World of Tanks – Choo-Choo!

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Source: The Jingles

phrase “Choo-choo, motherf**ker!” seems to be inexplicably popular this week. Here’s Steve Wallace taking it to new heights. Or depths. You be the judge.

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  1. Check out Steve’s channel if for nothing other than watching that Patriot clip with their commentary. It is hilarious. Then, of course, stick around and watch his other videos. Educational and entertaining. Hilariously entertaining.

  2. what is the easiest counter to this idea? Track the kv 5……………………………no shit..

  3. I just love their shenanigans,allways trying the most expirimental things.

  4. WOT cho cho trains I have got to try that

  5. How could the title not be “ramming speed”
    Oh jingles, we love ya, don’t ever change

  6. I had this happen to me when I was in my KV2 the other day. It seems like people are getting the right idea at last. It certainly does help.

  7. choo choo motherf**ckers!! classic.

  8. Yes, but Zoe, did that trick even before wallst did

  9. Jet stream attack!

  10. That… was amazing.

  11. Angle!

  12. I came across Steve’s channel by accident…love watching his content. He has so much fun!

  13. What you really need is E50Ms

  14. Go to 5:55, pause and mute
    Open up ride of the valkyries
    hit play on both vids, watch and be amused

  15. Gotta give big props to Iain and Simpson, the KV5 and other FC respectively, without whom Steve would not have achieved this madness

  16. I dont get it wasnt AMX 50B great at ramming already?

  17. Clever stuff

  18. I find the lack of himmseldorf disturbing.

  19. Love Steves content, Iains dry humor complements it so well.

  20. AMX Even 90 hiding behind the huge fountain in the cap circle: Stealth 1
    AMX Even 90 hiding in a bush as big as a pool table with half the tank sticking out the top:
    *STEALTH 100*

  21. unfair plane 😅

  22. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  23. It’s not top gun, it’s top ram

  24. How often do tanks attack in column like that? Seems effective with those tanks, even without ramming.

  25. Geoffrey Entwistle

    Shouldn’t it be called the Force Assisted Ramming Technique?

  26. Choo Choo!!!!!!!!

  27. not going to lie id be very salty if i got killed like this its like ramming in world of warships its just a huge middle finger to the player.

  28. Steve has started something beautiful and I for one have enjoyed being a part of at least one train in a pub.

  29. NGL watching them do this live is one of the funniest things to watch ever relating to world of tanks! I love the honest gaming group.

  30. This shall henceforth be known as “The Pain Train”… you’re welcome 🙂

  31. Okay. That was both fun and funny.

  32. Jingles, you do realize you’ve unleashed the next 48 gun salute?

  33. The bedst of all is that Steve gets a siger in the middel of it all.

  34. what if… you mashed mauese?

  35. The South Park wheelbarrow balls reference had me rolling! Thanks for that Jingles, now I can’t get that image out of my head…lol

  36. Steve sounds like MechWarrior Online’s The_B33f.

  37. Videos like this make me want to pick up WoT again but sadly im on xbox and they bastardized the console versions of this game

  38. drive it like a missile

  39. That was hilarious. Sign me up!

  40. the vk train is pretty sick too if you are looking for his low tier train testing

  41. This is glorious.
    If only we could adapt this to Italian smoke ships in Warships.

  42. Is this even legal? 😀

  43. I expect that you will take the videos of the ram train and put the theme song to thomas the tank engine over them, or am I expecting too much?

  44. Now, THIS is how the Red Army is supposed to charge.

  45. Time for HonestGaming to make another Skoda omelette

  46. Excellent! Easily the funniest WoT video I’ve seen in ages!

  47. all this effort for KV-5 , imagine a train of E50s

    Steve channel link please !

  48. 9 Fingered Rippingsax player

    It’s the “A-train of pain”(well, not officially, just a cool name)

  49. ….Doesn’t surpass The Original OP Duck Train….
    Do the same thing at tier 4 with a AMX40 as your hammer with a couple of Luchs as the engines 😀
    (yes, while there are heavier tanks at tier 4, like a B1, a AMX40 has a top speed of 50km/h and can be pushed faster than that)

  50. This is the best WOT content i’ve seen in years 😀
    Thanks for sharing! Love my KV-zilla

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