World of Tanks Community – Jingles Invades Sweden

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Source: The Jingles

Sweden, home meatballs, flatpack furniture and 1970s pop megastars. Sounds like a decent first stop on my global domination tour.

IÙll be at the Arsenalen Tank Museum outside Stockholm on November 26th along with Circonflexes as Wargaming unveil a World of Tanks gaming centre at the museum. Feel free to pop along, say hello and laugh at just how terrible at World of Tanks I really am!

Music: At the Sky Bar 5 by Anders Goransson


  1. I Will se you there

  2. Sweden – Home of the best Extreme Metal in this world 😀

  3. Gonna drag the missus with me, I’m not missing this shit.

  4. As a Norwegian I really hope we get a Trump like wall towards the Swedish
    border before they collapse and transfer into an Islamic State.

  5. I have bin there

  6. arse lol

  7. I wonder what an Ikea Tank would look like


  8. I just uninstalled WoT, sick of all the 15-3 losses I have the last couple
    of weeks

  9. Jingles i went at the Saumur museum and its awsome. Spoiler: there is a
    fucking mercava, elc amx, bat chat, amx 50b and much more

  10. DHL truck in the background

  11. I will be there!

  12. Hope to see you in Germany soon.

  13. I wish i could come! :(

  14. IcedVenom Nightcore

    Jingles next time I go to Comic Con I NEED to find you!

  15. Good backround music

  16. You forgot the rape capital of Europe.

  17. s TANK, S TANK, S TANK, S TANK…..

  18. i have been to that museum. i live in sweden too!

  19. Omg jingles worst timing ever! I just moved to the north of sweden from
    stockholm. Well I guess I’ll try to convince my dad that we need to go to

  20. Jingles, you bastard. Yesterday was my birthday…thanks for no video.

  21. 1:06 not sure what that is, but it’s sexy and I want one

  22. I hope that you get to check out our airforce museum aswell some day
    jingles, it’s probably a bit better than arsenalen to be honest.

  23. Thumbs up! Go Jingles Go! :)

  24. is it bad that when i read the title i automatically thought of jingles
    having sex with a swedish girl…oh well back to mining salt..


  26. Stockholm on the 26th? no, I’ll be in Havana, doing the usual American
    Tourist gig and bumbling around the tourism districts.

  27. It’s a saturday. I should get off my ass and visit Arsenalen again.

  28. What is that tank at 1:20 looks like the biggest nerf gun or paintball tank

  29. There are times I really wish I had the money to go for a vacation outside
    of the USA….

  30. I think that Tank Destroyer Is looking beast and it can be in implement on
    the Sweden tech tree in Wot

  31. Sees title :Goddammit jingles has invaded IKEA

  32. Wouldn’t be a Jingles video without the mighty laugh.

  33. Well darn, I guess I’ll have to stop playing WoT for a day to come say
    hello then. It’s a few stone throws away from where I life.

  34. It’s now Swedenastan.

  35. There’s a healthy dose of swedes simply freaking out and being happy for
    his visit, but there’s always that little bunch who immediately gotta write
    how terrible it’s here at the moment, you know with all the devil-spawned
    Muslims running about! Yes yes, Jingles is truly visiting the heart of the
    extremists… (That’s sarcasm for anyone who didn’t get it.)

  36. Nice, to bad i live in Skåne, at the bottom of Sweden :(

  37. Welcome to Sweden, Jingles. Sweden in November – don’t bring sunglasses.

  38. Iam going Strängnäs on the 26

  39. would have been better if you did it with a Swedish Chef accent.

  40. 1:09 what the hell is that
    Sweden Brümbar

  41. FUCK YEAH, I´m meeting Jingles :D

  42. The Swedes have the best tank technology.
    You can make the most powerfull homemade tank, by putting a Turret on a
    Volvo 240.
    I have seen things – Worried Norwegian.

  43. Fredrik Malmström

    Cya There Jingles!

  44. So Gothnburg to get a WoWs game center then?

  45. Well… Stockholm is the last place I want to go to, luckily this isn’t
    even that close… hmm…

  46. All I know is that when Jingles visits a WoT-sponsored place that has the
    word “arse” in its name, there’s going to be lots of a surprise butt-sex
    involved. Enjoy! ;D

  47. Very welcome to Stockholm!

  48. I live in sweden so i am swedish ?

  49. jingles invaded everyones mum last night

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