World of Tanks – Churchill

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s been a busy week, time to get to business as usual with World of Tanks.

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  1. Dab 2 key, hit auto aim. So much skill. Give me a break.

  2. dieppe was a disaster but eh we (canadians) were the first to secure our objectif on d-day and we went farther in france during d-day than any other country
    thanks to all veterans !! support your troops !!

  3. My first ever WoT game, it was on the xbox and I had the premium pack, so I have the Mini Maus on my xbox account. I thought, “Oh, it’s tier 2. I best play tier 1 first and learn how to actually play the game,” so I picked the Leichtraktor because Germany, and guess what. Tier 2 match on winter Himmelsdorf. I, being the newbie with no coach, went out into the middle of the field and died almost instantly. Maybe I should have picked the Mini Maus since it is almost idiot proof, especially two years ago on the xbox, which gets updates later. Once I became good, because of the updates that took forever, I fell in love with the MS-1 and just sniped newbies and pros alike from my position in Mines and Province(love that map for the MS-1, hate the replacement). I once earned four matches in a row, the Ranger medal(kill all enemy light tanks, at least 3). This was at tier 1. Basically top gun for days. I have a camo, a crown, and Snow Leopard on my xbox MS-1 and it has a camo net and drive and rammer and the crew has Brothers in Arms. First ever crew I got a perk/skill on.

  4. Sounds like your head is in a bucket.

  5. My best XP in the C3 is 3,033. I love it.

  6. Thank you so much for the history and game lessons. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it!

  7. Idiot proof? Thats a bit overselling it

  8. I really shouldn’t have sold the Churchill III (SEA server, Dabombinable if anyone wants to look up my stats in it). Its 57mm while not as good as that of the KV 1 is still very good, plus with appropriate side scraping and angling of the turret its really bouncy-even against the occasional non derp O-I (who fire AP from their 150mm cannons).

  9. wtf I got 60k credits on a loss from killing 6 tanks. how is it he only got 50k?

  10. you mean the sentinel is not the only fast firing slow aim time tank 😛

  11. I knew the US used a bunch of six pounders. Didn’t know we borrowed british HE ammo though. Thanks Jingles!

  12. You say it’s idiot proof but then again Jingles….you were standing behind him telling him what to do and you’ve got a lot of experience. Let’s see how the poor chap does without you. .3.

  13. Poor Canadians…

  14. Yay more jingles!

  15. What’s with Platoon #1 on EternalHaze’s team …

  16. Ah the birch gun, I remember when my m8 misread its name when he got shot by it “wtf is that arty called! Wait BITCH GUN what kinda name is that” i think it is well suited for it as it is arty ?

  17. If I could have voted for Churchill for US president I would have, even as he is hes better then all other candidates 🙂

  18. I know this is off topic, but I need to just rant a troll in particular. I just started my grind through the German spgs, and while I was playing in my tier two gun carrier, some fool in his pz ii pinned me into a corner and wouldn’t let me go. I decided not to shoot him, but instead reversed up the wall and onto him, causing myself to die. My wreck killed him. He ruined the game, but it was a satisfying kill.

  19. Sexy Celery is the better tank

  20. ScreamingSturmovik

    i think this tank is a good example of why something like the T14 needs some kind of a buff, i use to play it and take on T1 heavies and do ok one on one but i was scared of churchill III

  21. I just listened to a compilation of Churchill’s famous speeches. Many of his famous speeches were excerpts of an address to Parliament or some other functional and bureaucratic body, so he would change from the language of government to some of the most exalted and inspiring words in the English languages history. Certainly he was a man of his times and a flawed human being as all are, but they don’t make Churchills any more, and that’s a shame.

  22. Love the history lessons with the tanks. When is the T-44 history lesson happening?

  23. I have a replica British propaganda poster that the I picked up in London at the imperial war museum that is a bulldog with Churchill’s face on it … I’m an American and I love Churchill!

  24. t14 is beter

  25. Amazing Video as always jingles, but quick question that is actually related to World of Warships… Has anyone citadelled a Tirpitz with a 14 inch gun before? I had just come back from a month long brake to focus on school, so I decide to play a match or two before I go to bed. The second match I play, in end up in a Tier 9 battle in my Arizona, and after some Battleship dueling, I manage to get a single citadel on a Tipitz with one of my broad-sides.

    I just want to know, if that has happened to many other people, because I know German battleships, are extremely hard to citadel, and that the Tirpitz has pretty good armor (atleast from my experience, I haven’t actually checked it’s armor, but I’m pretty sure it’s high though)

  26. Churchill was great for a quote! my favourite was him sitting in a bath in the winter, one of the queens guard had been caught on hampstead heath having a little slap and tickle with another man, it was the coldest night of the year, as the man exclaimed to Churchill the horror of this Winston turned smiled and said: “makes you bloody proud to be British” obviously making light of cold shrinkage. :p

  27. And some people say ‘video games aren’t educational.’ Well they are when its with Jingles

  28. U have tge best laugh hahaha.

  29. Churchill III is also my top XP ever tank. Even with all the potential XP in higher tier matches, that tier 5 is my highest.

  30. Eleonora Kalinina

    * Тhе bеst рlасе tо mееt singlеs nеаr уоu. Gо hеrе ->>>

  31. Charles Courtwright

    Jingles, when did you swallow a WW2 world history book?

  32. woooo calgary made a jingles video! we made it boys! calgary represent!

  33. The 57mm wasn’t assigned to TD battalions, but rather to the anti-tank platoons of the regiments. TD battalions had 75mm or larger guns.

  34. The only thing I hate about world of tanks is that you pay for a premium but you have to pay again to get the xp you earned of it.

  35. Just chur-chill guys

    I’m very sorry:)

  36. Going to start off a new one, since the other thread devolved into a discussion (for values of “discussion”) of Winston Churchill’s values, both personal and as a person.
    Regarding the quotes, according to “The Bumper Book of Insults” by Nancy McPhee (a marvelous read, incidentally), the exchange Jingles mentioned occurred between Sir Winston and Lady Astor (who did, apparently, absolutely detest him).
    Lady Astor: “Winston, if you were my husband, I should flavour (sic) your coffee with poison.”
    Churchill: “Madam, if I were your husband, I should drink it.”
    Lady Astor (Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, Viscountess Astor, CH) was indeed the first female Member of Parliament to take her seat. But she was not the only female MP Sir Winston seems to have had issues with. Witness the following (TBBoI, McPhee)
    Bessie Braddock, MP: Winston, you’re drunk!
    Churchill: Bessie, you’re ugly. And tomorrow morning *I* shall be sober.”
    I think I may detect a trend here (aside from the obvious one that crossing verbal swords with Winston Churchill was unlikely to prove to be a rewarding experience). I should also note that while Lady Astor was a Conservative (which should surprise no one), Bessie Braddock was Labour. So one can at least say that he was equal opportunity in respect to his responses.

  37. The Churchill’s HE shell from a 6-pounder gun (57mm) is a lot more effective than the Matilda’s HE shell from a 2-pounder gun (40mm).  So considering the Churchill was the Matilda’s replacement, its performance with HE shells wasn’t that bad.

  38. damn. .I want a Churchill 3 now

  39. Ah, the good old churchill 3, I got my best win in this tank with a blind decapture across the map while going at full speed, needless to say hacking accusations ensued.

  40. ALIEN: Isolation or RIOT

  41. You sure Churchill used to drink tea? I thought he went only for wiskey, beer and all other sorts of alchool.

  42. So THAT is what it takes to get Ace Mastery in a CIII.

  43. All wars are Banker Wars…


    my picture likes this tank… i dont know why…

  45. My favorite Churchill quote, describing Clement Atlee — “A very humble man, with much to be humble about.”

  46. lol

  47. Harrison Delmenico

    hey jingles do you like watching cricket?

  48. “Can’t pack a lot of HE filler into the warhead of the 57mm ll” tell that to the Russians

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