World of Tanks – Christmas Eve Stream

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Source: Anfield

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  1. I’ll be back the 27th so until then have a very merry christmas! o/

  2. have a very merry birthday jesus

  3. Maulana Nur Mohamad Bin Mohamad Sabari

    I lose a lot of games today.still stuck at 49.45 -49.49 for years.hahaha

  4. At this point the type 59 isn’t that rare anyway

  5. it’s crazy how people still don’t know how to deal with the Pz 7. the side cheeks are absolutely weak af. same with the fv 215b. when they try to angle, the Pz 7 that is, just shoot the sides below the turret. it really annoys me.

  6. Panzer 7 has been ut for a while but I never see it. I almost forgot it even existed. It doesn’t look like a bad tank…

    Edit: 7k combined and 4 kills for an ace LUL

  7. Great work keep it up thank you. Marry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family Mr Anfield:)

  8. Always love the content my dude, keep it up! >:)

  9. “i’m streaming too, not advertising fam, just saying” FailFish that should be a ban from chat, not just a timeout. of course you’re advertising or else why would you mention it!!

  10. french heavy tonks are gr8

  11. there is no reason this tank should have a 13.5 second reload

  12. Merry Xmas GLHF tanking all

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