World of Tanks || Chimera – Sneak Peek

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Chimera. This T8 British reward vehicle coming in 1.1 packs the highest alpha of any medium at T8, but is any good?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Buff Chimera now! It’s a damn shit tank to bring to the battlefield. And no credit boost!

  2. Your a joke, get a life, 30 yr old virgin

  3. You look really jet laged

  4. This tank is not as good as somthing like a, sorry if i get this wrong have not played wot in like 4 months but a teir 8 patton

  5. Tier six tanks matter ?!!?

  6. Can you do a tank review of the Obj 257?

  7. hey guys, do I need to complete all of the first personal mission in order to unlock the 2nd personal mission? if it does, then I’m gonna cry because i didn’t finish all of it its too hard

  8. “reward girls”, best girls xDDD

  9. Thomas Dijksterhuis

    A kind of m4a1 rev.

  10. Wz-120 is actually balanced.

    I’m probably anti Russian biased but I love my Wz 120. Unique game play and challenge.

  11. when the bulb lights up

    i loved my wz-120 with it’s high alpha, it’s kinda of funny how the chimera being a tier lower still has better aim time than the wz-120 and ARTY ONLY btw

  12. Valentin Kovachev

    RIP Woody Cocker

  13. It was overnerfed… A shame, I expected something that played like the M4 Rev, but with that gun handling… Well at least the Excalibur looks fun.

  14. 127mm sounds like they borrowed from World of Warships…. 🙂

  15. So Chimera is like a td in the role of a medium.?

  16. Looks more like a Charioteer than a typical British medium.

  17. Dieter Kaputtnick

    Horrible match (can’t imagine, that it was satisfying) in a horrible tank

  18. Looks not worth the effort … Just like the other non-russian-based reward tanks …

  19. <----- Check this quality guy out, Big Goals

  20. And with the current MM we will face only tier 8-9-10… or at least 70% of the time…

  21. Woody cocker?? Are you fucking serious qb???

  22. With such low pen in the current MM this is, like the revalorise, going to be incredibly frustrating to play……hardly worth the effort of unlocking from the perspective of a non-collector.

  23. Why is the British line always crap ? You have to work twice as hard as any other line !

  24. That’s one wide tank

  25. T-34-3 is my favourite tank in the whole game. The alpha combined with the turret just makes me feel powerful in any situation I find myself in.

  26. Ruchia tanks are get more love frome wg that why the are more f op ruchia tank players

  27. Excalibur review?

  28. anyone feel that this tank kind of renders the revalorise void? better alpha, better armour, same gun depression, little bit more penetration. sure its gun handling is so much worse than the revs but when you have armour to be able to tank shots, does it matter if you miss every now and then? I love my revalorise, and I worry this tank will basically replace it

  29. 4:29 unlock_a_girl.png

  30. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Looks like a dud for me, I’ll take rof and gun handling any day over alpha.

  31. 6’16” QB reported for being a hillbilly!

  32. well from what i could see, you lost your team a game by not helping progetto and AMX 13 57 when they both pushed that hill, i know you were on low health but it is highly likely that enemeys were focused those two and your alpha would have really come in handy plus if you have pushed the hill T20 would have definetly come with you, so it is cause of your poor desicion not to push hill you lost the game

  33. It’s fast for a medium tank or is it just me thinking it’s fast

  34. way to high alpha..

  35. I saw Quickybaby once ingame and I killed him… I was so happy xD. We lost badly, and he ran past me with low health. I didn’t risk anything to get him, though…

  36. Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be a huge profit or anything, but for a tier 8 to have a profit of about 18000 in a battle is not that bad and it is not barely breaking even. I realize you are used to play with premium account etc, but it’s not that bad.

  37. >2,9s aim time for the biggest medium tank gun on tier 8
    >2,1s aim time for T-44 with it’s 100mm gun
    >2,8s aim time for T-34-2 with it’s analogical 100mm gun

    makes sense

  38. I have wz 120 and I love it. I am a heavy tank main so that tank with that alpha is pure gold for me against other medium tanks, unless a obj 430 comes in, that’s pure cancer when I am in my wz 120

  39. Justin justintheman

    Hey quickly baby you own a obj 260

  40. be nice if you could create some content off stream i’ve seen almost all of “your” gameplay videos on stream…

  41. 5:28 check chat lol

  42. Looks like the chimera might be one of the not as good but exceptional in the hands of a good player

  43. yay another lackluster reward vehicle you’ll spend a year grinding missions for only to have it gather dust in your garage once you get it. Seriously what is this thing good for? This vehicle combines only the worst aspects of the British WoT techtree. No armor, no accuracy, no view range, meh speed, horrible aimtime and abysmal DPM. You can’t brawl, you can’t snipe, you can’t really ambush people, what is the point of this thing? On top of that it looks like garbage too. Oh well at least you get rewards for doing the missions so we got that going for us…

  44. I think the tank is certainly interesting, definitely will be good at city brawling rather than camping a hill and trying to snipe…*cough cough*

  45. Girls? Very fucking historic!

  46. In indonesia is 29 agust
    Ps. I prefer the k-91

  47. Steffen Mikkelsen

    I love the Chinese mediums, but mostly due to how they look.

  48. Dellinger the fighting fish


  49. does it replace the old mission tanks

  50. The chimera remind me of the arl 44

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