World of Tanks – Comrade Matilda

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Between 1941 and 1943, around 1084 Matildas were shipped to the Soviet Union. As a result of attacks on shipping, only 918 arrived. If only it had been 919…

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  1. ehm, actually jingles that’s one of four old intros

  2. Jesus von Nazaret

    4:40 that would be an interesting game mechanic to implement into WoT

  3. The reason why no Russians appreciate the Lend Lease program is because it was the Uk’s and America’s plan to keep the majority of the German forces fighting in Russia instead of sending troops back to the western front.. So they armed the Russians to stay in the war at any cost “which turned out to be 10’s of millions of Russian lives ” . Considering the trouble the Uk and Us had fighting less than 18 % of the German military, to have the German troops from the East return, would have been catastrophic for the Us and Uk’s truly impotent and ineffective military’s… Don’t let Dingles tell you

    • Akshully the ‘plan’ as you call it was simply to keep Russia in the fight. There was no western front at the time of Lend-Lease’s greatest impact. Lend Lease also provided a goodly quantity of logistical support vehicles(trucks), radios and other suchlike not sexy stuff, which were probably more important to the effort over time and at great cost considering the shipping losses incurred by the Murmansk convoys. This allowed Russia to concentrate their manufactures on weapons and ammo. To admit the support of outsiders would have been a sign of weakness to Stalin. Not permitted. He, and Churchill, for what it’s worth, kept their eyes on the postwar end-state. Unlike the US which was more ‘win it and go home, worry about postwar, after the war.’ They had it right, and Roosevelt was an ass. (If it had been up to Churchill Operation Dragoon would’ve gone in to Greece or Yugoslavia, not the French Riviera. And postwar Europe would’ve looked a lot different. But Roosevelt had the landing ships, and was an idiot. The rest is history.)

    • Andreas Sjöberg

      Not to forget, the Lives of CIVILIAN MERCHANTMEN manning the transport-vessels. Ordinary people doing a day-job without ever signing up for fighting a war, suddenly doing the most dangerous thing there is in a war: Driving an unarmed floating piñata that the enemy absolutely has to smash in order to survive, and driving that boat through waters so cold that it is only the salinity stopping if from instantly freezing, where taking a short swim is suicide. Every one of them, both the ones who died and those who lived worthy of being praised as a hero of the soviet union regardless of nationality!

  4. The M3 lee is like the death star. It has a good weapon, on a disastrous mistake of a platform.

  5. Jingles if you are crap then what the hell are the rest of us??????
    Don’t answer that, I might not want to know.

  6. exactinmidget92

    WT has an event Matilda with the russian 76.

  7. exactinmidget92

    i can’t hate the Lee because i got 6 kills in my first game.

  8. Maksim Dezhnyuk

    “Your mother was an M3 Lee!!!” Remember that video?

  9. Thats because the Lee is a good tank. Lol

  10. The Lee that tank that WG modeled correctly.

  11. I really cant be bothered to watch this shit of a replay. So I just listen play it in background for history lesson from uncle Jingles

  12. In World of Tanks, the M3 Lee is a rite of passage.

    • A painful rite of passage that you have to go through to get to both the heavy and medium lines on the U.S. tech tree

  13. My eyes are bleeding from this replay. Please never again…

  14. Ah, the Matilda IV.
    Introduced to the game overpowered, nerfed later to more or less correct armor values making it merely decent-to-good
    Power-creeped to mediocrity over the next few years
    Nerfed with no upsides with the HD update

    Sure would be nice if WG would give it some love.

  15. I felt a disturbance in the Force.

  16. The M4 was a great tank? Come on Jingles, you know better than that:

  17. funfact the term “dont have a pot to piss in” comes from the fact that poor people would piss in pots and sell it to tanners which use urine to tan hides.

  18. One day, Matilda hopes to grow up and become a TOG.

  19. That feeling when you delete all of your aimbot mods and then you don’t know how to aim properly! ?

  20. play your m3 lee like a td ?????? profit

  21. Michael Stevens

    so i just started playing wot today and got my first mastry rank 3 on the t26 … now thats not really much .. should mention i forgot to bring any ammo and only ramed 3 tanks for it xD

  22. M3 Lee was good if you kemp bush in back of map

  23. Corey Patterson

    Facing 7-to-1 odds and made a draw out of it.  KillerKoala has nothing to be ashamed of.

  24. damn… reminds me of that episode of Girls und Panzer where at almost same time both flag tanks were knocked out… (Stug knocked out Pravda one while Nonna knocked out the Ooarai one split seconds later…)

  25. surprised haven’t released a Russian lend lease teir 4 premium m3 lee utilizing its 37mm high set turret. instead of its hull gun.

  26. Jingle Did you loaded At haft Speed.what a Heart Brake

  27. least than 1 min in to this video… Jingles your Crap and please never change

  28. The Medieval Man

    The last m4 Sherman has finally left the last military service in Paraguay. They had 80 in their service from the war and as of April 28th this year the last one in military service worldwide has finally been put to rest.

  29. Jingles: if only 919 arrived……..

    Me: I don’t get it

  30. The movie ‘White Tiger’ is available on YouTube, Russian made WWII war flick. For lovers of tank porn, lots of T-34/76’s and 85’s. Also in passing you’ll see the odd Valentine, Matilda, even M3 Lee’s, and a rogue PzIV, or mockup thereof. The ‘White Tiger’ of the title is actually a modded IS-2 but I believe Tiger 131 wasn’t available at the time. And I suspect the IWM would’ve complained if they put it in winter camouflage.

  31. SiegeSquirrel 42

    Bert rides again!

  32. “The M4 was a great tank…” NOPE !

    It was a rolling GRAVE for all these poor guys, which has to survice the Germans 7,5cm guns and above !

    And all this “lend lease” bullshit happend long before the USA was involved physicly in WW2.

    That`s for being “neutral” !!!

  33. The Tank Channel


  34. m3 lee is not a crap tank 🙁 no hate!

  35. I’ve had one of those. Me in my T1 Heavy, enemy in a T-34 on Ruinberg. We spot each other and snap a shot off, both miss the first, both hit and pen the second, and were both low enough on health that we killed each other for the eye for an eye medal and a draw. I hadn’t done anywhere near as well as KillerKoala, though.

  36. I like how in the old into it says “with Bert The Mighty Jingles”

  37. Jingles this Matilda had a soviet 76mm gun shuved into it

  38. Guys aim sucks. Lost interest at 3:45 is.

  39. Hmm, I beg to differ. The M4 Sherman was an okay tank if it was a WWI tank but going up against German Panthers and Tigers in WWII. One shot from a Tiger’s 88mm gun would take out a M4 Sherman in one shot where the M4 dismal 75 mm gun would just bounce off there is no tomorrow. Most M4 Sherman tanks would have preferred being in a Tiger Tank than a Sherman because the Tiger tank have better protection. Read up on some documentaries!

  40. “…he did achieve one of the more rare achievements in World of Tanks, Eye for an Eye….” *Looks at personal awards and sees 65 Eye for an Eye awards* Oh Jingles don’t ever change

  41. Nice history summary Jingles…spot on

  42. Hello Jingles. I just noticed a bit of a rip off on World of Tanks you might not know about. I logged on to by one of those new Australian Centurions for my friend in Japan. In Australia they cost $40.07. When I choose to buy it as a gift and selected the recipient – who lives in Japan, the price jumped up to $43.67! How is that for a rip off? I guess that extra cash is to ship that digital tank all the way to Japan. Sucks to be Japanese it seems.

  43. This brings me back. The original Matilda was responsible for many of my first really great performances, most of my early carries were had in it. The Russian Matilda was my first premium too, and I had some really good games in the thing.

  44. Meh, World of Tanks video, where’s the skip butt…. wait… Matilda? My favorite tank in the game even after years of not playing. Well, then, let me nab the popcorn.

  45. Er, the M3 Lee was pretty respected in North Africa, where its frontal armor was very tough for German and Italian tanks to deal with, and its 75mm gun was versatile and powerful. Its radio set as standard was appreciated, and its mechanical reliability was highly appreciated by the British.

    The M3 Lee was also successful in the Pacific Theater, where it roflstomped any Japanese tanks it happened to come across, and its litany of machine guns and a handy 37mm gun on a turret was useful against infantry.

    Simply put, the M3 Lee had radios as standard, a much better gun than the T-34, better reliability than the T-34 (and much better than the KV-1), better armor than the T-34, better crew survivability (yes, really) and comfort than the T-34, and was easier to repair and maintain than the T-34. And it was a stopgap tank that was thrown into production in basically no time at all while the M4 Sherman was being fully developed. It did exactly what it was needed to do, without teething problems. It served effectively throughout the rest of the war, even, in the Pacific theater.

    THAT’S a good tank.

    You just hate the M3 Lee because it’s absolute garbage in World of Tanks.

  46. so the legend is true german tanks were better than russian so no wonder wg makes russian tanks better

  47. Dam ! ?

  48. ive always thought matilda was so busted. how could one not penetrate from a 122mm. its busted.

  49. And one more thing you didn’t mention Jingles, the Russians paid every single penny for the tanks and they paid in gold

  50. 50/50 chance I would of rage quit right there.

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