World of Tanks || Chi-Ri – 1 vs 9

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World of . Today Trax92 going to put the unpopular T7 Japanese tank the Chi-Ri through a test as he goes .

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Many people are disgusted by Chi-ri. They have no idea how dangerous it is,
    all they see is that it’s big monstrosity. Oh man, how surprised they are
    when a competent player drives Chi-Ri in enemy team…. and you don’t even
    have to be really good. I am usually pretty noob but with chiri,.. ooh

  2. Chi-Ri is definately one of the worse t7 mediums, but I kept it because
    even though it’s crap, it’s still fun to play

  3. one of my greatest memories of wot is sniping a chi ri with my kv-2 from
    across the map. instant 800 dmg!

  4. Sorry Quickie I don’t like this mic. you are too quiet

  5. The thing with the Chi-Ri is that it requires a good player to function
    properly. Bad players will do very mediocre in this vehicle while good
    players will do well in it. It’s just not very forgiving of mistakes, even
    minor ones.

    I personally really liked the Chi-Ri because of it’s fast autoloader and
    good gun depression. The STA-1 and Type61 after it are awesome tanks, among
    the best on their tier.

  6. AND….. I remember people on the livestream yesterday saying things like
    “The Chi-Ri’s
    penetration sucks”

    “It’s only good because of the autoloader”
    “The armor is, CRAP”

    “Why are you wasting your time with this tank QB?! It’s even more boring
    than artillery!”
    and so much more hate to the Chi-Ri.
    Well Trax92, Hats off to you for your astounding gameplay and good job
    making those people look like fools, each tank has a reputation and the
    Chi-Ri’s was being SMASHED.
    This video shows PROOF…. that it is not really the tank, but the player
    using it to it’s best strength,
    Oh and BTW I like artillery, stop hating because WG will never listen to
    you, but I don’t just play arty, my garage is full of Heavies, Mediums and
    Tank Destroyers too.

    With that being said, NightPhoenix652….. Out

  7. next perfect tank after my cromwell: they are a good tanks for a t55a –
    MT’s campaigns (spg’s – hunt + set on fire twice) – greatefull. TY for this
    video QB 😉 – thumbs up keep it up!

  8. Shit tank that beat up a bunch of low tier noobs

  9. I loved the Chi-Ri lol its awesome.

  10. I always thought the Chi-Ri was a bad tank but know I want to get 1 lol thx

  11. a good player vs “Red” army 😀 not a huge surprise he won

  12. Quickybaby do a t95/t49 troll team! XD imagine the looks of the enemies’
    after they see that team!Ps: pls make this top comet(comment lol)

  13. This replay shows so many bad aspects of this game. (And maybe most other
    multiplayer online games like this.) A top tier unicum seal clubbing very
    poorly skilled enemy players in very favorable matchmaking. A team that
    dies in 3 minutes, living one of the only 3 statistically capable players 1
    against 9. (He would have had no chance if the enemy team was even at list
    marginally capable or the matchmaking even slightly worse for him.)
    Teammates, even platoon mates, that are killing each other, dragging their
    whole team down. Arty that can at any time ruin a very good game. (Not in
    this case, but usually from far away without being spotted.) Only thing
    that is missing is the miserable attitude that players have so very often
    in chat. How about a honest comment about all the bad aspects of this game
    sometime, Quicky? It might help making it even a little bit better. I see
    that Jingles got fed up with it, maybe the game needs some improvement in
    this respects also, not only in sound and psychics.

  14. its 1v10, not 1v9

  15. free world of tanks code for a pzkpfw 38h 735 (F) tank a garage slot and
    three days of premium account access got the code in a ps4 magazine so if
    you play the game go nuts the code is 44RA-ZH9Y-VSG6

  16. That’s lot of really really red players

  17. Wish u showed some high tier battle where the player is lowest :-/

  18. this is like Messi playing football in a game with two teams of junior

  19. i love the Chi Ri.. its my favourite teir 7 tank

  20. Well… despite i hate the Chi-Ri this man done everything right… i won’t
    be able to do so. But the enemie team was not very challenging for a player
    of his caliber and I think could have done this with every other T7 medium
    tank in the game.

  21. Ślązak Grzesiek

    It could be 13 frags and Pascucci medal,if not this birch gun ;)

  22. QB make a reviwe in the IS 8 plsss pls tech how to the IS 8

  23. Steel Wall in a Chi-Ri, that’s fantastic lol

  24. i made one vs 6 with my chi nu kaï the other day….very fun but this game
    was fantastic

  25. Love your commentary QB :D

  26. realy nice video. amazing skill gj

  27. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    QB 2016: “The ass of the Chi-Ri is quite flammable”.

  28. I personally like the Chi-Ri, even though it’s very situational. Jap
    heavies over-rated, Chi-Ri all the way.

  29. hello, QB,

    I have submitted a ticket to WG but maybe, you could refer the issue in one
    of your videos for more attention to this matter.

    I have a suggestion for future game updates and referring to the new
    mechanics implemented in game since patch 9.14.

    Seeing that rolling on one side of the tank happens more often than rolling
    over completely, as far as i saw happening to other players and to me in
    particular, WG should consider implementing a new game mechanics feature
    that detects when your tank is rolled on one side and allows a player’s
    tank to use their gun’s physical structure to roll back on its tracks by
    swinging the turret from left to right.

    I know it’s probably hard to implement, seeing that the gun has no
    structure value added, other then for taking damage from shells, but it
    would be a nice resolve to issues when a tank rolls on one side and doesn’t
    automatically wreck itself.

    This occurrence usually leads to a rage quit from the player who can’t roll
    back over if no one helps him, or if no one else is left alive on the team
    to roll the tank back over, and for a frustrating round especially when the
    only player left rolls over and the enemies don’t find him, the match
    ending in a draw.

  30. This replay has already been used on another replay channel just saying

  31. Yeah look a that matchmaking its all red and look at his unicornluck…like
    all the replays on this channel

  32. quickybaby can you give me a tank please :P

  33. here we go: a lucky mm game – where we can see how an unicum toptier
    autoloader kills the enemy team that is full of red players and bots

  34. i saw this reply befor but i can not remper where

  35. If you need 44 premium rounds in any tank you have a problem.

  36. Didn’t i already see this?

  37. birch gun has a gun that can rotate like a normal tank turret

  38. In all seriousness i dont get the chi ri hate. I had constant 2,500k+ games
    when i grinded it, where as the sta-1 can suck my dick. I cant stand 240
    alpha at tier 8 and armor that a luchs could destroy.

  39. My tip for the Chi-Ri: Use all the free exp you can get! :P

  40. hmm..I always liked the Chi-Ri

  41. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    When do you play on Sunday? And when can I watch in Europe?

  42. haha, all these “unfair matchmaking gg” comments 😀 jealous little crybabys

  43. little tip on this tree : be carefull on your choice of radio on this tree
    the last one isnt the better (look at weight).sorry for bad english but if
    it can help u ;)

  44. The chi ri is just the epitome of an oversized gun platform. I still like
    it tho

  45. I hate the chi ri with a passion, but now I might be a bit less aggressive
    when taking it on.

  46. Dick butt Nick butt

    help me make choice should I get the t1 heavy or Sherman cause I like armor
    but I also like mobility which is better??

  47. Graf Brot von WoT

    review of the KV-13 pls

  48. Oh My Goodness dude the mike is fantastic! Spin some records while you
    queue up more tank reviews

  49. Actually my favourite tank from WoT is the Chi-Ri, it’s the one I had more
    fun with. I used it as a sniper.

  50. Hey quicky can you do another scout rush but this time using American light

  51. So is this the best a chi ri can ever hope to do?

  52. Jeff Trowel (Pnakotus)

    Chi-Ri isn’t that bad a tank. I think the only issues I had with it were
    it’s size and the penetration. I was able to pull off some good games in

  53. I would rather do the 390 alpha in one shot, have mobility, low profile and
    effective armour in the IS personally.

  54. Chi-ri confirmed op

  55. I have 1 and I like this tank yes it’s a grind but no rush as I am not that
    good a player yes I maybe a noobs but I know it’s just a game

  56. I rarely see a STB so I’m wondering how good they really are? It doesn’t
    seem to be a popular T10 tank.

  57. WoT = World of Tomatoes?

    Absolutely no doubt Trax is a good player, but the MM was *really* kind to
    him by giving him such poor opponents.

    Later, Matt

  58. The Birch Gun has a traversable turret, but everything else about the tank,
    including but *especially* the gun, is complete garbage.

    Frankly, I’m surprised it hit at the end, let alone did 30 damage.

  59. chi-ri is better tonk thank t-54

  60. Quickly baby, please do a T34 American heavy tank I’ve got two ace tanker
    gameplay for the North American server. I go by JumboSkipper in World of

  61. He just killed a bunch of noobs

  62. damn daniel

  63. Win ratio is just bs

  64. OMG, how did that guy get a O-Ni!

  65. LOL… I know this guy. He is the Clan leader of my clan ;-)

  66. I totally agree with many of the coments below – Chi-ri is a not very
    good… Though i kind of liked it.

  67. Its a bit dumb to say he got “lucky” for sure there was some luck in this
    replay but he was a very skilled player the stats and the replay has shown
    it all ;)

  68. finally this shitty tank got some love

  69. So the Chi Ri sucks unless you are facing team-killing noobs… Got it.
    This is why I just will leave the J tanks for last. Inf act, the 95 is
    where I stopped working the heavies.

  70. Basically a bunch of bots to feed on as they brainlessly rush in to his gun
    like fools.

  71. What’s with Japanese tanks and these nearly impossible tasks? I remember
    an, STA-1 was it? Doing something like this. Good game trax.

  72. a terrible tank until you get used to how it plays. you gotta use the gun
    depression, keep arty in mind and do a lot of peak a boo like most auto
    loaders. the best thing about it is definitely the 1 sec delay between
    shots and the ridiculously quick reloading of the clip. ended up having one
    of the highest win rates and 2 moe’s in it by the time I got the STA-1.

  73. I always feel really bad when Chi-Ri driver gets nearly one shot by a
    Hummel, oh shit I’m the one in the Hummel. XD

  74. Funny enough im grinding my ass of in the Chri-Ri to get the STA-1 And when
    i first played around 30 battles i then told myself THIS IS A KEEPER!!! :)

  75. not a bad game but with so many reds iam the king too…

  76. good replay but its an experienced player seal clubbing a bunch of scrubs,
    its nothing special really

  77. I am a really bad player, and every game the good players do nothing but
    bitch about the bad players if the team isn’t doing well. Why doesn’t wot
    match people with similar stats instead of putting a few good players in
    with a bunch of bad ones. Sure that gives the good players a lot of easy
    kills and helps them improve their stats, but if they only played against
    players with similar stats, would they be so good, who would they blame for
    their losses? Place players with similar stats into battles, and when the
    bad ones play enough good games against other bad players, their stats
    improve and then they get placed into games with better players, and whey
    the players who think they are the best start losing because they only go
    up against other good players then their stats sill start to suffer. Just
    thinking out loud.

  78. Geoffry MacDonald

    The Chi-Ri was one of my favorite tanks that I grinded through on my way to
    the STB-1. Very fun.

  79. Fuck that game, I did 5,5k dmg and 6 kills in a t9 game within 200m of my
    opponents… this is just full of shit QB

  80. damn thats a lucky mm

  81. I have Trax on my blacklist because he’s shot me with arty lmao

  82. Chi-Ri: Wargaming’s attempt to make a medium tank by combining the size and
    mobility of a heavy tank with the armor and gun of a light tank.

  83. Once again he’s top tier so it’s easier

  84. Well… Examples of good autoloaders against tomatoes… I kinda feel bad
    for the tomatoes

  85. Now try that in tier 9

  86. Crazy. Most of my games today had teams like this.

  87. what this hackr dont tewl you he as scripts

  88. Hey, QB, quick feedback on the microphone EQ: YouTube will try to compress
    the ever living hell out of your audio, and you have very sharp “S” sounds
    in the video. Use the EQ and pull down the 7K value just a bit to help get
    rid of that. Thank you!

  89. Berk gun has a turret

  90. I played this tank a while back and while I distain it, it is one of those
    tanks that you can make work if you play it well. It does get
    underestimated by most players.

  91. Getting really bored of a good player wiping up lower tier new players. Get
    more skill based games QB.

  92. your voice feels so sexy =P

  93. I quite liked the chi-ri, gun was fun

  94. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    I just get Tiers 7 or 8 games in this. never get a top tier game in Chi-ri

  95. That Churchill firing HE almost made me LOL.

  96. Pax_GoPro_Vids: Everything_GoPro

    I got quickybaby’s xvm mod installed and everything work great but there is
    one problem. The damage panels are hidden by the default game panels and I
    cant see what I hit or what hitting me. If there is anyway that you can
    move them where I can see them please comment below. THX :)

  97. and then you get in a tier 9 match with this thing stock and want to punch
    your monitor in….

  98. Nichita Chilimnic

    it should be a heavy tank… a french one, bevause everybody would
    understand why it gets sooo good armor

  99. Somehow, this tank is my highest W/R tank with over 100 games, at 61%.

  100. Very Good Game 🙂 1 vs. 9 is allways hard,Bad enemy Team Or Not 🙂 I did
    like the Chi-Ri ,so congratulation :)

  101. I really liked the Chi-ri. The burst is great, and it’s pretty accurate.
    It’s also mobile enough and has enough pen to contribute to tier 9 games.
    It does make it a bit weird when I tried playing the AMX 50 tanks, since
    the interval between shots feels like forever compared to the Chi-ri, so
    it’s not as easy to clip someone.

  102. Wow so much whining in here…

    Regardless of how high a tier you are, how good you are, and how good your
    mm is and even how bad the enemy is – 1 vs 9 means you need to play well to
    win. Good replay, QB 🙂 And nice commentary aswell!

  103. That O-NI was either a bot or just reallllllyyyy fucking bad.

  104. what a great gameplay

  105. chi-ri is good in nice mach up, in bad mach up is not. for example chi-ri
    vs tier 9 tanks e75, t10, t54e1, m46, skoda t50. chi-ri cannot pen many
    tanks and premium round is bad 186 pen. waraming must baf chi-ri the
    premium rounds have 230/40 pen.
    But i think the chi-ri is not bad tank just in good hand any tank can do
    well. i watch this replay before and this guy play well.

  106. I always love the unicum defenders. The heaviest tank was hiding in the
    back smashing bldgs. I knew right away what was going to happen when i saw
    the teamlists. He played well but all the tomatoes ran to HIM to die. If he
    had to hunt them down or if they were together he woulda died in that crap
    ass tank. If you are good in a crap tank and you have better enemies you
    die fast. so it doesnt matter how good you are. He was lucky to get that

  107. I have a tip for those who are trying to grind through the chi-ri and
    finding it painfully difficult… Don’t suck if you will get through it
    quicker i know if I didn’t suck so much I would be better at things ;)

  108. “…..against the T49” QB I think you messed up cuz I don’t think there was
    a T49 there bud.

  109. Operation Domination

    Of course the Chi-Ri could be taken down by a single shot from the T-49. @
    9:33 It would take a lot more health to avoid being killed! Lol!

  110. LOLZ all the tanks he faced sucked just LOOK THERE ALL RED!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Yeah MM/balance in WoT is perfect…so much perfect…

  112. when is not top tier is absolutely CRAP this Chi ri…i have it and is
    fuckin painfull playing with stock touret

  113. Chi-ri not good? Ha. You made my day QB

  114. HE Churchill LOL

  115. I have seen this video,one week ago.

  116. I’ve seen this replay on another channel, it is pretty old.

  117. #QuickyBayby Hi,you didnt take my replay…very good Jpanther 2 vs 5 and
    6.800 dm! My nick is neki_tamo.

  118. I remember when on ct a friend advised me to get a type 5 heavy. He only
    called it type 5 though, so instead I got a type 5 chi-ri. Enjoyed it a

  119. funny i was in my o-i i bouced 6k damage in tier 6 game

  120. i hate youtube, i cant watch 1080p and 60 fps at the same time

  121. yeah he carried… but I still dislike this tank. He was dishing out dmg
    most I the game and only did 4600dmg…I’ve done 4200 in a t34 85 and that
    wasn’t an insane carry like this…

  122. Holy Moly such a red team O_O

  123. Atelalu Alexandru

    While it’s not tht bad of a tank…@110k xp to grind surely hurts

  124. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    In our clan we always say chi-ri is OP best heavy tank with speed of light
    :PBut in tier 7 match its good in tier 8 okay but against tier 9 just go

  125. The new microphone is great but please use a de-esser. Every “S” sound is
    too loud. If you can’t use a de-esser, you can also use an equalizer to
    remove 2dB from all sounds over 5000Hz. Let me know if you want any
    clarification on how to do this.

  126. Rly??? Top with premium ammo versus bots and other “red barons”. Nothing

  127. I didn’t see this vídeo before? i can remember it cleary, i dont know, this
    video was released today, and I can remember this vid at last a weak or
    days before.

  128. So he killed 9 dumbasses… Congratz? I think?..

  129. When I first saw the video title I was like oh man this is gonna be
    impressive, but it’s literally the best match up this chi-ri could have
    possibly gotten. He’s tippy tippy top tier, one of the only times I’ve seen
    a chi-ri as the top tank in a match, and his opposition was nothing but
    lower tier crap players….you’d have to be a bleeding idiot to mess this

  130. could you please make an is-4 video?? thanks 🙂 keep up the great work!

  131. 1v9.. pretty much every game in wot during the weekends.

  132. retard enemy team top tier game what you expect put him in 8-9 tier game
    and he will be fucked up

  133. Unicum against a team of blood red tomatoes, unimpressive.

  134. Nightmare_Effect5771

    This tank is op in blitz… You have no idea how many times it had killed

  135. I think the Chi-Ri should have an extra top gun, like a 90mm, so you can
    choose between alpha dmg and penetration, or dpm, burst dmg and gun

  136. RealBaconProductions

    “Saved him a shot from the T49″… I miss the old name xD And the look for
    that matter, the T37 just doesn’t have the same beauty it used to…

  137. NEVER had MM or a great game in the CHI RI, found it SO painful … THie
    good playing guy clearly got V lucky with MM and oponents not that good.

  138. The chi ri’s arrived today to my garage… i’m enjoying it…

  139. The Chi-Ri is basically a bigger and slower Skoda T-25 1 tier higher. How
    is this in any way logical?

  140. hey guys i got the super unicum rating in wot

  141. I would play it if it had an armour

  142. wow with a chi ri, lol

  143. I sold this thing to buy the sta-1, 2 days ago

  144. Birch gun is a tureted SPG

  145. He just completely took out that tier 5 light tank, with a tier 7 medium!

    I’m sold.

  146. I actually reaaaaaaaaly enjoy Chi ri, i don’t get what problem people have
    with it…


  148. The Chi Ri is amazing, I love it.

  149. Flawless play and good player my arse XD I can only see luck here, nothing
    more XD

  150. I actually had fun playing world of tanks last night! I was the weirdest

  151. birth gun – bitch gun

  152. 1 vs 9 is LoL.

  153. The Chi-Ri is garbage because it’s slow, no armor, and its pen cant
    reliably do anything to tier 7+ tanks. He was basically the only tier 7 in
    this entire game (the O-Ni was a bot – 0 damage)

  154. Its quality seal-clubbing, but its still seal-clubbing.

  155. NetGamer SK (Gam3rSK)

    how many criers over here…that tanks i a beast even in tier 9 u can do a
    lot if you do use your brain a know the basics about using 10 degrees of
    gun depression and a surprise madafaka style of playing…one of my
    favourite tier 7,having close to 1600 dmg per game.Nothing wrong with that

  156. Nice new mic

  157. He put his Chi in all their Ri’s

  158. they have to remake the :get money at the end of a match system.
    he had a monster game and lost money like wtf

  159. thekyleman11 Cummmin

    The tank is lovely!

  160. 1v9 when it’s purple vs all reds? *yawn*

  161. So, you do a video on this piece of shit tank when you can’t do one on the
    Tiger 2?

  162. Simple question: HOW DID THAT CHI-RI got that mm? I’m grinding (painfully)
    the japanese line and I never got in a same tier game in meds. In some 500
    battles. errrr … something wrong here. With my Chi-nu I always got tiered
    2 up. ALWAYS!!!!! no exception.

  163. Jonathan Wieringa

    I think th chi ri is the best tier 7 tank there is…on blitz, got 67% in
    that thing, it really is the best thing ever

  164. If it had decent armour it would be over powered

  165. Carlos Valenzuela

    PFFF so many tomatoes

  166. how old is this? the T67 has have that name for a while now and in this
    replay it’s named T49… old times :’)

  167. I’m the only one who hates gold idiots?

  168. im not even going to watch this…a Chi Ri 1vs 9 win???
    thats just moronic

  169. I am have been grinding the chi-ri for a long time and I still just cant
    have good games in it. I would love if you guys could maybe give me some
    tips I just dont know if I suck or the chiri sucks or both. I dunno…

  170. 4:00 Ooooh QuickyBaby said a bad word….

  171. Good player farming a full bot team in a shitty tank.

  172. i’ve only been playing for 8 months or so, but I think they nerf
    autoloaders by making them slower. Based on my t69 experience. but there
    may be some faster ones. and the autoloader is more weight so you got that
    as well.

  173. At the end of the day, you can only fight against the players that are put
    in front of you. However, replays like these, where a unicorn completely
    annihilates 9 tomatoes on his own, are frankly far less interesting than
    replays in which the enemy team consists of many strong players.

  174. Christophe Deblaton

    WHAT QB ??????? 186mm of pen is not enough to fight t9 tanks???? Did you
    just become stupid? You can fight every single tank with 186mm pen !! Even
    t10 –‘ with only 183mm pen on my t34-2 I have absolutely not problem to
    fight a maus !

  175. this is the reason why I don’t play World of tanks any more: there are too
    many noobs

  176. The main thing i don’t like about the tank is that it has the same armor,
    alpha damage and pen as the chi to, but gets hit points and an auto loader

  177. Chi ri is a good sniper…have to say though that I have only once had MM
    like this in the chi ri :(

  178. 0:40 I was like “how did he get his tracks off so quickly?”

  179. hey QB that mic makes a better sounds, you should consider continue using
    it, Can you make a video of the TD T28 USA tank please and ty.

  180. DeathssynProductions

    Why does no one play the Chi-ri without the upgraded turret. Its 5tons
    heavier than the other one and all you get for it is a decent dpm
    auto-loader. The tank is actually fast and maneuverable with the downgraded
    turret because it is so much lighter and the downgraded gun has excellent
    dpm. The turret also no as wide. So when you crest ridges to use its gun
    depression the enemy has less to shoot at. Playing a chi-ri like that may
    make a subpar comet…but the comet is absolutely amazing so whats wrong
    with having something that will preform well. I feel like that auto-loader
    gimps the tank hard.

  181. I just being Random so PANCAKESSSSSS

  182. I very like these tank. But the armor isnt soo good

  183. this tank is what is demotivating me from moving up this line.

  184. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    A Birch gun, when in the correct mm is (in my opinion) the best tier 4
    arty. 360 degree turret and a fast firing 25pdr that prevents camping
    anywhere on the map every 8.5 seconds.

  185. Terrible enemy team? Check! Being top tier? Check! …. Being 1 vs 9? Now
    THAT’S new! You can say all you like about stars aligning to give such MM,
    but conserving one’s hitpoints and racking up kills, all this on a city map
    without an opportunity to ninja snipe, that takes skill.

    It was fun to watch.

  186. Chi-ri is the only tier vii auto loader in blitz i love its Dpm but i hate
    its armor , and maps are not as big as wot on blitz , so its hard to stay
    on distance

    If u possible make a tutorial of autoloader i really appriate dat and if u
    have a time u should go to check out my lego tank video its a real nice
    lego tank:)

  188. I’m not sure why people hate this thing, I seem to do well in it (446 games
    and 56%wr) it just fits my play-style!

  189. Now Im a little bit less afraid of Chi Ro Grind (on Chi To right now)

  190. *Whole Enemy team was red except for one player*

    *GG MM*

  191. mr quicky baby im a fan of you i am a donkey on heavy tanks i have found
    out my skill is in artillery so i need your help what yuor guide to me
    being an artillery

  192. About 85% of the player can do the same thing and may be better.
    It’s your worst video.
    But i still love your 99.9% of your videos.
    Lache pas la patate mon homme.

  193. I don’t understand why, I absolutely LOVED this tank.
    I hated the STA-1 so much

  194. World of Tanks or War Thunder?

  195. Oh look a unicum vs 15 tomatoes. What a worthless replay, boring and only
    displays how bad the enemy team was.

  196. The only Tier7 tank in his team in a round full of idiots Tier6 and5
    tanks.If you put that Chi-ri in a tier9 round is a big damage pack and
    useless even with gold

  197. I enjoyed playing thru my chi ri once I had it fully upgraded!

  198. OP v.s tomatoes
    ofc he will stand alone against them

  199. right in the chi-ri

  200. i guess the Chi-ri isnt that liked because of power/weight ratio of 13hp/t
    while other mediums have way better mobility (comet has 20 hp/t, panther
    has 15 hp/t, t20 has 18hp/t ), Chi-ri is big being easier to hit, having a
    not so good camo rating and a meh view range (even with coated optics,
    situational awereness and recon it doesnt reach max view range)

  201. this is an old re play

  202. I still don’t understand why people hate the Chi-Ri. That 3-round
    autoloader can one-clip most Tier 5’s and can two-clip some Tier 6’s. It
    also loads the entire magazine faster than a 105mm derp gun. Sure, it has
    bad mobility and meh armor (surprisingly troll when it wants to be) but
    that autoloader honestly makes it one of my favorite tanks in the
    game…I’d say it’s more about the awful grind to that autoloader. It’s
    pretty much a Chi-To, which wasn’t super-amazing to begin with, at a tier
    higher. 15,000xp just to make the tank good, at Tier 7, is a huge struggle
    for most casual players. I know I myself ended up just biting the bullet
    about 5k into it and free xping the turret and gun. The Chi-To was similar,
    god-awful until I free-xp’d literally every module…

    I really, really regret selling it but I really, really wanted my first
    Tier 9, the ST-I, which only the selling of the Chi-Ri allowed me to do
    immediately. I want to pick up the VK2801 next because it’s cheaper, but
    after that

  203. Chi-Ri is OP, it’s a tier 11 heavy tank.
    But as always, this was quite a lucky match.

  204. I_am_not_stupid _

    I think the Chir.Ri is alright but what it needs is a higher top speed and
    a better hp per ton ratio.

  205. The Guy was far to good, against such noobs he had to win.

  206. the birch gun has a turret QB ^^

  207. I’m currently grinding this tank and so far it’s an OK tank. In match-ups
    like this it’s a nice tank. If you get yourself in a Tier 9 match-up, DON’T
    ever rush to the frontline. Let the heavier tanks go first and let them
    take the hits for you. Try to get some shots on busy enemies. Also this
    tank is a very good side/rear demolisher. If you don’t see any
    opportunities to flank, try to focus the softer tanks on the enemy team. As
    QuickyBaby pointed out, this tank has horrible armor so don’t rely on that.
    Many experienced arty players know that the Chi-Ri is a nice target for
    damage farming, so try to get behind cover as much as possible.

    Good luck with the grind ;)

  208. hahaha #circon Chi-Ri OP hahahahah

  209. chi-ri is an absolute monster in tier 7 games bc of its autoloader and high
    hp. in tier 9 or 8 games, the chi-ri falls behind more than any other tier
    7 medium. Heavies are faster than you and can rip your tank in half with a
    single shot. light tanks have more hp, armor, and damage. arty can easily
    kill you in one shot. Your autoloader no longer has any influence on the
    battlefield. It ends up being a very frustrating tank to grind through.

  210. A a casual player I spend a long time
    in the Chi-Ri but I never despised it like some players do.

    Use Rammer, Optics, and Spall-Liner;
    Spall-Liner helps against more than just arty, it keeps lower tier
    derp guns from eating your health and helps protect you from rams by
    speedy light tanks.

    Use cover of any kind (including tanks
    with more armor than you) and the maneuverability (track traverse,
    breaks, etc..) of this tank to keep this tank alive longer. Never
    stay still very long unless you have epic cover because arty will
    find you, use the good maneuverability to do the anti-arty wiggle if
    you need to stay in a area that doesn’t have good arty cover.

    Your clip reload is faster than other
    autoloaders, use that against players who are used to the French
    autoloaders long reload times. You are a front line support tank not
    a brawler or sniper; pop out, unload your clip, and pull back into
    cover and repeat to keep up the fire, this is especially crucial
    against higher tier tanks.

  211. the mic could be a touch louder

  212. What l love the chi-ri, when I’m shooting at it with my su 152

  213. Grinding mine right now – it’s one of those tanks that make people say that
    tier 7 is the worst tier in the game. The armor is crap (gun mantle is
    meh), the penetration is crap (155mm), the speed is meh (40kph maybe) and
    it’s bigger than some Heavies, so it’s basically a big xp pinata as long as
    it’s gun is pointed the other way. ‘Fun’ is rare in this tank, ‘bearable’
    or ‘meh’ might be the best you do in this one unless you get Godly MM like
    Trax92 🙁

    The only positives it has are a fairly quick reload and only 1 second
    between all three shots. This is a passive support tank only – your only
    hope of surviving a tier 9 match is to catch the sides and rear of enemy
    vehicles. In rare instances you might try to ram smaller tanks, but it’s
    not quite as heavy as it’s size would suggest, so only try it if you’re top
    tier. Don’t be a hero in this one and try to stay with your teammates ;)

  214. Sealclubbing confirmed

  215. I3.L.ue-My.ste.ry TankiOnline

    Japan Tanks OP…

  216. OMG this guy is my new idol i just h8 the chi-ri!!! QB i do like the new
    mic put the sound of u clicking on the keyboard is a bit annoying…

  217. Blaze 125 (blaz3r125)

    Chi-ri <3

  218. oh my god…..
    I have Chi-Ri,but ……….

  219. Chi-Ri OP confirm

  220. Enemy team had stupid moments but this is still a nice replay

  221. look at World Of Tanks The Best Replays the same replay i dont think QB
    stole it but it was send both to WoT Replays and him..

  222. I personally haven’t played the chi ri, but I think it is a great tank. I
    always see it having a great game :)

  223. Srđan Marjanović


  224. 1 guy on their team over 50%. Meh…

  225. Something strange going on in the post game stats, it shows the player on
    the other team named “dilated” in a T49, but in the game and in the opening
    screen he, “dilated” is shown in a T67….?

  226. Hey QB when are you going to stream with your Clanmembers?

  227. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    Thank you Quicky Baby for this replay even we could already see it on WOT’s
    channel ; -) I like the way you comment your videos they are more
    interesting than Subscribers ones. Keep doing that it’s a great work !!

  228. That was actually really poor play against the O-Ni – he could have died so
    easily there.

  229. Common…. A Unicumplayer against Tomatoes…. In a Halfautoloader…thats
    not difficult!

  230. Nice replay QB but i left a comment on the last video can you response on
    my comment?

  231. Alexander kjellberg

    love The shit ri my best exp game is 2.3k

  232. This is nothing, I am in every game 1 vs 15 and offten 1 vs 29 ;)

  233. Like you said…you either love it, or you hate it. I personally think
    there are too many pewpy tanks in that tree to make the tier X worth it. I
    have the Czech, French, and all 3 Russian tier X mediums. There’s just
    nothing about the Japanese medium line that appeals to me.

  234. pronounced chi-li in Japanese:)

  235. yay, im the 4509th viewer ?

  236. i love chi-ri its a very good tank with very powerfull gun :)

  237. great game

  238. I play this on wot blitz and the alpha damage is 160, this tank is my fav
    tier 7 med

  239. How come on pc its tactical and realistic but on console its a damn arcade
    like cod

  240. Altough he did amazing i dont think he earned the medals fairly, i mean
    cmon hes the only tier 7 in his team and the enemy also only had one tier 7
    which was, like the rest of the team, a complete tomato. Its not that hard
    winning against a bunch of low tiers with no experience in the game
    whatsoever. Im not making him bad just stating the obvious. And last but
    not least: Everyone can get a matchup where everything is alright but the
    chances are 1 in a million

  241. Super Unicum vs. Nabs. Title invalid.

  242. Could you do some M4 Sherman gameplay plz?

  243. Austin Feather (SpiralTarantula)

    Awesome replay! I did end up selling my Chi Ri however. I hardly ever got
    into matches that good. Anything higher than tier 7 I ended up losing
    credits because of premium ammunition. The STA-1 is a great improvement!

  244. anytime I’m in a situation like that on Xbox all remaining tanks jump on me
    at once. Replays like this feel like the movies where the gang of thugs
    take turns attacking the hero. Enjoyable to watch though.

  245. Yeah I skipped this tank completely. Even seeing this, not regretting it
    one bit. Not like it would have helped with the module grind on the STA-1

  246. Stop statpadding in chi-ri BOIS!

  247. QuickyBaby.. you seem to speak calmer and less bursty than you did last
    couple of years. I was going over your old movies and boy did you grew a
    lot more adult-like!

  248. this is good tank

  249. what is oh-ni doing in the end……??? he could have put in a shot or two
    during the second clip of chi-ri

  250. Love the mic man, audio quality is A1 in comparison to before

  251. Isit me or are most of these replays always encounter or assault, cos it
    seems that where are the scrubs are so its basically seal clubbing.So i
    dont really rate them tbh
    Pros dont play those shitty modes FYI :D

  252. GJ Chi-Ri :D

  253. why i dont get mm like this :(

  254. just today got first mark on chi-ri, it’s always great when top tier. but
    have bounced whole clip from side of is3

  255. it is a good tank in this kind of matchup i think it abselutly suïcide to
    go against a tier 9 tank in this tank

  256. where is the new sounds on this video?

  257. Holy cow

  258. tomasz kulawinski

    QB very good move with buying a new microphone – you sound very good and I
    just realized that your voice is very radio…ish :)

  259. I dont want to see anyone whining about this replay. If you pull off a 1 vs
    9 with a Chi-ri, you are a god among mortals.

  260. I absolutely love the Chi-Ri, it can kick some serious ass and that’s
    because very few people drive it, opponents often don’t know how to deal
    with it or how it is played. But I do, and that’s why I got a 56% winrate
    in it.

  261. I love the Chi-Ri..

  262. I burned down twice after the patch because my standardkey for the
    extinguisher was replayced by the handbrake …

  263. xXx FaZequickscopePRO xXx


  264. SuperPershingProductions

    Amazing mm awful teams, this replay was boring

  265. Chi-Ri officially stated OP,
    WG pls Nerf it

  266. it isn’t enough that i’ve to play with bots in my teams, now i have to
    watch them in here too.
    btw the replay was ok.

    when i play in a situation like this the opponent has at least 3 green
    players alive and i’m already down to 1 shot.
    or i’m on my way to kill them because i’m top tier and i’ve full health and
    they capture the base…

    this 3rd option when i’m top tier against bots 😀 is really not an option..

  267. chi-ri is fat

  268. Professeur Youtube

    One day I almost killed 3 tanks with one load. They all were <100 hp. I
    killed a Black Prince, and IS, but the last shot on a KV-3 missed,

  269. That Birch Gun denied him a Raisenai Hero’s or whatever, I’d have been so

  270. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    its more likely for me to get hit by a meteor than getting his situation ,
    only 1tier 7 , and with the enemy team full of idiots

  271. unbelievable for such a weak tank to kill 9(8) tanks with only 1 tankBut I
    want to know what the O-Ni is doing. It didn’t shot ChiRi (I think he could
    see ChiRi which has disaster camo rate) and even not using its front amour
    to face ChiRi(175 amour vs 186 pen, have chance to bounce especially with
    distance and some angle)

  272. Wtf this mm to easy

  273. No matter what, Chi-Ri will always be most painfull tank to grind STA

  274. great! and im the 1685 viewer!

  275. Awesome one !!!

  276. Sebastian Burrichter (Sefribu)

    super unicorn against a tomatoteam? he could as well been shooting at
    small, white seals on a black tarp. 😉 medal is medal, but somehow the
    colours in the teamlists spoil the results of this game a little…

  277. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Also featured on WOT best replays channel 😉 but I love your commentation

  278. wn8:14981 holy sh*t high!

  279. now I’m to grinding for the chi-ri

  280. I am prety sure that he is yousing Stock angine on it!Thats why he is sow

  281. Yea chi-ri master race my best tank

  282. Notification squad coming in hot!

  283. I’m pretty sure the birch gun is the only turreted arty for the British.

  284. I think i already see this gameplay

  285. Martin Nikolovski

    Im Early let me think of a joke

    DaRude SandStorm

  286. chiri is best tenk in de gem

  287. Darude sandstorm

  288. On killing the kv 1, if its stupid and it works…… well you know.

  289. I love the Chi-Ri, completely underrated

  290. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  291. great video

  292. SweetAlex 274 Gaming

    Hey guys, it would mean so much to me if you would check out my chanel and
    write in the comments what thing should i improve for my videos so they can
    get better, im not saying you need to sub or like the vid, thats your own
    choise, but it would really help me out, so no hate, we all need to start

  293. Mr.ELC Dr.CombtMedic


  294. yes I’m early

  295. Yey another vid love you eep up the good work!!!

  296. Now we need Chi-To matcg

  297. perfectly timed for my dinner ;D awesome as always! keep going :)

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    Nice, another video.

  300. third comment

  301. Quicky i love u

  302. Unter 100club yea:D

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