World of Tanks – Civilised

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Welcome to the North American server, an altogether more civilised place. Sadly it seems some teams may benefit from a bit more getting yelled at…

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  1. We on the NA server tend to whine about the game a lot but most of the nasty salt seems to come from the south amercan guys….lots of puto, and gringo stuff going on but it’s not all that much really.

  2. He lives! 🙂 Welcome back!!

  3. Hey Jingles, you certain you are well enough? We don’t mind if you take a few more days off just to be on the safe side. Also, please stop smoking.

  4. Welcome back to the land of the living, Your Gnomeliness.

  5. The first time I ever played on this Map I drowned there as well cause I for some reason thought the water was shallow enough to drive through. I quickly discovered that it was not just very deep, but that you also have no way of getting out of there. At least it only ever happened once during the first week this map was released.

  6. Ey Jingles, give the asia/Australia server a crack, the amount of salt on the Hong Kong server to be mined is unbelievable. Some people are such jerks they shoot you because you bumped into them and scratched their paint. My friend got deleted because the conway drove into him and got mad he didn’t move. I got blasted in the back because an alpine tiger drove into me and and I didn’t move. both of us were preoccupied so we didn’t notice, and what do we get? Death. You get called a noob for anything, a missed shot, doing something someone doesn’t like, anything really. Stat shaming, team DMG, unnecessary noob calling, the lot. The Aus server, not that harsh, but still has the occasion jerk. So jingles, you want more salt to mine, set up a branch in Hong Kong/Aus.

  7. Hope you’re feeling better jingles!

  8. Good lord imagine if the jumbo had the 90mm

  9. There’s going to be alot more assholes on the north american server now you told everyone to download the client.

  10. Some Americans talk a lot of shit, you have to give them that.

  11. Based on the name of the BDR player..he’s 13-15y old…aka parents order to “take out trash” or smh could be a very valid reason…on top of internet issues et.c ofc

  12. sorry jingles NA is very salty and I am one of those assholes as needed

  13. it’s alive!


    *evil laughter*

  14. EU being very toxic? May I introduce you to the hellhole known as the Asia server, or as I love t call, the SEAtard servers.
    Glad I finally quit playing and switched to WoWS, at least its much less toxic there than tanks.

  15. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    All he had to do was let that useless archer die and go for the enemy arty and afk bdr. That would get him a kolobanovs medal and a victory.

  16. Err… Excuse me Mr. Jingles… The enemy T-34-85 had no M. Just a bog-standard T-34-85.

  17. Breakfast of Champions

    NA server noobie server.

  18. He would have done much better if he was using the smaller gun on that tank

  19. YAAA!! He lives, the salt mines are saved!!!

  20. Jingles ‘Dice with Death’ rolls a 3, luckly not a 1 or a 6…
    Glad your getting better Mr. C, our Salty Gnomish Lord and Master (sorry Foamy, you are my Squirrely Lord & Master).

  21. Jingles that enemy T34-85 is the normal version not the premium M version.
    Oh well atleast this time both tanks name is so similar, he has done worse than this.

  22. How dare you say we folks on the EU server are toxic and uncivilised, you *+**’#* §$%//%!!! 😉

  23. Severijn van Lambalgen

    1:10 Roll credits

  24. Laurent Boitouzet

    should anybody tell Jingles that the enemy T-34-85M is actualy a T-34-85 ? ;-P

  25. Europeans being cunts and dickheads in WoT?!

    *Laughs in South East Asian*

  26. NA isn’t toxic?
    I’m clearly slacking and need to step up!!!
    Yeah, wins on NA are hard, poor Jumbo

  27. NA, civilised, only because the toxic sludge is on console.

  28. Don’t play tank game nor watch tank videos, just here to hear your voice to know that you have recovered.
    Stay Healthy Jingles 🙂

  29. Nice to see you back and feeling better, Jingles.

  30. on north american it takes a lot to win and we americans do have our share of assholes but also our share of fun guys (miss when we had all chat in wot)

  31. Lol that enemy Hetzer is gold spammer, and being useless to his team. If that hetzer have fired normal HE than Slowwalker would have been died.

  32. If European server is toxic,

    Then South East Asian server is virtual Chernobyl.

  33. Glad you’re feeling a little better already, Jingles. Nothing brightens my day like your commentary over Rage Simulator 2019!

  34. That Jumbo needs to learn when to use HEAT

  35. yeah well when you have a guy from any of the USMC clan guys on your team you are gonna loss

  36. I haven’t played wot for years.. but NA was pretty toxic all the time same as you see in other servers. Maybe they calmed down after realizing that the possibility of NA closing down due to lack of players was a probable outcome?

  37. Old Man Is Back

  38. XxSavageCabbagexX

    The amount of salt generated in wot blitz makes the EU server look like a small salt shaker.

  39. Wow Slow_Walker is bad at the game.

  40. As player of World of Tanks Blitz on the NA server. I can at least confirm that we are infact more civilized.

  41. Thomas Thedoubter

    Welcome back, Jingles. Take better care of yourself, we can’t lose you.. Although, even when you’re sick, you’re entertaining:
    “Rita, you lazy cow. Fetch my cough syrup.” The moment I heard that, I knew you two were an item. 😉

  42. “Civilized.” We spell civilized with a Z, and we spell Brexit with a CHEER!

  43. Jingles please do a warship video on the Kaga or a War Thunder video on the F7F Tigercat. Thank you

  44. Jingles. Don’t dramatize. You where taking pictures of kittens for some times now and you got the cootie’s.

  45. Jingles is alive! Hell yeah!

  46. You Lived!!

  47. Most people on NA know it’s just a game so there’s no need to be rude to each other. You get 1 or 2 of them who won’t shut up, but we’ve noticed that they are usually from the LATAM server.

  48. Prophet HerbAndDerp

    solid video jingles. Btw the enemy med that our hero fought was just a t34-85, no M.

  49. Glad to have you back. Stay easy and get well!

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