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World of Tanks is bringing back Classic… Version 0.7.0 will be live this weekend. Here’s all you need know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” a T-127 with a 0% crew, a laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. For those that get “The ordinal 4540 could not be located in the dynamic link..” it means that the game is calling a function in the DLL that either has changed or is removed. Yes, the file is there. A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a “pack” of functions that can be linked into the application at runtime and what happens is that since this game is 8 years old now, something has been changed and removed in the file. ssleay32.dll is part of the OpenSSL project (Secure Socket Layer) and encrypts your connection to the server. Theoretically if this doesn’t work, your communication to the WoT server is communicated in plain text.

    It could also have to do with that the servers aren’t live yet and the error will go away once they are up.

  2. I only more recently started playing again after years away, had no idea all chat was gone or that map

  3. ID79 gamingchannel

    This 0.7. does not work!

  4. Now let’s see if the current playerbase can make this game worse than I remember. If they do, then we will know for sure…. The playerbase made / or not made the game rubis?

  5. So looking forward to the sledging and chat fights

  6. General Cartman Lee

    Can’t wait to meet tier 9 heavies (IS-4…) and TDs with my T1 Heavy. 😀

  7. VERY interesting experiment.. im very fond of those! as somebody that remembers vertical tech-trees i’d say already it’s brilliant! to have the comparison. to see if really past WoT had what present one lacks. the edge, the fun, the taste, and no overballancing the game! good move out there WG!
    arty w8 for LTs ripping through the front lines toward you!
    HTs w8 for SPGs aiming at you for 7 minutes and finally managing to hit you for 70%hp 😀
    and! SPGS! look out for other SPGs looking after the tracer!
    MEDS! w8 for HTs laughing at you not being able to load full “2” loadout!

    oooh that’ll be fun!

  8. This would be the best Update in a Year

  9. I was a veteran and the only thing i can say is, the game is getting bad by each update ==

    1) Type 59 was like 10USD
    2) Maus was king, unless he met JPzE100
    3) NO such thing as premium rounds able to be bought by in game credits, u needed gold to use premium ammo
    4) You needed skills to penetrate tanks like Maus or E100, not shooting at their front turret like now
    5) SPG had AP, veterans like me carried 10 AP on my T92 and 5 HE
    6) No freaking stun by arty, only 1 HIT KO on all tier 8 tanks if the AP round hits
    7) Batchat will rape you
    8) SPG had to shoot and scoot tactic because their tracers was so easy to see unless youre in a winter map
    9) tier 8 had a virtually no chance to hit tier 10 unlike now
    10) T-50-2 was the demon of WOT, a tier 5 tank meeting tier X in battlefield
    11) T34 was a normal tier HT tank not a premium
    12) Dragon Ridge, Hidden Village, Pearl River, Sacred Valley – Asian maps, racist bastards took it all out
    13) Russian bias blyat tanks are getting more OP
    14) Fv304 was OP and i got 8 kills on it vs tier 8. But i did not record it == (on the map called south coast)
    15) KV-1 had a tier 8 gun
    16) So many more that i cant go on :'(

  10. Im looking forward to good matchmaking 🙂 and playing t92 with ap

  11. And WG failed again… They are unable to start the game at the deadline…

  12. Will the auto loding demon be there i dont remember

  13. hope we will have the todays graphics

  14. it really brings back the old times. unable to connect to server 🙂

  15. Klosharr Klosharr

    aaaah, i got a nostalgic tear in my eye 🙂 🙂
    time to take some days off of work

  16. I honestly miss all-chat

  17. Orange Phoenix Brazier

    Oh my god, the KV-3 at tier 6 and the KV-2 being tier 5, what great times those were in Tank Companies

  18. Johannes Gunge Jørgensen

    now we just need classic for World of Warcraft XD

  19. Aprils Fools guys. weekend and all

  20. Hell no. I don’t even have time to play the current version with two kids around. 😀

  21. with old chat, I had much more good talks with enemies than I had with allies up to today

  22. Lolz, I remember waaay further back than this. Ahh the old closed beta days 🙂


  24. It’s all to bring back old players… Well you shouldn’t of messed up the game so much that left in the first place

  25. I like the TLDR news in the reccomend feed

  26. till now not working it is seems it is April’s foooool

  27. Would this be part of April 1st?

  28. KV-1s??

  29. I would be totaly happy if the premium ammo would be for gold/money, in that case there would be no gold spaming and the armor on all the superheavies like maus e100 etc. would have sense. As it is now, it is a pain to play them, I tried the maus due to the top of the tree but gave up very quickly. It rarely happens that I am hit by a standard round.

  30. April Fools!

  31. I have authorization error in WoT classic. What should i do to fix it?

  32. The one thing we don’t know is WHY? So they do this rather than do what they promised us about 2019? Typical wargaming, make promises then make sure you don’t deliver them

  33. Hey,is this going to be only for a while like for this mission oor WoT are trying to bring back the classics in way that the user can choose which to download (the new updates or the old classic)

  34. Might just give this a go . Quit wot a year ago for many reasons but most of these reasons did not exist in v7 .. keen to try 1 more time in a td behind a bush

  35. Oh Man this is great! Gonna have some fun

  36. Its 29 of March and the Classic aint working xDDD

  37. April fool’s everybody the game doesn’t even work. haha

  38. they should do this for console as well i miss the old at2 and all the good maps

  39. kv1s plats everware.

  40. The original chaffee back at last, I cannot wait!

  41. Do you also still remember that at one point ARTY did only go up to Tier 8… ?? NO tier 9 or 10

  42. PLEASE DO SOME OLD FASHION PLATOON WITH JINGLES, just for the sake of it..

  43. oh, it seam ‘s that i have to give another chance to WOT, this weekend i will add some battles to the old 45k that i had before this year

  44. That’s great! I started playing World of Tanks around 2018. But to all players that are older then Jesus and have played like very old versions of the game…well have fun!

  45. They really desperate aren’t they.

  46. TFW you can’t play this because you don’t use windows…

  47. Does it also have the utter random shot distribution within the aim circle, that was there until 8.7? Or do they make use of the current sigma value?

  48. While it is all good and all, I will never forget what Sliphantom said. This is just a desperate attempt to bring back their playerbase because of this awful game balance they maid the modern World of Tanks into. They are hoping that the old guys, would want to play the ACTUAL game after this event. They know that their game is dying and this is their desperate attempt to bring back playerbase. Although I do think it is a good event.

  49. Awww yiss, time to play Arty again, back when it was fun

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