World of Tanks – Clubbing

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In todays’ video Harapeko_Jaeger demonstrates two things I’ve never seen before in while at the same time demonstrating the shameless seal-clubbing that we’ve all seen countless times before.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Never happens in the NA server, but I’ve seen it in the SA server.

  2. honestly, im not watching these videos for mainly the game anymore. Im not playing the game the way i used to back in the day anyway, so why would i be invested enough to care, how much gold the dude fires, or at what tier hes playing. People that whine about that stuff need to get their fucking lives straite. Im watching these videos, because of the host. Jingles is entertaining, has a very calming voice, and thats why im tuning it. WoT has mostly gone to shit anyway. “New player experience” my ass, the game has far bigger issues than that. You dont have to apologize for showing something like this jingles. If someone hates your videos for what is shown, in the first place they have clearly other issues. Thank you for the content man!

  3. Why is gold spam even available at this tier?? Oh wait, Wargaming……

  4. Pretty sure Jingles that you have in fact seen a 15 kill game before, two I believe. A Pz2j and a Matilda 2, both on Himmelsdorf. And uploaded them as well.

    • White Supremacy

      yeah the pz2j replay by dez in pimmelsdorf. there should be a limit on games for lowtier tanks like that to eradicate sealclubbers.

  5. I’m pretty sure that a guy with 50,000 battles isn’t going to care about losing 32,000 credits. That’s not even a drop in the bucket for most long time players. Good video, keep up the good work.

  6. I don’t think 15 kills in a H35 is impressive, I think it is just lucky. Everyone drove infront of him except for the M2 light and half of the enemy team were bots who just sat still or drove in a straight line when they were being shot at

  7. LOL Thumbnail

  8. Wessel Badenhorst

    The freaken mouse wheel abuse do bother the shit out of me though!! Fkn hell, let me go sit in a darkened room for an hour and rest my eyes… Damn it.!!

  9. Plot twist: Harapeko_Jaeger programmed a bot to play their games for them, and each and every battle recording is sent to Jingles.

  10. That’s all well and good. But have you seen a 13 kill loss.

  11. Was a fun watch! Great video Jingles!

  12. moonmoonbirdcpt

    Actually jingles, I sent in a 29 kills game to you before, but you never looked at it.It was my maus vs 29 loltrackors

  13. Hey jingles, probably already said but, the Auz sub server on S.E.A is the only one I know of that has these “assistant bots” as I call em, they also have a way of distinguishing them from the normal players other than the double dot, they have a unique logo next to their name. The bots also have less pen (tried and tested) so it’s easier to fight against them for new players.

  14. Only sealcluber that contribute to the game, is teaching new player in a hard way….. actually I am one of them… not because of sealclubing but teaching enemy new players to be prepare what will come on next teir. But I dont just spam gold and kills them… I just chat with them XD

    And if I find another sealcluber I just showing no mercy to him/her

  15. The Trash Child

    Take a shot every time Jingles mentions his hesitancy to upload this video.

  16. sadly I’ve got to downvote this video simply because the person playing is a piece of seal clubbing scum, doesn’t matter that some of the players are bots, players like this only ruin games and ruin the experience for new players.

  17. Calling all seals its time to go clubbing

  18. wow 15 kill game vs bots….

  19. Silent Assassin Gamer

    This is one of the bullshit reasons I quit playing WoT without making it much past tier 5. Too many people with 5 digit games played come down to do that too frequently and it makes it really difficult to learn how to actually learn because what do you learn by getting your tank ripped apart by someone who’s played 50k games with gold ammo before you really have a chance to react? Absolutely nothing except that the low tiers are filled with people who have to make themselves feel better about having a small penis.

  20. Didn’t Jingles upload a Pz. 2J video once with 15 kills?

  21. Patrick Mundhenk

    I actually feel dirty just from watching this…
    I once had a nice carry on Tier 4 with my M5A1 Stuart along with a Marder 38T. I looked up that player after the match and he had about 35k games played, 8.5k alone in the Marder 38T…
    After about 12.5k games now, my most ever played tank is still the M5A1 Stuart with 335 games. I cannot fathom playing 8.5k games in one tank.

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  23. I, personally, don’t have a problem with seal clubbing. I recently discovered this about myself. I don’t mind kicking puppies, if it pays. Get good or get in line. Hehehe
    That being said, the question isn’t what a player can do to bots, it’s what the bots can do to a player?
    I’ve been learning about AI the last few days, and seeing the strides made in multilayer neural net programs is very interesting, especially in Canada. If Wargaming started using learning algorithms like these for their bots, pretty soon it will be the bots clubbing seals.

  24. Just shows how shit this game actually bicame.

  25. Robin van Rossum

    The Mighty Jingles your own replay contest tier 1-4 from 5 years ago had a Hetzer with 15 kills

  26. Disgraceful.

  27. Dislike to indicate my disdain for this arsehole in the H35.
    Thanks for the video Jingles but try not to make a habit of encouraging seal clubbing

  28. Looked up his stats. Actually, he has only played 200 battles in the H35. His Top 5 played tanks are a weird mix : 12,800 battles in the Marder 38T, 9,200 battles in the Pz 38 NA, 5,300 battles in the JgPz IV. etc. They are all decent tanks if played well, but not OP seal clubbing tanks. Reading the list, I think he has been more chasing WN8 rather than WR or seal clubbing. Those tanks typically get played badly by (mostly) new players AND they aren’t used by the low tier seal clubbers. As a result, his WN8 is sky-high in these tanks and at the same time I suspect the credit earning rate at lower tiers is surprisingly good with the short battle durations and low ammo/repair costs.

  29. Mighty Archimedes

    Disgusting, this guy gets no praise from me

  30. Everythin' Bunky

    Another shit turd seal clubber padding his stats. First time given you a Thumbs down Jingles. This guy is garbage.

  31. But there is the battletype Bots, as we can see in the uploadfile . Strange

  32. I actually couldn’t give a shit about sealclubbing your way to a 15 kill win. To me it’s like choosing the easy setting in any other game, winning and claiming you’re the top of the crops. Peons like that shouldn’t get promoted by having their video shown to the masses. Bad choice of video this time imo….

  33. That was like watching a train wreck and not being able to look away. Its looks better when someone derps around in a higher tier. Jokes aside that would turn lots of new players off. Imagine someone on their first day of playing and that shiny new tier 2 tank melts with no idea what just happened.

  34. WoWP on the NA server does that with bots. I haven’t had it happen in WoT yet. I’ve waited in queue for around 5-6 minutes before bailing.

  35. That`s why playerbase going downhill because of that type of player here in SEA server. I have a friend who reached tier5 but stopped playing, Reason? seal clubbers and unbalanced tanks

  36. Um…Jingles? NA server has half as many players as EU? On paper maybe. During a full out weekend event we are lucky to hit 25,000 during peak times. Even then, Wargaming’s bargain basement servers start to say the server is under a heavy load at 17,000. As for seal clubbing, there is a clan on NA where the commander has 17k games in a LeFH and 15k in a T67. Another has 9k games in his t-127. Just wish they would implement gated matchmaking, where players at low tiers are limited to facing players with similar numbers of games played. (newbies with newbies, seal clubbers with seal clubbers.)

  37. White Supremacy

    lol 64k credits ammo cost on tier2…scumbag.

  38. Scraping the bottom of a very dirty barrel there Paul. If you can’t do better than this then get back to making purses in Hello Kitty Online.

  39. POS player still

  40. so if most of the time you get bots in battle tier 1 to 5, so this guy gets this 3 MOE in his tier V without effort? i find that disgusting imo…

  41. You don’t have to load the gold if you only have gold

  42. You can also fight bots in random battles on wows

  43. Peter Rasmussen

    well gold amo is there to be used…

  44. Well i must say sealclubbing is fun but you should only do it when you lvling up a new tank :/

  45. I honestly dont mind if people shoot gold. If it is a part of the game then by all means use it. But playing lowtiers to make yourself apear better than you are for the stats? i think that is really nasty……

  46. bots are also in South American server too

  47. SurpriseBlue Viana

    Asian Server have boots in round battles in lower tiers…are you bihend a rock?? this old info Jingles

  48. Nothing to be proud of…

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