World of Tanks: Console || Chieftain – Best Tank Yet?

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Source: QuickyBaby

: Console – . PC gamers just got a giant reason to be jealous of console owners as the T10 British tank the Chieftain Mk. 6 hits the battlefield! Is it the best tank yet?

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. when xbox scorpio releases you will be able to play this game upscaled to
    4k on a 4k tv. ?

  2. -3000 without premium.. totally balanced

  3. More Xbox please.

  4. -3730 credits without premium ? Ace tanker, 5,8k damage, and you still lose
    money, if your not on a premium acc ?

    WG rip off, right there tbh.

  5. HOOLY CRAP! the Xbox version of the game looks mmmmuch more better then the
    PC version. OMG i just sh*t on my pants when is saw the 2x zoom from the
    tank, and we ware able to see the gun barrel next to the aiming retical,
    that litle improvement what we need in the pc version i think. But all in
    all, the hole gameplay has a ArmoredWarfare feeling. Dont u think guys? or
    it just for me?

  6. Finally, a British tank that is slightly close to being OP. The rest of the
    brit tanks are pretty bad, excluding a few.

  7. Thanks for showing us folks on console some love.

  8. Why in gods cock arent these features on pc?!

  9. Did WG give these press accounts to any of the console youtubers?
    Haven’t seen a review yet from any I sub to which seems kinda shitty tbh..

  10. Wow, just wow. I do hope they release the Chieftain on PC, and soon. Nice
    video slowtoes :)

  11. Give us some Mark 1 gameplay :D, saw it in your Garage.

  12. The mobility of this thing looks very Armoured Warfare-esque, especially
    with the hull traverse speeds demonstrated at the start of the first
    battle. It’ll be interesting to see how this thing plays out on PC, should
    it be eventually implemented…

  13. Wargaming on PC please.

  14. i think they are probaby useing the console players a kind of human guinea
    pig me being one of the gamers.

  15. Guess Blitz has capable developers, instead of wot on PC, which has a bunch
    of drunken backwards morons as developers.

  16. Looking forward to this tank immensely.

  17. slow toes? hahaaha

  18. Looks like shit on a console! LOL

  19. play the mark 1

  20. I’m sure this has already been pointed out to QB but for the Tiger II
    accuracy thing, the Tiger II I believe still has .34 accuracy on PC, it was
    buffed on Xbox a while back…so if Chieftain retains its Console stats for
    PC, it will remain the most accurate heavy tank gun in the game

  21. Epicpandaproductions Puffkins

    Plzz do some mark 1 gameplay on console

  22. QuickyBaby, would love to see a few more Xbox videos on your channel. I
    learn more from your PC videos than I do the console YouTubers, so it’d be
    great to see more console content on your channel.

  23. QB, you can plugin your keyboard and mouse into the USB ports and then you
    just need to assign the controls. Or atleast that works on PS4

  24. well the console version of the game looks better than the pc version, gg

  25. Make it like that the Xbox videos only will be there on Saturday. 1 video
    extra a week and thats a console video! That would be the best thing to do
    actualy if you’re planning on uploading Xbox videos

  26. More WOT console content will greatly appreciated!

  27. “Heavy tank”, well thats Main Battle Tank which is in between medium and

  28. Okay, great QB.
    But don’t forget your PC community after you’re done with WoW and WoT on
    Your Modpack still don’t work. Most the guys that download this pack don’t
    have an idea how to fix this. Even if you tell us “delete block damage mod”
    on stream. We don’t know how to do that. Beside other streamers have their
    block damage mod running.
    …so have fun with WoW/WoT on Console i guess.

  29. MysticBlazeOfficial

    srsly I just got fv215b

  30. Could you make a tutorial on how to play better on consoles? That would be

  31. it’s just a modern tank like the m1 abrahms world of tanks should be old
    tanks not this

  32. yeah you should do console every now again to go through stuff and give
    people tips in how to play and so on.

  33. 11:01 WTF lol

  34. Haven’t played since I got my is4 been awhile

  35. wow players on conlose are morons

  36. Calzmania PRODUCTION

    Yo yo yo what’s going on with your cash.coins. And free XP????? How
    the….. You know you could buy every tanks in the game with that

  37. What is that knight tank it looks great.

  38. Pc is still better.

  39. we are now able to like on mobile YAYY

  40. we are now able to like on mobile YAYY

  41. pls type 4 heavy qb

  42. love to see more vids from the xbox…

  43. great wall map is available on chinese server, not the most fun map i have
    to say

  44. is it only me or do the xbox maps look way better made in regards of
    diversity than on pc?

  45. Anyone else just realized how much better graphics are and doesn’t even
    feel like going back to PC but does not have xbox ? :D

  46. So, what´s the point in driving a Centurion AX if you could be in this
    thing instead? Better engine power?…

  47. Quickybaby a HUGE RESPECT to you because you made this video on Saturday
    and did not put it out on sunday like a replacement for PC version !

    Just want to say that people DO see how much effort you put in all of that
    and how much we appreciate for you doing so ! 🙂

    (sorry for my english)

    Also I play on PC but would enjoy to watch more videos like this,keep up
    the great work !

  48. i wish WoT PC will have night mode battle like on console

  49. Anyone able to tell me what Mic he is using? I see a lot of tubers using
    what looks like this same one

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