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World of Tanks. Today Zulerdien is going to give us a surprise in the form of the French SPG! A blast from the past 🙂

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  1. I play only with arty

  2. I’m more happy about the new arty system, altough having 2X3 arty in the game still ruins it. 1 should be enough, who cares if the skypigs have to wait a little bit longer. Also the miracle hits of your weakpoints while moving and turning didn’t disappear, since RNG is the same.

    I think that is worse than the arties…

  3. Old artylleries were better. This new are just about supporting.

  4. I prefer arty to play with and against now. The stun can be a pain, but doesn’t come close to being one shotted. As an arty player, the RNG of missing shots was frustrating as all hell. Now, at least, you’ll probably stun someone at least. All round improvement from a game play point of view.

  5. Christian Wintersig

    @QuickyBaby I played for nearly 5 years and i think Arty Was better back in the day, like non credits gold shells, or just one medkit. I think this Was much better, what do you mean?

  6. Actually i didn’t like the new modification for self prepared guns now… Its was good back in that day to have more damage in single shot,,,,

  7. if we can compare arty now with arty back!? Are you joking!? Fck it…. every B-C 155 55 player feels my pain when you deal 90-200 dmg/shot with a direct hit… and at least 10% of your shots are bounced, at least 45% of your shot misses with a perfect aim and another 10% you just shot a hazardous shot just because you don`t have skilled spotters…so what`s left!? If I do in a long game 3k dmg now with that TIER IX french artillery I consider myself lucky. Maybe this is the reason so many people stopped to play arty!?

  8. Arty WAS fun to play

  9. Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan! Juomat messiin.

  10. I love you QuickyBaby

  11. Alexander Stoyanov

    QB, please make a video about the moronic changes wg is planning to make to the Object 263 line

  12. B-C “Chuck Norris“ 155 58

  13. Nicolas Martin Garofalo

    Main reason why i left this game…

  14. 2016……I’m sorry that’s not the case anymore

  15. Arty are worse to play against because they fire more often and stun

  16. It’s easy to forget, that we used to have 5 arties in the game and while back in the day there was no stun, almost every shot ended in detrack anyway. You lost crew, tracks and on top of that majority of your hp.

    Stun is annoying but is not deadly by itself, if the enemy is not bright enough to use it to their advantage.

    I can live with the arty as it is today, especially when even a higher tier arty hits my lower tier for a tiny amount of dmg, whereas before I would be dead right away.

    There is however one thing that should be nerfed and that is tier 5 lefH.

  17. it brings back memories to me arty is pretty useless now 2 damage and 97 damage on 2 tanks with the object 260 is ridiculous

  18. WG made Artillery less random, but now it requires even less skill

  19. Massimiliano Carboni

    Some time ago arty wasn’t as annoying as it’s now. You spent the half of the time stunned and tracked!

  20. oh boy, the times when you could chat with the other team. Kudos to all xSOP players, good lads in those clans. Way to go, Finland!

  21. I prefer the old arty, I miss it :'(

  22. WG and its brilliant idea of introducing arty to the game,played few hours after a long break and guess what,I got fucked up by arty in every game and killed 16 times out of 20 battles. FUCK YOU WG AND FUCK YOU PUSSY CANCER ARTY PLAYERS, YOU JUST RUIN THE GAME

  23. imo arty feels worse now, its just way more annoying to play against…yes they wont oneshot you anymore, but they perma stun you all game because they rarely miss, especially if you have good stats, cause most arty players xvm snipe and dont care if there are more important targets to shoot…

  24. i miss all-chat…

  25. Arty is way worse now then it was than. Back then, you could use light cover to shield yourself and penetrating 1-shots were somewhat rare. Now Their ability to strike things behind light cover, ridiculous splash radius, more consistent damage and stun makes them even more annoying then ever before. I never liked these heavy luck based vehicles, you could park 2 identical SPGs in the same spot, have them fire on a non moving target and it’ll be a 50/50 chance for them to hit, if at all.

    Besides, arty is such an outdated concept in WOT these days. There is no point having these game breakers around anymore, especially with the Jap HTs. Need to dig an IS7 out from hull down cover? Type Pay-to-Win 5 heavy to the rescue.
    WG should just add a filter to allow players to choose if they want to fight arty or not.

  26. BTW QuickyBaby the game is listed as “World of Tank War Smasher” so you might want to change that 🙂

  27. I honestly think they should change the reward system……When you carry a team and win you shouldnt lose creds

  28. Arty was much more fun to play and play against back then. Now it’s almost guaranteed that you hit your target for ~400 dmg. I preferred getting occasionally one-shotted and one-shotting to getting constantly ticked off. The arty mechanics change served no-one.

  29. Udayakumar Ratnasabapathy

    he can only show blasts from the past arty replys cus now artys never have good games

  30. lmfao, the logic…..everyone hated how annoying the FV304 was, and now WG made all arties like the FV304, and stuns on top of the rapid rof, and people like it?

    Fun fact, the Obj 261 with the same 3 skill crew as my fv215b 183 only has a 1 second longer reload. The only real difference being that the 261 will shoot you from anywhere and stun you every shot every 25 seconds.

    Arty was far better back in the day, only the “shitters” constantly ate full pen shots because they would make themselves easy targets.

    And that is one epic arty game

  31. If I install xvm now, will I get that original secondary view, Yeah the one that is currently in game is smooth and stuff but… I more like the old one

  32. Achilles -Frozen Fire-

    I started playing WoT back in 2013 and I loved my obj. 261. After the removal of the AP shels i played this tank one more time and than retired it because it doesnt feel the same anymore.

    I also love playing My cromwell B nowerdays but i feel like its getting very frustating to get stunned over and over again. I never really cared about beeing oneshotted by arti back than but the stun gets really annoying because healling your crew every 90s is not enough to stay competetive in battle when t6 arty can shoot every 10 to 15s.

    If I had a choice I would play and receive arty like it was pre nerf!

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  33. French loves their auto loaders

  34. Péter Németvári

    the nightmare never ended.

  35. SPG is worse to play now and even worse to play against…maybe it was just better to take this class out of the game.

  36. I would much rather get one shotted than stunned

  37. artillery is still just as shit if not more so. Now it consistently fucks you over from across the map instead of occasionally

  38. I just don’t like Arty at all. The old Arty was annoying to play because of its accuracy. But you could get two shooted in a Tiger within 1 second.
    Nowadays Arty is horrible. You get hit by every shot and even the missing shots will stun you. A little fix would be removing artillery or just set a maximum of 1 Arty per battle, lower the stun effect and splash radius and get a higher reload. And start with a cost of 1.000-20.000 credits depending on the tier to prevent players to play Arty to get money

  39. For tank players artillery is better now. For artillery players it is worse.

  40. My CGC still throws nukes. Just now I can throw nukes more often. Fun when like 3 people or more get hit by my CGC even if I miss all of them.

    My 2 fav tanks(with prem shells) fv 183 and CGC. The Fv183 slams a nuke in your face and kills you.. The CGC slams a nuke miles away and still kills you and your friends.

  41. I definetely prefer the former arty gameplay. It was so much fun to deal 500-800 per shot just with splash damage.

  42. The old arty was way better because you didn’t have to depend on your tomato team to do dmg and protect you and you could actually do something . With all the super heavys and OP prem tanks in game now the old arty would balance them out

  43. i think arty was better back than…. i hate this new stunning effect 🙁

  44. tbh how much i hate arty, but i kinda prefer past version with no stun.

  45. In my opinion, the changes to arty were good and bad. As somebody who played arty a lot, i can say that the grade of frustration was way higher before the change, due to the bad accuracy and the high rng. Now though, i click into the game and i pretty much know what i will get which finally ends up being rather boring. With higher accuracy, higher splash but much less alpha and pen there is really nothing you can do wrong when playing arty. The MinMax of Arty was entirely taken away, which is not good in my opinion. Might be that they do now truly fulfill their role as support tanks, but they are without a doubt and by far the most boring class of vehicles to play atm. So yeah to summarise, i want the old artys back. (Even tho i drive tanks like the fv4005 stage 2)

  46. I liked it way better before.. now it doesnt make any sence

  47. Arty may be more annoying now, but I’ll take the slow death with at least a chance of fighting back rather than being one shot and getting jack shit out of the match.

  48. Arty is fun. And good arty can turn a heavily armored tank into a half crew/module dead easy to kill lump of steel, so even morons out in front can kill it.

  49. It is much worse because i play a lot of litely armored tanks. I hate the splash.

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