World of Tanks || Chieftain Mk. 6 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of || Chieftain Mk. 6 – today I’m previewing a mysterious T10 British heavy thanks to noob_gamer one of the most anticipated vehicles the Chieftain!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Already waiting for Chieftain.

  2. I once saw a chieftain in a tank museum

  3. Once again showing just how unrealistic WoT is

  4. FV215b is FAKE. That’s why it needs to be replaced.

  5. Wow! Tasty review. Can’t wait to see how WG launch it. 🙂 Thanks QB.

  6. If they introduce this tank may as well quit the game it’s ridiculous it’s
    not a tier ten tank it’s an Armoured Warfare tank

  7. Discarding sabot rounds SHOULD do less damage no ? They are a smaller
    projectile after all

  8. 2900 дпм и кд 7 с половиной!!! О боже! Да тут уже стать на броню! Пиздюлей
    только так раздавать можно


  10. And this is folks what i call “Arty Magnet”.

  11. Hi, just looking at the patch note for 9.14, it says that the chieftain is
    being introduced as a standard tank in this patch. Is that now not the
    case? –

  12. If WG makes This thing a reward tank, i’ll go to Cyprus and punch them in
    the Face. I want it. Now.

  13. Qb please ask WG to bring back all the asian maps that were taken out of
    the game

  14. If we got it the nerf bat would hit it as wg hates the brits!

  15. I ground out both the heavy and medium line of British tanks 2 years ago
    with a promise of this tank and wargaming keeps holding out the carrot in
    front of me when will we get the chance we deserve I see a lot of rushing
    bit biased in this game

  16. Seems overpowered, not that I really care don’t play WoT anyway. Just watch
    youtube videos.

  17. Chance of it being nerfed? :D

  18. Reason for the FV215b to be replaced: IT A FANTASY TANK WG PULLED OUT OF

  19. Absolute bullshit rate of fire in a heavy tank. This just allows garbage
    pubbies which yolo rush like idiots and still put stupid damage into good
    players then die shorty after.

  20. hey quickybaby make a review on TVP VTU please. i think its statistically
    the best tier 8 medium :)

  21. 270 is the exact same pen as the E50M’s 105mm gun, alot similar the two
    guns, similar alpha, same pen, both very accurate

  22. Well… this tank is definitely overpowered currently. Definitely in need
    of some sort of change… I mean, the frontal armor is shit; but at the
    same time, the angling saves it. So where does the tank lose out? The gun?
    Hell no with that rate of fire. And don’t even get me started on the
    penetration. The mobility? No, as it seems to drive like a heavy-ish medium
    on steroids.

  23. great video QB, I served on one on ’89 before CR,and cr2 (with
    The_Challenger) interestingly enough they were designed to 1-shot
    T-62/T-72’s, so I’m glad that WG have taken the big step and introduce a
    counterpart and make it playable….

  24. OP !
    Is7 and Is4 buff !

  25. with that stats
    its like a good counter to T-22sr.
    reward tank on the rampage event

  26. I don’t want my FV215B to leave my garage,its so good. :(

  27. thats a very british tank(good frontal armor accept lower plate, trash side
    and rear,10 degres of gun depression and high dpm)

  28. Another overpowered tank. To me, as a German tree player, it’s very sad.
    Because German (Japan too) tier 10 heavies – just bunkers without mobility
    and rate of fire (and if you have damage per shot – you don’t get
    But let it be. I will fight against anything and hope to put my 150 mm HE
    round in this British butt without armor :)

  29. +QuickyBaby how do you know how epic we have been? I mean, I like it that
    you know, but how do you know? 0.o

  30. Clan Wars reward tank please!!!!

  31. Love the look of this tank. Other options Quicky. It could be a new premium
    Tier X tank. Or are Wargaming setting up Tier XI tanks made up of post WW2
    MBTs? Obviously, the stats are not the final settings, so performance won’t
    be the same when we get it, but it looked awesome in the video. Thanks for
    showing it to us.

  32. So FV4101 medium gun tank charioteer is in as a TD, FV4201 medium gun tank
    no.2 chieftain is in as a heavy. Looking forward to seeing challenger when
    it goes into world of warships as an aircraft carrier! Go home WOT, you’re

  33. The powercreep is REAL


    oh wait only the Communists have it

  35. Just after armored warfare ?

  36. Demon Lord Of the Round Table

    Jingles must be pitching a tent right now

  37. 7k damage and he still has 44 rounds left….not sure if it’s entirely
    balanced but at least it means you can carry hard in it.

  38. i really dont think this is the real chieftain… i mean those armor…

  39. Sexy beast

  40. I really hope they don’t do a new line love the conquer is my favourite

  41. Great looking model. thought it was the AW chieftain Mk 6, lol

  42. Been playing the MK 5 in AW and I’m worried that will spoil the MK 6 in WoT
    for me. For one, the MK 5 gets the Stillbrew armor package which adds what
    could be considered an early form of composite armor to the front of the
    turret. Not to mention that the Chieftain is known for its armor which as
    we have seen many times in WoT usually gets negated with the rampant use of
    prem ammo.

  43. You can train a crew for the Cheiftain already in the North America servers

  44. modeling of the tank is spot on they was no diffance between the mk 5 to mk
    7 as it was mostly gun controls which was up dated and like u i cant wait
    to get my hands on this tank my father was a tank commader on the mk 1 upto
    the mk 10 never had any pobs with his tank

  45. yea. a medium dpm’s, penetration, gun dep and almost a medium’s speed with
    a good frontal armor.
    this should be good, but it’s frontal armor can’t stand other heavy tanks.
    basicly you may think it’s OP by it’s stats but in fact it sucks. you can’t
    be hulldown all the time and even if you’re hulldown your cupola will suck.

  46. Quickybaby, if you must chose between the Chieftain mark 6 and the FV215b
    as british heavy tank wich would it be?

  47. So basically a tier 10 Centurion 7/1

  48. tenk is cool

  49. is this tank even in WWII?!

  50. There is another cheftain on the enemy team

  51. Could this be the start of Tier 11 tanks? #TierXI

  52. i guess it will be a Special Tank with Special missions for it
    Model is stolen from Armored Warfare

  53. thought at first this would be amored warfare cause the mk6^^

  54. Seems OP nerf pls

  55. lol looks like WoT is copying AW, because AW just released Chieftain Mk.6

  56. when he was inspecting the armor, it said tier 10 PREMIUM heavy tank.

  57. CORRECTION – the T-62A got the last shot.

  58. Oh god Its gun is fucking amazing

  59. What chieftain mk6?? Where’s the M60A3? Lol

  60. This seems like a tank QB will really like!

  61. Subscribe to my YouTube channel! Doing a 3k gold giveaway and need some
    good replays for it!

  62. the cheiften seems broken right now

  63. Armored Warfare already has this tank and so many more, that make it
    superior to WoT in EVERY SINGLE WAY.

  64. That Chieftain Mark 6 model is a direct copy of Armored Warfare’s Chieftain
    Mark 6. It’s such a good rip off that ‘almost’ all of the external modules
    are even the same.

  65. I love the Centurion Mk 7/1 model. The Action X model was a step up with
    its visuals. Chieftain? Must get. Already grinding for t10 British Heavy.

  66. Certainly a beautiful tank. Really hope they just make it branch off from
    the Conq.

  67. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    This tank will likely be ludicrously overpowered in my hands..

  68. did quickybaby just stutter or hesitate!?!?!? oh well… did anyone else
    notice it as 4:08?

  69. Hope they put the Berlin Brigade camo pattern in to go along with this.

  70. rip t110e5 people thought that was op rip feelings of anyone not driving an
    e100 spamming heat against this thing

  71. Chieftain OP!!!!!

  72. Quickybaby you forgot about the Type 5 heavy, curently its the only tier 10
    heavy with 10 degrees of gun depression.

  73. Thanks for this vid, qb ;-)

  74. This tank is ridiculous op…

    if they introduce this tank as it is you can just throw away any german
    heavy tank…

    even the is-7 will look like a joke to this tank…

  75. Armour inspection, If you get flanked in an mbt you’re doing it wrong

  76. @11:01 the AMX 30 B is a modern tank that fought in the Gulf War, during
    Operation Desert Storm.

  77. Chinese server are not like any servers you have met before, because they
    don’t ban illegal plugin, they are selling any gold tanks in game all the
    time, they selling it in very low price, they also selling rewards tanks in
    incredible high price.
    Nevertheless their Chinese 122mm gun has 300mm of penetration HEAT
    ammunition, it is the gun using on WZ111 IS-2 T-34-2 and T-34-3.
    Because of those, you will see so many gold tanks in the game and a number
    of them are preferential matchmaking tanks. Chinese player like hiding and
    defensing, so the most important tanks in the server will be light tanks

  78. since they are introducing more modern tanks I hope that the m1 also gets

  79. Good by FV215b, :)

  80. chinese server is amazing,there’re many tanks I never heard before,like obj
    907 , obj777-II ,KV4-KTTS⋯⋯some tanks like obj777-II will cost more than
    300 pounds⋯⋯too expensive⋯⋯

  81. I think that they may sell it in the Premium Shop altogether.

  82. The tank stats are absurd… if this s added the way it is I will uninstall

  83. Why is the armour so thin? It’s meant to be 120mm thick on the front. No

  84. I think it is time for WG to go to tier-11+ new-generation tanks instead of
    making OP ’60s tanks play vs tanks from the ’40s… just a thought!

  85. Depleted uranium? So loader grows third hand and thats why it reloads so

  86. I can’t wait for this tank I will free exp it immediately once it hits the

  87. Beautiful Chieftain Turret! Can’t wait for this tank!!

  88. This is OP as fuck, basically a gun that is arguably better than the
    Tortoise, with good turret armor, and 10 degree of gun depression. Hell,
    this gun is competitive even on a tier X TD

  89. No!!!! I love my FV215b :,(

  90. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    2 types of APCR? The fuck?

  91. finally! I hope it be will arriving because I already researched the FV215b
    for a very long time but I don’t feel like buying it.

  92. Boy, are you exited about this tank. :)

  93. Welcome to Chinese server QB, world of plugins.

  94. I’ll be honest. I had dick in hand when I saw the title of the video. Did
    not disappoint.

  95. i need that

  96. It’s going to be nerfed into oblivion because Russian scrubs are going to
    get pwned by this thing in their T62s and Obj 140s, and then they’re going
    to be little bitchboys about it as usual.

  97. lol, this is your first replay in Chinese Server? Congratulations.
    Chieftain tank (酋长坦克)should be one kind of Main battle tank (MBT) in the
    real I think. :)

  98. Guys….Too overpowered…

  99. Glass cannon

  100. 80mm upper plate !!!!! WTF! chieftain had 120mm front plate, and 195mm
    turret………….WG nerfed it before its even ingame

  101. sounds a bit OP

  102. please don´t be a clan wars reward, please don´t be a clan wars reward,
    please don´t be a clan wars reward, PLEASE DON´T! >.<

  103. Nice reverse =)

  104. Remember when WG said they weren’t going to add sabot rounds

  105. According to Chinese website, this is the replacement of FV215b

  106. looks decent

  107. Никита Лутович

    у меня не оч с английским, за что его дали?

  108. What The Crazy DPM…….

  109. I think it is so OP…. Prem APCR, Med tank Disp, aim time, pen, dep. HT HP
    and Turret armor, only what you need to put on it is 10 clip autoloader…
    bullshit tank… it is like putting Leo 2 in game for germans…

  110. I foresee a balance shift on that thing. the gun is too good and the Armour
    might even be op as well. Now everyone notice the huge increase in British
    heavies in pub matches.

  111. When its released, tier 10 tank usage is gonna plummet lol. Chieftains

  112. Armored Warfare added a Type 59 Legendary because it is hard to get in
    W.o.T to just fuck with them. And the Chieftain Mark. VI is hard to get in
    AW. I think this is W.o.T their way to say fuck you.

  113. Why did he say monstrosity T110E5? I’m on the console, but I still wanna
    know what they did to one of my favorite tanks.

  114. Guys, I must say that, the only way to get this tank in chinese server is
    to buy it. And it costs 10000rmb which is 1000 pounds….

  115. I was especting something more like a Chieftain Mk.II or even the Mk.I, not
    the best that is the Mk.VI.
    Suddently the Type-59 it’s not THE most OP tank in the game.

  116. 1. how did this guy get the tank.
    2. how the hell are you meant to even consider this thing being a heavy.
    its way more towards a medium.

  117. CW reward and we riot, but it’s a likely outcome.

    Personal mission reward? meh, not as bad as CW reward and the most likely
    outcome imo, but still meh.

    215b replacement? Excellent, it can finally compete with an E5, trading off
    a lot of armour for a vastly better gun. Not gonna happen though, that was
    the original plan along with the Cent AX/4202 switch but then WG said they
    like the sound of Listy’s Super Conqueror and called off the chieftain

    Another Brit heavy line? Doubt it, WG have stated they made up the 215b and
    therefore want to replace it now that they have potential tanks to replace
    it with.

  118. Holy shit, this thing blows pretty much all T10’s out the water.

  119. Wait china server or sea server? also i think i know why they wont add
    it…its OP as hell

  120. wow. Overpowered! wtf!!!! hahaha

  121. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope this tank goes into the game. Not looking
    forward to grinding british heavy line if I have to do that though…

  122. Quicky if you want to know more about the Chiftain, just ask Jingles.
    But it will take a couple of hours. ;)

  123. Beautiful OP tank XD. And I believe the chieftain is still being used by
    the British military today if I’m not mistaken

  124. I’m surprised that it only has a 10% fire chance, given how crappy it’s
    engine was.

  125. Such a sexy tank! Would love to play WOT again if WG made it available on
    the NA server.

  126. So kind of a heavy medium. Decent frontal armor, okay mobility and speed
    but lacking engine power, and good gun. Looks good to me.

  127. Two British tier 10 heavy tanks in one tree maybe ?

  128. Cheifatin , Leopard 1, AMX 30 are from the same era 1960’s

  129. Cheftain was a MBT in the same generation with Leopard 1 and AMX 30. So for
    me it is not logical for it to become a HT. They shold split the Conqueror
    in to Mk I and Mk II.

  130. I understand the hate of fv215b, I had 40% winrate with this tank on my
    first 30 games…
    but many should understand it’s 2nd line heavy tank not 1st line, it’s a
    tank that get a powerful boost from team work. By playing this tank as
    platoon with reliable (green-blue) players, it’s so overwhelmingly powerful
    tank and I nearly got 70% winrate…
    and when I try to play this tank alone again, my winrate fell into 55%…

  131. This is bizzare. Model up a Chieftain and make the gun broadly overpowered
    but undersell the armour.

  132. Dpm will get nerfed to worst in class

  133. When this tanks comes out, I’m gonna cry from how unfair it will be…

  134. So this is the 62A of the heavy tank? Can you smell the OPness hull down on
    a hill?

  135. extra op

  136. I love that the cheftain is going into the game, and I get that it must be
    balanced and all, but that thing had much better armor than that, the upper
    plate of it with the extreme angle was almost 15 inches thick, and the
    turret was impossible to penetrate. I feel that it still needs some work,
    but it is a good start

  137. if this tank becomes a clan war reward i think im gonna cry

  138. i want this tank right now!

  139. They don’t need to add a full branch. Just have two options at Tier 9, like
    the Russian med’s, or like the Jagpanther, know what I mean?

  140. Chief Mark 6 in World of Tanks…the wait is almost over!!!…. yeah no
    thanks Wargaming, already got one…for free, no BS or dicking around.

    Too late, too slow, too much screwing your customer around Wargaming. You
    dicked around trying to create a mystique, making us wait way too long, and
    now there’s a new kid on the block, so I will happily play mine over there.

    Thanks for the replay though QB it was good to see it live at last, and as
    always, your tank review uploads are the best in the business mate, bar

  141. I play on xb one so basically I’ll get to play it in about 3 years I guess.

  142. Ah T110E5 too OP comrade. We put tenk in gehm with faster reload, more gun
    depression, better armor, and more penetration. T110E5 not OP anymore.

    Really guys?

  143. Looks broken and unbalance imho

  144. please WG, dont make it a CW reward. but that idea about making a 2nd
    british heavy branch is really really interesting 😀 that way i wouldnt
    have to suffer through all these bad british heavies to get to the
    chieftain. and about FV215b…. its a terrible tank, just like VK54 ausf B,
    but without its armor…. nuff said here

  145. The 215b’s amour was bad at tier 10 anyway, it was all about hitting other
    tanks with the awesome gun, this tank seems to give you more flexibility to
    use the gun which in my opinion fits as an upgrade to the conqoruer play

  146. Basically a centurion action X with better hull armor.

  147. Why at 8:11 does it say battle tiers at 10-11?

  148. I really fuckin’ want to get this tank…
    I’d pay cold hard cash for it!

  149. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it

  150. dat power creep

  151. Don’t worry about the SEA server QB, we get the hint…..

  152. First Order Stormtrooper

    So this means we’re getting T-64’s right?

  153. I am playing in Chinese server right now, this tank sold crazy expensively

  154. His team farmed damage and kills in that battle…

  155. Am i the only one noticed that the driver took 2 repair kit?
    I wonder what module that got reckt often on this tank, if it does ammo
    rack, then the DPM would be ambiguous stat lol.

  156. Rip Chieftain. WG gonna see this video and turn it into a 4202p D:
    Its gonna be nerfed into the ground, I feel. To OP. completely gimps the AX
    in just about every aspect. More armor, DPM, alpha, and HP for 11kph?

    Maybe fix that LP and cut off 2degrees of depression and itll be more
    balanced to replace the 215b, dunno. Its just way to flexable with that DPM
    to be balanced.

  157. i suspect this sexy beastie will get the nerf bat before we get it.

  158. The gun stats on this thing are absolutely ridiculous

  159. I think this how it’s going to be
    FV215B going to be replaced by Super Conqueror
    A new line for Chieftain… with a tier 8 light tank, a tier 9 medium tank
    (another version of FV4202, since Chieftain using some technical innovation
    on FV4202), and a tier 10 heavy

  160. Another tier 10 heavy with APCR gold rounds to please the “skilled” and
    stat padding crowds.
    They should remove all APCR premium rounds and replace them with HEAT.
    So one actually has to aim them at something rather than engage autoaim
    against heavies.
    Much bullshit.

  161. Tbh i really want to see a new British tech line. Maybe continuation of the
    one already ;).

  162. It looks good on WoT, butlook sexy on AW

  163. That looks positively opaf… and awesome as hell :D

  164. I hope this is just a test,i mean it doesn’t enter game like this.
    It looks so broken…

  165. Armored Warfare go home, you’re drunk. This is a WoT preview. Still though,
    the Mk.6 looks ridiculously over-powered for what it is and considering
    that it is basically a medium disguised as a heavy.

  166. It’s a Premium if you have a look, so it’s going to be a a reward tank


  168. Oh man I love British tanks!!!!

  169. An real mark 6 had 120mm hull armor so kinda of pissed it’s so low in game.
    He spam will rape it.

  170. In armored warfare i got it in tier 5 as rare special Premium tank. And im
    happy with it :DNote: its not a heavy tank, its mbt kinda medium tanks of
    present. Dont believe liar WG!!If this tanks will be similar with aw mk6,
    it has weaker armor on turret and hull than the others. And its slow big
    sluggish 10 degree gun depression.

  171. Any tank with 152mm guns are going to love shooting this thing. He is going
    to wreck it. Even hull down the he splash will pen the hull if you hit
    right under gun.

  172. quickybaby U WOT M8?!

  173. “120 meter gun”

  174. i don’t know, but i hope that they introduce a new tree with new vehicles.
    who knows, we might get some more vehicles which are fun.

  175. Quickie upload some Chinese server tier 8 premium tanking game plays and I
    swear they are fun to watch

  176. QuickyBaby what about #Teamwork videos? Or being the good guy? Bring them

  177. That looks like one hell of a fun but totaly OP tank if ive ever seen one.
    However considering that the death star and the other “one shot wonders”
    can one shot ppl this thing might not be as op in comparison. i think maby
    giving it a bit of an acuracy nerft down the board ( not much only a small
    bit) would balance this thing nicely. or just making its reload a bit
    longer. that way it doesnt quite have tortoise like dpm.

  178. Replace, or simply add a new line. I hope this will not end like some
    reward tank. That will be for me a kick in the face because, i simply dont
    want to be a part of clan.

  179. I think it should get the same firepower as the current FV215b. No reason
    for it to have gun performance better than a medium tank.

  180. Just….! OMG :)

  181. Obviously totally OP and unbalanced…

  182. QuickyBaby thank you so much for this video ! I was that guy that told you
    :”QB pls can you do the overview of upcoming Centurion Mk. 6 that will
    replace FV215b.” 😀
    P.S. I have informations for you from WG. FV215 we ll be replaced by this
    tank .And i already have the FV :3

  183. So they replaced the FV4202 with a Centurion, so now they’re replacing the
    FV215b With… a Centurion?* *Scratches head in slight confusion*

    Not literally but practically, in terms of playstyle.*

  184. oooh, so that’s why they didn’t release it yet, it’s OP as all hell.

    In order of this thing to be balanced at all it needs to have dpm between
    the E5 and the 215b and the aim time needs to go to 1.8-2.0.

  185. I think the 215b is better overall than the e5

  186. For me this is a tier 11

  187. I could see it being put into the game being split off from the cent line
    with the way its played, would be pretty cool

  188. Chinese server.. Well, its content is way beyond of any Wargaming supertest
    I think they also sell gold round on the website.

  189. wtf a modern tank in world of tanks wowowowowow

  190. QB! The Grille 15 is around the corner! do a review about it!

  191. World of Tanks is far from a WW2 game right now… Chieftain is used from
    66 until today… its heading towards armored warfare.

  192. atleast it’s not as brainless as the Japanese heavies.

  193. yyesss I like I want more of this tank yesss!

  194. this tank was known as much for its epic hull armour which was over 300mm
    effective thickness even on the lower plate as much as it was known for its
    terrible engine. looks like thet got the terrible engine right but got the
    armour completely wrong.

    Side and rear armour was complete trash though.

  195. Soooooo…. Why call a medium tank heavy?

  196. Really happy to see Chinese replay?@Quickybaby

  197. 空中网万岁!!哈哈哈。

  198. OP tank

  199. FV215b to be replaced because it’s completely fictional.

  200. How to make a buzz un WOT ” BUFF ARTY THEY HAVE BAD GUN +900DMG TO ALL ARTY
    PLS AND MORE ACCURACY ” thx for all, hope Serb will listen me

  201. Well, WG lost its way… it’s pure MBT and they will have a problem beacuse
    they’re adding one. In fact, we have few MBT in game already so it’s kinda
    weird to classifiy this tank as a heavy when it really isn’t a true heavy
    I don’t know… add more tiers + new tanks or make a new class or both.
    This thing is a monstrosity and I can already smell trio platoon of purples
    rapeing half of the team in 2 minutes.

  202. I’ll just say that if this tank is either a CW reward or a mission reward
    that’s impossible to get (like the T-22) I’ll will almost certainly be done
    with WoT.

  203. why is this a heavy tank? I dont unterstand why they add these tanks to
    “wrong”classes because the system just doesnt make sense anymore…

  204. I don’t think they should make it a premium or replace any existing tanks.
    Maybe just add a new line like quickybaby was saying or simply make it
    branch off the Centurion 7/1 in the research tree.

  205. ok i just looked it up the fv4201 is the cheif mk6 and the fv4202 is
    basically cheif mk5

  206. Looks like what a tier 11 tank should look like

  207. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    i hope this tank is coming soon

  208. Speaking of new tanks, anyone have any info on this “Grille 15” that’s
    going to replace the WT E100? Quite frankly, it just looks like it will be
    to the JPE100 what the FV4005 is to the FV215B-183: all round weaker, but
    with a turret. I hope I’m wrong since I’m less than pleased with the WT
    PzIV at the moment and don’t want what looks like what will just be the
    same thing, just at tier 10. The selling point of the second German TD line
    was supposed to be the novelty of the WT E100, and I dont really find it Op
    in its current state…

  209. man this tank really looks like the fv4202 plus i think WG should have it
    like the Russian meds
    just have the tier 9 conqueror branch off to the chieftain and the fv215b
    that would be great because it would be so easy to get two T10 tanks you
    would just get the conqueror then get both without having to start a whole
    other line

  210. the tank will get nerfed who wants to bet lol

  211. I swear if they make it a clan wars reward I will fucking sell my account.

  212. 10:52 hey take a look at our amx 30 b it was introdused in our army in 1986
    until 2011 !!

  213. what are we going to see next? T-64s? T-72s? T-80s? Challenger1s?
    Challenger2s? Leopard 2AVs? Leopard 2A4s?
    Wargaming… you are becoming more cancer day by day…

  214. This tank seem overly op. If this gets added with near the shown stats the
    good players will be on it like sharks to chum. You asked about how the
    model looks – it looks fantastic.

  215. upper plate on the in service Chieftain’s was 120mm, not the 85mm here.

    also a lot of WG’s info is from export models, the Russian export models of
    their tanks are called monkey models, same with the Chieftain, export
    models where not quite the same spec a British army versions.

    not a go at you QB, just WG choosing which stats suit them.

  216. WG seems to be using Chinese server as a ‘special’ test server for more
    accurate stats since people play more aggressively on the ‘regualr’ test

  217. the chieftain looks like another pretty tank to me but its really dumb for
    side scraping in the chieftain MK.6

  218. +BandNerdcp the depleted uranium rounds react very violently with air as
    well as being super dense.

  219. I love my FV215b and I would like WG to leave it alone. However, a second
    line of British HTs or even some kind of dual tier 10 HTs from the
    Conquerer should be a good solution.

  220. Is this considered a heavy tank or a main battle tank? I know theres other
    tanks that can be considered an MBT in the game so its not too unlikely
    theyve added another.

  221. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    gg wg. another op tank. . .

  222. Keep up quicky! Cool stuffs, cool vids, as always :)

  223. Clearly most OP tank in game, if it enters game I predict only as a reward
    tank (for missions or CW)

  224. I WANT IT

  225. On tanksgg it said it was a Tier 10 British Premium Tank, so its prob a
    reward tank

  226. How much frontal armor did it really have? In AW it has 115mm i think. But
    there, the upgraded turret has 395mm turret armor XD

  227. Fuck CW Reward tanks!! I get sick of it! I really wanted the is5 and i
    would have paid it even for 60 to 70 euro!! The chieftain and the is5 and
    more tanks were so cool, but i dont have time to play clan wars!! So i
    can’t get them! It’s so damm stupid wg!! Just give those players gold
    instead of cool tanks!!

  228. Lol. Those trollllllll Chinese name.

  229. Excellent video as usual. Once again I feel that WG is missing a bet by
    not adding Tier 11 and possibly even 12 to WoT. The Chieftain, M48(series)
    and several other, current, Tier 10s would be well suited for higher tiers
    as older (generation) Tier 8s and 9s and some tier 10s could be considered
    so inferior to those tanks as to be pointless to play. I’ve seen a steady,
    and justified, “power creep” of sorts in WoT for some time now, especially
    since the game has been cloned by those other studios to one degree or
    another. Keep up the great work!

  230. :0

    I just sprayed my water that was in my mouth all over my monitor. Yay good
    thing I am almost finish my conqueror grind.

  231. Too op

  232. Chieftain VS T110E5. What do you guys think?

  233. so don’t tell me he plays Xbox version

  234. the fv 215b isnt bad but it is a fake tank

  235. Two things. One. You could compare visual appearance between Wot and
    armored warfare chieftains. Two. You could try chinese client to see, how
    they are getting the tank, to have better idea how we could get it.

  236. but all video are PC why not Xbox because he would not worry about being

  237. Well, the M60 Patton is in the game, so I see no problem of this being too

  238. +QuickieBaby Compare the Cheftain with the premium tier 10 Americain
    medium, the M60. Am i the only who finds they are alike ? (and they are
    both MBTs from the 60s).

  239. I think I will go to the Chieftain if I can buy it ! But i think it
    could need a buff of its lower plate.

  240. What was that again wargaming?
    “We won’t introduce new additions to the game like RIOT does. Making its
    overpowered as hell and then slowly powercreeping it down.”
    Huh would you look at the chieftain *coughcough*

  241. this tank is way too modern for wot the gun is still used on the challenger
    2 for example

  242. Going for fv215b now I need It

  243. I have seen a Chieftain on the european server already….

  244. “FV 215B is not as competitive tank as the e5” I wonder what the proportion
    of 215bs to e5 on the WGL finals? 10:1?

  245. I thing its OP. we can forgot about german tech tree. ill get this toy,
    but……. WG can give us universal sturmtiger

  246. Beard Brothers Gaming

    the Chinese tend to take over companies that try to work in thier country.
    basically the company goes I to China and sets up and China gives them
    workers and needs up replacing the people in charge with Chinese people.

  247. This is a tier FIVE tank in AW, and the M48 patton is a tier TWO in AW.
    This thing is too advanced for this game.

  248. NA server

  249. There’s no way this tank will make it onto the wargaming servers as is.
    It’ll get nerfed.

  250. One thing about this TANK-OVER POWERED!

  251. That´s not a heavy – it´s a medium (in probably all stats …).

  252. This thing is way better than the FV! It would be too good if they put it
    into the game with these stats.

  253. The tank look really besides the turret looking a little strange.
    But other then that It need to be added

  254. this tank looks like the real thing a nice load out and my account
    name is chieften2246 add me quickybaby and other thing and ill get a lot
    more pp to sub and have more views !

  255. it’s a fucking medium

  256. Maybe an Australian line of tanks? I think we had several British and
    American tanks and a foray into making our own Sentinel tank (never saw
    combat) then eventually ended up in the late 50s with the Chieftain, mid
    70s to the Leopard 1 (oops, a German Tank) and presently the American M1A1.
    We started in after WW1 with some Combat Cars, Vickers Light Tanks Mk2,
    then Mk4a, Vickers Medium Tanks, and in WW2, with M3 Stuart Light Tank, M3
    Grant Medium Tank, Matilda II Medium Tank, so I reckon they could blend
    together a line of Aussie tanks together from pretty much all of the major
    Allied nations (except Russian).

  257. why doesn’t it have APFSDSDU shells?

  258. Better not be a fucking reward tank i want to grind this thing out.

  259. I think the Chieftain Mk. 6 will not get rid of the FV215B but co-exist
    with it.

  260. Chieftain Mk. 6 (for now) = Slower and no autoloader AMX 50 B/Slow
    Centurion Action X.

  261. well With the power creep already upon us, introducing more of these OP
    tanks, and they will just balance each other out. RIP IS-7

  262. Well i had a game with one in it on the EU/RU test server

  263. 3:17 “the gun handling of this 120 meter…”

  264. The Chinese Server is kinda different. and WG is kinda using it for some of
    its wild experiments as if test server isnt enuf.
    well.. maybe test server isnt enuf… I have heard of issues with the test
    server while watching Jingle’s videos. Basically everyone is playing the
    newly introduced or buffed tanks and gold shells are being excessively
    used. So it’s never a good idea to test something so popular, and i’d say
    OP, on the test server and rely on that result. I think WG is just afraid
    of the monster they created.. I mean, really, 2909 DPM???.. even in a easy
    wipe-out win, where you usually have very little time and not many targets
    left for you to kil, he can still squeeze out 7000+ damage.
    So I fear the Chieftain mk6 will be taking lots of nerf, if it’s to be
    introduced later.

  265. …………………„-~~”””’~~–„„_
    …………..„-~”-,::::::::::::::::::: ”-„
    ……….,~”::::::::’,:::::::::::::::: ::::|’,
    ………’|:::::|: : : : : : : : : : : ::: : |,’
    ……..|:::::|: : :-~~—: : : -: |
    …….(¯”~-‘: : : :’¯°: ‘,: :|: :°-: 😐
    …..’….”~-,|: : : : : : ~—‘: : : :,’
    ……………|,: : : : : :-~~–: : ::/ NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP
    ……,”’:: :’~„„_: : : : : _,’ NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOOOWN
    __„-‘;;;;;:”-,: : : :’~—~”/|
    ;;;;;/;;;;;;;: :: : :____/: :’,__
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;’,. .”-,:|:::::::|. . |;;;;”-„__
    ;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;. . .”|::::::::|. .,’;;;;;;;;;;”-„
    ;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;. . .:::::,’. ./|;;;;;;;;;;;;;|
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;’,: : :|¯¯|. . .|;;;;;;;;;,’;;|
    ;;;;;;;;;’,;;;;;;;;;;;. . |:::|. . .”,;;;;;;;;|;;/
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. .|:::|. . . |;;;;;;;;|/
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;;|. .:/. . . .|;;;;;;;;|

  266. which is the better ussr tank destroyer

  267. Quickybaby why haven’t you done ever a review of the Type 59?

  268. WG will break my heart if it doesn’t replace the FV, I grinded up to and
    bought the FV in November as WG had said in the last summer that the
    Chieftain would be replacing the FV by Christmas.. here we are 2 months
    later, and well you know the story.

  269. That is sexy as hell!

  270. Quickybaby, did you just wake up before recording this video?

  271. WG will probably introduce T11 tanks now because that tank will be way to
    OP for most T10. But IDK so yeah.

  272. The Chieftain itself is a mid 1960’s tank (1964-65). The Mk.6 is a 70’s
    variant of the tank so idk wtf Wargaming is doing putting this model in
    instead of the Mk.2 or Mk.3

  273. If War gaming make it a reward, I will be more than peeved. I have wanted
    this thing in the game since I first started playing.

  274. Now I know why everyone whines about it not getting implemented. Its op af.

  275. I really hope your last suggestion is right ;)

  276. this thing would be OP if they put it in the game like this. don’t get me
    wrong, I want this tank more than anything (love my 215b), but if they’re
    gonna do it at all I want them to do it right

  277. 03:17 120 meter gun?

  278. 03:17 120 meter gun?

  279. Megaspasstpräsentiert

    Basically, i could get the FV215b in about one hour, i only need 10k xp but
    thenn i nned like 4 million crdits, should i, or should i not? I know the
    Chieftain isn’t coming out like tomorrow, but i would like to play the
    FV215b a few hundred times before getting this thing.

  280. for the damage done, how come the base xp was so low?

  281. +QuickyBaby I love this tank and whont to have one of them. I think that it
    looks realy nice, like you.

  282. looks good

  283. Specifically in a match with tanks in WWII we need MBT, why not replace
    FV215 with challenger 2.Can add leopard 2 and ERA armor. And why not M1A1.

  284. Is it going to cost 100 gold???

  285. xX_MLG_soviet_Ivan_Xx

    imma get this tank coz it looks soooo good

  286. Did anyone else think this was an armored warfare video for a second?


    2 brit heavies yay

  288. To those that don’t know: WoT Chinese server is a fuckin private server,
    operated by a Chinese Serb. Long as you pay him money, u can get all kinds
    of tanks, ones that are out, not out yet, under development, our even ones
    not seen in any testing servers. So there you have it, all those type 59s
    in a T8 game, like 10 on both sides, Chieftain mk6 and all the goodies…

  289. It looks amazing?

  290. I like the sarcasm of WG: ” It is usually best to CHOOSE a server…”

  291. Seems like its more agile then the Armored Warfare counterpart, the gun is
    still awsome, cant wait to own it in Wot to.

  292. “Top speed limit”? Is that from the Department of Redundancy Department?

  293. I had a Chieftain once, now I have a Challenger 2 :^)

    Call me when WG puts the Challenger in

  294. Thanks QuicklyBaby you really do know how to rub our noses in it. The one
    Tank that could possibly get me playing WoT’s again and here you are
    showing it off. Alas us mere mortals aren’t ever going to get the chance,
    thanks again.

  295. to go up against the t62’s in that time

  296. Amx50’s were also in the 50’s

  297. I dont wont this tank because i love the FV215 b

  298. Geometry Dash Warrek

    If it arrives like that… Holy shit! :D

  299. Dunno what I think of this tank. It seems like it is going to be an
    excellent ridge warrior, and sniper, but not really a very good heavy tank
    in cities.

    It will definitely have to rely on range and DPM.

  300. Just give it to us as a second tier X heavy branching off the Conqueror
    like the T-54 branches off into both the T-62A and Obj 140. If there’s one
    tank people won’t mind grinding more it’s the beast that is the Conqueror.

  301. 215b just got outclassed

  302. Could be a tier 11 vehicle

  303. This tank seems very OP right now I mean hul armor only 80mm but still over
    200 effective joke so as its dpm and aimtime.

  304. I think that the chieftan will be an alternative to the FV215b, like a
    branch off at the Conqueror

  305. Well i guess if they put this in it’ll be worth grinding your but through
    the awfulish British heavy tanks lol

  306. Is that gun OP because dang it’s really awesome

  307. damn i love killing borsigs

  308. It’s over-powered.

  309. They might add it as a second british heavy tank.

  310. looks like a dream QB

  311. the chieftain should have lower track treverse speed and lower turret
    travese speed also a longer reload is needed for this thing to be balanced

  312. lee christmasgaming

    if wargaming make this a clan wars reward tank then only the good players
    will get it and nobody else will have it. on the NA server the same clans
    get the reward tanks and everybody else gets to fill out a survey and maybe
    get some digital camo.

  313. On Chinese server, they rent Chieftain to every player for 2 days, and also
    sold for limited numbers. However, these tanks are very expensive, like
    500-600 USD each, as far as I know.

  314. Already got MK 6 in Armored Warfare :)

  315. ZeKeR “ZiK” BaNaaG

    … now this makes me wonder what the actual difference between a DU sabot
    dart and a tungsten carbide sabot dart is in terms of its capability to
    lolpen armor (from what I remember the FSDS on the L11A5 punches through
    600mm thick)

  316. Deyuan Wan (WrightWan)

    It costs like 2000 USD to get one over there

  317. So this is a more flexible tier 10 tiger I with better frontal armour?

  318. Compare it to other tier 10 mediums. It’s a Centurion 1 on stereroids, not
    a tier 10 heavy.

  319. I have a dream. That one day I will do my project emedistely and stop
    playing world of tanks. XD

  320. If memory serves, APCR has less normalization than AP, and are going to be
    easier to counter if you know how to angle or dance. So something like an
    IS front or angled turrets when hull-down

  321. Yes, the chieftain is a ‘test tank’ released by the Chinese server holder.
    You have to apply for it, and if you are a good tank player, you may get

  322. Same as the Chieftain Mk.6 in AW who was offer by lottery..

  323. I am so hyped for this tank!

  324. That tank is not gonna make it into the game with its current stats. The
    DPM is too high and the penetration seems unbalanced. It’s going to be
    nerfed significantly, if it’s not then Wargaming’s retarded.
    Btw. Don’t you guys think this tank seems a bit too modern for this game?

  325. I cant believe it, FINALLY

  326. You can tell they’re chinese when they don’t even wait for the reticle to
    begin closing.

  327. I agree, that they shouldn’t introduce the tank as any kind of a reward
    (missions or CW), because it would mean, that not everyone could play a
    tank as hyped as the Chieftain is. I also think, that there is no point in
    removing the FV215b and I like the idea of a new branch, however I think,
    that extending the current heavy line would be the best option, that is
    adding a tier 9 and 10 like they did with the AMXs in the french line, so
    we don’t have to grind as much. It would probably even make some sense (I’m
    no history expert) since they changed the Caernarvon to have a Centurion
    Action X turret, just my opinions.

  328. It better not come out as a reward tank, people keep rigging the missions
    and they do rig clan wars by using secondary clans to farm points. It
    should come out as a new branch or replace the FV215b. that way everyone
    has a chance to get one.

  329. LOL everything can be bought in CHINESE SERVER
    really,you can get 8 type59 in each side~

  330. just make a second T10 next to the 215. Grindable from the conquerer. Stats
    are ok. its a arty victim tank.

  331. if this tank gets to be in the game i hope its not a premium but it will
    probably be premium:(

  332. gimmie gimmie gimmie – you can have my fv215b gimmie the chieftan.

  333. Chietain never had APCR. Loading speed…….10 rds / min for the first 10
    round’s… 6 / rounds thereafter. And 56 tons fully loaded…. its Bridge
    Classification was 56… fully loaded. Gotta love a NERD that knows more
    than someone that used it

  334. qb pls answer me

  335. new tier 10 premium tank

  336. So overpowered….

  337. It will be new “gold” tank, we will have “gold” tanks in tier X now for
    some rly crazy money, 400$ per unit!

  338. The Chieftain looks like some MBTs from Armored warfare… coincidence? I
    dont think so O.o I_I

  339. Since the T110E5 HD model stupid buff, nothing can susprise me from WG

  340. Yummy!

  341. OP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. As long as it isn’t a clan wars reward, I’m fine.

  343. This tank looks so OP- that rate of fire is just ridiculous

  344. Honestly I don’t care if it’s OP, the UK lines need competitive high tier
    vehicles. They’ve been placeholders or novelties for too long.

  345. Doesn’t even matter if this is a good tank in the game, I’ll play the shit
    out of it on the test server


  347. I think that the cheafton is a bit op. And I think the gun looks like the
    gun on the Centurion AX

  348. I don’t think the chieftain is fair it’s pretty like a T110E5 but British

  349. Never used it IRL. Teenage cnut…… This tank is NEVER going to be the
    “business”… why?,…. because White Russian knobheads know it can take
    out EVERY tank on the map

  350. Waaaaaay overpowered, the reload time is crazy.

  351. maybe they will do the same as they did with T-62a, and OBJ-140?

  352. Get ready for the real stats to get nerfed to shiiiit by WG because it’s
    not russian.

  353. When will be available on EU sv?

  354. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    nice medium tank

  355. It’s not a WWII game, QB.

    Highly amusing WG has said the Chieftain is too shitty to put in, as it
    looks great.

  356. I would like to see you play the Xbox version

  357. This tank is sexy af

  358. There is no way for this. It’s too OP only on stats and it would get
    replaced even for mediums…. so GL with that but it will be completly
    other tank. and next thing FV215b is better than T110E5 cause armor is
    useless. Look gold/silver league full time FVb instead of crap E5

  359. NOTICE: at 3:00 you can see it says “Tier X British PREMIUM Heavy Tank.
    Does this mean it will be a rare premium like M60 or is this just because
    it is under development?

  360. If they put this tank in the game with the gun handling and performance
    like it is now, I think they’re going to need to buff the mobility a bit;
    up to about AMX 50B levels. Fair enough the upper hull armor is well
    angled, but stack it up against another T10 tank, or even most T8s, and its
    not going to hold up very well. So, like the 50B, its going to need good
    mobility to compensate for its almost total lack of armor as far as T10s

  361. Second set of personal missions ??? You must be kidding …

    1) first set of personnal missions was a total failure – how many players
    regularly drive the heavy Obj??? Notwithstanding the fact that the missions
    corrupt team play, or any sign of it

    2) We all know about crooks from the the “other” set of missions to get T22

    3) And you are suggesting that WarGaming is planning to release another
    bunch of retarded missions ???? Really curious what would it be now …
    Spot a Stalin picture on the night sky?? Shoot and hit one of Jupiter moons
    1x, 2x, 3x and 4x depending on difficulty of the missions???

    Time to switch to Armored Warfare and if they fail as well, then I will be
    gladly playing against bots in AW PvE.

    Many unicums (Wn8 3400) driving only mediums and occasionaly heavies never
    got a chance to get a hand at the award vehicles. Did they not deserve them
    just because they specialise in certain tanks??? And WoT did not even allow
    them to get female crews just by fulfilling all 15 x 4 mediums missions
    even if they could easily do it. So WG can suck it up …

  362. tank looks very cool

  363. How do you get recoil on the gun?

  364. BANG, BANG…. Nerf hammer…

  365. The tank is goood. i dont think it is OP, i think they mean to replace
    fv215b with a bit better one.

  366. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    If this goes live, Ima have to go back to the rather bad Churchill VII and
    grind the ass out of it

  367. i liked evry your video quickybaby you doing nice job, about this tank he
    is like medium in bad mach up he is great suport tank in good mach up he is
    the true beast many tier 8 tank cannot pen this tank whit standard ammo. i
    wish the this tank can got on eu server not remuve fv215b , just wargaming
    set misions for this tank that be fer.

  368. AMX ELC bis – developed from 1957 through 1961;
    STB-1 – first two prototypes were manufactured in September 1969 for trials;
    and so on, and so on…
    World of Tanks has never been a WW2 game 😉 Not a problem for me, tho~~

  369. Well, if they introduced this as a cw tank I would prolly walk away from
    this game with my waller sealed…

  370. quick..somebody tell Jingles!

  371. looks like a good tank, people complain about the gun but in reality the
    120mm is awesome

  372. chieftain = heavy tank, of course

  373. quickybaby the cent ax has 268 mm of pen not 270… the e 50 m has 270 mm
    of pen..

  374. wait what if they split the branches in the British heavy tank line? after
    conqueror you can choose to get fv215b or the chieftain

  375. Looks OP tbh.

  376. I want to play a “heavy tank”, not another medium… Damnit wg

  377. Matthew Tomlinson (TheNaughtyEwok)


  378. I thot when this tank was op, but then I saw the armor.

  379. WOOOOW and its not a Russian tank!!!

  380. ok ok lets make new retarded tank that has better armor then e 100 lol hull
    armor is weak ahahah yes uper plate is still quite strong lower plate is
    weak well ok e 100 has one but turret of chiftain is retarded strong dpm is
    broken and ok ok e100 has better turret ok fire gold.Power creep is real
    and german tanks get shit on all day so yea rusian meds broken dpm,turrets
    are strong what is new well nothing really forget the germans they are now
    shiiit play e5 wich has retarded turret after it was put in hd

  381. So who does run the Chinese server?

  382. Super op
    Its like a tier11

  383. So lame but i soo Vk75 and Obj430 both tier 10 tanks on our test server

  384. It’s about time the British heavy line got something to challenge the
    American E5. I hope it appears sometime soon.

  385. Greetings !
    Now that I see the Mk. 6, I wish Modern Tanks in this game. It would be
    possible and simple. It would be a victory against the competition.
    Wargaming has made a video on the first of April to Modern Tanks.
    Unfortunately, the video was just a joke. However, there are a great ideas
    in it. I hope Wargaming implements them. It would be great.

  386. 12:38 – no HEAT rounds used by the Type 62 after his first 2 shots (no
    sizzle sound after hit). This means that the frontal armor in that case
    just bounced the regular Type 62 rounds of 145mm pen.

  387. E100’s and type 5’s are gonna mess this thing up… being so tall, they
    will overlook the slope of the upper glacis as the chieftain is also a
    relatively low-profile tank.

  388. OMG! Da Chieftain Iz A Comin! :)

  389. ok then can Americans get the prototype abrams? no? OK back to armored

  390. Also QB, the Chieftain was out in mass production in 1965 if I remember

  391. god i hope we get it as a British fv replacement and not a damn mission

  392. probably will be a premium tank

  393. My question is, what will happen to the FV215b? Will they do the same as
    with the FV4202 where people who own the FV215b will get a low tier prem
    version, or something else? Like as simple as just getting the new one free
    to replace it (obviously).

  394. That was just a 7-day period activity one time in chinese server. No body
    can actually own one in “legal” way.

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