World of Tanks || Chrysler K – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

– Chrysler. Today I’m previewing an upcoming US , the Chrysler K.

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  1. Kazrael Azraelis


  2. Michalis Fotiadis

    Review the CenturionMK1 and tell us your opinion about wg introducing a Swedish premium centurion (the strv something…)which is just a much better tank

  3. Dreadnoughtus the doge

    Legends say if you’re early, the great Quickybaby will text you back!

  4. I like my own comments.

  5. Early hahah, knew it would come out, good job quicky with the vid

  6. Why does it say for me it’s uploaded 8 hours ago and have 112 views…?Do anyone have this issue or something?

  7. unbelievableflyingdrunkenpotatowithnolife

    Uploaded 8 hours ago..
    *Youtube logic*

  8. Rolling Thunder

    Way too fast for the armor so i guess you could call it powercreep at least in my opinion.

  9. no new maps ,or non premium tanks,only premium shit is coming out fuck u wg

  10. finally a rear turret IS 7

  11. christopher frost

    NIce review! looks like a fun tank

  12. Marko Radivojevic

    Hey QB, I saw you in a few battles in your E4, wrote Hi but you didn’t respond 🙁 hope you see this

  13. 8hrs ago?? since when??


    252 view after 8h for QB video 0_o

  15. More bullshit from war gaming

  16. 8 hours ago and 299 views ?!!

  17. So,a fight between two of these, driven by tomatoes will be like watching old people fuck.A lot of grinding against eachother,a lot of bouncing and very little penetration.

  18. Buff the T32? Anyone? Please?

  19. unbelievableflyingdrunkenpotatowithnolife

    This tank feels kinda OP..

  20. As usual: Wargaming is making this tank look like it’s OP to get people hyped about it and when the tank hits the live server it’s going to be nerfed to hell

  21. Reformed Tanker - World of Tanks Entertainer!

    I’d love to see these new PC premium tanks on Console, possibly as reward tanks for ESL coming in the near future, anyway as usual good video QB 🙂

  22. This tank makes superpershing even more useless. Standard rounds have 0 chance and even premium is only around 50% effective if you are pointblank and shoot at weakpoints. Yay

  23. Bär mitderlangenScher

    Yeah another Tier 8 Premium, totally what the game needs

  24. oh look… another T8 prem tank… what a unexpecting move from WG

  25. The mother in law is back but at tier 8

  26. cancer

  27. Chrysler Girlfriend? O.o
    So I can buy a girlfriend named Chrysler from Wargaming now, huh?

  28. what am i suppose to do to this thing in my is6?????

  29. sir thank you uploading this type of videos. i heartly reqests you to upload the videos of blitz. sir your bush mechanics system is not working in blitz as well as campflague also. please help me anglelling the tank in blitz. besides i a. good player in WOT. but i am noob in blitz. thanks you sir

  30. lol uploaded 8 hours ago? didnt see it a hour ago…

  31. Legend of Games - xaires


  32. Is-2sh anyone? no?

  33. 680 views 8 hours ago pure cancer wtf?

  34. Emiel van der Neut

    So what the heck am I supposed to do with my Type 59…

  35. yay another op ht

  36. LieutenantWolf 17

    I personally have a question: the Vengance premium on console looks like the patriot are they the same tank with a different paint job and armor nurf?

  37. oh great another premium…

  38. And here I’am slowly but surely regretting to have ever purchased a 112 because preferential matchmaking becomes more and more irrelevant with all the latest premiums and especially the new matchmaker..

  39. Yay, another Tier 8 Prem tank

    like really it’s so fun paying WG and playing balanced tanks

  40. Seems the turret is better than the good old VK45.02(p) Aufs, B. just wtf is going on with theese new premiums lately.

  41. Wow t34 has more accuracy than German tanks

  42. Saw this in game yesterday, watched the poor guy get nuked by a 704 T95, and a skorp

  43. The pen puts me off really there will be too much dabbing of the 2 key which defeats object of prem tank. Why buy this when you can have the patriot!!

  44. “This tank is all about finding vehicles with less than 220 penetration”. Good luck with that. This tank will meet mostly tier VIII, often tier IX and very rarely VII, VIs almost never. That means that vast majority of VIIIs will need to just load premium ammo and here goes your armour.

  45. Will this tank have the same price as the T26E5 ?

  46. i’m pretty sure that the developer of this tanks is black …

  47. so 500€ bundle only i guess XD

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