World of Tanks – Chieftain!

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Source: The Mighty

That’s right, the Chieftain tank in , right now. Don’t get too excited, though, because it’s just those filthy console peasants again. When will this injustice end?

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Holy shit, everything looks so beautiful. Xbox 1 can have mouse and
    keyboard input too, right? I think it was a recent update. That would be
    amazing for this game. Best of both worlds.

  2. Geez I need to put some more Hesh on my Chief!!!

  3. James Bigglesworth

    Are their maps limited to 1 km by 1 km too? The last one looked bigger

  4. No wonder WG did not put this in the PC version. People complained
    endlessly about the T110E5, just imagine the bitching and griping this
    thing would produce.

  5. Thiepval ridge looks like one of the PC maps they removed called Pearl

  6. I want to thank you for offering the explanation as to why the console
    version of World of Tanks looks so good!
    I had been wondering about that since your last YouTube presentation
    featuring console video.
    Keep up the good work! All of your YouTube presentations are simply the

  7. Cheftian Mk 6 has been in WoT console for a while. I have been waiting so
    long for it. It annoys me so much to the point that I will not spend
    another dime, and wont even play WoT untill they put it in. They could put
    the Type 59 on a 1 day only deal for 1$ and I still wouldn’t buy it.

    So it about time we saw this Tank on PC. That is if you still want me to
    spend money on your games wargaming.

  8. Hey guys i was wandering which Russian tier 10 medium tank Is better the
    T-62A or the object 140 ( I think that’s one of them :p )

  9. infinitelyExplosive

    the UI of the console version seems really random and disjointed. The style
    of the tank status indicator is completely different from the top bar.

  10. chieftain is in wot pc game files

  11. Wot console master race

  12. christian overturf

    you should you should start playing on the console version so you’d be
    filthy like us

  13. wtf, console has a HD ST-I

  14. Ryan “RyRy” Swanson

    Accuracy is 0.32m at 100m

  15. It’s he shells not hesh lol

  16. wargaming logic: russians have potato pc so everyone get shitty version.
    theres only one console so they splurged for better stuff

  17. Nice Salute at the end.

  18. Well, console players enjoy those rich graphics at a mere 30 FPS, so I’m
    not really feeling the envy. Most PC gamers will sacrifice graphics for
    frame rate anyhow.

  19. someone needs to send a video in on sandstorm, blizzard, or typhoon.
    Jingles would shit himself

  20. Jingles i found a baby derp tank the t28 it can derp mediums!

  21. Jingles you just convinced me I should play on console not pc. It seems you
    lied and being in the pc master race is not worth the trade off so I’m
    donning my console peasant cloth rags and heading to this glorious
    masterful console version.

  22. You shouldn’t be too jealous given that they still have un-nerfed WTF
    E-100s to contend with on console.

  23. Population Control

    Someone needs to send Jingles a sandstorm, blizzard or thunderstorm match

  24. The Lycan was part of a halloween promotion where they dressed tanks up in
    funky paint and you could either grind for one or buy one
    outright.Americans like pretty colors…

  25. I think im gonna switch to console world of tanks this weekend, this just
    looks amazing


    Go back to PC

  27. Storming the war gaming hq is all great & wonderful, but do you have a
    flag? No flag, no hq. That’s the rule.

  28. is it free on ps4 ?

  29. Damn.. this thing is utterly broken …. I need it!

  30. This map has WW1 trenches around the D-6 area. We had a WW1 Mark 1 battle
    for the 100th anniversary of the mark 1 (last year) The map was just the
    trench area around D-6Some of the Console maps actually have less
    vegetation like the Malinokva Map, the hill on the east side of the lake
    for the southern spawn. we also still have discontinued maps like Port, and
    Hidden village.

  31. I have an xbox one and I can tell you runninga pc absolutely maxed out with
    max aa full hd over 3 screens at 60fps looks way better

  32. Isn’t the mobility of this tank very ahistorical?

  33. I got a question, when comes this Chieftain for PC version of WoT ?

  34. Jingles, the major drawback to the console version is a complete departure
    from the standard upgrade system. On console you buy prepackaged kits for
    xp and silver. You have no control over what equipment (engine, gun,
    tracks, turret) is in that pack or what order they are in, and thus have
    nearly zero strategy for upgrading tanks. The player just plods along
    buying the kits in the order they are allowed to. Also crew skills are
    grossly simplified, only 1 skill at a time to be trained, with no
    overlaping skills. For all intents and purposes the tank crews are treated
    like 1 member.

  35. console peasants can have the chieftain cos on the pc l have my HD HUD and
    not that crappy console one

  36. 2 things – if youve seen WG’s convention, youd see the graphical
    improvements they are working on. And remember – the engine they are using
    is…. Shite.

  37. he had two good games in it but doesnt show what its like when playing a
    city map. the chieftain is only good with hills to use its depression. sure
    it has a fast rate of fire but it constantly gets ammo racked when shot
    anywhere in the hull. the upper plate is quite weak when engaged on
    flatground as well. the turret can be penned by any tier 10 destroyer on
    the left side where the slant is. this tank isnt all what its cracked up to
    be. i own it myself. id rather play my e5 for reliable frontal armour. also
    the premium shells it shoots are called du shells (depleted uranium)

  38. i beleive im a comsole peasant

  39. WoT on console gets better looking graphics, better maps and even the tanks
    look better compared to the HD tanks in the PC version. That one console
    only map looks like it would be a good map to play on. The potato PC owners
    better get ready cause WoT is upgrading the graphics soon for the PC
    version. They better go out and get a decent rig. I would never buy a
    peasant box.

  40. medium tank club and someone is in a cheiftain
    medium tanks “hey your a heavy not a medium”
    Cheiftain “i dont care im as fast and have better dpm than you”

  41. But they still don’t have Czech tanks…

  42. There is no reason or excuse to not make better graphics on PC I understand
    that many people don’t have good PC but in the game graphics settings there
    is optional to choose between low and extra quality graphics even enabling
    or disabling features in game like raining or snowing.
    PLS WG dont give stupid excuses to be lazy.

  43. Can we also pause for a second and see that he is in a 5 TANK PLATOON IN
    THE FIRST GAME! It hurts just thinking about how hard you would lose if the
    other team had one with all unicum level players.

  44. Can you be confident that a console can handle trees tho??? Thats a lot of
    rendering for a console… hehe

  45. wow the console looks so much better then pc. wargaming should be ashamed

  46. hahahaha potato pc….. master race. it is quite funny how you mention how
    most of the pc’s that run WoT are potatoes, and that they couldn’t handle
    the vegetation like the consoles. but we are the “console peasants”…..

    you may call it humor, but it just comes off as arrogance… maybe you
    should give them a try, instead of seeming like a stubborn old man set in
    your ways.

  47. I was reading Ritas Report, and just realized the Object 268 and 263 are
    finally getting their HD models. Funny thing is they’ve had HD models on
    Xbox 1 ever since the Xbox 1 came out, 4 YEARS AGO!?!?! What are they doing
    a WG?

  48. russia and eastern europe?


    owning a competent rig in these places is status symbol. it takes about 5
    years for the england to catch up to home computing in the east. a gap
    which is widening. just look at your fucking isp, old man.

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