World of Tanks – Clutch

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Source: The Jingles

You'd be amazed at the places an ELC 90 can hide. Todays' hero certainly was.

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  1. The Raging Tanker

    The Hwk IGN is Oddballz. Any chance that is the War Thunder player or a wanna be?

  2. The more I watch his server reticle when he engaged the elc the more suspicious I get. looks like he dabbed a macro key for some aim boost.

  3. It wasnt just a clutch but a heart rate raising game.
    Almost thought dave is back tho

  4. Same tumbnail same tank same map

  5. I think the hwk player did actually know a bit about what he was doing. the hwk is more of a medium tank when compared to the elc. so i think he choose the right spot from the beginning.
    The hwk cannot outspot the elc on level field. so the way to go about it is sit in a bush and hope the elc drives into view range.

    • anotherknight75

      Agreed, he basically saved the game by working the bushes when the enemy team advanced into the base.

  6. You knome! or however you spell it. MOAR WARHAMMER!

  7. Haven’t played in years. From time to time I get tempted to try again, but then I see a replay and get reminded why I’m not playing anymore. The economy.

    • The sewage that is chat doesn’t help the game’s case much either. So unless I can convince two other fools to play regularily with me or try to join an active clan, there’s no way I’d be able to deal with it.

    • @Kal Taron I haven’t read that, but I understand. I play WoWs and there you can block abusive users right away in chat. No idea, if that’s possible in WoT.

  8. Thank you Sir

  9. Marianne Jensen

    Going there, will also get you spotted and destroyed within a very little amount of time. I have tried several times, didn’t turn out very well any of them.
    9:35 “last clip of standard ammunition loaded”? He had just fired it at the last known position on the enemy Even90
    Mocking, shit talking, and playing expert on others’ behalf has NEVER resulted in anything good. Play your own tank, and let your team mates play theirs, if you can’t be genuinely constructive. Like a player has to stop and think every now and then, of what they are doing, you should also think a little bit of what you are saying to your allies. There is a lot of people out there, who tries their best. Their lives sucks, but they are giving it their best. The last thing ANYONE would need in their situation, is getting loads of shit from the rest of the team. So I understand the HWK’s frustration of all this
    Maybe THAT, was why he threw away those shots by that ridgeline

  10. Jaqui Greenlees

    I wasn’t surprised at where the elc was hiding, I saw the honest Gaming clip. you can hide an elc under a leaf.

  11. I think I have 8 Fadin’s medals. Good game.

  12. Great vid

  13. War Gaming and T10 earnings.. what a fuck up

  14. 9 times out of 10 im having a bad one

  15. Combat Ineffective

    As much complaining against the HWK as there was, the ELC Even 90 lost the game for the other team, or at least cost them the draw.

  16. I hope you’re having a good one too bossman

  17. Jari Heimoluoto

    Im actualy considering to get this tank just because its not a horrible grind to get. Yes t69 has really poor ammo but i think i can make it work. It is worth to mention that the shitty armor is actualy less of a problem now with all the gold flying in tier 10 games.

    • T69 has some of the worst gun handling stats you’ll experience on anything that isn’t a derp auto-loader. Combine that with the powercrept penetration, and you won’t accomplish as much as you might think.

  18. Damn a genuine Fadin’s medal plus a clutch on the last seconds of the battle. Very nais

  19. Sorry but Tiger 2 is a great tank when did you last play it? Stock it isn’t great but fully upgraded awesome tank 3 marked it in 126 games!!

    • Shamsiel Shahar

      Jingles isn’t really playing WoT anymore. Last time I believe he played was the 1.0 update so it’s either he knew the buff but forgot about it or didn’t know it at all.

  20. Great Vid, Thanks!

  21. My god I didn’t realize this game was still going…2 players left, Jingles and Quicky!

  22. Marine_Tank_Leader went and got his Teabag after.

  23. Not only a rare Fadin’s medal… An even more rare LEGIT Fadin’s medal.

  24. T-28 had the 120mm gun, recognizable by the single baffle muzzle brake, just low rolled as hell.

  25. “Violently American

  26. A. Scott Bennett

    WOT economy is HORRIFIC!!!

  27. Talk about that Marine Tank Leader guy, someone was butt-hurt that match.

  28. Why don’t players buy equipment when it’s half price? I have something like 300 large repair kits in store. Save 10k credits a time.

  29. “Tiger II is not a great tank at best of times” like bro you completely lost it, tiger II is the best tier 8 tank I played so far, you just suck at driving it. You have to keep opponents at a distance and your excellent gun will just tear them apart.

  30. JakeTheTankmaster

    The T69 and stock T54E1 almost made me quit grinding for the T57

  31. Astonished by the places an ELC Even 90 can hide. Unless you’ve seen 06Wallst play it.

  32. That big mouth complainer did less damage than the “terrible scout”. The Hawk did fine. Fabulous? Maybe not, but he hung in there and spotted when the base was overrun and certainly could have killed the ELC with a shot or a ram. After all the crap he took from the Marine Tank Groot A-hole, it’s no wonder he tried.

  33. Losing credits with premium account, is Russian math.

  34. Arne Pietruszewski

    Even 90 can hide in the weakest bushes and you still need to proxy spot him cause you will not see him otherwise.

  35. Unsurprisingly the overly critical Shit Picker TVP was mediocre

  36. DAVE…… DAVE HIS NAME IS DAVE!!!!!! Jingles his name is DAVE!!!!!!!

  37. Bernhard Dierolf

    Jingles, I love you and your vids, but this time you are getting several facts wrong:
    The Tiger II is not stock at all, as you can see at the flat turret front (stock one is rounded), lilace99 is not using the fully decked out T57, fire extinguisher instead of rations, you can get the reload down to 21.01 secs (not 22) and the dispersion down to 0.27 and the T28 has the 120 mm gun (the 105 looks much smaller and what someone down the comments said about the muzzle break). ANd as of the buff last year, the Tiger II is not as bad as you said – but that’s a matter of opinion 😉
    Have a good one!

  38. Is this the first Fadins medal gained without fighting afk tanks?

  39. I remember when I got a Fadins medal in my 183. It was a 1 v 1, where, if I missed I lost

  40. THIS is an honest Fadin’s Medal. What is HIGHLY annoying (not this battle), are those who are the last tank on their team and empty their ammo at nothing as they KNOW they can achieve a Fadin’s Medal when they inevitably find the final enemy tank and kill it with their last shot. I consider those “stolen valor” medals, and when I see it happen or find someone who tends to drive Tier X vehicles and has a “string of Fadin’s Medals”, I do not give them the respect that Ace *EARNED* in this battle.

  41. Jingles, have you considered revisiting Mechwarrior Online? It’s receiving reasonably significant updates now
    It’s comparable to WOT in some aspects, and it doesn’t gouge you for money left and right

  42. This all could have been avoided if he spent the time from 12:34 to 14:10 driving to the cap rather than sitting around literally doing nothing. Obviously it wouldn’t have been as interesting, but most people don’t deliberately throw games to have a close ending and risk losing like that. If that ELC wanted it, that would have been the easiest draw of all time.

  43. I have 3 Fadin medals all gotten with my arty

  44. [Content Deleted]

    Tiger II wasn’t stock lol

  45. Gunslinger SATX

    The “pay to play” bullshit that World of Tanks adopted is why I don’t play anymore after starting out with the public beta

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