World of Tanks – Cheating Without Mods

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Tomorrow I’ll be turning 19, so in celebration of it, I’ll be livestreaming starting at 12:00 mountain time, tomorrow.

    hope to see you there 😮

  2. You are good

  3. 3 comments..

  4. “fadin’s”

  5. Cheating without mods?
    Oh, he is using an e-25.

  6. World of Tanks – Cheating Without Mods

    A.K.A. just playing the E25, or Pz II J.

  7. Happy Birthday Lemming!

  8. Happy Birthday.

    When the world is mine, I’m making you a general.

  9. That cockroach is one of a kind.

  10. Another outstanding video thanks lemming I’m curious what do you do when you can’t get to your favorite position on airfield within 45 seconds as you mentioned in your recent video with the t20?

  11. It's not what you think

    How do you do this as a T25/2 against a Type 4?

  12. Do you know someone named Skipstar, he is really nice

  13. When super unicum meets e25.

  14. The Pleasant Pheasant

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I might not catch the stream but I’ll be there in spirit if not. It’s been really cool to watch your recent content come into its own and you’ve improved your format so much. Been here for so long now I almost miss the ums and ers. Keep going you deserve the recent success you’ve had!

  15. Good game, enjoy your birthday!

  16. NoHomeLike

    It’s so infuriating that they gave out the E 25 for basically free on the NA server. You only had to do like 25k damage over the course of a weekend

  17. Lemming is hacking confirmed!

    Jokes aside. How you played with that last guy was freaking amazing. Awesome replay dude!

  18. you’d make an excellent trader lemming.

  19. 19 ?? u sound much mature dude, congrats ….

  20. E-25 games don’t count as skill. Happy Birthday.

  21. That was enjoyable to watch.
    Happy birthday
    Your a baby!

  22. Thanks for the in depth thought process and Happy Name Day!!

  23. u deserve a hell of a lot of subs! Gl with ur channel dude

  24. After watching your video, and what went in your mind when playing, I think that’s the difference between the unicorn players and I. I learnt so much from your vedios. Happy birthday!

  25. lemming worried of being flanked by st emil in an e25 lol

  26. U played 1 game in that day, 1 game and you did that

  27. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one. I most likely won’t be able to watch live but I hope you record all or part. Thanks for all the effort you put into these videos and stream.

  28. Amazing video! Just love how you explain what you are doing and whats going through your mind, unlike some of the YouTubers out there. All they do is commentate on the gameplay “oh hes going around the corner”…yeah no shit Sherlock lol.

  29. That’s pretty much how I play that map as well in Tds in general. If I’m in a heavy or the T30 I go north. If the enemy is spotted south then I adjust and cut across mid but am still north.

  30. And that T-34-85 in chat pissed me off soo much

  31. was this tank really given for free?
    (i saw on the chat)
    .. i would buy this fucking cockroach, if it was on sale now.

  32. Stop saying “or whatever” after everything.

  33. too bad we couldn’t see the skill of the enemy players…   beating up on tomatoes is not that impressive…

  34. Sad he out played a guy with out perks in his tank.

  35. Love the commentary while you play gives a good understanding of why and how

  36. No armor, weak gun, limited ammo count, camo doesn’t mean shit once you fire the gun, no turret, so short and limited gun depression and gun traverse makes it hard to use on a lot of maps, yeah great OP tank that requires no skill… Even though I have decent stats on mine I hardly ever play it. Doesn’t see tier 9 tanks but tier 8 heavies laugh at the weak premium ammo. It only does well against farming lower tiers and that’s about all it has going for it. The only people that complain and cry about it are the ones that don’t have it and don’t understand that it’s really a mediocre tank. Skill is required in every tank.
    So I say good job LemmingRush and GG.

  37. In this video Lemming shows you he still doesn’t know what all those medals are! 😀 “Fadin’s” *wink*

  38. E 25 is OP

  39. monjodav - MonjoFR


  40. Why you are using a camo net instead of binos?

  41. That T-34-85 should be raped and executed on borders

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