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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m playing the Churchill Game Carrier… Worst tank tier for tier in the game? YEAH RIGHT!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. the Churchill Gun Carrier, proof you can weaponize a curse.

  2. I agree with you QB however only on PC because on Blitz it sucks!! That’s because once spotted the whole enemy team will rush it knowing that they can kill it faster than you can them!!

  3. This tank just gave Quickybaby a very complicated thought on if it is a terrible tank or a somewhat good tank. Such complicated feelings

  4. QB too op. Nerf QB instead 🙂

  5. Are you gonna play the french brother of the churcill gc?(arl v39?)

  6. Qb has a tank sized hole in his heart 😀 (the tank on his shirt is green, so the tank turned see through)

  7. Nathaniel Gousset

    Churchill gun carrier main weakness is misrepresentation, People see him and expect another AT8 because of tbe way it looks and move. If he’d looks like a Nashorn you wouldn’t hear as much complaint.
    Churchill gun carrier main strength is underestimation, when playing with it you don’t have a lot of confidence wich means you don’t make stupid move, charge head on and play it for what it is not.
    CGC is a long range, ridge fighter TD that happen to look like a close range assault TD. That’s the worse thing about it.

  8. Why don’t more people play this tank?
    It seems absolutely broken.

  9. As for whether the Churchill Gun Carrier was real? Yes, it’s very real. The official name was “Gun Carrier, 3-inch, Mk I, Churchill”. The 3-inch 20 cwt (the stock gun in-game) was in reality the only gun it ever mounted, and it never saw combat because the British realized it was crap.

  10. seen it live, funniest ever :)))

  11. I personally love the look of the GC

  12. Baby nice tank on t shirt

  13. The best camo

  14. No plz do not ritayerd

  15. One more example of how the game protects people who pay! GG Wg and fuck you

  16. Floris van den Steenhoven

    Try to get the kolobanov’s with Churchill GC 😉

  17. Sadly the churchill GC was a real tank…proud to be british..

  18. Sirocco The Hunter

    Funny thing actually, I got my first mark of excellence in this tank before I even unlocked the main gun..

  19. This is what I like to see. Another tier X game is boring. The high tier games seem to be beyond most players, so lets have something normal players can relate to. There were a few muppets playing, but there also was a lot of skill there QB

  20. yes the church GC was a real tank…. and it was an epic pile of poo… but its a comedy piece for me

  21. Maybe a RNG buff that u didn’t notice?…shells bounced left and right

  22. Lol Qb u must go buy lottery. Such a game lol in the box tank. Trololo

  23. I noticed QB mentioned arty cannot get them both, sorry but you’ll be surprised what Bullshit! arty can do…

  24. Lol two WOT streamers not throwing salt at each other when briefly mentioned? This is blasphemy ?

  25. Now it’s time to do it in the Matilda Black Prince 🙂

  26. In a hand of the skilled Warrior – there’s no such thing as good or bad sword. Every single one is lethal) Good game QB.

  27. Quckybabyitis: having a gaping hole in your chest and just getting on with your life as if nothing is amiss.

  28. I liked because of the title

  29. Mister Torgue Flexington

    They definitely could have done more,but I think the buff they did give it has had a similar effect as when they buffed the 8.8 pen on jgpz 4.

  30. Am I the only one who dabs whenever he says “dab that 2 key”

  31. i do like the churchill tank series

  32. I still think the Caernarvon is the worst T8 heavy save maybe for the King Tiger ^^

  33. I think I have never got such experience on any other tank. And you’re doing that just like that, on a crap TD. QB, stop annoying people and start playing without using your gun. Or without moving at all. That should impair your scores at least about 16%… 😉

  34. the Churchill GC was real but never saw action, it was a testing vehicle, about 50 were made.

  35. I disagree, you displayed a lot of skill against the at8. Great replay.

  36. time to play wows

  37. The driving block of doom!

  38. The tank that makes small children cry its that hideous.

  39. Get a Radley’s in an M3 Lee QB

  40. The only thing that is left now, is getting a Radley’s in the M3 Lee hahaha 😀


  42. Hey QuickyBaby, i just saw that you had Shirt on that was not cooperating with your greenscreen so well.

  43. Did anyone noticed he had a hole in his chest aka the tank?

  44. the reason everybody thinks its awful, is because of the stats.having 3 marked my tank, I love it.people in a match don’t pay it attention because they think its bad, but its really has the tortoise’s stock gun!!

  45. Lol look at his shirt 🙂

  46. In Blitz this thing is overpowered.
    But hey, mobile games are inferior in every way to proper, PC games. We can’t possible have an improved tank…

    Great camouflage, especially with a Kemping Net. No bush required.
    Excellent track traverse (for a turretless, quite WELL armoured td)
    Best penetration at the tier.
    Best dpm at the tier.
    130mm front armour all over the flat bit. Remember to ANGLE!!!
    10* gun depression
    High credit coefficient, low shell cost for 250 alpha and no need to fire gold.
    Right speed for avoiding self yoloing and being rushed by the enemy.
    +- 1 tier.
    Only 6 noobs to carry and 7 unicums to kill.

  47. it means that the biggest factor in WoT is the player – not the tank ….what a surprise !!!

  48. Qb vs noob players what a carri yea for a noob is carri .
    Ob play in tier 10 and do carri…

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