World of Tanks – Complaining about the game as usual

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  1. cash grab video tbh lul

    I tried tanks again today but as usual it went south fast. F

    I do genuinely want to know who actively still plays and why, if you could reply to this comment ty o/

    • Anfield, maybe you should play those tank that will not be focused on the arty. Like the MT or even the light tank. Heavy tank always suck by the arty.

    • haven’t played for a couple months now, just got fed up with arty/MM/general state of the game. its just become frustrating to play and it makes me sad

    • I played one game in the last 3 months. I done 3.5k damage in the mauschen but shit tank, shit map, shit arty, shit rng and shit team meant it was a draw.

    • new MM is being tested on Asia server.
      Also wheeled tanks are on horizon now.

    • I play soely because I have a love-hate relationship with the game. Love it because I just really like tanks, hate it because wg’s balance department is a massive joke.

  2. Gianfranco Sebastiani

    I left when they introduced 430U that shit is a tier 11 compared to normal t10 meds

  3. Played around 3k hours ~25K battles and the game just became boring and repetitive.

  4. I left it and moved to WarThunder. Its a good game to play and much balanced

  5. i would just like to say that you play a fine game, for me i think the game is some what ok but arty and the horrid mm have diminished my play from about 35 to 50 game’s a day down to 15 to 20 or so, patch 9.18 was a grand mistake. ps i was spending a lot of real money on tank’s like the pz2j, but not anymore.

  6. Left game 3months now 24k battles never miss a thing.

  7. Laughed at the first 3seconds

  8. Bro you still have a channel? And play wot das is amazing!

  9. Like Yawar I made the transfer to war thunder realistic battles and it is much better. Has it’s issues sure but less frustrating for skilled players. A lot less rng and the grind is less painful and economy is cheaper.

    • I actually did look at War Thunder GF footage and it’s looking solid, was considering giving it a go but didn’t want to do grind all over

  10. Things that killed it for me is not hitting what you’re shooting and arty

  11. You still play!? 🙂

  12. Some lols @14:25

  13. Still play on console and it’s in a worse state than pc. Ohh those Merc tanks. You want a laugh at how bad console can be. Gotta check them out. I only play when I platoon. Otherwise I have no interest in the game to play solo.

  14. Bad at tonks

  15. Hi Anfield, it’s good to see you do the odd WOT video now and again. I still play because it a game I like, yes its bloody frustrating at times and I often get a few bad games on the trot, immediately turn off the computer in rage and go straight down the pub for a pint. The next day I try again and there is the social side as well. I’m in a friendly clan and we have a lot of crack and banter and a good laugh at times. We whinge like made about the game (MM, RNG, power creep, corridor maps, premium ammo, loot boxes etc etc) but still play because if it wasn’t the game then we would whinge about something else. So I continue to play WOT because I choose to.

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