World of Tanks || Centurion Action X – 12,000+ DMG…

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. Today Titan going to do the most damage of all time in the !

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I like the wrappings around it’s barrel.

  2. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    British bias! :P

  3. makes 1200 credits… well NO SHT!!!! he’s another gold NOOB!!!!!
    seriously.. and cue the “you’re the noob” comments… really he didn’t need
    any of the gold rounds if he kept using appropriate tactics.. Just shooting
    through the turret front on with gold doesn’t make you a good player…

  4. wow immense damage.

  5. John Vladimir Son

    Too much purples in one game :O

  6. Wow, that was absolutely masterful. I’m glad QB is giving him a gift, makes
    me want to do so as well for that.

  7. Hey Look It's That Guy.

    Stop mistaking FV for VK boi.

  8. 2:37 He calls the VK 45.02 FV45.02 :p

  9. You should have mentioned that RU in post game screen. He provided really
    good support and it’s very likely it would be a defeat if he did not.

  10. Dat ammo capacity tho
    He still had 21rounds

  11. texbook finish

  12. Eddie McAllister

    12345 and 1234. This is illuminati

  13. illuminati 😛 :D

  14. iam in real life from germany but i learn english in scholl and i have to
    say this channel is the best.

  15. O.o Quicky had mini stroke on the vk :)

  16. Potentus The ONE

    good result but far away from decent gameplay. he was camping all the time.
    no artillery GG

  17. Beautiful play mate

  18. Dam

  19. Why do I see an fv4202 in the battle results screen?

  20. Damage: 12345
    Profit: 1234

  21. When will this beauty replace the fv4202 on Xbox one? I’ve researched
    fv4202 already, now just waiting …….

  22. 12345 DMG and 1234 profit … SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????

  23. Fredrik Malmström

    I might be wrong … but it looks strange sometimes… soo Why are you
    showing players that use AIMBOT!! look at how the point in the reticule
    move!! when he is aiming for the cupola on the VK.4502 and before that on
    the T-44:s front…
    I might be wrong … but it looks strange sometimes…

  24. ░░░░░░█████ ]▄▄▄▄
    ▂▄ ████████ ▄▃
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤. O-NI

  25. Why is the after game stats showing FV4202 rather than Centurion AX?

  26. Damn, that was an incredible game. Very well played.

  27. “Illuminati moment”?

  28. Nice of you for giving him something but really now… One day premium, one
    slot and Excelsior…right. A tanker of his caliber must really need that
    slot or that bs t5 tank. It would had been a lot more nice and proper if
    you gave him one moth of premium time, given the fact that you acknowledged
    that he didn’t had premium time activated. That code should had kept for a

  29. and titan probably still list coin damn tier ten money pits

  30. as soon as there is no arty, you get these fun games…

  31. why does it still display the tank as the FV4202 in the post battle results

  32. holy sht this replay was good

  33. Michał Wisniewski

    He has made 1234 profit… ;]

  34. Well done Sir.

  35. Best replay ever!

  36. God it’s like the other team didn’t even see him for a good part of the

  37. Slayingkenny Is a boss

    1200 creds… Profit my ass

  38. He was so fucking lucky, RNGsus was almost perfect for him – all but one of
    his snapshots hit, and he got very, very little spread. He was damn good,
    but holy shit was luck on his side.

  39. something was wrong whene he shorting t44 for 2nd time.. aimbot?

  40. 2:38 *”This FV45, 0… 4502. Oh sorry, nearly had a bit of a malfunction
    there”* – Yeah not quite quickybaby… You still said FV instead of VK. :P

  41. he did 12345 damage and made a profit of 1234 credits…. this is a little
    bit fishy

  42. Wotko s Vokurkou

    12345 dmg and makes 1234 credits? 😀 What the F…. :-D

  43. SaltyBaby got mas yesterday because i tk’d him for some fun ;D

  44. 2:02 I think he means faster then the fv4202

  45. Robin Huijerjans

    he maked 1234 profit?

  46. WOLFKILL55 kilinc

    we should see the IS tank with the 122mm gun

  47. July 12 Dream Stream is my Birthday. best Bday present ever :D

  48. Watched this 5 days ago. Brilliant play tho! 12345 dmg and 1234 credits
    profit. The numbers are strong with this game!

  49. I keep watching over and over and and there are so many fishy shots. the
    server aim is jumpy and sometimes moving away from his aim. QB, please
    confirm either way.

  50. Is it just me or aim bot was at play. for example starting around 1:25,
    notice where he aims and where the little dot of actual aim is

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