World of Tanks – Circon Flexed

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Source: The Mighty

Get it? flexed his muscles? Oh I dunno, you keep trying to make puns based on someones’ name, then!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. CIRCON is EPIC and has all rights to play heroic games like rdr2 unlike a slaking certain gnomisch gnome who is holding back our so much need warthunder 40 minutes airfights we need so much to fell better and lighter

  2. Jingles will you post another Connan Exiles ?? Been a while since the last one.

  3. Less, “oh look, a tier 8” and more “omg it’s Circon, AND he’s in a tier 8? HI YOUTUBE!!!”

  4. Pretty good game, but that’s what you expect from “The Beard”. Jingles, when are we getting another Far Creed 6: Greek Wildlands Episode. I love playing it as much as you do I just don’t have all your free time. Just over halfway done with the main quest line right now

  5. This game has totally gone to shit, there should be no such thing as premium ammo. The tech tree is a joke, over 2 million xp for a top tier tank on top of the previous millions you had to grind to get there is just ridiculous. Premium tanks are too expensive and so is gold, i’m sorry but if you spend £80 on gold then you are plain stupid. I get that the game is free and they have to make money somehow but come on, lower the prices a bit and you may get more people spending money.

  6. BS video

  7. Wow my games are just as good as this with only 1 skill crew lol…

  8. That pacha starting image killed me ?

  9. Good…’honest’…pc game, like World of Tanks.

    pffftt! LOL.

    World of Tanks isn’t honest, Jingles. It’s a shoddy Russian casino.


    Also, this game is a great example of why I don’t play WoT. Slow, sidescraping, boring gameplay. Need to pay to penetrate armor…with a bunch of entitled elites who think that just because they have a high tier premium they can be God on the battlefield.

    Give me lower tier World of Warships play. The elites don’t bother, and you can do some glorious brawling without being nagged about how you aren’t ‘try harding’ enough.

  10. Console scrub lol no love your playing Circon. Thanks Jingles

  11. Jingels
    Pls PLAY

  12. Why are you so funny in this one ? I mean … more funny than regular …. ah nevermind.

  13. Get Jingles to play red dead 2: Check
    Get replay featured: Check
    Life is good! 😀

  14. Well, we know Jingles, would never spend his time streaming filthy console games, because those of us who follow him on Twitch know that Jingles, never streams………

  15. Why don’t war gaming make a season pass, you pay for a year pass where you get premium tanks couple days before everyone else and cheaper, in a pass you could get all camos for free and comes with premium time to? That would make them more money then there’s no need for pay to win tanks, season pass could give you discount on ammo and equipment as well, I’d buy that, could be a month one a 3 month one a 6 month one and a 12 month one

  16. funny how Circon sends his replays to you that weren’t “good” enough for his channel………… 🙂

  17. Red dead redemption 2 is just yeehaw skyrim change my mind

  18. Pleasure to see someone do well in this tank even if they’re of a skill level way beyond me…I’m really loathing the IS-M

  19. Puh! Dutch bastards flexing on all of us!

  20. 720p only squad?

  21. Last week i had a battle with 7.4k dmg and not a single kill and the match only lasted 4.5mins

  22. oh look….itz a russian maus

  23. beep boop beep must kill unicum beep boop beep

  24. heil to circon

  25. Actually jingles it’s the angle of dangle @4:45 😉

  26. Jingles, WoT on PS4 is no fun without friends. Why not join a clan? Add some friends. SRT would welcome you.

  27. So what we learned , its all about the angle of the dangle……

  28. i think that that 121’s thought’s were less along the lines of ‘oh look, tasty tier 8’ and more along the lines of ‘DUUUUURRR, must…eat…crayons…and…kill…purple unicorn named Circonflexes’

  29. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    IS-M Is a perfect example of a over powered Russian vehicle, the tier 7’s dont have any bloody chance unless you fire premium and even then a Kv-3 (the worst tier 7) cant pen its cupolas nor lower plate

    Seriously the powercreep has to be dealt with and the answer is not just buffing the russians like the IS-7 all of the older tanks

  30. Where is your Ring entry video? Did you not make it to the second round?

  31. Was expecting something impressive when i saw the title “circon flexed”. Spending the whoke game sidescraping and hitting enemies not aiming at you /=/ great skill. It wasnt even that high of a damage total.

    Edit: Not to mention the amount of gold he was carrying.

  32. “Good HONEST PC title,” so not a wargaming title right? “like World of Tanks.” i’m sorry, what?

  33. Whoa after playing war thunder for a couple days and seeing wot gameplay. This looks really silly and to fast paced.

  34. Ofcs we wouldn’t see you do it you don’t stream! 😛

    Wait I thought this was a Russian tank why is he aiming ?

  35. checked 121 players’ stats…1411 battles with 49% WR… not surprising,as to why tanks’ winrate is barely better than that of Leopard 1.

  36. Boudicawasnotreallyallthat Smith

    Drop world of tanks Jingles. The game is dying and you don’t need it any more

  37. Jingles! “Circonflexes his muscles” You completely missed the perfect title and yet you used it in the description. Don’t ever change.

  38. Newer thought id hear the words Good, Honest and World of Tanks in the same sentence…… Must be a joke, right…. Right?

  39. You’re welcome !

  40. That was a really good team I’d say. Even on low health they just kept killing??not something you see everyday

  41. fuck off jingles you god damn pedophile

  42. lts your friendly neighborhood gamer

    Audio sound weird? Or just me

  43. I gotta say: this current intro is the best one.

  44. Weird flex but ok

  45. Jingles! Please keep posting your assassins creed videos, they are great!

  46. Love t34s. Yes, slow reload. Yes, bad terrain resistance. Yes, somewhat bad aim time/accuracy. But, I love it the same. Either the T34 or the T29 is my favorite.

  47. It’s like seeing my twin in the thumbnail

  48. Is it still a master race if I can’t afford a pc better than my ps4?

  49. Skilled player and Russian bias – Jagdtiger probably missed with all his premium as thats how this game seems to work.

  50. The Might Jingles, unfortunately I am someone from the United States. I respectfully request that I may thank you for your service, both in the armed forces as well as your contribution to the gaming community. I’ve been watching your videos for some time. Please keep up the great content with everything you do. I will always watch and admire your videos.

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