World of Tanks | Chaffee 11 Kills Carry Hard or Die Trying with Live Commentary

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Source: SirHavocTV GamingVideos

Unleash the !! 11 Kills and a decisive from this little Light Tank

maybe you can return the favor…

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  1. Nice commenting… it felt like a soccer match :)

  2. MAIMUO_WNGY Caster

    Plz don’t speak I want only too see not listen!

  3. I really like this format, different from others.

  4. Jan-Willem Jansen

    I still have a 9.2 chaffee replay (the pre nerf chaffee) in which i carry
    the team too. only problem is that nobody shows old replays 🙁 couldn’t you
    do a serie in which you make a blast to the past and show good games from
    older patches?

  5. die rechte man, why do you keep sayıng, DIE :P

  6. Thanks for the video SirHavoc

  7. Great Chaffee game! That flip though… 🙂 Really liked the fact that he
    didn’t try to fight the T-34-85 from behind the buildings in an arty
    hot-zone, even if the lack of incoming fire eventually gave it away that
    artillery was on the move.

  8. SIlentXHunter gaming

    What mod are you not using …..warpack XD

  9. Great_Southern_Trendkill

    Good replay, like the live commentary format. Did you know your clan is in
    the latest” the good, the bad, the ugly” on Jingles channel (dont worry,
    you’re the good) ? proper funny video of your guys in a skirmish where they
    eventually slaughter the enemy team in 2 minutes. Keep up the good work Sir

  10. Heck of a game there! Great commentary! The only thing I’d say is not to
    carry HE in the Chaffee. Almost pointless with a small caliber gun like

  11. Like this format!

  12. That T34-85 lol,regardless of giving his side why was he there in the first
    place? any arty here would have been spotted yet such an open area for a
    medium tank…either a kid playing or a complete fuckwit,generally
    experienced t34-85 drivers do brilliantly (give me a T34-85,Rudy or T34-85m
    over a crommy anyday)…
    Random battles…Gotta love em

  13. What mods are you using?

  14. man, the chaffee is really fragile.
    he splashed himself with 76mm (or 75mm, not sure) HE for like 50 hp and he
    damaged his own gun.
    but yeah, it was a pretty damn well played match, but anyone who fires HE
    in such situations should really be careful, this could’ve easily been a
    huge heartbreak and all it would take is for the RNG to switch sides and
    make the splash damage be higher than it was.

  15. wait, but what mod is the crosshair one? :P

  16. His name is German. DieRechteBazille – TheRightBacillus

  17. Stian Vedelden Robberstad

    USE HE against arty! if you are a good player as know were to aim you will
    one shot them. It is all about the skill…

  18. HE is a troll shell sometimes.. I was in my T49, fair enough I wasnt using
    the derp but the stock gun and I was shooting a batchat arties rear and
    doing 20 dmg per shot… Yeah gg to me lol. For you derp lovers I prefer
    the stock gun sometimes because a 5 second reload with 300 dmg per shot is
    good enough and has helped me carry many games. The HEAT is good too

  19. That almost suicidal HE splash at the end! Great game, great commentary,
    and great vid idea!

  20. More Armored Warfare videos please. Keep up the good work!

  21. sir havoc…can you do an episode of what to do when the team lemmings in
    one direction?

  22. DieRechteBazille
    a.k.a. The Right-Wing Bacillus

    This might be a reportable offensive nick name

  23. The Pilot Penguin

    like the new name. do you know an accurate xvm WN8 scale cause every one i
    find doesn’t match up with xvm. the wotlabs one tells me im orange yet
    wotstats says im a light red and xvm is saying im dark red. if not do you
    know what number i turn from dark red to light red on XVM? the lowest i
    have seen is 500 so thats my guess. great vid as always

  24. Jesse WhoEvrIwant2b

    Was that ram damage or HE damage right at the end? Almost think it was ram

  25. He played a good game, but I agree with others, he almost killed himself
    with that last HE shot.

  26. lol u didnt notice he almost killed himself with that last HE shot…3hp
    left haha

  27. thats why i love chaffee. cute but deadly

  28. nice video!

  29. He nearly killed himself with that last he shot!

  30. Great replay. Too bad i’m absolute bonkers in WoT

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