World of Tanks || Comet vs Sand River – 3153 EXP

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Today I’m going to talk through a tactic I like to use on assault and highlight my highest ever exp in my favourite the T7 medium, the .

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Is for to be threes type player for be Claus not for like. Ones is player
    for who sits base for to hides like stupids duck for to nots help team for
    all game likes stupids for to nots shoot for to nots spots for to nots
    drive for to just sits for to hides like stupids duck for to wait for alls
    team die for thens is see two for maybe three enemy for almost dead for
    thens shoots for then say looks me I for to have 2 kills I for to be so
    goods is teams noobs I be so goods for have 2 kills looks me! Two is player
    for thinks so goods for runs fast for start game like stupids front enemy
    guns like stupids oh looks me I for to be so goods looks me I for runs
    first for fronts enemy guns for come for helps me for press help help help
    helps me I for be so goods looks me comes help stupids team help help for
    then gets shoots for to die for then rage for at team for blame team for to
    be dead. Three is for player who is for to be Dutch. Is sometimes is player
    is sits base for to hides all game or for player who for thinks so goods
    for runs fast like stupids for starts game is win game! Is because is
    sometimes enemy for to be evens more stupids. Is this Claus no for to
    likes. For today replay is nots like this. Is today replay is for to show
    goods player who for to play goods. Is yes is somes enemy is stupids. For
    be sure yes. Is always somes stupids. But nots all stupids so for today is
    for show goods player. Is Claus for to congratulate. Is goods? YES! For is
    now Claus is for to have question. Is any for to haves replay for to show
    goods player who is play goods for to wins game for to be goods for play
    smarts for wins goods game and for to be Dutch? NO!

  2. Under 301 club assemble!!

  3. I hope you enjoy this round on Sand River, my highest EXP in the Comet.

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Jingles and ik.

  4. First:P

  5. A replay from yourself? No way.

  6. They changed the assault base position on Sand River for Xbox and really
    messed it up.

  7. kilasracingfactory

    Is for Claus comment deleted? 

  8. FIRST

  9. Fifth … *Gets punched in the face*

  10. First comment!

  11. steven van anrooij

    I am training for the comet right now

  12. what are the marks on the barrel?

  13. Comet is a very good tank, i have a Comet with a 2 skill crew, but you
    really have to have skill to play ih this tank, my Comet has 43% victory,
    if you play in the Comet and your team is full of idiots than you can’t do
    a lot

  14. Could you please make an Elc Amx review?

  15. Ok this is random,but.A few mins ago i played with my m4a3e2 and since it
    blocks alot from the front,i blocked like 30 shots,
    took about 2 shots,tracks often destroyed.And some noob or noobs thought i
    was wall hacking xD
    I just wanna know,is this a bug or wow

  16. Awesome :)

  17. just got game in my crowel 6.3k xp non prem xd

  18. verry impresiv quick!

  19. QB how can i send you a replay?
    i had a great game in the comet as well very recently, 9 kills 4200 damage

  20. “And this hill is going to kill you” The brave words of general quicky

  21. i got my maximum exp in the Comet :), also on sandriver

  22. and i thought people on the 360 version were bad, this is like shooting
    fish in a barrel 

  23. To love of my life:
    I love you like QuickyBaby loves his Comet,
    I love you like Jingles loves his TOG,
    I love you like everybody loves Bert.

  24. Would like to get the comet but the T6 cromwell sucks and i have not gone
    past it in almost 4 months i just hate the chit tank and cant play it 

  25. Valentin Kovachev

    The videos started to be very interesting ! All of those examples that you
    gave with other replays work for you QB !!! keep up :)

  26. first 40 club :P

  27. QB you shouldn’t include the premium bonus in your EXP

  28. Isn´t this tactic easy to counter for the enemy team if someone rushed to
    the city? In the west end there is a rock next to the river that covers you
    from any attacks from the ridgeline or the riverbank and there is a sight
    depression on the ground so you can expose less of you tank and shoot at
    anyone trying to rush the dune.

  29. Well, I actually had alot of fun on this map (I don’t have a computer right
    now)… Probably one of my best games was when I held an entire team (or
    so) in a small hill at C9. I ended up dying, they surrounded me, but I had
    so much fun 😀 (cause WoT is not made to win a bunch of games, its made to
    have fun) 😛 Anyway, I’m sorry for my English level, still trying to
    improve. Have fun guys! ;)

  30. ThePeople'sPanzer

    I love attacking is sand river assault in medium tanks and lights. In
    Leopard1 I go centre ridge and light up enemy TDs, snipe and force them
    into cover with my fire. Mostly oir heavies move up and then I advance ans
    continue to get spots and snipe enemies when they don’t expect it. 

  31. WG does not understand metagame. There is a strong position for the
    deffence. The hill, which you present almost as the eye of Sauron. Nickname
    accepted, let’s move on. It got popular like 3-4 months or so ago. 1,5 a
    month ago ppl started going like you and Rajapace to counter it. Now
    defenders are starting to send more ppl under middle balcony to shoot ppl
    like you in the butt and prevent you from destroying hill snipers. Or they
    make counter pushes like in the 2nd clip of today. Defence regains and
    advantage, except now it need teamwork to get it right. Without snipers,
    countering your push is pointless. So more tanks have to get involved to
    get it right, and it is great! As north also needs teamwork to counter the
    snipers balance regins.
    But WG, as usual, slow to react, is reacting now. They are(in 9.6 SR is
    getting a rework) destroying the hill because few ppl go like you and most
    of the time the hill can do it’s job and win games for defenders. It is
    sad, as the balance on Sand river was nicely shifting, from side to side
    every 2 month s ppl found and utilised new posibilites. there are few
    really unbalanced positions in this game. I agree with mountain pass bush
    removal, as it mad crossing from the southern base to the banana area
    impossible and north did not have a bush of it’s own. but sand river works,
    just give it more time to stabilise, WG.

  32. Really nice game, just wish I hadn’t thought it was gonna be 3153 base xp

  33. The hill QB described in the beginning is getting nerfed next patch :)

  34. 0:19 Current ratio is higher than the ratio of *100%* players who fought in
    this vehicle for the past 14 days.
    Quickybaby in a nutshell.

  35. “lower plate” you said 5:35

  36. There’s a very small sand ridge in the middle that you can hide an ELC
    behind. From that spot you can shoot nearly anywhere along the south ridge 

  37. 1v1 me now on twitter mate :)

  38. J. Daniel Lopez A.

    A new version of this map showed up in the Supertest 😀
    No more op location 

  39. Excellent gameplay Quicky. I don’t play assault mode but I still learned
    something from this :)

  40. The mound… DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

  41. Ik ur a great Youtuber and all, but how do u have more likes then views??!!

  42. They could just remove Sand River from the assault rotation. That’d be
    nice. At the very least remove that hill position Quicky mentioned. 

  43. ThePeople'sPanzer

    As comments have said the balance of power on Sand river shifts with player
    tactics. It is my favourite map in the game because it is very dynamic and
    offers rewards for careful, team based play and using your F###ing brain.
    Changing this map again could destroy the last truly universal map in the
    game, leaving just corridor maps for Heavies and TDs, camping maps and
    flattened out exposed maps for stronk Russian mediums to dominate. The
    whole way map design has gone lately has been very worrying. With more
    shallow hills T62s and Ob140s dominate so many positions now, with gun
    depresion less of an issue when they hull down and poke you to death from a
    position of invincibility. Corridor maps favour only lemmings and well
    armored tanks, as well as autoloaders, but nothing else. WG listen and make
    a new map like sand river, maybe a mix of forest, hills and bridges as open
    chokepoints, to allow all classes to thrive, not just a few.

  44. Can someone tell me why *QuickyBaby* loves the *Comet* so much?

  45. Nice replay but… The trouble with that spot in a pub game is that 90% of
    the time your team will NOT support from the ridge. You will spot and muck
    around for a bit and then get killed. Then your team will call you a stupid
    noob, why did you rush out and die. Then they will camp and lose the game
    as time runs out. Sure 1 out of 10 times you may have a good game. I turned
    off assault mode and find the game much more enjoyable. 

  46. Hi everyone. Since when is QB’s twitch channel chat subscribers only?
    I’m a little disappointed in that.

  47. first!

  48. I really liked this video! i think you should do more of these with
    different tanks on different maps too, very enjoyable to watch

  49. I like the multiple scenarios approach, as it prevents noobs from throwing
    tanks in tricky map locations. 

  50. Question : QB ,are you using the Dynamic Camera & Horizontal Stabilization
    in Sniper mode ?:)

  51. 6 people were killed by hills.

  52. I got 1900 spotting in a T29 yesterday because the rest of my team were
    campers lol

  53. quickyaby take your tree down fast it unlucky to have it up after 6th

  54. Best Comet EU CONFIRMED!

  55. Could you do a video about the firefly in depth and your thoughts about the

  56. Rusalina Zdravkova

    hehe I got 3 marks on my Comet too Quicky 🙂 one of my favourite tanks

  57. With this video i love now the comet lol

  58. Very nice game qb you play this tank simply perfect

  59. Lol I’m pretty sure QB copied that tactic from the WZ-111 replay 

  60. Could someone help me, where you can find your WN8 and how do you get it

  61. “This hill is going to kill you!”

  62. Wargaming are planing to remove that op hill. 

  63. Hey QB, I love this kind of video. The map tactics were good, but this
    actual gameplay footage is better. Could you maybe do a class tutorial?
    Like how to play well in medium tanks and what you need to be thinking
    about. I’m trying to move from heavies to mediums and could use some help

  64. lol your strategys are to op

  65. Harold Tjokrosetiko

    I use the same tactic. 

  66. Der wt war deutsch

  67. Howdy QB

  68. the rocks on E4 also offer a good spot if you have a strong turret. i
    usually use it with my Chinese and Russian mediums

  69. Ever noticed that the Comit looks like the PZ 4

  70. OMG.. you defeted all red team, as a top tier in a OP tank! How are you
    soooo good?

  71. hey qb i see u play command and conquer, maybe you u should make a video.

  72. Quicky why do you have that Belarus flag on your turret? 😀 

  73. Richard Gustafsson

    00:20 That troll though. “…100%” huehuehue

  74. Anyone else noticed that the Comet and easy 8 are pretty similar??? Both
    have ok turrets, they are mobile, both have -12 gun depression, and they
    have small, low pen, low dmg and high dpm guns:)

  75. Congrats on the 3 marks on the Walker Bulldog QB. Those last games were
    great tonight

  76. great game QB i love my Comet aswell. just got my first mark on it. i have
    a 60% winrate in it… lovely tank


  77. He takes 50%ish premium rounds in this tank. That kind of says it all.

  78. hey quickybaby how do i send u my replay of an m4 in a tear 6 match (We
    won) plz put a coment on my chanel if i can send u it

  79. tunnel vision tunnel tunnel vision on the bdr you didnt even see that tiger

  80. i turned off assault because of this map pissing me off. although i may be
    turning it back on because according to FTR i believe that the op mound you
    showed in the brief WaffleTractor clip is being rebalanced to stop it being
    as op as it is now.

  81. bloody love the comet <3 ;P

  82. Congrats on getting a 2k exp Comet game QB!

    But yeah, I didn’t know that that spot on that hill was OP. Usually I go to
    the mid ridge with a high view range tank and flush them out of that spot
    very quickly, unless the enemy tanks on the eastern ridge causes me some
    trouble first.

  83. Beat my best in the Comet by 22 xp!

  84. The British voices are the best much better than the american voices on
    every tank

  85. Glad somebody likes this tank. Tried playing it, made me feel like

  86. Monster Exp there…very aggressive play

  87. Hey i didn’t see many comments so hi Quickybaby, maybe we could platoon
    once or twice, not necessarily put it on YT, because I’m still new i would
    like some tips in 2-3 battles so you could explain what I’m doing wrong or
    what i could do to improve my games. If you don’t want to just comment back
    and I’ll still be happy.

    Liked and subed to your awesome channel :D

  88. I would say that the hill at K3 is strong, but not overpowered, because it
    can easily be countered by tanks going to the dune at G3-H2. It can also be
    effective to not fight at F1, but instead just drive through to G1, where
    the dune from the H-Lne covers you from the K3. All this of course requiers
    support from the midridge and/or C5, but there is almost always someone
    camping there anyways…

  89. Finally! A comet replay!

  90. For me this is the best map in the game .

  91. Hold on, isn’t this the exact tactic that was in a WZ-111 video a few weeks
    ago, that wasn’t QuickyBaby playing that tank? S

  92. The map is getting changed in a coming update, ftr showcases the changes
    and they needed that op hill

  93. Hy, can someone tell me what kind of freecam mod is QB using? Thx and best
    regards! Best to u QB !!!

  94. Just unlocked the Comet a couple days ago. Once I get the creds for it I’ll
    definitely give it a go.

  95. Playing with Comet, gold ammo, gold consumables against red tomatoes on a
    map that favours Comet’s gun depression. Also you had red tomatoes in your
    team so you could do even better… great match anyways

  96. Frederick Oosthuizen

    no wonder i dont know that hill i only play standard still op there
    sometimes but not always for 1 side

  97. “Which is very (insert adjective here) indeed.”- QuickyBaby 2015

  98. I’d like to see the crew on your comet and congrats on 3 MOE

  99. fuck those hills, lets get a bunch of Deathstars and remove them from

  100. that’s one unlucky churchill with a 6 pdr… churchill with tier 4 gun
    should not be in tier 7 games at all… sadly the wot eu matchup forces you
    to do so…

  101. Quickybaby, thank you so much for your videos. I’ve learned tons ever since
    i started watching. Once again, thanks, and keep up the good work mate!

  102. Whats the max number of marks of excellence you can have?

  103. You have to go on the ridge on the attacking team and get some spots on the
    mountain if not your team might as well lose from campers on that mountain.

  104. QB, thank you for giving me back the confidence to turn on Assault again,
    after 7 months. I understood Karelia assault a while ago, and Siegfried
    line assault was always easy, but the one map that always stopped me from
    turning it on was Sand River, as I had no idea how to play it. Thank you
    QB, I’ll turn Assault back on :)

  105. The wn8 is quickly being outpaced by the ego

  106. Hey QB, I really liked the hand drawn font title plate you used to use. Not
    saying you should go back to it, but FFS, can you choose one which is a bit
    spicier that the bland looking one you’re currently using. 

  107. Come on QuickyBaby, just try and carry using the Chi-nu. Not the gold tank
    mind you but the regular one. And no cheating using gold ammo and gold
    consumables either.

  108. xboxs solution was you attack from south east not north west basically
    switching spawns

  109. I’ve gotten 2.3k exp max in IS 2marks 85%.

  110. i dont know how that t69 didnt blast him in the ass right at the start

  111. That OP hill is going to be removed in 9.6 or 9.7 🙂 

  112. Cedric gaat je niks aan

    QuickyBaby OP nerf pls wargaming 

  113. pudi pudi

  114. Je suis Charlie.

  115. Comet a medium tank?
    haha funny joke.
    its a light tank with light tank gun,reload,speed,mobility & armor!
    i have tested this great position with my wz-132 & t-54 light,wz-132 is
    hopeless becos no fucking gun depression,t-54 light was a bit better with
    his gun depression but not enough and reload is simply TO slow to can
    survive any atack from 2 enemys.
    i will keep trying it on this place,it must work.
    qb got this location from the wz-111 unicum player replay 😉
    thanks !

  116. this guy allway play with noobs , show us some pro action pls

  117. only 5 apcr shots?? hmm..u’re improving

  118. C’mon QB, don’t tell the enemy where I always am when defending the SR. 🙂
    That top of the dune is one of my favorite spots in the game. Free dmg
    spots I call them. Funny thing is that some of your teammates usually
    don’t know how powerful that spot is and when they see you up there they
    call you a moron and a camper and whatnot , that is until they see kills
    piling up by your name. 

  119. Yesterday, I drove object140 in that position, I spotted 8 tanks but my
    team didn’t on my back…. then object 263 and T110E4 cross the mountain
    and got me out…. the enemy received almost ZERO damage by my team….

  120. Just wonder what is the mod displaying colored WN8 bars on battle results

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