World of Tanks – Close

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Source: The Mighty

Today it’s all about the close matches. Some not actually that close, some pretty close indeed, some so close you couldn’t tell the difference between the winners and losers with a micrometer.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. That is not fair on the tiger p…
    If I have tried that shot that shot would never connected

  2. Holy damn I’m early
    Hi Jingles

  3. I can’t help but think of the phrase “come at me bro”

  4. Here we see very stronk jumpee Tenk, comrades.

  5. Jingles were are the “Good,Bad and Ugly” videos you’ve stopped making em Nooooo!!!!

  6. glad that coward got rekt at the end for trying to force a draw while the opponent had such a good game

  7. God, what is this video

  8. Wow the ending of this one was so tense

  9. 1) Tiger P would never make it back to his own cap if SU went capping – there are pleenty of bulidings to hide behind. 2) SU has worse view range but also terrible camo and I really doubt he had food equipped so SU would most likely overspot him even while on the move. Anyway nice nailbiting result 🙂

  10. Forgive me but yes I agree because quite frankly there’s no way it could get any closer.
    Regardless of the fact and when they did the console beta we literally had a 15 to 0 match in under 1 minute I believe the official time was 48 seconds on cliff

  11. Paul Stracqualursi

    As a console player I see folk lemming training far too often. Not only do they do that but they tend to not be able to take advantage of the additional #s. if you’re fortunate to be able to hold off the enemy on your side of the map, it will be just long enough for the enemy to encircle you.

  12. Well at least he/she is true to his/her name, he/she did Try Hard!

  13. Tryhardmuch a douchebag who want to command his team mates, and ping the map so the tactical use of ping gets ignored.

  14. Speaking of the miserable win, does the raider achievement still exist and has anyone ever got it?

  15. Holy crap a T110E5! Last time I played mine was like… A year ago? Thanks WG for making this tank crap and obsolete by adding the S. Conq I guess lol

  16. That burning plane just reminded me of WoWP’s existence.

    And it’s quite indicative of it, as well.

  17. Literlly in the second battle, a SU- 130PM did 3.5k damage in the 3 minutes that game took… You then say you have never seen a replay of the tank being played well?

  18. Jingles clearly hasn’t watched my SU 130 PM replays I sent him… SMH.

  19. Why can’t that tryhard idiot just concern himself with where he is on the map instead of sticking his nose into others? Hate people like that

  20. jingles: “I`ve never seen a good su130pm match”

    1 minute earlier: in the p.46 platoon game look at the su130pm on the enemy team.

  21. This could’ve been the shortest WOT video Jingles…

  22. I swear that first clip is literally the same with the first clip on an htc (alternative to skil) vid but the enemy team is doing it and its in south east asian server and i just watch that several videos before i watch this. De javu I’ve been in this place before…

  23. why there is no experience for capping? capture points?

  24. Close games still exist in this game?

    *Sees the first match.* Ah, and that is how the monkey’s paw would interpret a wish for more close games.

  25. 2AM vibing with Jingles 😀

  26. Actually Jingles, at 13:16, it was not a skorpion G who killed the t71 DA, but it was a regular old Scorpion.

  27. Just finished online school, good to watch some jingles and relax

  28. They come out about 6-9pm in Australia. Perfect

  29. Jingles this is why i have these gamemodes disabled.

  30. Jingles, how is the current pandemic affecting your daily salt mines outsource? Do you give a day off to the ones afflicted? Or simply whip them back into shape?

  31. “That would be a personal foul on Tiger (P) for not even trying so if the referee would please put 5 seconds back on the clock”
    Big difference from that WoWS video where the carrier would have won, bombs in the air and all when the victory timer clicked down.

  32. i have su allso. I ENJOY IT VERY MUCH. IS AN EXCELENT vehicle xD nice comentarry on the UDES xDDD

  33. игра понос.

  34. i thought he was going to miss xD

  35. Jingles im out TP, im gonna have to use WoT shirt. Now i know what ur thinking, isnt that what WoT is for?

  36. DankMemes&RuinedDreams

    I just ate some turkey on the use by date. This might be the last Jingles vid I watch

  37. Jingles, go to 6:12 and then reconsider what you said at 7:30.

  38. That UDES lolol!

  39. Jingles next video: World of Warships – Open

  40. Was a grand episode jingles, but how about some more beast gameplay?

  41. I wish warships had the same 5 second grace period after a battle ends, not so much for gameplay purposes, just so the last ship actually has a chance to explode rather than sort of lag then slowly bring up the results screen

  42. I disagree, I prefer a top loss over a bad win.

  43. He should have used his radar.

  44. Alexander Anderson

    8:42 Does Jingles have Snapchat? o.O

  45. It’s been too long since I’ve seen a Derpenberg video.

  46. 1:09 that aircraft. Normal people be like “yeah it’s cool, whatever”
    WOWS players be like “it’s … beautiful!”

  47. Lol 2 battles in 6 minutes. Still both battles by themselves last longer then I can

  48. T25/2 so actually T12.5?

  49. SU130PM has been for sale a couple of times.

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