World of Tanks – Conquered

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In Nosfertanker conquers his enemies (see what I did there?) on Steppes in the British tier 9 heavy tank.


  1. Not much snow here to be doing much with, Jingles.

    Still, I hope to run into you at Katz’s. If so, the pastrami is on me

  2. See you next year, Jingles!

  3. on xbox this tank has 7 degrees of depression. Completely ruins the tank if
    you ask me

  4. Come to San Antonio, Texas, Nothing to see in New York.

  5. enjoy you ass-hat

  6. Happy Holidays Jingle!!!

  7. jingles on console I run a gnome clan that is a tribute clan. don’t forget
    your console brethren

  8. Idk bout yall guys but i feel that jingles starting to slack off making

  9. Happy turkey coma day Jingles

  10. Who wants to start a Jingles clan with me? (Chimeragon, NA server)

  11. 1:40 made me laugh

  12. dont go to new york where you will freeze your tits off and get a heart
    attack from the food, come to australia where its nice and warm (beaches
    and boobies for everyone)

  13. Salt beef and pork sandwiches at Katzs? Umm, are we talking about the
    Kosher Jewish place on Houston? (which is not the lower East side)
    Sledging? Jingles, what Manhattan are you talking about?

  14. Leopard PTA was a hooooooorrrible stock grind… I got so fed up I went out
    and bought gold to free XP the 105mm

  15. Im in new york city right now on vacation myself and there is no snow

  16. There is no snow in New York currently…

  17. Just another person on the interweb

    What win rate does jingles have?

  18. Someone should make a Jingles tribute clan now

  19. Jingles, Go to Brother Jimmy’s instead. It’s right opposite Madison Square
    Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, 416 8th Ave · (212) 967-7603 Open until 1:00 AM
    Stick with the Eastern NC style of BBQ. That’s the default.

    You are welcome to visit us in Saint Marys, GA. It is only 12 hours each
    way down I-95.

  20. Merry Christmas to you too, you former bachelor, and welcome to one of our
    states. What a happy year with which our God has blessed you. Sucks for
    Rita, but she made her choice. Sincerely, Eric

  21. i really liked playing with vk 3001 p even stock i liked it :(

  22. worst grind? in my opinion i think is the st-1 with the 122mmd25t without
    getting is-3’s bl9

  23. Jingles, THANK YOU!, your videos are the only thing that dont suck from
    this year… Enjoy your vacations!

  24. Might be a little too warm in here New York for most of those activities
    you’ve lined up Jingles! Hope you have fun anyway, happy holidays.

  25. If videos are under 10 minutes in duration I will watch it as long as it
    holds my interest. Longer than that and I will skip the boring bits.

  26. I actually like my VK 30.01P.. lol

  27. gus boehme-vertefeuille

    Hp at 4:22

    Very nice

  28. I hope I see you I live in Ny ps love your videos

  29. when British made Conquered, they made it for IS3, and that’s why it has
    the best gun

  30. i would have liked to see a ref to Gladiator when it was said “ppl should
    know when they are conquered” at the end :D

  31. Merry Christmas Jingles and Rita! Have a great trip to NYC and have a Happy
    New Year!

  32. jan kristian mari Dia

    happy holidays jingles and rita! 🙂 oh… yeah.. and everyone else working
    on the salt mines…

  33. Favorite tank! Merry Christmas Jingles!

  34. Who authorized this time off? I never saw your leave form hit my desk. I
    will let it go this time, but you owe me one.

  35. So… I don’t really watch every Mingles episode, so excuse me for asking,
    but are Jingles and Rita a thing now? I’ve been getting some vibes…

  36. Happy Holidays Jingle 

  37. Havent played WoT in over a year even though I’ve put at least 1000$ on it,
    but I’m just done with it

  38. He came, he saw, he conquered :D

  39. Have a great holiday! You definitely deserves it :)

  40. Merry Christmas Jingles and Rita , and Merry Christmas to all my brother
    and sister Salt Miners :)

  41. Enjoy the holidays ??

  42. Jingles killing me with this Christmas break and his summer holiday. now
    what do the brits call the time you get off in spring?

  43. You’re taking a break? Tryhards be like ‘how dare you have a life’

  44. worst grind? try to get the top gun of the wz-120 before playing the heavy
    and light lines of the chinese tech tree.

  45. on vk 30,01 P i got my second mark of excellence …

  46. merry Xmass oh Mighty one! Thank you for another year of great
    entertainment! ur videos do make my days better! Thank you! enjoy ur time
    off! u deserved it! See u (or ur contend^^) next year!

  47. whatsoever

  48. i have the FV215b on my xbox and oh my god, grinding through the conquerer
    was the hardest thing i ever did.

  49. I’ve ever done, sorry

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