World of Tanks || Chieftain/T95 – 1 vs 5

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Chieftain/T95. Today Gosztonyi2001 is going to show you play the T8 British medium the Chieftain/T95.

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of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. World Of Tanks The reword system needs medication lol

  2. Hi guys ! I have a ?, How can i find this game for PC?

  3. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    I like YouTube tshirt

  4. Why u heff to onleh upload heartbreaks???

  5. He’s a credit to England!

  6. good shot arty. only safe way to kill arty is make them miss first or get
    lucky and ambush.
    arty is a great part of this game. the only criticism it gets are from
    egotistical players who find it easier to be ignorant of a part of the game
    than to give it the same honesty they do to other tanks. Huge hitting TD’s
    that are not criticized are a clear example that the arty hate is just
    double standards from ego’s.

  7. Irrelevent Games

    Can we some Bawsigs up in here?

  8. wow what a gold spammer… then when he actually needed APCR he ran out…
    also so many bad decisions at the beginning… you have to wonder….HOW
    did he get this tank.

  9. Yknow, if you know he’s aiming that way, why would you go into the
    pre-aimed firing arc of the arty? That’s kind of common sense that you
    should’ve gone the other way around once he unspotted you. Cause then he’d
    have to turn and his aim would be thrown off. I mean there’s a 1 in 5
    chance RNGsus would’ve stepped in anyways, but just saying.

  10. Oh look the 47% er wins the game because artillery. Any other class and
    he’d have been a massive dead weight for his team, but no easy mode safe
    clicking from the back of the map and he makes a contribution.

  11. this game about sums up WOT, you try hard fight for your life and then get
    killed by a red noob driving an artilery sitting in one place the whole
    battle but cant expect the drunks at WG to do something about it coz arta
    fair and balanced and clearly prevents camping

  12. Alin Sebastian Epure

    poor play at the end with arty… 10/10 played like a potatoe at the end…

  13. Shining Darkness

    I hate the idea and practice of clan wars reward tanks. Only the top clans
    have the faintest hopes of getting them and casual players will never get
    one. At least with tanks like the E-25 and Type 59 players all had the
    chance to pick one up before they were removed and pop up as mission
    rewards once a year.

  14. 59-Patton might be better Chieftain / T95 forget it

    WG release Chieftain Mk. 6 !!


  16. Saw apcr spam, closed the video.

  17. ionicafardefrica

    This tank was a huge disappointment, I was shocked how bad it was. Total
    piece of crap, on par with the t23e3 reward.

  18. To sum up regarding the pen. A bigger, heavier shell that travels faster
    than the 83?mm shells has less pen. Wargaming, physics partially

  19. idiot but lucky must thing u should do it is save ur hp for longest time u
    can dmg in beginning dosnt care

  20. quick baby m4a3e8 fury please :)

  21. friendly t34 0 dmg dies in the first 2 minutes
    friendly centurion puts 2 shots in, dead in the fisrt 2 minutes
    friendly rhm goes in the middle of the map, shoots 2 times, dead
    enemy is3 200hp and blind rushes first through the open. dies like a clown
    enemy t34 full hp feeds his whole healthbar while killing the very
    important t150!
    enemy cdc stays still in the open to trade his remaining hp with a hull
    down heavy, epic
    enemy rhm shoots on the move, misses and dies like a moron
    tiger camps his butt off, gets 4 kills and he is too much of a moronic
    chicken to realise how pathetickly bad he is when he failed to get a single
    shot into the chieftain and at least give the su100 a chance to climb.

    THIS GAME and arty “overpowered” for just clicking this guy after he drove
    just in front of his gun. Morons are op, arty is just a broken mechanic ,
    there’s a difference
    ignorant pretentious lil nerds

  22. “Armour piercing-composite ridge..” basically means that Quickybaby is
    trying his hardest not to call this tank a load of shit.

  23. im the only one who tries to press *alt* all the time on video?

  24. his constant zooming out before firing really annoyed me for some reason.

  25. oh common! this tank is shit! even if wg will up it to premium status

  26. jan Bakker (Downloadsystem)

    Its the end of the battle you turned a 1 vs 6 in to a 1 vs 1 you have the
    choice kill the last enemy and win or die and you will be on the QB channel
    as a heartbreak game. Its your choice winning a impossible game or many
    people see your match with QB commentary.

  27. what a fucking idiot shooting at the turret of the black prince.

  28. I like how quickybaby says that the gun depression is from the british even
    tho its a fucking american turret

  29. that guy sucks..

  30. Inconspicuous Quasar


  31. Inconspicuous Quasar

    I like how I was able to tell the gun calibur based on the damage it deals

  32. Avarage gameplay with tomato teams

  33. WOW I thought that the arty bad Dispersion at 0.67 and look at that shot
    !!!!! Yet again the tomato good favors a player with 245 wn8 , that shot is
    next to impossible to do due to the 2 ridge lines that are in the way. Yet
    a player who has done only 1503 damage wins a game that he should never win
    with a shot like that, This game has way too much RNG as shown and that
    skill counts for less that 50% Yes I say good game but arty going into
    shotgun mode and doing that is just plain wrong.

  34. DubstepDeano 194

    I know I’m going to love this tank

  35. kids this was a terrible game, But don’t know why QB has featured it so
    many better games with this tank on WOT replays.

  36. Sadly I deleted WOT

  37. Wargaming really needs to fix the damage that cupolas take. It makes no
    sense that a stupid cupola is as damaging to a vehicle as a hull hit

  38. The only thing that i don’t like in WoT is the HP system, because with
    thouse parts like
    cupola you can get killed easy if you know how to shoot them. But i love
    watiching your vids 🙂 i played WoT 2-3 years ago :D

  39. I love heartbreak games><

  40. The worst player I have seen in QB channel as a Green WN8 player.

  41. If they make the awfkl. Panther a premium, I will get it. I hope WG re adds
    it whether as a premium or not.

  42. what a bad move at the end. omg he could easy go around…. at beginning to
    much hp lost…. he could easy win this battle

  43. Well he played it but i have a question: do you need to look to the numbers
    of battles hè played or the WN8?

  44. All high tier British mediums have poor mobility except the Action X
    Centurion, Love that beast! the main reason i love it is cause its a hell
    of a a lot faster then the FV4202 when it was tier 10

  45. you said that speed of shell is 1143 meters per second I think you meant
    kilometeres per hour cuz this is 3,36 mach, it’s faster than SR-71
    Blackbird :D

  46. quicky stop posting heartbreaks it’s getting old.

  47. bot arty wins

  48. regular bot luck that t95

  49. I was ~50 places off of getting this tank ;(

  50. Masafumi Fujino

    Can’t believe this noob made such a result. He is so lucky. That’s it.

  51. 07:56 – “And this is really where the Chieftain T95 starts to perform very
    , very well indeed.”
    ME: “When its up against tier VII’s and VI’s right?”
    QB: “When its on a ridge line.”
    ME: “ohh , is that what’s going on , cause I swear to god he was just
    showing his ass and side to an SU-100.”
    QB: “All British tanks are good on ridge lines , right?”
    ME: “that’s when they get shot by artillery , right?”
    See’s the end of this match
    no comments

  52. Any idea when WG are sorting out the emblems/inscriptions saga?

  53. Garbage like this is why I left WoT. Fun tanks that many people would love
    to play, advancement of tech trees that would do only good, and it get
    hidden behind a clan wall to appease Wargaming’s Esport fetish.

    Then add in the asinine levels of stupidity that is WG’s slavish devotion
    to their beyond merely stupid artillery model, and it combines into making
    what was once a fun game into a steaming pile of cashgrabbing bullshit.

    For all its flaws, and they are legion, Armored Warfare blows WoT out of
    the water.

  54. Yay clicking pigs ruining games once again, like they were “totally
    intended” to by game design

  55. Stupid arty afcorse he win stupid no.b class, haha he camp base he can kill
    a tank all over the map and when you can kill them NOPE they find water, a
    wall or they kill you haha great balances

  56. for all those people saying he didnt play well, he did 5k dmg, that for a
    tier 8 med is a monster game. Most tier 8 meds dont even have 2k DPM, so 5k
    dmg is 2 and a half minutes firing nonstop. And most people cant even do 5k
    dmg in their tier 10 meds…. funny ;)

  57. personally I have the chieftain and I love it, the only thing I would
    change on it is its damn view port, cost me a lot of games do to it

  58. why do you show us heart break videos i hate them

  59. The skill of my clanmates was shit!

  60. How come he fires faster than tiger1, tiger1 has better rate of fire

  61. QB can you review the IS-5 plz because Is-5 is going to added in Blitz

  62. xXlone_wolf 7Xx

    ironic that it has the name t95 and the armor sucks on this tank unlike the

  63. justin chandler


  64. For a lime, he made some seriously potato decisions. Ignoring everything
    else he did wrong, he could’ve easily won by changing direction at the end
    and going around behind arty instead of driving straight into his gun after
    he already knew the arty was there. What a terrible play.

  65. but the T95 does not have turret right???

  66. His performance at the start of this video sucked.Almost lost all his

  67. How this Guy get such good stats by playing like this? :D

  68. lost 65% hp by trading shots with an rhm and getting crossfired in the
    beginning lol.

  69. About as bad as I’d expect from a 54%er.

  70. Tirion Fordring

    It seems his an awful player he got rekt at the beginning wow… He doesn’t
    deserve this tank.

  71. Going to get this tank soon but I would like to ask wg when are you giving
    Chieftain VI:(

  72. never seen one myself.

  73. Patrick Richards

    Stfu gold noob

  74. 2 much kemp. Arty balanced. Da. Dynamic gameplay komrade

  75. wherea the …

  76. nuclearsharkattack

    FV4202 has really troll frontal turret armour able to bounce Tier X shells
    occasionally. Even the hull is somewhat troll from the front due to the odd
    shape. So I would say between that and the 226mm pen of the std rounds the
    FV4202 is the better of the two.

  77. I’ve heard a lot from the clans in the upper 100 bracket saying that this
    tank is rather poor. It’s a novelty and not really a tank that’s meant to
    perform. I’ve seen them numerous of times on the NA server and I can say
    they are rather weak. Easy pen for anything Tier VI and above. I can use
    the M4 Sherman and penetrate it’s cupola wth AP and lower plate with APCR.
    Only good thing about this tank is it’s gun and even then the gun is only
    okay. This tank is just a collectors tank.

  78. nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. The chieftain/T95 seems like shite from how you described it which doesn’t
    seem fitting for clan reward standards.

  80. elknightrider666

    CRAP REPLAY… waste of time to show us DEFEATS!!!

  81. “G.W. Panther puts in a great shot.”

    Nope, it’s just doing what arty does best – be overpowered.

  82. poor guy

  83. why he didn’t shoot HE on the black prince?

  84. I this video isn’t about the actual game, it’s just about the tank. I’m on
    track to get it and have been looking for a video showing it off. So,
    thanks Quickybaby, good video, always love the commentary :)

  85. orestisDisturbed

    Yes, artillery adds so much depth to this game!

  86. When an spg knows where you are, never try a second time to come the same
    way at them. Go around, forcing another aiming time.

  87. The Foolish One

    giant American compoler have u not seen the British tank destroyers.

  88. He should’ve went downhill instead of charging head on to the arty

  89. QB please watch my amx 12t replay my name is insane killer it’s my first
    ever mastery

  90. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    APFSDS = Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot. Its the primary
    round used in today’s armored vehicles.

  91. What’s with all the fucking butt hurt people about artillery??? I tried
    arty once, just to see what the fuss was about, and I’ll tell you what,
    playing arty is like hell. I couldn’t hit shit, let it aimmmmmmmmmmmm,
    fired…. Miss, better off shooting when I isn’t fully aimed then when it’s
    fully aimed. It pissed me off playing arty then getting hit by arty, so I
    respect then. Whys everyone such a butt hurt bitch when shot by arty?????

  92. :/ He couldve tried to flank the SPG :/ He alr saw the SPG aiming at him,
    so at least he should try to flank it since the SPG would have a higher
    chance to miss :/

  93. First five minutes or so he played terrible, then proceeded to fire some
    unnecessary premium rounds, stuck his butt out way too often and risked
    ending the game there, then drove in the most obvious unarty-safe position
    and got punished for it.

    Bad replay, good results.

  94. The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    I just want to rip that giant tumor off the top of that tank…. so….

  95. 0:25 Smoothbore gun? Did WG really implemented smoothbore gun into this

  96. Why bother with the arty heartbreak BS videos? No one likes them anyways,
    and definitely don’t like sitting through 13 minutes to watch a tomato red
    steal a win…

  97. Arty haters don’t play as an arty so they hate arties. As teammates, people
    give a shit to the arty players if they couldn’t support effectively, but
    when the arty players did a great job, they would complain that the arties
    were stealing their kills and damages. And as rivals, people complain that
    arties make too lots of RNGs without thinking about arty can also aim like
    a TD in some emergency situations, only the difference is that arties have
    less accuracy than TDs.
    When you really get into playing arties, you would finally discover and
    realize the skills, strategies and difficulties of arties.

  98. Ethan Macdonald

    T26E4 Super Pershing or FV4202 (P) ?

  99. the costs are not showing up because he already bought more ammo than he
    used in the match so its just filling but without costs

  100. everyone is cool until they get killed by arty. then arty is shit,
    clickers, fags or whatever. oh, and all of these chat flamers never play
    arty. because they’re very good players and artillery is for bad ones. and
    everyone forgets that IT’S JUST A GAME

  101. Michael “nuke778” Arridge


  102. Michael “nuke778” Arridge

    My favourite tank is the comet

  103. It’s 42 kph Quickybaby ?

  104. You're about to sound dumb , watch! :

    if they had the audacity to removed our beloved WTFe100 they should have
    the balls to remove Artillery completely out of the game , fckn sky cancer
    ruining the game

  105. i thought War Gaming specifically said they wouldn’t use tanks if they had
    smooth bore guns

  106. all he had to fight was lower tiered tanks, bad players and distracted, big
    heavy tanks with virtually no armour and a slow reload. Not impressed.


    *facepalm* Unicums die within 1-2 minutes of the games too y’know….

  108. This tank looks sexy!

  109. Any word yet on when we get the real Chieftain at T10, or are they still
    holding off due to their Russian bias?

  110. thanks for really playing the shit put of our game…’s a turd

  111. Alright dude good vid but really man…stop showing excellent players
    having good games, since most of us are pretty average. The occasional
    average player doing well is much more entertaining. Also, heartbreaks
    really aren’t worth the watch.

  112. Quicky you should have compare the gun with the panther 8.8, 88mm gun. They
    are basically the same in terms of pen.

  113. Lol this guy played like a wank stain. Green stat baddie.

  114. Wotreplays By pedro

    hahahahahahah heart breack

  115. Get clicked by a tomato xD he just should have waited till he is unspotted
    and then go the other way round, that kind of enemy arty (meaning
    statswise) would never look the other side…

  116. Could you add a wn8 in-game counter to your mod pack, please?

  117. quite shitty game. really dumb start, he almost died. Then shooting a bit
    around hulldown, killing low tiers meh, for T8 he use gold and then rush
    directly into the arty. nothing special.

  118. Carlos Valenzuela

    arty is broken, not op

  119. League of Punchy

    How do you get this tank

  120. that arty should die a slow death.

  121. KubbyDev | One Command Creations

    He is a bad but very very very lucky player ….

  122. What do you have to say about Sliphantom calling you a gold spamming bitch?

  123. Every Q&A from wg what to do with game and every time balance arty. What wg
    do? Delete the wt…

  124. Leevi Lukkarinen

    when will we have more total war videos to watch??

  125. This is why arty should have +3 max gun depression.

  126. i find driving perpendicular to artillery’s line of fire works best

  127. This is why I like arty :)

  128. He played pretty badly actually, quite amazed by that =/

    But yeah, leave it to WG to give a tank a great turret front and then slap
    a no-armour MG cupola on it for no reason what-so-ever, they did it to our
    T10 medium, the T95E6 as well. Same problem.

  129. 4:28 ahaha…the gun is pointing backwards, it’s an FV295Chieftain

  130. tomato player. he’s got a lucky game and he deserved to lose.

  131. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    If that was an M12, it would have missed guaranteed.

  132. Stefan Nicolaescu

    it’s strange that QB pick this game to show us .. since the player was
    average at most. I mean, sitting so many times in one spot while fireing –
    he gave the arty many many chances to take him out. I’d say this game was
    pure luck. I guess QB had to show us this tank and had no better game ..

  133. What a trash replay…. 1v5…. 1 Tier 6 td, retarded tiger, red stat arty,
    1 shot hit point is3. Typical QB, picking a better player having an ok game
    against poor players…

  134. Gw panter used stock gun lol

  135. the best game you will see in that shit tank LOL

  136. Im not cookie monster

    all this time i thought you were saying “gosh Tony”, then i realized its
    his nick lol

  137. Such a bad play at the end there should have broke contact and came from
    another angle.

  138. everybody loves arty … gj WG

  139. Qsf-E player on his team.

  140. Kev Gunner (skillage18)

    I just found this channel. Not gonna lie. I thought Quickybaby was only a
    characters name on Jingles’ XCOM series

  141. everybody is calling how arty ruined the game well what if there was no
    arty but camping td nobody whould be crying lol

  142. This person made so many mistakes, come on…

  143. next time i will check the description , if arty win , I will not look at
    the video and put a dislike , sorry for being a dickhead but that the only
    thing those replay need to get

  144. I wonder what the doom turtle would look like with a turret like this

  145. PolishWarrior 99

    All these butt hurt anti arty player, u get hit cause u stop moving

  146. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Why does he change from sniper view to third person before firing every
    freaking time??? Sometimes the camera moves when changing your view which
    can offset your shots. Or you don’t notice the enemy is moving such as when
    he shot at the T34 because your camera is moving.

    I’m actually glad this was a heartbreak just because of that lol.

  147. enought with these heartbreaks or what ever, cancelled sub

  148. the end be like: “f*ck u, arty is balanced as it is” kappa

  149. armor pen on that tank with ap is 202 which is the same with apcr on a AMX

  150. my tiger is far better than this premium tank made for noobs… he is not
    our hero, he is an idiot … he lost the game for his team…

  151. Török Balázs

    háááát gosztonyikám, majd legközelebb. küldd el linkinnek vagy csikkesznek,
    biztos felraknák!:)

  152. this was a very weak gameplay imo… yeah he might have taken down some
    tanks with 100- HP, but not really much skill required.. and he even fked
    up at the end.. but Im not blaming cuz he might have had the pressure on

  153. ChainsawChuck13

    This is a perfect example of how World of Tanks is an insidious life suck,
    and a perfect example of what not to do if you want to run a video game
    well. Here we see an entire tank that you will never be able to have unless
    you were active in the game and could play, well, for multiple hours every
    night with a clan during a specific period. If you have a life, or if all
    your friends have a life, of if you’re just not that good right now, or if
    your computato just can’t run WoT right now, there’s no Chieftan/T95 for
    you, ever. Same goes for all the other CW reward tanks, and the “specific
    time or lost forever” part goes for the Christmas tanks too. If you decided
    to make the CW tanks universally available, for money or otherwise, you’ll
    offend the people who played their butts off to get them.

    Then on the other hand you have OP premium tanks that cost as much as a
    large expansion pack for a normal game (BDR) if not much, much more (Pz II
    J, BT-SV), barring them from anyone who is not especially well-off IRL or
    is trying to be fiscally responsible. These tanks can’t be nerfed or
    rebalanced and sold for a more reasonable price, because then the people
    who suffered the wallet-ectomy will whine, especially the ones who bought
    the tank specifically because it was overpowered, and they can’t be sold
    for a more reasonable price as is because that will completely ruin the
    game for everyone else while still offending the people who overpaid for

    So, if any of you are ever running a video game, and you decided to add
    DLC, do it right. Don’t do reward DLC, time-limited DLC, pre-order DLC,
    market-exclusive DLC, or extortionately expensive DLC. Make it universally
    and permanently available for a reasonable price, and don’t make it OP to
    start. It’s best for everyone.

  154. not even a surprise every video like this u upload is a heartbreak

  155. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    He throw his health away at the beginning. What should have he done
    instead? (I’m asking so that I can learn from his mistake)

  156. StrikeFromTheSkies

    tfw you havn’t played WoT for at least 1.5 years and still see a whole
    bunch of blunders

  157. im sure quicky wanted to have a replay of this garbage can tank on his
    channel and this is the best anyone has done so far.

  158. this tank suckz m80

  159. why the fuck is everyone saying arty ruined the game no it didn’t the
    retarded scrub driving the t95 was sooo bad and didn’t deserve a win at all

  160. Malcolm Hamilton

    Being a console player, I was super confused why QB kept comparing this meh
    tier 8 medium to the awesome tier 10 4202? Didn’t realize why until half
    way though the video lol

  161. Fazakerley Patterson

    Another game ruined by WG and their “balanced” game mechanic, artillery.

  162. I_am_not_stupid _

    QB, i love your vids, but this one was just a bit mediocre! :(

  163. GeneralRudolfski

    tbh.. had seen enough with only the begin of the battle.. such retarded
    and for the end of the battle : Arta is skill… right?

  164. can quick do a t30 tank review

  165. Patriotic American

    for a apparent good player he really showed off how to loose all your
    health at the start of the match

  166. tomato arty with stock gun kills him.. typical..

  167. 202 pen is bad? at tier 8?????

  168. The climax vs a low HP Black Prince? Shit, that tank barely even has a gun.
    Of course it won’t go through anything.

  169. Predicable final…
    Luck more than skill in this guy….

  170. Shit tank + shit player + nice RNG & nice enemy team = Nice hearthbreak

  171. Helder Fernandes

    and ofc just another shit arty player winning the game by RNG
    fucking great

  172. maybe learned a lesson here, never spam apcr and never shoot he at arty

  173. But the Chieftain/T-95 IS a reward tank. It should not make as much credits
    as a premium tank.

  174. Hey guys we are 4 friends who try to do challenges and have fun! Our dream
    has always been becoming famous youtubers, now a days it’s hard to get
    noticed on YT but please help us get to 100 subs! And even more :)

  175. the bad:. he traded his hit points horribly in the beginning vs a complete
    potato panther 8.8… could have easily sidescraped vs the panter 8.8
    instead of poking out frontally.
    the smart: he notices the city flank collapsed so he sets up behind his cap
    to defend. but as usual all the tomatoes come in one at a time to die.
    the awful ending. when he shot arty the first time, he went “dark” a that
    point he knew which way arty was facing. he should have used the hill
    decline to gain speed to get arty’s flank. but he gets closer to arty where
    arty was pre aimed and gets killed.
    This was not an example of skill and ability. it was an example of luck and
    circumstances vs a bunch of potato tankers. his lack of skill was exposed
    at the end with his death.

  176. he played bad for someone with green states…

  177. quickybaby you are printing his name wrong. it is most likely a eastern
    European word so the S is soft and the my makes a different sound

  178. not all brit tanks *cough cough* Churchill *Cough Cough*

  179. I have this tank and I can assure you. It. wasn’t. fucking. worth it.

  180. Anyone else shouting at the guy to load HE for the Black Prince?

  181. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    apcr on a su-100 at the Moment 8:18 i do not know the end or the story but
    i wouldnt be so mad if he lose

  182. Why so many dislikes?

  183. a sobering lesson on the benefits of capping in this situation. The pig
    would’ve had to come out from that spot, re-adjust, aim and likely would

  184. hey, theres someone from QSF-E on his team!

  185. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Tomato again won a game :(

  186. chaosxassassin7

    Nothing special. Made me cringe watching this.

  187. I don’t think he played that well really. He lost a lot of health
    needlessly at the start and really I’m not sure how he got as far as he

  188. Jan-Willem Jansen

    cent 1 has a way better turret than this thing just because no tumor on top
    of the turret.

  189. I can’t understand why this game is been featured on this channel.
    At the start he played horribly. Lost far too much health and didn’t do
    enough in return. at the end with full of respect to the 1 vs 5 situation
    he didn’t pull off any amazing skill, and i can imagine with a bit better
    enemies he would’ve died there. Than in the 1vs1 against the arty he lost
    because he didnt close the distance from the arty. he had to hug the rock
    the arty hided behind.
    This is by far the ‘not as good as expected’ battle i’ve seen in this
    channel in my opinion.

  190. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    poor that a tank can only shine in premium rounds

  191. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    poor that a tank can only shine in premium rounds

  192. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    i am a player for 6k games i am in a Clan i have 0 skill and will never get
    one of those tanks …… THX WG

  193. I don’t understand why so many players become so dumb when it comes to
    fight a SPG. It’s like they consider that in a 1v1 it is a easy kill.
    Here he really played in the most obvious way. Also, there is no interest
    in firing HE to an SPG when you still need the same number of hits (here
    2), it usually only get worse.

  194. Red Yellow and Blue

    all British tanks are good on ridge lines?cough*curchill 1 * cough

  195. I was so mad they made this a reward tank it looked so interesting. Maybe
    not the best tank in the game but I thought it would be a nice trainer for
    my already amazing female UK med crew working on their 4th crew skill.

  196. René van de Ven

    didnt you had a better game for us. this player is No Special at all.
    camping camping camping. and the face to the arty at the End so expected

  197. “Congratulations on picking up a tank that I don’t have because I don’t put
    the effort in” – because it’s crap.

  198. !!WARNING!!
    Whoever doesn’t want to get spoiled shouldn’t read the comments!


  200. They should make that when you shoot copollers and machine gun pots, you
    get only half (1/2) of the damage because in real life shooting the machine
    gun pot only injures or kill the machine gunner and it is a huge weak point
    on tanks

  201. Nighthunter6666

    Such terrible gameplay in the whole video. Wonder how did he get that good
    wn8 rating. In the beginning walking right in front of multiple tanks to go
    across the field, while he exactly knows they are just waiting for him to
    show up. Then completely forgetting how to sidescrape against the panther
    and just sitting there waiting for someone else to kill the guy for him.
    Then start camping against 5 enemies, while they know exactly where he is.
    With little luck arty could have killed him right away, or if the tiger
    wouldn’t suck so hard, he would have died with 4 enemies remaining. The
    bounces on the BP were the most epic ones. He could have easily penned his
    sidearmor at that angle and still kept shooting the overangled front armor.
    xD And lastly showing up exactly where the arty’s guns were pointing? Just
    brilliant. Forgetting that he can outspot him since he knows where he is

  202. Martin Matejička

    I feel like every premium tank whether it’s reward tank or it’s bought from
    premium shop should make money like the classic premium tank of the same
    tier does.

  203. is that a “ich bin ein berliner” shirt

  204. Drunk Wolf Productions

    aha, i am gonna click it!

  205. thats not cupola on top of the turret.. thats turrent on the turret …
    like focking minime… chieftrain/Biturret

  206. Once again Im disappointing with your video… skilled player vs bots or
    extremely bad players…

  207. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    i think fv is better

  208. Jussi Raitoniemi

    it was so naive to go up. every fool would have gone down

  209. Official Metal A

    Everytime I watch one of your videos I learn something about this game.
    I’m currently in the process of creating my own WoT YouTube channel. I have
    already done a WoT let’s play video but I need to do some things with Open
    Broadcaster Software (OBS).

  210. I am a Little bit disappointed by this replay. It is just not as good als
    Many Others u Showed on ur Channel.

  211. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    Gosztonyi :’D

  212. I really don’t like these “heartbreak” videos where the guy loses at the
    last moment.

  213. Jussi Raitoniemi

    so it performs well against tier 6 tanks? thats not woth of 2 weeks or
    serious grinding

  214. He let that arty determine the pace of combat he should’ve broken contact
    and gone around to the cap, but it was an adrenaline rush none the less.

  215. Qb do review of is7. I a, Saying this for a long time but plz do it

  216. Jussi Raitoniemi

    “truely dedicated”? you mean the addicted adults?

  217. Balázs Fazakas

    The heartbreak was completely his fault, arty is a support vehichle, it
    cant change the outcome or carry a game, discourages camping, has low HP,
    can easily be one-shot, every tank can pen it with HE, as seen in the
    video. Did I forget something? Oh, and no, Im not mad at all, because that
    has happened to me too before.

  218. fuck you arty.

  219. am I the only one who thought quickybaby said Goshdarny at the beginning?

  220. TheTankingGamer (planeman777)

    I call shotgun.

  221. Filthy artillery wins. This makes me very sad.

  222. nektarios jaferas

    fucking Arty’s every single time ******************

  223. Pinko Fukolinko

    when is chieftain coming in to wot i stop playing wot when they canceled

  224. British Chap Selling Brooms

    Why did he use this replay instead of some 8k dmg or something which is
    better used to showcase this tank

  225. I love it, when you roll te “r” in german tank-names. Like the
    “RRRRheinmetall Borrrrrrsig”

  226. that’s why arty should be nerfed

  227. 13:16 Hah that cut 😀 What did you said there actually ?

  228. ”G.W Panther puts in a great shot” NOPE

  229. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW!!!!

  230. Jonathan Jung (Metagross555)

    lol, he shoulda been carrying 30 or so APCR like I do

  231. what a tomato game, polak style… fucked up by a tomato 8.8 at the

  232. What is written on your shirt? :)

  233. -_ RazvaNavzar _-

    *Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!* Missplay in the end in my opinion..

  234. “He got Radley-Walters, high caliber for 5000 dmg, and also Radley-Walters
    for his 8 kills”…
    lol, QB.. dont drink ;)

  235. I’am 1000 like :D

  236. ThePainTrain4234

    I swear WG have some grudge against Britain, British make excellent tanks
    some much more advanced for their time of production, yet these tanks are
    made fun of in this game.

  237. So yeah, this guy was…maybe average. He just got lucky…then his luck
    ran out.

  238. RNG of the tomato…

    those red as fuck artillery noobs always hit on snapshots – of course…wg
    has to help them…

  239. ÚRISTEN, EGY MAGYAR!!!! :O Grat :)

  240. gg, needed to fire HE against the BP

  241. Gosztonyi had QB’s mm DansGame

  242. Poor clan wars players who got this crap :/

  243. Replay was shit. First one to disappoint me

  244. Panzerführer Chavez

    And this is why I despise artillery.

  245. so many people with zero life

  246. jean-pierre rojas

    Tomato arty uninstall noob …

  247. I have GW Panther and in all honesty, if I was this arty player, I’d let
    him win. I wouldn’t ruin such a good game. He deserved to win and I’d
    respect that.

  248. So this tank is basically an Anglo-American, downgraded Centurion tank?

  249. SU-100 is a pretty mean tier 6, dude was so bad lol

  250. This always happens to me, but I was really hoping it won’t happen to him.
    I’m so sad now, why did it had to be heartbreak :(

  251. But where is the actual Chieftain?

  252. Remove arty retards from the game .

  253. What A Potato Start :D

  254. some noob with 200 wn8 took the kolobanovs from him 🙁 #FeelsBadMan

  255. Matches like this are great example of why everybody hates artillery.

  256. Wait…. The T95 has a turret. wargaming have failed me

  257. He’s so fucking damn good, it’s just not a tank for retard random players

  258. Did all the chieftain players get that Huge ammount of gold too? As
    mentioned in the Thypoon WG shiet video

  259. higher shell velocity with more mass = less penetration… oh wargaming…

  260. Don’t worry guys, arty is getting rebalanced next patch, if u don’t believe
    go on the WoT YouTube channel

  261. Stupid move at the end

  262. Fuck all arty players.

  263. they are changing it because they said it was premium then said it wasn’t

  264. Manfred von Richthofen

    Scumbag arty.

  265. Going again to the same position when attacking the arty? Death completely

  266. tuomas laukkanen

    Why don’t we pick Gabe Newell for president,
    then there won’t be a *third* World War.

  267. He did almost everything wrong. Why oh why do you have to go in the same
    direction at the end? Its so obvious arty is gonna be pointing that way.


  269. Tomato arty wins again. And again, and again….

  270. I could feel the heart break coming. he lost way too much health at the

  271. Artillery players deserve the cancer they are.

  272. shit player

  273. Torsten Brunsberg

    He lost and didnt do that much dmg (not saying im better)

  274. The fuckup against the Black Prince was painful. HE shells? Yeah i just
    have them for decoration.

  275. This Chieftain Player played like a tomato.

  276. Torsten Brunsberg

    Bad replay

  277. Did anyone else see the word chieftain and assume it was news on the tier
    X? But this tank looks way better than the FV4202, armour, mobility, DPM.
    you can make the penetration work if you’re careful

  278. Finally an arty actually wins a one on one.

  279. Gosh tony….

  280. nice balancing mechanics with artillery. stop kemping noob chieftain player

  281. yay im the players

  282. He’s an awful player, APCR at the t34 hull, bad plays at the start.. God

  283. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    why is it always arty that ruins your games… its in F*cking evry

  284. Double A Batteries

    The tank looks nice, but World of Tanks isn’t a beauty contest.

  285. tomato wins


  287. SanfteLiebeMaschine

    QB check out my Tiger II replay on your website, it’s my highest damage
    game yet. 5.1k damage done and 4.7k blocked. My user name is

  288. The Chieftain turret remember me from the form at the STB-1 just that the
    Chieftain have more amor on it :)

  289. Outskilled.

  290. Wait today is saturday right

  291. War Gaming obscenity Tiger I (40’s tank) vs Chieftain(MBT FROM 60’s onwards
    to 80’s).Perfect balance comrade >_<

  292. I’ll say it looks cool and that’s it I guess.

  293. thumb down as only peeps to get this in campaign camped and did not attack
    after 3rd day

  294. Hanfgurkenhasser

    Deserved loss. Took too much damage in the beginning, didn’t flank arty in
    the end.

  295. yeah arty wins!! arty balanced and fun!!

  296. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    He would have won this match if he didn’t do so badly at the start.
    Also, the cupola IRL wouldn’t have been that bad. It existed at a time when
    APDS, HEATFS, and APFSDS were the shells of choice – and none of these had
    explosive filler. This meant that if a shell were to hit the cupola, it
    would overpen and exit the rear of the turret without problems.

  297. The guy didn’t deserve the kolobanov. He played like a huge retard early
    game, trading far too much damage for no reason at all.

  298. Can’t say I ever heard of this tank…the Clan Wars reward tank was
    probably different on NA server than EU.

  299. Average Tiger player…useless like the tank

  300. giannhs oikonomou

    SURE with noob enemy team VS VII Tiger and black prince

  301. Artillery is just the worst. WG have screwed everyone over by adding such a
    cheating “tank” in. It’s so shameful to see this amount of scumbaggery at
    the end of such a good game. When arty is in this situation they should not
    be able to win. Props to that arty player though, the RNG was with him

  302. The_Rebel_Tanker

    T95? Turret? Wut?

  303. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    mhm, i dont rly think this was one of the replays to put on yt, not the
    best one, i have done 4k – 5k dmg in T-54 mod 1 and i thought it was bad to
    put it on yt… but i guess u just wanted to give us information about that
    tank, so thanks for that!

  304. Djole Milanovic

    HAHA,i like so much unicums get squashed by noob or not noob artys (i dont
    support artys)

  305. MeKanism Lastname

    They should give the Chieftain/T95 the T110E5 cupola. Just a small buff

  306. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    can someone please tell me where and what file type to use if i want to
    change the sixth sense notification sound? i cant figure it out. i dont
    know what file type to use and i dpnt know where to put it in/ replace it.
    please, any help is apreciated!

  307. So why do they give this to the Brits, not the Americans? They seem to make
    a specific effort to make so many British tanks *seriously*
    underwhelming…. From my experience with Russians they seem to have
    something against the Brits which they don’t even have against the
    Americans…what did they do lol?

  308. Just a little thing; but it’s sa-bow not say-bow ;)

  309. this is why I hate arty

  310. They need to buff the m4a1 rev

  311. Another game ruined by tomato arty, gg…

  312. wtf 11 dislike?freaking tomatoes!

  313. MemoriesAreLost

    That’s not a puppy, that’s a tank!

  314. gwPanther with a stock gun :-O

  315. i missed out by 4 points, 2 weeks of my life wasted

  316. do quickbaby just post this video

  317. sovelis holimion

    certainly it looks better esthetically than the FV… as for power they’re
    mostly the same i feel

  318. Shout out to my god buddy chicken-warrior from QSF-E who was in tonys team.
    You still suck in your AMX 13 90. :P

  319. Poptart McJelly

    Quickybaby is trying his hardest not to call this tank a load of shit.

  320. Samuel Unchiasu

    I saw people with the chieftain early in random mode

  321. that tiger is so stupid.


  323. He played well in that engagement by his cap, but he gave up so much HP
    needlessly at the start of the match. Still a shame that he wasn’t able to
    in though…

  324. Captain Amazing1337

    I feel it is sort of interesting to show off a rare tank, but I am not too
    sure about the gameplay quality itself. I don’t mean to talk badly of him
    but he made quite a few mistakes.

  325. yes
    tomato arty always have good RNG

  326. sovelis holimion

    this tank looks awesome

  327. Michael Riabtsev

    its allways funny to see nicknames with birth date that is less than2000

  328. Stupid america cupola!

  329. TheGreatRakatan

    The tank sure looks pretty, but I certainly was not impressed with the
    armor performance at the start of the game.

    I mean, it is a medium, so it’s understandable, but still. The real novelty
    of this tank, I feel, is the way it looks.

  330. God dammit fuck arty man

  331. sky cancer just rebalancing the game. Working as intended ;p

  332. when will they release an actual chieftain?

  333. fuck clanwar rewards because if your not deemed worthy by the top clans
    your not even having a chnace to earn them i quit playing wot because the
    clan system is fucked

  334. Im early so Im going to make a joke.


  335. kilasracingfactory


    Not knowing what you shirt says bugs me more than it should!

  336. I am not sure what is he doing……he really didmt do much at the

  337. Arty love to shoot me in mine because it is special tenk.

  338. and of coarse a tomato arty player kills him

  339. why do all the people have a “3rd” fetish? why not 1st? or 2nd?

  340. I want one of these. looks very interesting. :)

  341. Ivor Mlinarević

    QSF-E in team :)

  342. fuck arty

  343. Serious Ketchup


  344. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    pls do a t69 review. its the best outoloader in my opinion Tier for tier.

  345. wg shoulda just made this a t8 premium to sell >.>

  346. CJ McLeod (Cheezeman201)

    What are the percentages near the names of the player? I’m a new player to
    World of Tanks, sorry

  347. I’m early I must make a joke, a political one maybe…

    Hillary Clinton has the best interest of the American people in mind lol

  348. Yey a WOT vid THX quickybaby you always make my day with one, like if fro
    you too…

  349. Your one of my favorite youtubers keep up the good work??

  350. Adolf Hitler 卐

    how can someone not love british accent

  351. TheOnedirectionme

    Hiiii qb :)

  352. Ty Carnahan (tcarnahan1228)

    top ten comments!

  353. 5 views per sec wow

  354. The Studios of Gaming


  355. Hey QB good vid as usual, I hae a question will you ever play through

  356. hellloooo

  357. Gabriel Sanchex


  358. 3TIRD

  359. wot videá sk Explosion002


  360. Third like 2nd comment

  361. 5 sec ago. Wow this is some fresh content !!

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