World of Tanks – Circon Flexed

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Source: The Mighty

See what I did with the title? Yeah, I’m good.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. noticed at 2 mins lol HE FTW

  2. I think i heard Boo snore in the beginning or something… 🙂

  3. Crusade Gaming TBOG

    I remember watching this on the stream and since that moment I’ve waited for The Overlord to do a commentary. That day has come, so sorry fellas, gotta cover me in the salt mines, I have no idea how long I’ll be. I might end up watching this three times hahahaha

  4. Luv watching Circon anywhere ?

  5. Everyone spews hate at arty players until we are needed to put fire down on enemies

  6. When I used to play AW I sometimes had fun loading nothing but HESH lol. Even for an average player like me it can work out surprisingly well.

  7. Jaylin The LaxBro

    Saw it like way before this XD

  8. THIS is the best video out there showing how Wg buffs RNG for their buddies accounts. No fuckn way half those snap shots hit weak spots for anyone else. In what world have you not realized that?

  9. Circon is amazing streamer,unique and fun, you should watch his streams. …

  10. >Video runtime: 13:36

    only a second off from making a secondary joke there, Jingles 😀

  11. Comhghall Geraghty

    actually Jingles…… that other time was in a waffentrager e100

  12. There is a directors cut version of this on circons channel lol

  13. SI wish I could do this but I don’t last long in the game

  14. Ty Jingles, I watched this on his youtube, and watched it on your youtube the second time and appreciated the video even more. Circon Flexed goes gangster!

  15. Circon just have a way of controlling his tanks. His timing is damn near perfect, he has a tactical mindset.

  16. I actually use HE as my prime ammo on the JPE-100 all the time. I started that line with my crew from the GW Tiger, after realizing I did more damage in TD mode than as a SPG. With that big a gun you just don’t of damage and module wrecking every time you hit, and you don’t risk wierd bounces and ricochets and other stuff. Anything 150mm plus can do that.

  17. I would really like to see a one on one sircon against QB

  18. i so knew i was going to see this here.

  19. I’m suprised WG hasn’t nerfed Circon.

  20. Ive watched this replay 3 times now lol once on stream, the two videos circon did on it. Now a 4th time lol

  21. We’re going to miss games like this when the high-tier French TDs get changed in 9.20.

  22. Ayy not surprising.

  23. Rational Everyman

    Any tenk that stronk soviet HE derp rhetoric become stronk stalinium tenk. Stalinium immune to weak capitalist tank.

  24. I was in that live stream !

  25. Circons a bit of a cheeky shit lol

  26. Sorry Jingles, but I all ready seen this on his live stream,and his youtube,….. but that’s not gonna stop me from watching it again, every single vid you post I watch..cause I love you Jingles :)…Hell I even still watch your vids back from 2012

  27. 8:20 Damn, yo, look at those rails. That must be one hell of a rough ride around that bend.

  28. I still remember the game where he took a M46 Patton with a 105mm derp gun into battle and made it look easy. Just… dem skillz, right?

  29. I plan on growing beard to become one of bearded wizards

  30. When I started watching Circon, His goatee was barley 2 inches long…I heard Circon’s goatee can kick Chuck Norris’s beard’s ass!!!

  31. Took me a minute XD

  32. Circon is a beast at this game.

  33. This was on Circons channel already Jingles but i’ll watch it again especially with your commentary. Was a great battle and in typical Circonflex style, he played so well….. owned it but not so much as easily but showed his skill as a WOT’s player.

  34. doubledeckerapplepie

    This makes me miss WT autoloader with HE rounds….

  35. 10:25 lol

  36. george marnelakis

    It’s all about fun, thats why i play the forgoten Derp King SU-152!

  37. *full HE*

  38. Get cancer! God that made me laugh

  39. I remember watching this on his channel last week

  40. how long did it take to notice it was all high explosive? as soon as i saw it was circon playing. 🙂

  41. How do you spell the player that he mentioned “awesenell”???

  42. Generalquarters 52

    Dare him to play arty with only ap loaded

  43. Generalquarters 52

    Or tell him to go into war thunder and get a triple kill via ap

  44. Jan-Pieter Gerritsen

    That is what we do we Dutch…. do stupid things and make it work!

  45. Nice last reaction in dutch… It means: Leave something to kill for some of the rest of the team Circon…. 🙂

  46. Lol every time….that CDC…..splat face plant into the post….yeah I’ve never done that have I ? ? nah surely not.

  47. AlibifortheAfterlife

    That moment when toxic players turn out to be chemotherapeutic.

  48. If it’s stupid but it works, it’s entertainment.

  49. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Nice you mentioned Orzanel!

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