World of Tanks || Comet – 1 vs 8

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today _EnRai_ is going to put up the fight of his life in the T7 British medium the Comet as he attempts to go 1 vs 8.

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  1. i dont know how there are still people who dislike this video…. i mean
    that was quite a respectable game

  2. Oh no, please stop this aimbot sh*t replay. Turn him OFF!

  3. OMG i just installed 9.13, and i saw the comet looked a bit different, and
    i look up the new HD armor model on tanks GG, and what do i see, it got
    nerfed to crap, unbelievable :(

  4. Tremendously good play thx!

  5. Pavel Mičan (SirGlorg)

    wou, this was one of the most consistent gameplays I’ve ever seen. Huge
    congratulations to *EnRai* for his performance in his comet.

  6. … and the one everyone wants..the Kolabanov’s medal – is now a catch


  8. Wow, with all these negative comments I bet QB wonders why he bothers half
    the time.

  9. i called this russian players XD

  10. Quicky, can you do a draw my life?

  11. GG for aimbot, 9:05 .

  12. 85 mm on t43 is maybe better

  13. 04:15 exactly why I stopped playing this game. Completely insane.

  14. I’m so glad that this wasn’t a heartbreaker. When I see genuinely good
    players slammed in the face at the end by invisible artillery and they lose
    an epic carry, it pisses me off.

  15. You still think ‘cancer research’ money goes to cancer research? hahahaha,
    dude, we have the internet these days and all the information you need to
    figure out its a con.

  16. EnRai great job! I am currently on the covenanter, this game inspired me to
    keep grinding! Quickybaby great video as well

  17. I got 6 kills in a T9 match in my comet on the same map only did about
    3,000 though.

  18. Poor Pz iv he was doing the best he could!

  19. +QuickyBabyTV I hope Jingles will be able to join you this Thursday. Miss
    your platoon with Jingles

  20. This is Fantastic!!!!! Finally a super nice replay that make me shout out
    for this player!!!

  21. Artillery. It discourages camping.

  22. Is there a mod with the sounds you/people get with the different sound and
    language in tanks? american, chines ect?

  23. what, no 3th mark of excelence? pretty hard to get if this aint enough

  24. I normally don’t comment, but I have to say that this is a fantastic
    replay. I don’t play WoT anymore, but the amount of skill and knowledge of
    mechanics that EnRai used in this match was fantastic. Granted, the enemy
    team made some mistakes, but he used his experience and skill to absolutely
    punish them for it and capitalized on it, especially that part when he was
    pinned at the coast. Well played.

  25. Why don’t we saw replays like this in replay contest? We saw T10 tanks
    firing nothing but gold, no matter what the target is. I don’t blame using
    some gold when it is needed. But…you know.
    But this replay was awesome, ammo, cold head, skillfull driving, camo etc.
    Just look at Like/disslike ratio

  26. i mean -12 gun depression? it only says -10

  27. how come when i look at the specs of the comet its only -10 arc not -14?

  28. wow this replay was good and very tense

  29. awesomedude7128 Gaming

    Hey QB when is the results for logo and intro contest going to be in? 🙂
    Thanks for being the best wot youtuber btw…

  30. +QuickyBabyTV I liked your video a lot. Glad to see that you are still
    posting videos of your favorite tank. I’m excited to get my Comet soon.
    Just unlocked the Cromwell. My Xbox friend would bash the Comet all the
    time, but I knew for a fact that it is a wonderful machine. Congrats on the
    300k love your content. Glad you stick to your guns. Keep calm can carry

  31. You call that awesome view range? That’s like the t20s base view range. I
    personally run my baby, the t20 with optics do I have 429m view range all
    the time. Man I love the t20

  32. way better than the last E100 one.

  33. I think it was the M41Hmc that removed 818 hp off the comet. Thinking that
    that m41 does 700dmg a shot, it’s likely that it roled high. If it was the
    M12, It would’ve done over a thousand damage (1250 dmg/shot)

  34. That was some true skill my friends 🙂 replay that makes you want to play
    and try to be better. And from green player with only 51% winrate. Cant
    find the words really.

  35. Great Comet fight, for me the Comet was the tank I wanted to love but
    absolutely hate purely because it’s tier 7 and as such it falls into the
    miserable tier 7-8 bracket where it is almost worthless as bottom tier. It
    wouldn’t be so bad but it feels like most games I play in my meds I will be
    bottom tier which is why I think tier 9 is the sweet spot.
    Anyway well played by this guy he had a super cool head on in this game.

  36. jesus again the fucking comet

  37. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    hey quickybabay do you think you could try to make a gameplay kinda review
    of the T-10 gindin the js 7 and need some tips. if its possible thanks:)

  38. Lol “Super Unicum”

  39. He didnt even need APCR for the 122-44 if you have more than 130mm of pen
    just shoot the spot with the tracks on the front underneath the gun

  40. Really great game, Absolutely flawless. Its a shame that this guy didnt get
    a prize.
    Just take the price away from that e100 donkey and give it to this guy.

  41. This guy is really really good

  42. That was some of the best work I have seen in WoT. His use of ammo, his
    positions, his decisions, and his knowledge of the map and enemy tanks is
    just great.

  43. Hey quickybaby thanks for putting out videos everyday for a couple weeks i
    really enjoy watching them

  44. Umm I know this is a random question but is the T-43 (Soviet) a good tank?

  45. there is almost always a way to win no matter what

  46. when do you pick the new intro?

  47. This replay deserves the Type 59 to be honest 😉
    Edit: Not for the use of the premium ammo, just for the gameplay

  48. He was soooo lucky that that Firefly bounced

  49. i don’t want to talk about that arty…

  50. I dont know about anyone else, but side scraping in my tiger works pretty
    well most of the time. only becomes a problem when they shoot HE at the
    sides. Maybe im just getting lucky.

  51. This is the most beautiful replay I’ve seen.

  52. the death toaster xD

  53. Good replay, I submitted a Comet replay recently as well, it was my very
    first kolobanov’s.

  54. Shame the Comet is getting a nerf, and the T29 is getting a buff next

  55. Death Toaster rofl

  56. this was so epic!
    Lovely tank indeed :D

  57. Very well played, just didn’t like the overusage of HE ammo and the initial
    play against KV-3, he had the viewrange advantage, kv-3 had stock turret
    with very poor view range, he could’ve shot him without getting spotted,
    insted he got closer to him and got spotted, but I guess if you have 11
    kills it’s hard to think about everything :)

  58. Ammo choice using gun depression knowing when to hide how to use bushes
    long range fights against heavies fooling firefly..This replay was just
    real good.Fantastic replay!

  59. show more Ru 251 games <3

  60. OMG this has been such an awesome replay!!!!!! Even though I have
    subscribed you for a long time, but this really motivate me to leave a
    comment. I would just like to say thank you to you QB, you made my day by
    sharing so many incredible replays. I’m currently facing the hardest time
    in my life, your videos are my motivation to stay strong after I pass my
    final IB exam.

    Thank you :)

  61. Just to clarify this was a replay from patch 9.12 which is way after the
    competition closed, half way through 9.10, and thus wasn’t eligible to win
    a prize.

    If you wanted “pure”, “deserving” 300k winners then frankly you guys should
    have played better and submitted better replays because I’ve watched
    hundreds and hundreds and am showcasing the best entries.

    A player could get 15 kills in a T10 game using a T1 tank while the entire
    enemy team are super unicorns and still be accused of playing an OP
    vehicle, firing premium rounds, getting good RNG and making mistakes thus
    deeming them unworthy.

  62. Who Is the returning guest? IK, or Jingles?

    Oh pls be Jingles

  63. Wow thx QB best replay on your Channel in 2015 I think!

  64. Thx Quicky for this video, I think this is honestly your best video ever !!
    Not spoiling the end of the battle was so kind from you, i litteraly jumped
    off my chair and bit my fingers while this was happening xD !

  65. firefly is tier 6 not tier 5

  66. Hey Quicky, Im trying to grind Marks on my T-44… what equipment loadout
    would you personally use in such an endeavor? Im running vents, vert stab
    and rammer but maybe you have glorious insight that I dont possess. Thanks

  67. Very nice replay, but the M41 did not shoot him once during the whole game.
    Maybe this guy did not even know how to go into arty view XD

  68. +QuickyBabyTV I have to say; I love almost all ur replays QB, but this is
    the best one I’ve seen in a long time. wp Comet. beautiful. So why no 300K?
    this one deserves it the most

  69. Why was that arty not shooting earlier? If I was fighting that Churchill
    and toaster, I would have been nuked by arty. He is very lucky this arty
    was not very good player and he didn’t shoot him.

  70. Played like a Unicum!Very good shooting,good Movement and Taktik too.
    One of the best Replays i see this Year.Big THX!

  71. Jingles ?

  72. this tank plays alot like the tier t34.
    when using the 57mm zis 4. exactly how i play the t34 as shown in the vid
    ….so yeah im might gind this tank

  73. Good replay. very well played

  74. world of tanks community has to be one of the whiniest of all, especially
    when it comes down to gold ammo.

  75. extremely below average player is able to do 818 damage to a skilled player
    while on the move without any risk to themselves, but arty is fun for
    everyone, right guyS?

  76. Inconspicuous Quasar

    I always try to see the hero as a fascist dictator

    it never works though

  77. This was so much better than watching an E100 herp derp around with HEAT
    hoping the enemy screws up.

  78. Why do you sound so echoey? it’s been like that for several videos? did you
    change recording software, or did you get a new mic?

  79. I hate to see american SPG when I am playing comet

  80. Yaaaas!!! Jingles and Ike streams again! Trip down memory lane.

  81. The E100 before vs this Comet = the difference between a good result and a
    good game.

  82. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    Damn, what a game!!!

  83. I love to play comet too

  84. Again a replay were only the stupidity of the enemy made this guys day. IDK
    why the M41 HMC didnt shoot at him when he was challenging the MK 7 at the
    water. He would only have to splash him to kill him. So that was just luck
    and not skill.

    And no, I couldn’t play better than this. Just saying that it was mainly
    the enemies fault that the guy did so well.

  85. +quickybabytv saw this video earlier on a world of tanks replay channel,
    clicked on this video. saw the start and name of the guy knew it was the
    same match, this guy either got really luck or is a true beast in the comet
    🙂 & the comet is by far my favourite tank in the game. hands down if you
    know how to play it, it’d a beast

  86. I love watching you do videos on this tank. Such a showman with it.

  87. Very well played! I still disagree with the amount of HE shells he chose to
    bring, but it worked out this time pretty well.

  88. that juke against the firefly… good job man, you’re the boss

  89. Master-class gameplay in the Comet. Well done!

  90. Great game, outplayed a bunch of dudes. Only questionable play was leaving
    the hill when he did, I’d say he made it work though.

  91. Now this was a great match, Sir this was simply awesome, even that luck was
    not him, he showed excelent skill,camo knowign,bush tactics, physics, ammo
    choice, tank spots, he simply earned it by his own, and that is a kind a
    replay what should be called: BEST REPLAYS

  92. well played, well played :)

  93. Not a fan of Prem shells at all but you can not argue with that reply, he
    used prem but only when he needed to due to the weak pen on Comet. Epic
    game well played.

  94. I recently got the Comet and I think Its becoming my favourite tank too!!
    QB keep up the great video’s :)

  95. Wonder if WG will ever pull their heads out of their ass and do something
    about arty… probably not, it’s WG after all.

  96. chiter

  97. must be one of the best game plays ever ???

  98. The m41 hmc hit him. The shell penetrated and the m41 hmc has an average
    damage of 750 whereas the m12’s (assuming he has the better gun) average
    damage is 1250, that would of one shot the comet.

  99. This guy was lucky that this HE shot didn’t ruin his modules or wrecked the
    crew. Nice skill tho. Much better than E-100 player.

  100. that ‘terrible’ 148mm of penetration…. meanwhile here I am in the
    VK30.02d with 132mm (88) and kv13 with 144mm 🙁

    most t7 meds have it though

  101. I would love to see the chat on this game lol.

  102. How didnt this guy get mastery badge? Not even 3, 2 or 1???

  103. Lovely game! Great use of the Gun depression And agility of the Comet!

  104. I would take a t20 over a comet

  105. in the gameplay is you ? ye

  106. THIS is the type of game we like QB!

  107. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Best replay in some time.

  108. 12deg gun depression?? Wow i want that tank, i have the tier 6 british med
    but stock, and the fack thet i love the T34 (t8 prem) i have a 2 soon 3
    skilled full crew for it and i love the way that the american tanks fight
    so get the comet or the T29 first? I have the tier 6 british med and the
    tier 5 american med in the heavy line. What do you say experienced players?

  109. Did the guy NOT have sixth sense?

  110. To those complaining about this replay not making it into the 300k replay
    contest, it’s because this match was played well after the deadline for the

  111. The Panzer IV H was like the wizards assistant xD

  112. This was Brilliant play, so much knowledge of his tank, his ammo and
    terrain use.
    one small mistake when he went to far in the kv-3 but luckily i didnt went
    wrong, this was a true fight.

  113. Wow. Just wow.

  114. I side-scrape well with my Tiger in tier 7

  115. wow a pools and kolobanovs

  116. what a wonderful game! personally, I like this one way more than the
    300k-replays. he got extremely lucky to avoid that arty shell in the end,
    especially since arty gets more and more accurate in shotgun mode the worse
    the arty player is (got shotgunned by an M41 HMC in my Chaffe after dealing
    2k dmg today…) :D

  117. Just got the comet gona see how friendly it is to me cause im not tooooooo

  118. lol K2 c’est la même vidéo xD

  119. Sometimes I really believe that SirFoch and QB watch each others’ vids.
    Like if u know what I’m talkin about :P

  120. QuickyBaby what are you DOING!? Why on God’s green Earth did an M44
    spamming HEAT win as opposed to this guy? I’m EXTREMELY disappointed. I
    genuinely want to hear your reasoning behind this guy not being a winner,
    please do enlighten me in the comments.

  121. Matthew Tomlinson (TheNaughtyEwok)

    I’m buying this back on Xbox One!

  122. Impressive but very lucky with autolock and fire on the move

  123. The M12 was not the one that hit him for 818… It’s minimum penetrating
    damage roll is 937, and it’s maximum non-penetrating roll is 781 (Assuming
    you manage… somehow… to fail to penetrate a zero armor zone). It was
    the M41 HMC slamming him with a penetrating HE shell. The M41 HMC managed
    883 damage and one kill (Jagdpanther) with one hit and one splash hit.

    The Jagd gets killed at 11:49 (3:15 in the video, can be seen through the
    team list on the left side) taking 65 damage from the M41 HMC… combined
    with the 818 damage that Enrai took at the start of the match, that’s 883
    damage accounted for.

  124. Looool ?

  125. Really nice replay. Beautiful game. I really like the fact that he seemed
    to be so calm through the whole game. Also this replay showed us once again
    how fair and balanced artillery is.

  126. Lol why wasn’t this the 300k winner???

  127. Yay a much better replay than the last two were!. Some real talent here!
    Fun and exciting to watch!

  128. I kinda already knew where the arty was gonna be, especially when I
    realized he was a potato player.

  129. TY Quickybaby and Kieffer et koukof for this replay

  130. Finally a good replay! This kind of skills deserve to win 300k competition!
    Not noobs in OP tanks shoting gold!

  131. Well lovely match but I have to comment the end 🙂 Since Comet was below
    arty he was in a safe position. Arty guns have an awkward effect that any
    usual gun has: first half of the range it shots upper than you aim. Any gun
    does that, but arty does it big time 😀 No opponent that was 1 or 3 degrees
    below me, did I managed to shotgun. So Comet was in a safe position there.
    Shouldn’t even sweat. I play 2-3 matches of arty per day so I know 🙂 I’m
    sure that arty was so frustrated for not shotgun that guy :D

  132. This guy had some really lucky moments but it was also justified, I noticed
    he bounced a lot of his shells at some.. uncomfortable moments, that was a
    really well played game :P

  133. I was driving the Jagdpanther in this game (second on damage but still less
    than half what Enrai managed). Never imagined given how the game started
    that it would end up a win. Needless to say I sent Enrai my heartfelt
    congratulations afterwards by PM. Absolutely fantastic result!

  134. he played amazing but rly should have been dead if arty had any brain, I
    know I would have been dead knowing my luck with arty XD…nontheless great

  135. This guy should have won something in the 300k competition. Not the E-100
    and that M44

  136. 3 words….grace under pressure.

  137. wow. finally a guy that has some skill. this should be a type59 winner.

  138. I am one of the best Comet Players in the World 🙂
    But this replay wasnt that bad

  139. one of the best games i’ve seen in a long time. Brilliant stuff Enrai.

  140. battle with is-7

  141. Is it so hard to let the camera locked in?

  142. Napoleon Blownaparte

    Awesome game!

  143. Once again a pay-to-win replay. E100 replay was pay to win, m44 replay was
    Fuck these gold rounds and gold consumable fuckers with a broomstick,
    Quickybaby needs to stop showcasing them.

  144. Very good match. Far, far better than all of the 300k winners, except for
    the T110E5 replay.

  145. good round. In that round ithink the gold ammo was worth it.

  146. 04:16 that’s that scum EnRai rebalanced good and proper for camping!

  147. I recently joined a clan for the first time. I was having fun in team
    battles/strongholds until i noticed the commanders of my clan seemed to
    predict enemy movements perfectly. I asked if they were using the
    desctructible object spotter mod (wich i had read about and shows the
    location of unspotted enemy tanks that destroy things like walls/trees) and
    they confirmed this. Their reasoning was that it’s not forbidden on the Eu
    servers and most clans on the Eu server use this in teamfights so you need
    it to be competitive. I won”t name the clan since alot of clans are doing
    this howerver i can not continue to play in that clan knowing they are
    using mods that basicly are cheats. These kind of mods are forbidden on the
    Russian and American servers but wargaming europe has not a single listed
    forbidden mod meaning you can basicly use evrything you want (aimbots,
    maphacks,…). Quickybaby as one of the largest wot personalities in Europe
    you have the power to influence wargaming EU. I would ask of you that you
    use your influence to get some attention to this problem that is currently
    affecting competitive and casual games on the European servers.

  148. This guy was far better than the E-100 in the last video.

  149. Hey QuickyBaby i was wondering if u could answer a question for me? On the
    console website for world of tanks it keeps giving me this message, and im
    i haven’t typed anything

    Login failed
    A World of Tanks account has not been found linked to this Xbox Live
    account. Log in to World of Tanks on your console using your Xbox Live
    credentials; then log in to with the same
    credentials. If you have any trouble logging in, please contact our
    Customer Service Center.

    I dont know if you or any one can help but thank you any way.

  150. 12 degrees??? wow, i dont knew it :O

  151. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    what a monster game

  152. Give this man the 300k gift
    Not those gold spammers

  153. That was an amazing replay! Really skillfull driving.

  154. Who do you think is gonna join qb on thursday Ik or jingles?

  155. 1v8 and quickybaby isn’t the one driving

  156. what’s the best British tank I should start researching in?

  157. dayum, the skillz

  158. In this game a 145 average penetration gun hardly never bounced with
    regular ammo! So this is a replay I am going to watch over and over – I
    need to know where to hit and how to get my angle on the opponent.

    Notice his fight with the Firefly? (The Firefly is a tier 5 chassis for a
    tier 6 tank with a tier 7 gun that often finds itself in tier 8 games!) The
    Firefly shot bounced off this Comet at a crucial point in this battle. I’ve
    had battles like this in Firefly where I cannot just sit back and snipe bc
    gun accuracy isn’t really effective at this, and there’s no allies close by
    the enemy so I have to lead the assault. Then in close quarters combat I
    cannot penetrate another equal tier medium and I lose.

    Fighting with 17lb gun in tier 7 games I have often used prem ammo to
    penetrate 250mm (or more) of armour , for example: the FV201 A45 v T29 –
    both hull down; and in FV201 A45 firing down from that hill in Malinovka on
    a JP88. My gun has maximum penetration of 214 with regular ammo, and I have
    not got a clear shot on the weaker armour plates. Both of these players
    complained: “Goldnoob” after they were knocked out.

  159. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    Are you serious?! Just tell me WHY you are putting in description that this
    is ,,Fight of his life”?! Do you really think that is possible to compare a
    game with life? Think about it…

  160. More like 1 vs 1, repeatedly, but still great job.

  161. But 17th is Star Wars release!! THE DECISON!

  162. Arty ruins excellent late games like these.

  163. This guy should have won a Type 59. Much better game than the 300k winner.

  164. special guest? Must be jingles for sure

  165. how many times did the m41 fire at him while he was humiliating his

  166. This guy should have won the 300k sub contest (instead of that E100 firing
    gold overan’overan’over) Great replay !

  167. please give the tog love

  168. Would love to see the chat in this one

  169. Qb, you said Raseiniai wrong again :/

  170. hory shit! i’d love to see chat

  171. Really solid game, but I have to ask QuickyBaby, why didn’t this replay
    make into the competition? To be honest, a lot of us have been very
    confused with your selection of replays that make it into the contest, and
    while I can accept the past 3 replays making it into the contest, the fact
    that this replay DIDN’T? That confuses me and makes me wonder what you are
    basing this competition off of. This guy showed more awareness and better
    decision making than the past 3 replays, so if those ones got in the
    competition, why didn’t this one? I mean the competition isn’t over, is it?

  172. he deserves the type 59 and not the noob e100
    this is one of the Best replay i see in this channel

  173. Much better replay that that joke of an E-100 game posted yesterday.

  174. the same combination of words every video. Makes it comfortable.

  175. Truly a good game, WOW.
    I can feel the blood rush he had at the end of the game~

  176. after watching that replay i think Phil never gets his Ace in the Comet

  177. I love this replay :D

  178. I watched hundreds battles on youtube. This one is the best show skill of
    player. Best ever!

  179. 4:14 FEEL THE BALANCE

  180. 9:22 more like a 1vs 1 cause the m41 HMC only fired at him very late in the
    game, so he was either a bot or his game crashed. And also why the fuck
    replays such as this didnt get rewarded in the 300k? The guy knew what he
    was doing but in the selected 300k were nothing but gold spamming and
    unskilled players getting very lucky

  181. Wow what a game. Thx for posting this replay….:-)

  182. What you say?Arty is so balanced in this game ~ ironic
    When arty dont shoot battle is good 🙂
    Najbardziej rozwalający nick KV-3ki w tej bitwie ;)

  183. Genial!!!

  184. I enjoy these kinds of replays, this one had you at the edge of your seat 😀
    The choices he made in the drastic circumstances are astonishing
    ROF FTW!!!

  185. A very nice replay . Managed to win 1vs8 by juking and baiting the enemy.
    Knew where to hide, when to run, when and where to shoot. But he used gold
    ammo which means he is a noob.

  186. Amazing game… worthy of a VC.


  188. I’m always amazed that a bastard like that does not want to give the
    victory to a clear winner.

  189. i would have loved to see the chat … great game well played

  190. i feel tiger could be dropped down to tier 6, with its real gun. the tiger
    P could be the tier 7 for both routes and provide a nice cross over spot

  191. Quickybaby plz feature my t29 replay plz

  192. Great replay!

  193. Badass :)

  194. This has inspired me to re buy my comet ?

  195. I always wonder whats going on in the game chat.

  196. it was the M41 hit him, M12 got 1250 dmg

  197. Where do all of these tomato teams come from? i never get this kind of MM

  198. Too bad I bought the Comet on the NA server and they didn’t give it to me
    because (according to WG’s rep – in India?) said I already had a Cromwell.
    Same tank right? I guess to an ignorant rep who can’t help anyone. WTF WOT?

  199. glorious victory

  200. squirrel2000 lets vind some nuts

    Awesome game with pure skill and good use of different sorts of ammo.well
    played :)

  201. Pietro “PietroAce” Assandri

    this deserved the 300k top prize…

  202. Now *that* was a good game. Way above recent form on this channel. GG

  203. this guy had to win ebery tank,this was awesome!

  204. that was dope

  205. that was one nice game

  206. Thats my Clan Commander :)

  207. returning guests??? Jingles confirmed :-D

  208. Awesome replay!

  209. JINGLES ON A LIVESTEAM!!!! WHAT??!@?!??!?!?!

  210. wow. What a monster game. But i feel like its time for QB to search inside
    of his garage for tanks he never or rarely played try to get some nice
    games in them and feature them on his channel, right? No… maybe???? *no…
    ok :(*

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