World of Tanks – Cold War

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Source: The Mighty

Is it just me or is it a bit cold in here all of a sudden?

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  1. As for tank games… What about “Gunner, HEAT, PC”? Still work in progress, but looks promising so far…
    No premium shop whatsoever, no grinds (all start with full tank and equal crews), pretty much no RNG, no artillery…

  2. When the fv killed the S conquer I was watching the AMX 50 B, My in-game name is anderton_2008 for those detectives in the comment section.

  3. I shouted “No!” Very loudly when the Deathstar sneaked the shot under the wreck

  4. Imperial Guardsman

    Commenting on every jingles video until he uploads a new assassins creed odyssey video part 10

  5. Borat reference made me lmao

  6. It appears as jingles said, i’m dead from neck up.

  7. Mr Jingles, ever heard the conversation between Mannerheim and the big H from Germany?

    And perhaps you could perhaps explain a bit more about the war in Finland….Why did the Soviets invade in November 1939?
    Were they a threat to the Soviets and if so, how?

    • Simply put, the Winter War was part of Stalin’s broader expansionist agenda – ties in with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the division of Poland. There are some amazing David and Goliath stories from the conflict – well worth reading more on. One unintended consequence was the embarrassing bloody nose the Soviet forces got contributed to Hitler gaining increasing confidence he could rip up the Pact and conquer Russia. And that decision (and the ensuing failure of Operation Barbarossa), arguably more than the entrance of the US into WWII, was what sealed the fate of the Third Reich.

    • That is WWIII politics. No, FInland was not a threat but the Russians had split up Europe with their frenemies the Germans, and they demanded more space (I was tempted to use the German word there). Of course, once Finland was attacked that _did_ become a threat, especially once Germany turned on USSR and attacked. Well, not so much a threat as a small nation successfully defending themselves against one of the two big bullies of the Axes (who did in turn ask the Allies for help at that point). So the Russians (technically at that pont USSR) did “win” the war and demanded retribution from the country they attacked.

      Messy? Of course. Dirty? O yeah! It is politics in wartime after all.

      The side effect of all this?

      Finland had the sales channels into USSR for the whole of the cold war, and what was initially paying extortion money did turn into a money making opportunity when the communists started lacking in technical development. The price of course was that NATO and the US never quite saw Finland as part of the West, but things did work out ok.

    • @57thorns right.

      So basically a shitload of crap.
      If you believe history as it has been told ofcourse.

      I dont, sorry.

      I find it quite amusing how a British Historian was jailed for what he wrote.
      Kinda gives me some food for thought.
      Like in: Why was he jailed for what he wrote? What did he write?

      Fact is clear: We know more about mr H from Germany than we know about the Russian Revolution, the Bronsteins aka Trotsky’s who took over power in Russia but werent even Russian to begin with…….

      So in that sense Solzhenitsyn was right.

      But i get it: the majority must believe in certain fairy tales, while it all is not that complicated if you look into it a bit more.
      Its all done to get certain people more power and wealth and secure not only a position in the countries they were living in, but also a state to make sure the idea is kept alive.
      An idea which plunges the rest of humanity in wars, fake wars, based upon bullshit.

      Just an opinion.

    • @57thorns ps: have you or mr Nick heard the conversation between H and Mannerheim? This socalled secret recording?

    • @bertjesklotepino If you are referring to the trial of David Irving, and the history you don’t believe is that millions of Jews were murdered by the Third Reich, then I’m afraid we are going to have to disagree quite strongly. Apologies if I have misinterpreted, but I can think of no other British historian that recieved a custodial sentence for what he wrote. Good luck to you and stay healthy.

  8. Just commenting to push the viewer engagement

  9. that was a pretty great one, very entertaining

  10. The word clenched comes to mind when watching the 2nd replay.

  11. This is what i call a good quicky hhh:
    -is it already ?
    -yeah off to work.
    Simple good things 101 xd

  12. Finnish, or as I like to call it: Perkelese.

  13. 10 minutes and probably hundreds of games for that one shot.

  14. OMG I was sweating by only looking at this second battle. That was a heavy labor.

  15. Ya, all 2 of the Finns! Jesus there are like only 17 of them.

  16. Gotta love that fat guys clan name especially since its November

  17. The male Doom turtles brawling for territory found that they were immune to each other’s Death-snoot, and decided to have a go like walruses

  18. I think this might be my first “actually, Jingles”…

    Actually, Jingles, Mannerheim was not a Finn, he was Finland Swedish (I’m not sure exactly which translation is preferred). Definitely Finnish, and thus serving in the Russian military until independence, but also ethnically Swedish (with a German surname).

  19. That Obj 140 game was a typical Jackie Chan WOT gameplay. And, 140 did he’s own stunts also.

  20. I think, that Mannerheim was the only Swede who helped Finland in war. Just sayin.
    Greets from Finland.

  21. That was a great way to wake up! 😁

  22. Big respect to That Fat Guy’s situational awareness. Instead of focusing in on the target in front of him he did an outstanding job checking his surroundings and engaging incoming targets.

  23. Scott Drone-Silvers

    That was an excellent demonstration of close artillery support in the second video. Great match by Fatguy – and one of the more intense matches I think I’ve ever seen.

  24. Definitely worth watching until th end.

  25. Nah you get a thumbs down for that first match.

  26. ah Jingles… makes us watch an entire game to see one RNG shot

  27. Goddamn that last match was intense


    That’s an interesting interjection Jingles. 🤣😂

  29. 13:13-13:17

    No it did! That was an incredible game! My commiserations to That Fat Guy’s talent. Bonus points to your name, it was exquisite to hear Jingles say that! Hahaha!

  30. The second part is like my favourite porn played fast forward ~ XD

  31. is there even a finnish audience for the english gnome?

  32. That Fat Guy burned off so many calories in that battle he needs to rename himself. Cheers

  33. i am swedish, and for me Mannerhiem is not a swedish name at all it to be hounest for me sound more as a german name, but true he was more or less swedish 🙂

  34. That was an epic furball/knife fight in an elevator.

  35. Well, you really gave a good history lesson, until you came to the last name of Mannerheim, which is in fact German, not Swedish. The Mannerheims did emigrate to Sweden in the late 1600’s from Germany.

  36. Was that second match on the Russian server?


  38. that fat guy is nimble for his size

  39. The Deathstar shot was cool…that second match was absolute chaos. Wow. Came close to that in WoWS with my Omaha. Cleared an entire back line and both CV…but I died. Still, I had the adrenaline pumping and chaos reigned.

    I about died laughing at 2 turtles fighting and one trying to drown the other. Video game irony.

  40. Whoever designed the Mannerheim Line map has obviously never been there. Waay too mountainous!

  41. Muhammad Waqas Khan

    Jingles, when are we going to watch you playing WoT?

  42. That second match was so intense to watch as his div mate it was like jumping off a cliff for five minutes

  43. “I’m a big Fat killer ballerina!”

  44. That friendly DoomTurtle was kind of robbed.

  45. It’s a well-known fact that Finland is a bilingual country, not unlike Canada! Sweden is an official language alongside Finnish and there’s a sizeable Swedish-speaking minority (especially the aristocracy at that time) in Finland, especially in the archipelago and coastal regions. GCE Mannerheim was from that Swedish-speaking aristocratic background and only learned Finnish at a later time.

    BTW: it’s pronouced “Manner-heym”, not “Manner-hime”

  46. The T95 did zero damage from the end results screen…shame…

  47. I mistook the title for Gold War at first, still fits though.

  48. 06:50. Done that. In fact I have done that underneath a live team mate high chassis tank. Everyone freaks out over it.

  49. When did Jingels stop playing WoT? Does anyone know which is the last video that he was actually playing?

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