World of Tanks || Charioteer – 10,000 DMG!

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Today _xXx_OxiClean_xXx_ has the game of his life in the T8 turreted tank destroyer the FV4101 Charioteer!

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World of Tanks is a online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Some filthy base camping and gold spamming going on.

    He’s lucky the game played out like it did or he’d have got very low damage
    with all that camping.

  2. What the hell did i see here?? AMAZING!!

  3. QB, would it be possible to make IS-7 Review and some tips now to play it
    and against it? I could really use some help with that tank.

  4. fire on tortoise was sooooooo lucky!…to say he had only 4 shells only..

  5. Why did *xXx_OxiClean_xXx* circle the t-69 in the end ( beginning: 12:55 ),
    when his cdc buddy was alive? He should have rammed the t-69 and facehuged
    it ( 13:02 ), so that his cdc buddy could have fired without being shot
    (using *xXx_OxiClean_xXx* as cover). The t-69 would have been stuck for
    some seconds and also would have lost hitpoints due to the ramming. So the
    t-69 might have been a oneshot for the cdc.
    Sry for murdering the english language xD.
    Anyway GG, fun to watch! DAT DAMAGE! Never had that much :3

  6. Love this TD one of my favorites

  7. “stationary while moving”


  8. Maybe THE BEST video of the heartbreaks

  9. he lost, because he played like a pussy. Should’ve just went ham with his
    buddy against the t69.

  10. What a epic game. Almost 10k dmg and a 2vs1 endgame but alas… Total and
    Utter*( see what i did there) heartbreak!

  11. RETURN cleaning the stain on the cloths !!! ( it’s a joke because of the
    player name )

  12. SuperKravaťák

    It was total WOT heartbreak!

  13. I did not expect that ending ….

  14. Violet stutpud knows how to snipe. but cant close combat :D

  15. camp in base all game -check,
    farm damage with your friend while your team gets rekt -check,
    watch your friend fail -check,
    get humiliated at the end -check,
    cry and curse RNG -check,
    congratulations you have reached unicum status

  16. I think he could’ve been alot more quicker with saving the T95 with even
    30-40% hp left instead of letting the IS kill the T95

  17. Simply awesome gameplay!

  18. What kind of idiot tortoise driver doesn’t carry a fire extinguisher… smh

  19. Sebastian Ciobanu

    Oh my god… 

  20. epic batle and epic nobs :)

  21. oh,no…
    if CDC didnt miss, it was win:(

  22. I’ve never felt so bad for someone D:

  23. Ferenczi László

    Well… shit… 😀 Very good match by the way. As you can see, the only
    important thing in WoT is good positioning.

  24. Ah, the joys of WoT. Almost flawlessly played replay with tons of damage
    and kills, and one little mistake in the end cost them the game. On the
    other hand, Jingles puts a replay of a very badly played KV-4 who did tons
    of mistakes, but still ended up winning and picking up 15 medals.
    Oh World of Tanks, you so silly.

  25. 9k game gtfo

  26. I injoy watching big shot clans get killed. Going solo in a pub match and
    win is respectable. Good job T69.

  27. is this guy using a zoom mod? it never looks like that when i zoom in on a
    target 500+ m away.

  28. He is an Otter player 

  29. k_b00m's gaming

    *xXx*? smells like 5 yo kid 😀 and that dumb t69..what he was thinking? try
    to ram opponent with 2hp??

  30. Missed it by that much.

  31. What a great Match from this 2 Pros

  32. And that’s why WoT sucks. You can suck out win and not learn a thing.

  33. Hannibal Jantzen


  34. uhh i would have deskflipped sooo hard

  35. Charioteer it’s a Cromwell, But in Tank Destroyer! :DD

  36. Charioteer is like hellcat at its tier

  37. His didnt do 10.000 dmg

  38. His friend is so retarded…

  39. If he had kept going backwards, the T69 would have had run into the
    building instead of staying on the flank.

  40. I was eating my nails and wondering is he gonna ram or what?! And noo he
    cant ram for shit.. He failed the end.. Sadly

  41. How dare you show me this…

  42. Jonathan Soholt

    Notice how hard people can carry and still lose
    Thanks WoT players for being so good

  43. f u google no real name

    absolute heart break.

  44. RemusKingOfRome5

    Great battle

  45. Hey QuickyBaby wanted to say thanks for uploading videos really does help
    get better and learn more :)

  46. thatbattlefield dude

    Stupid question. How do you get the different crew accents? 

    • M26PershingCommander

      +thatbattlefield dude Go to settings, and I believe in Audio there is a
      little box that has “crew voices”. Instead of Default or something, select
      “National” Hope that helps you.

    • thatbattlefield dude

      +M26PershingCommander thanks!!

  47. This battle just about sums up the charioteer in my opinion. Now I am not
    any where near as good as Oxiclean, however, that result screen, top on
    damage and kills while the rest of your team bar 2 or 3 other players, did
    bugger all, resulting in a defeat, is what I see in my charioteer in every
    battle. 200+ battles, I have 43% wr in this tank. Its like the RNG
    purposely screws you over by making your team fail and then you, right at a
    critical point like in the end of this battle. I love the tank but playing
    it is so frustrating, especially considering its about the only TD I like
    in the game.

  48. EmperorNefarious1

    a good player, but he doesn’t know how to ram properly, a full on ram right
    after he ran out of ammo would have been a better move, since then the T69
    would be pinned in place and easy to kill, not to mention the ram damage.

  49. See how Rng fucks over good players and helps bad ones

  50. i cri evritim

    such beautiful teamwork and skillful play, but lost :(

  51. Another option that he could have done at the end was go up the hill and
    lure the t69 to him and then ram him as the t69 charge at him or he charge
    at him.

  52. Misleading title but cool replay

  53. Pls sub to My channel 🙂 I just started with World of Tanks and War Thunder

  54. Nice 20k wn8 that game haha

  55. 13:17 he could have gone in between them and blocked the t69’s shots!!! omg
    y u no do dat???? well i guess it was the heat of the battle, still epic
    game though good jov bro

  56. his name is named after a soap and dish detergent PROMOTION !!!! :)

  57. Haha, you made it sound like you were being sponsored by oxiclean 

  58. T69 Hero :P

  59. How can he zoom in so far at 3:30? Aren’t zoom increasing mods illegal?

  60. Please, please, please!!! Do a how to install mods video! I want the x30
    Zoom mod but I don’t know how to install it. Jingels did a video for it but
    that was over a year ago. Also with Jingles’ tutorial you can only install
    1 mod and in the comments I saw alot of negative reactions.

    • M26PershingCommander

      +leserdemun Download the mod, read the “readme” if it has one, or as all
      mods (except engine sounds and other sound modifications) you place them
      inside Wherever WoT game folder is/World Of Tanks/Res Mods/ Current Version
      (example being C:/Games/World Of Tanks/Res Mods/0.9.7) And you are good.
      Or, you can get a mod pack installer like Aslains and a few others but that
      is the one I use and it has a list of mods and it will Auto install them.
      Hope this helps.

  61. I kept yelling at him to ram that T69 when he first came down the hill!
    Would it have made any difference? Awesome game in any case.

  62. If you are rounding it, you would round down as it is closer to 9000 than
    10,000. As a scientist you should know better QB :P

    • No? It would be 10k because 800 is closer to 1000, therefore 9,800 >
      10,000. If it was below 9,500 then yes, it would be rounded down to 9,000

    • forgot about the hidden shots, i don’t watch post game stat part of the
      vid, only the gameplay because the post game bores me

    • You’re an idiot. 9,800 is 200 from 10,000 and 800 from 9,000.


  63. Reyn H. Game Channel

    He sure OxiCleaned them out…

  64. god, so much camping, now after this video there would be more ppl camping
    at G5 mountain… That’s why sometimes jingle and QB are such cancer for
    the community to learn a better way of playing…

  65. That was a epic battle, but the bad luck at the end was heart breaking…

  66. Amazing! Bravo!

  67. thejoedude thefirejoe

    If i was oxiclean i would be searching for that T69 player to go and smash
    his pc…

  68. I don’t know why he didn’t, as soon as he was out of ammo, just go in and
    ram the T69 – Still very good game, unlucky.

  69. Frederick Schulze

    If only he had missed one less shell….

  70. That T69 didn’t deserve to win.

  71. Beniamin Budzyński

    Well done qb on getting 250k+ subscribes. The tog party was awesome today.
    Aka mr_slash147

  72. I love people who pick apart replays to the T. Do you really think at the
    start of the match this person was like:

    Oh shit I am going to be 2v1 with a T69 while having no ammo better not

    I bet half of these replay warriors would just sit there and rotate in

  73. Shalaka Booyaka


  74. poor guy that is sad

  75. Poor guys :'(

  76. Sekula Sekuloski

    O M G !!!

  77. Bonkersfogel EQRG

    best looking vehicle in the game, and in real life

  78. He could have waited with his last HESH-Shell until he was behind the T69
    and then shoot him in the back, where the T69s engine is. Due to the crappy
    armor it would have done more dmg & might have set him on fire as well.
    But its very easy to sit here and do some theorycrafting afterwards. I know
    how difficult it can be to make the right decision in these kind of
    situations. What a heartbreak!

    • +ischbinsnur I penned him with the HESH, it wouldn’t have done more damage,
      but maybe a fire. The fact is that I was so confident that we had this game
      that I didn’t ram the guy the first time and lost.

  79. I didn’t know the Tortoise had over 2700 hp QB

  80. As Jingles says – “If it’s stupid but it works – it isn’t stupid.”

  81. If only billy mays was with him

  82. Alexander Groß

    WHY! I died a liitle. Heartbreak!

  83. Like!

  84. Great game, never seen such a heart break in wot.Qb I hope you’ll be
    bringing this kind of replays to the channel, I love your channel and
    everything that you put in it.Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for
    another video… cheers

  85. dam, thats rough

  86. jeez, when I play lightly armored tanks, I can barely even graze an enemy
    tank without taking at least 100 damage

  87. Not 10000 damage.

  88. Farming dmg on reds lel

  89. video improperly titled, should be called ‘OTTER clam failz at pugz”..
    shamefur display.. didn’t carry hard enough, all must petition Alu at once
    to oust this abomination. :P

  90. IMO the t69 was kind of a dick for not giving the win to OxiClean and his
    platoonmate ^_^

  91. Guys he was in the OTTER clan. That’s the clan that all got special
    accounts where when you kill them you get gold. I thought that was funny.

  92. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Too bad for him that his CDC buddy never heard about this little thing
    called “autoaim”, you know, the thing that allows you to have your turret
    pointed dead center on a tank… The T69 sides in that case… This point
    blank range miss cost his buddy the victory of his WoT career.

  93. Kryštof Vrbica

    Quickybaby, you must be really high if you can make IS-4 from IS and 2074
    dmg from 1274 :D

  94. You won’t get a better and closer game ever again!!!! WOW!!! Very nice…

  95. Richard Gustafsson

    If he had rammed with the hill’s slope :(

  96. Dumbest T69 ever, and totally lucky, this game is so unfair.

  97. Alleswisser Hamburg

    What a heartbreak in thtis game :/
    but nice video

  98. Patrik “PAŤO” Horosz

    Haha 64% win chance and they lose fail stupid mods…

  99. Poor OxiClean, i really thought there would be a second fire on the T69,
    maybe even an ammorack

  100. Lol wow 😀 how many thousand WN8 was that? :O

  101. Outstsnding match!

  102. And this is why WoT is not a “good” game :/
    This player and his friend did all the job (12 kills) and lost the game
    because they had a useless team and faced useless and coward players ….
    So sad to see that.

    • That doesn’t mean that wot is a bad game but what you said is the ultimate
      flaw in team based games….can’t do anything about it

    • +MathieuH96 Thats like, every team game lol. I guess all team games are bad.

    • The only problem with WoT is … the matchmaking. When you start a game u
      always have half of your team in red, a third in yellow and 20% green or
      blue if u are lucky. This is why this game annoy me after 3 games and this
      is really sad

  103. Jesper van Rozelaar

    Sad OxiClean :(

  104. #OtterHaxBestHax

  105. i feel the CDC could have done more at the end but he must have been so
    scared and having clammy hands etc.

  106. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    so sad

  107. Run out of ammo lol

  108. I find these heartbreaks so depressing ><

  109. idiot manages to win again also known as heartbreak

  110. Ugliest tank in history …

  111. Noob charioteer, lost at the end 

  112. Wow someone from the OTTER clan, the top NA clan, now THATS a guaranteed
    unicum, because the requirements for that clan mean unicum stats

  113. he “wipes” up the tier 8 soviet tank destroyer……

  114. So the ghost of Billy May’s is playing?

  115. What the heck why didnt he wait for his platoon mate to get him on low hp
    then kill him with the last shell ‘facepalm’

  116. Somehow I feel if he hadn’t of hesitated on killing the IS, before he
    killed the T95, that would’ve been a easy win.

  117. That would have been a freakin 3k base xp game (if he would have won) this
    is just insane

  118. He cleaned the enemyteam

  119. wow, an unicum killing tomatoes, so exciting


  120. wtf, bad play by them both. they just needed to rush him both. why did they
    wait so long

  121. *old

  122. This Video is Oldenburg 

  123. Skills, luck, misfortune and massive RNG, this game has it all.

  124. His buddy in CDC behaved like a complete tomato at the end, otherwise they
    would have win it.

    • +Vil3mos i dont think you ever made an amazing play in a video game, cause
      you are so full of adrenaline.

    • +Vil3mos Ironic how a single missed shot suddenly turns player into
      “complete tomato”. Quickybaby has 77% hit rate. Which means he misses one
      out of every four shots. What is your diagnosis for him, Mr.

  125. Emilien Gosselin

    I know it’s easy to say but he could have won this by ramming the T69 when
    he started blocking shots

  126. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Did that t69 sit afk for the most of the match? Bad driving by oxyclean

  127. What tier 8 light tank do you guys reccomend?

    • I just want a light tank with good penetration, fast, can bounce some

    • StronkSovietTenk | WoT | MC

      If you want a fast light tank with a good gun, get the T49, of course you
      should use the derp gun. The armor is paper though.

    • +StronkSovietTenk | WoT | MC ill look at it although im not a fan of
      russian tanks 🙂

    • StronkSovietTenk | WoT | MC

      Not all Russian tanks are derp. T49 is pretty much an American KV-2 that
      can do 72km/h.

    • the only light tank that can bounce is the T54 ltwt. It’s a light tank so
      of course it’s fast, and the gun is like a T7 medium one.

  128. “Stationary while moving…” xD

  129. This thing seems so broken.
    I will start grinding it from this video on, I don’t know the exact number
    but it should probably have more than 3k dpm with those broken HESH shells.

    The thing is, I would take 75% HESH and 25% APCR in this tank. With that
    210 HESH pen, you wouldn’t have any problems penning most things, doing
    constant 480 avg. Dmg, and a metric ton of module damage.

    So yeah, I smell SerB nerfing this thing already.

    • +Snapeshot very stronk ammo loadout for when you get into T10 matches

    • Zsar's Wot and KSP

      +Snapeshot Why? That and the tier 9 are the only machines on that entire
      line that aren’t complete crap. Even the tier 9 isn’t amazing.

  130. Thousandsenemies

    he should have taken that clip for the cdc instead

  131. “Team”

  132. Hehe an OTTER uniscum 🙂 Brilliant fucking game, and a great clan.

  133. Hazzadoesrcdrifting


  134. I need to point one thing here: WTF was the rest of the team doing ?!?
    T54E1 – ZERO DMG ??? 5 tanks with ZERO dmg ?!? Only 5 tanks did more than
    1000 dmg.

    HOW ?!? Who are these “people” ? How are they allowed to use electric
    device’s (PC’s) ? What deviation of evolution created them ? WTF !!!

  135. Cutdarthvader WOT

    what tank voting system do you use and where can I find it please?!

  136. Brandon Johnson (Elephant Longboarding)

    301st Viewer!!!

  137. Well deserved loss for a retarded endgame…

  138. Sharpclawasaurus

    Oh my God. I’m gonna get sick.

  139. If I was the T69… There is no way I could have done that and I know it’s
    sorta wrong, but I would have had to concede that game to them.

    • +Mitchel Hall He had no way of knowing how much damage Oxi dealt. If you
      intentionally throw a game, you are the worst kind of player.

  140. PlanetaryPenguin321

    OTTER has to be the biggest clan of assholes in the game. Shame on you for
    putting up a replay of one of their members.

  141. Proof that RNG and WG caters to shitters like that T69. He should NOT have

  142. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    The best way to spend sunday evning, wot with qb. :-)

  143. lol if you only have 1 shot left and your friend have more than one, you
    can be the bait and use your HP so your friend can shot the enemy.

    • +LORDVADER203 :L what i was thinking as well, but they couldve easily saved
      some ammo by killing the IS in time to save the T95. Was a terrible
      decision hesitate and not kill the IS in time.

  144. Zsombor “Barcazsomi” Kecze

    ohh my god xDD

  145. Wow, but this replay Show us. How hard u must carry the game. Really nice
    game and s how u must play this great British Tank destroyer. 

  146. Andrew Beirne (Andrelo)

    Totally Heartbreak

  147. No 10.000 damage, unsubbed :P

  148. stationary while moving is coling pivotairing its moving your tank ath
    place by going right ore left ath the same spot whit your tank and when you
    have no turret the goggels dont interupt when you go further dan your
    cannons angel can go and the vihicul moves ( sorry for my bad english ) gl
    and hf tankers ;-)

  149. Apathetic Bystanders

    he never got 10k Kappa Kappa

  150. 2 hit points danm thats more then a heartbreak lol

  151. Consider the ramifications of such a result. The sheer power of dumb luck
    present in WoT trumps skill, knowledge, even coordinated teamwork. Is it
    even possible to refer to such a thing as a game rather than a gambling

  152. You can hear the difference in this last commentary clearly your time
    commentating at war gaming live has rubbed off 🙂 

  153. Hrculasjnr Pretorius

    Heart break 

  154. Had a game like this in my t69 vs a at15 and a carnivon over 7000 damage
    ant ten kills winning the game got little under 6000 xp

  155. Cant wait to watch this!

  156. talk about a throw haha

  157. CDC noobed hard at the end.

  158. QB obviously doesnt know what Oxiclean is here on America haha

  159. that play at the end was so bad charioteer shold rush t69 and take full
    clip so his frend could easily kill t69 off while he is reloading

  160. oh god so much mistakes :D

  161. MasterOfRevenge

    ew he’s in OTTER, they got my account suspended for trolling them. Am I a
    bad person, yes I certainly am. But not for being a troll. :>

  162. CDC choke artist.

  163. Oh my God this killed me inside.

  164. There was clearly not enough skill involved in this game. I want more
    Conquerer GC replays please cause that’s where the skill is at!

  165. On a victory This would have easily been a 2600 Base XP game O_o

  166. Fernando Migoya

    what an end. Total Heartbreak.

  167. This was an epic game. The tier VII Challenger feels like a punishment, and
    I can’t wait to get to the Charioteer.

  168. Martin Fagerheim

    I was absolutly crushed after this replay

  169. His friend shouldve been Billy Mays…

  170. ThunderTigerRider

    autoloader noob…

  171. Karel "GoWFAN" Manda

    1080p45FPS… waaaaaat?

  172. Jingles showed this replay I believe, its a good one regardless!

  173. Oh god…. Otter. Fuck otter

  174. Cant wait to unlock this having hell with the challenger

  175. WZ-132 100mm: 250 alpha
    Charioteer 105mm: 390 alpha
    IS-3 122mm: 390 alpha

    WG logic…

  176. Hưng Võ Trần Chí

    So unlucky for him…..

  177. General Saufenberg

    cant wait to cet this td^^

  178. Bajan_Other_Canadian

    2 hp and then ram=no damage WTF war gaming XD, but when chasing after t69
    and a small ram=12 damage

    • Do you know about hitboxes? Ramming damage can be absorbed by the most if
      the enemy ram your tracks…or if the armor is very tchick which wasnt 😉

  179. 10k dmg in T8? Something is broken. My life is complete. Bye.

  180. Stationary while moving ? Hahahha 

  181. Charioteer did only 9k dmg…

  182. this makes me mad. retarded damage model

  183. Otter players OP pls nerf

  184. Same old boooooooring shit…

  185. wow lol that ending tho…

  186. 3:09 “stationary while moving”. hmmm……

    • +Cathode Ray I heard that, I think it was part of a list. I think it’s
      “[y]ou have camo rating stationary, i.e. being completely still,
      -stationary, while moving, stationary while firing.” His timing was a bit
      off though. Still, QB’s commentary is top-notch.

    • +Cathode Ray stationary while moving your tracks to left and right without
      actually advancing

    • +Cathode Ray If you use a warp bubble..

  187. This is great game… But what I think he can do better is to take some
    shots himself earlier in the game. He had less than 10 shells and still
    haven’t taken any damage yet. So I think at that point he might rush out
    that may help the team a little better. What I was thinking at that point
    is, the purple players, quite often, “sell” their teammates to take shots
    and do damage behind. But this time it doesn’t end up with a great result.

    • +Boris Wu 美服,只是不想让头像空着就弄了个国安队徽^_^

    • +Weizhi Liao 我欧服 大号Borisztz99 这游戏现在自己一人玩太容易输了 现在每天上小号随便打打,btw
      老外基本都是逢华必反的大喷子 别费时间跟他们’讨论’

    • +Boris Wu 耐心一点应该还好

  188. Alexandru Cazacu

    Heart break me too, wooow gg

  189. Among the turreted and non turreted British TD
    I only like Charioteer and Conway
    I really hate Heavy-Ass British TD cause the freaking weak commander hatch
    and the speed

  190. great play by these guys, but in my opinion they blew it in the end

  191. How the hell did that ram not kill him???!?!

  192. B-balance.

  193. I have the Charioteer but I think its dumb that you pay 45k xp for the
    secound gun that only gives you 0,43 better firerate, anyway grinding to
    the last gun now and I cant wait

  194. I’ll bet that T69 is was probably crapping himself at the end of that.

    But who wouldn’t? Well.. Jingles would be eating his own asshole.

  195. damm

  196. Another “FUCK YOU WG” moment.

  197. Thats the reason why i hate wot so often because the mass of the bad
    players are dominating the good players!

  198. Can anyone explain why a lot of those high level accounts have x’s at the
    ends of their usernames? I’ve seen it a lot and I don’t know why.

  199. Sick game, what a heartbreak at the end….

  200. hacker unicum, all unicums use warpack

    • Dumitrica Adrian

      +tabika wotan u can dowloand warpack mods from russians websites idiot…

    • +tabika wotan maybe. or maybe they use all of their time playing this game.
      if u would sacrifice your time and played 10-12 h/day u might be as good as
      those unicums. remember..they do fuck up once in a while

  201. Them mercy low rolls man….
    It actually costs a game now lol

  202. I think ramming the T69 at full speed down the hill might have done the job

  203. this is one of the worst wot replays i have ever watched. Feel sorry for
    Oxi gg man

  204. TheMusicislife95

    lol at the throws

  205. THAT FEELS :(

  206. So satisfying to see when someone tries hard to buy a victory but still
    fails. GJ T69

  207. I kept thinking how he was gunna do 10k damage with that little amount of
    ammo remaining

  208. Sebastian Bugar

    QB you troll! There was a Radley Walters in the thumbnail

    • +Sebastian Bugar False advertising is what I call this 🙂

    • Sebastian Bugar

      Could be
      Or he was infected by Jinglesderp during the Finals in Warsaw

    • Frederick Schulze

      +Sebastian Bugar I think that he was trying to make us think that he won
      the game by ramming, so that we would be completely taken by suprise with
      the loss..

    • Frederick Schulze

      +Sebastian Bugar I think that he was trying to make us think that he won
      the game by ramming, so that we would be completely taken by surprise with
      the loss..

    • The-PurpleOrange

      +Frederick Schulze Yeah, he’s done this before and then switched the
      thumbnail to a heartbreak one at a later date.

  209. No he wasnt fireing hesh acording to the rounds at the bottom it was apcr

  210. That is the most 6 yr old username I’ve ever seen.

  211. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    Can you do a review of the E 50? If you already have, can someone direct me
    to that video?

  212. Profound Gaming

    Where the hell is billy mays?

  213. TheBorderlandsGuy


  214. Anyone received the 13 57 yet? I’m still waiting for that sexy beast

    • I bought it in the store one week ago, it’s a really good light tank ! I
      love it !

    • +Maks Mamla i bought it, its quite nice, low ammo and low alpha though.
      basically its a passive scout that assassinates low hp targets or arty if
      you can get that far.

    • +Maks Mamla Nope, it still has not arrived for Grand Finals attenders

  215. just epic!

  216. Omfg. I almost shed a tear for this guy xD

  217. and what do we see in common with almost every high damage video posted? no
    fucking arty because arty ruins the game

  218. If Quickybaby would reply to this, i swear i will never ever will play arty
    again ❤️

  219. I saw that when he zoomed in on the trees in sniper mode they sort of
    disappeared or opened up, does anyone know what causes that?

  220. This replay is old…

  221. When i go for the Indien-Panzer…should i go trough the Auf.Panzer or
    trough the german Mediums?

    • +Sebastian Bugar Did they remove it in 9.7? Oh well, you can access the Leo
      PT A via the Ru 251 anyway. I liked the VK 28.01 by the way, it has a very
      different playstyle. But if it doesnt suit you I can’t blame you 😉

    • +K4nal Well, I suggest you do both. However, if you are only going to
      choose one, I suggest going through the mediums. That way you can train a
      medium tank crew for the indienpanzer while you are grinding it – if you
      went through the scouts, you would want that crew for the Spähpanzer tier
      VIII light.

    • +Battle typhoon I guess it would boil down to if you plan on keeping the ru
      251. If you plan on keeping the ru 251 just keep that thing, and use a
      female crew on your leo pta

    • Sebastian Bugar

      You bet. And you loose.
      Its a disaster,like you cannot hit anything on move. Or even when you are
      standing still. Shell traverse speed is a disaster have to
      preaim like with a catapult..

    • +K4nal Go throu Aufklarungs, It’s funny as all hell, sucks at scouting but
      is funny and effective when you learn how to use a 42 ton light tank. And
      the Aufklarungs can unlock the Indien-pz. I didn’t like the VK 2801, but it
      is a good scout.
      -on the med line you will probably suffer while playing VK 3002 D, because
      of the lame 132 pen gun.

  222. 9th
    nice video

  223. Wasnt this featured on the wot best replays on this guy who comentated on
    the wargaming championships channel?

  224. TheMagic Pikachu2769

    161st view!!

  225. well I kinda expected it, he is otter

  226. ‫שביט שייי‬‎


  227. First HAHAAHAHHAH

  228. I hope you enjoy this monster round as much as I did! OxiClean played his
    heart out.

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW and there will be a TOG II event TONIGHT @ 20:00
    CEST on EU2 server!

    • +QuickyBabyTV I am happy the T69 won, fuck the unicums and all the good
      players that think they are the best,.. fuck off.. GG T69

    • +CatsWontPlay you don’t have to be jelly that they are better than you…

    • Benjamin Grande

      +CatsWontPlay Poor behavior dude.

    • Zixium 7 (Zalderax)

      +CatsWontPlay i’ve seen unicums play like shit before so…. quit saying
      they always know what they do. both teams had great matches, don’t take
      anything away from either side. if you think you can do better than these 2
      did, show us, mr. “joe average”

    • +CatsWontPlay They aren’t all dicks you know lol

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