World of Tanks – Cheating Badger

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

He’s not cheating and he’s not in a Badger. I really didn’t think that title through properly did I?

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  1. 4:00 I mean, if you REALLY wanted to call it that, you should go for FlächePanzer

  2. social3ngin33rin

    pay2win cancer
    pay2win VS pay2win

  3. he was blindfired, the game only calculates spotted tanks, otherwise he might have almost jumped himself to death lol.

  4. This one made me remember the gloriously stupid but fun tier VI clan skirmishes of 5 years ago. Our main skirmish team consisted of 6 Cromwells and a Type 64, roaming around the map at top speed like mad men, ramming lighter opponents and circling heavy ones faster than they could turn their guns. We had crazy win rates with this, like over 90%.

    • I have fond memories of this, except I never had a good enough PC to play it really at all so I only played WOT blitz. You can still go out into the tier 6 tournaments and just medium wolfpack to decent effect, and it’s hilarious to watch against the normally campy as hell meta

    • My clan used a similar loadout. 101AC clan. Occasionally back then we would use about 5 KV-2’s and 2 SU 100Y’s. Big Alpha. No one wanted to push our base defense

  5. Ah yes, the famous Tiger I designated as VK 30.01 P.

  6. “Flat”panzer identifies as round

  7. Outside of signal range when the t34-95 was spotted

  8. Not King Tiger – either Tiger two or Bengal Tiger ( Koenigstiger is a german name of the bengal tiger, not a king tiger or something )

  9. I enjoyed playing my Cromwell B as a poor man’s scout tank. The only problem I have with the tank is that Russian helmet hanging off the turret instead of the British helmet!

  10. Come across this before Jingles.
    You were absolutely correct in that the T-34-85M was running the Improved Hardening for an extra 8% (or 10% with the bonus slot) to vehicle hit points.

    Someone else on Cheating_Badger’s team obviously hit him with a blind shot meant for another tank and the system did not update his perceived health until he was spotted – by which time it was found that he was down to 75 hp.

    As someone else speculated below, the most likely player to reduce the T-34-85M health without him being spotted was the S-51 Arty. The reason being that he would be able to make blind shots on likely enemy positions and hit the T-34-85M without him being spotted first. The BR2 howitzer has an alpha of 600 hp and the B4 has 900 hp. He could have been hit with a low roll penetration by the B4, or two non-penetrations by the BR2 to reduce him to 75 hp.

    Whenever I play Malinovka, I make it a point to hit the spotting bushes with my first Arty round, just to see if anyone is home. I’ve taken out countless light tanks that way. I also teach this to the Arty players that watch my videos on the WOT Arty Noobs channel, but then Arty players have their own list of positions to aim at if they want blind hits. You’d be surprised at how many tank players go to the same spots and then get hit out of the blue by an Arty player that they then accuse of cheating.

    • 7:55
      He was spotted by the su100y right before he killed it, so I think it’s more a matter of render distance than whether or not he was spotted.

  11. Yep. This is a thing. Stuff that happens OUTSIDE the big circle on your map, is not updated accurately for you.

  12. It is now a ‘flat-line’ panzer…

  13. EYYYYYY Its my fiance! <3

  14. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    The T-34-85 took a detour through Ukraine and lost a lot of health.

  15. I think the radio range is the point. That’s why you have no correct information about the opponent.
    You see this often when you die – If you then go to from ally to ally the Info updates and the enemies HP in many cases goes down.

    Therefore – it’s a feature, not a bug. That last tank was not in radio range of Cheating_Badger, at least not after he took damage

  16. Where’s Dave!?

  17. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦


  18. Pzulio Maccavellion

    Could the T-34-85M have been blind shot a few times?

  19. No @The Mighty Jingles since the inclusion of the health bars system in WoT If a vehicle hasnt been spotted withing your render range your client’s HP counter wont update its actual HP total. Beacause that T34-85M in this instance was fighting on the hill far from the Badger’s render range his actual HP total wasnt properly displayed. Its pretty common in WoT even before this feature was included in the vanilla version of the game, when this was an XVM modification.

  20. If he zooms in abit more, raises the dpi and skipped his Parkinson pills…my god what am I watching…this aim man Pepega

  21. I think the box tank could have hit them blind to roll that dmg

  22. Proud of you, Badger!

  23. Fua Consternation

    probably blind fire and lucky shot just like you congratulated Cheating Badger for

  24. Terrible to watch. This guy has no sense of team play or map awareness. He just plays OP tank and tries to max his dmg. It could be an EASY win if he would f.e. kill this vk and su first. Didn’t leave his t20 vs this king tiger. And so on and so on. TERRIBLE. The worst teammate you want to have.

  25. Maybe our hero, Cheating Badger was out of the radio range when the T34-85 was taking damage… So he never recorded the HP loss 🤷‍♂️

  26. Blind shots? From a Box tank maybe?

  27. 45kmh up hill… honestly you can’t make this shit up….oh wait *Looks at speedo* Do you ever play Wots any more jingles?

  28. Gg Badger!

  29. i guess the t34 took fall damage when rushing the cap??? he did get spotted by the su-100y when the game did say it had 880hp left :S

  30. I finallly figured out when you post in states time it’s 3am

  31. neat.

  32. Is this video jumping around all over the place for anyone else?

  33. t-34 85 was out of radio range from the cheating badger when last spotted so dmg occured then will not be recorded by cheating badgers UI.

  34. the t34 mustve lost the health to a friendly tank that was not in radio range to report the damage to badger?

  35. This has probably been answered already but HPs will only be updated when in your render range even if spotted.

  36. Today on the Mighty Jingles: Jingles reads the comparison page and fails to understand how effective traverse and engine upgrades work.

    No Jingles the Cromwell B is not more agile than the standard Cromwell. It’s near identical in reality

  37. I think Honest Gaming debunked once that the Cromwell has better Mobility overall.
    I don´t remember what it was but a set of number ultimately lead to the conclusion that, tho on paper it may seem that way, in reality it is slightly worse overall.

    Not necessarily noticably, but measurably.

  38. I like the Cromwell but and dint mind it being a little better. It’s not broken better just a little more polished

  39. The hp remaining indicator only updates on tanks in your render range. The t3485 was too far away from cheating badger when he lost all his health and so cheating badgers client didn’t update the health properly. Known issue.

  40. The T34-85 was never spotted….
    inside his rendering Distance, that´s why his client can´t tell how much HP it had.
    Which, in my opinion, makes that feature kinda useless.
    That ONE TIME you really WANT and NEED to know any info about the enemes healthpool…

  41. My suggestion, about the displayed HP would just be: FALLING DAMAGE🤘🏽

  42. I don’t play PC WoT but even I know that it works on render distance, the game updates the health of tanks based on being within 500 metres of the players maximum render distance, if the tank gets soptted on full hp and you can see them, they are within 500 metres, if they later take damage but they’re outside 500 metres, because you didn’t see them take damage outside the 500 metre render distance of each player, the game will assume that’s the amount of hp remaining until they get spotted again inside your maximum 500 metre render distance, I probably could have explained it better instead of repeating myself but at least you get it I hope😅

  43. GodfreyKnowlegehunter

    :52 …. I get the names are fun an all but….. I’m actually starting to miss good ol Dave.

    I’m sure he will make a repeat appearance eventually though.

  44. Su 100Y blindshot/fire?

  45. Could it of been another tank died to crew kill and so the game still has it’s health recorded?

  46. For anyone confused, the term “Render Range” in WoT is a big fat lie. This isn’t a graphics thing at all, it’s a server-client communication thing. “Render” range is really the maximum distance at which the server will send your client information on spotted vehicles regardless of whether they’re friendly or not. This is why the HP UI elements are inaccurate at times for both enemies and allies – you only get sent HP information when vehicles are visible in-world, not just visible on the minimap.

    Also, effective radio range is the SUM of the radio ranges of two tanks trying to communicate, the range circles just have to overlap to have full radio contact – this why even tier 1 tanks with sub-300m radio ranges don’t immediately lose contact with each other the moment they leave render distance.

  47. Saradis Apostolidis

    At 12:11 the T-34-85M seems to have 74/880 so it did have 880 HP to begin with. Either the radio range of the Cromwell B didn’t update or the T-34-85M had an “accident crash” since the last time it was spotted.

  48. The way the hp trackers at the top work are they track the hp of the tanks in your view range. So at every point that t 34 85 was spotted he/ she were outside of cheating badgers view range to update the health of that tank

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