a good looking tank. little out of my reach by virtue of being
    tier 10, but I commend the work done on it.

    hopefully AW will add centurions soon

  216. QB maybe you can make a Centurion Mk 1 review? Thanlks

  217. T10 nerf

  218. I’m going to start calling this thing Centurion Axe.

  219. Looks like a fair replacement and not a too big power creep (unlike what
    happens everytime a Russian tank is introduced).

  220. Although ActionX looks promising, I’ll still miss my FV4202… :(

  221. I made my pants wet while i was browsing on news feed

  222. I really love my FV4202 so I will miss it a lot. The Centurion X I feel
    might be cool but I don’t like how the power to weight is lower.

  223. wasnt interested in this tank at all but after seeing a few videos on it it
    looks like something i could enjoy because i feel like a scumbag driving my
    140 that tank is idiotic.

  224. The FV4202 has a pretty big cupola that can be annoying at times. So the
    cupola on this tank is not that much different.

  225. Thanks for your preview with this hansom tank eiei I love British tank and
    you too QB

  226. really excited to grind this thing out!

  227. well i never played the 7/1 xD

  228. I just got the AT 7 on standard server, but I’ve only played 1 game so far

  229. <3 cromwell, looking forward to this

  230. So, A centurion, without Centurion Turret armour, dissapointed already….

  231. Can i get the T-22 in the test server?

  232. i can’t wait to see that tank in my garage, and it is right that the FV
    4202 might not be the best tier 10 med, but i like it, and i feel that
    there are many other tanks in the game that needs replacements, but they
    have to start somewhere

  233. Konrad “Khorner” Mączyński

    I really liked fv4202 and it was my favorite X tier tank but i personally
    think centurion AX will be a step up, mostly thanks to heat ammo it gets
    and its speed

  234. Tbh I always said, especially after the big dpm buff, that if you just give
    it 10 more km/h the fv4202 would make a great t10 medium

  235. I got the Centurion 7/1 and wasn’t enjoying the grind or looking forward to
    the FV, so i just slapped that good crew back in my Comet. This tank looks
    ok, but if I’m expecting to get penetrated, I’d rather just play my

  236. I hope that they will give us FV4202 free or with a small mission. I like
    FV4202 like QB

  237. So basically it’s a “better Patton” with the only downside being -10

  238. Still no improved physics… Bravo WG!

  239. So the Fv4202 will be a tier 8?

  240. How the hell did you get onto the test server… so many people are getting
    the 1001 error… And you know what’s the bane of the test server?
    BZZZZZZZ!! WRONG! It’s not arty, it’s the gold ammo.

  241. Will I still have my 2 marks of excellence when the change happens?

  242. Looks way prettier than the fv4202

  243. I just recently got my Fv4202 on Xbox and it’s getting a little boring so
    this change will be awsome!

  244. I’m almost through the Cent.mk1 and am very happy to see this! I was
    worried I might be stuck with a crappy tier 10.

  245. new intro ?

  246. James “Jamo1611” king


  247. Nice one @QuickyBabyTV a replacement finally

  248. Test server open ???

  249. The higher speed is welcome

  250. Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    Centurion Action X, best name I ever heard

  251. Hol Shit. ..Good Job.



  254. It looks kinda like the first clan wars reward tank…

  255. Wow why am I so early.

  256. No words Only dreams.

    Bloody hell. 5 minutes ago and 601 people made it before me…

  257. Any news about the so called “New British” Tier X Heavy tank QB?

  258. hi QB :D

  259. No chieftain? ?

  260. Waited for this video for 1 year THANK YOU QB

  261. I wish i had tier ten tanks :(


  263. 2 comment!!

  264. 2 comment!!

  265. It says No Views but I’m viewing it. o_0

  266. What do you think about the Centurion Action X?

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

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