World of Tanks – Console Peasants!

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In which the Glorious PC Master Race gets invaded by the Console Peasants in the shape of EU Community Contributors, , and makes an utter arse of himself after praising ’s clear and crisp UI but still manages to get tanks wrong.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. anotherrandomtexan25

    “consol peasants” but they get all these cool tanks -_- I want an amx

  2. The console version looks so much prettier, it even has wind in the trees,
    bushes and grass lol

  3. So we’re peasants because we get better content than the so-called PC
    master race? Look..I’ve got both PC and console. So you PC master race can
    shove it.

  4. What was so op about T 50-2?

  5. that’s when you use a keyboard adapter and own console peasents with your
    superior interface

  6. Chaos v Order Peasantry club

    Should take a look at the snakebite. Cromwell with 80kph speed limit

  7. you can mock us all you want but in the end not effective

  8. jingles you should post more console not as much as pc replays but some I’m
    poor can’t afford pc yet and would like to hear your commentary on console

  9. So yeah us console peasants have the luxury of getting tanks in the World
    of Tanks comic book series. The Sherman you saw was the Boilermaker, the
    Hammer was also one of those, and the Snakebite. I don’t have any of them,
    but I know they are all pretty decent tanks.

  10. I would only play on console if I could aim with a controller. I would put
    up with all the small gripes for what you get in return.

  11. Here you see why they are called console peasants. Get a win in a Tier VI
    tank and lose over 7,000 currency with a premium account? Dang…..

  12. I seem to recall seeing photos of tanks that only had camo on the front
    half of their barrel to make their barrel appear shorter.

  13. I think you might just need stronger prescription glasses, Jingles.

  14. the console is hand down the better version of the game looks better (the
    video looks like ass compared to actually playing) more maps better maps
    and unlike shity old pc who only play 8 maps i counted one day i played 100
    games and only got 8 maps and no variants while i did the same for console
    i got fucking 20 maps and variants and they are all better

  15. Thank you Jingles, you made all of our days

  16. having played both pc and xbox versions, I can say that I like the console
    version better overall, but the pc upgrade system is much better.

  17. I’m a console peasant!! There I feel better now. ^_^

  18. Jingles the Firefly that you saw that had the camp was a special edition
    tank called the Boilermaker

  19. The tier 1 British tank on console is a different mk 1 than the ww1 tank.

  20. Man, the graphics look so much better than PC.

  21. jingles i no you dont answer questions very much but ill ask anyway, as a
    member of a rather large group of ps4 warthunder and wot players, do you
    think at some point, wargaming will release wows for the ps4.. also armored
    warfare, ive been speaking to alot of people about it and from what ive
    been told both games would be very popular with us dirty scrub lord console
    gamers.. your thoughts oh great gnome overload.

  22. NA World of Tanks console version actually tells you what your teammate got
    killed by… I am wondering why it did not for that HellCat on the EU
    server? The killfeed is also slightly different from the NA WoT console as

  23. The other half thanks you! Keep doing what you do Jingles!

  24. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    i dont think im better then anyone and hate that divide crap people play
    into. but i got to say i cant stand console, i almost went to pc with
    battlefield and never did. but my pc went out and i was thinking of getting
    a new console. then was like screw it, all put that money with what i was
    going to use on another cheap pc and get a decent one. well im glad i did,
    even the one i got from a buddy i was going to use some parts off of on my
    pc build. it can run wot 60 frames on low settings and i could run mc and
    get 30-40 frames. considering its not that much better htne a 360 and 360
    mc sucks on map size. but as i digress, there is like two things i like
    better then console. everything is speed up, so you level up quicker and
    the crew training with prem tanks, that you can train light tanks with
    heavy tanks. but other then that, the gun sounds, the annoying voice that
    you cant change to national voices, gameplay, inter face, the mods, all the
    extra settings, missions and reward tanks. console has missions, but you
    can only do 3 at a time. being able to stock up on consumables, you can
    only buy a pack of whatever they sell in the prem shop and for gold. not
    like pc where you can buy multiple repair kits and for silver, only how
    ever you want not a set amount. the fact the tank moves with the turret
    sucks and cant turn it off like pc. all around i got to say pc is miles
    beyond better then console. you can still use a controller and sit on your
    couch or bed, even with keyboard and mouse i sit on my bed and play
    sometimes. then you dont have to pay for gold and to play online, on top of
    your internet bill. then games become demos when xboxlive runs out or the
    net goes down. you have to pay for things you get free on pc, like texture
    packs, skins on mc. its worth getting pc, you save up or buy parts here and
    there, there always are deals and discounts on them year round. they are
    easy to build, i built mine and never had any good pc before or much know
    how with them. aside a few commands and just using it for going online. my
    only complaint, is when you get a problem and its hard to find out whats
    making it happen. like i cant play wot on my pc right now, keeps crashing
    and too lazy to just reload windows. i know what is causing it, but dont
    know how to fix it. i can play mc and thats it. but my other pc i kept for
    just a back up. u can play on that, even though its second to lowest
    settings, i still get 60 frames. even with console looking better on wot, i
    didnt really care, maybe a little at first. but dont care anymore and with
    the new game engine, its going to look just as nice if not more and dynamic
    weather is alright and the maps, the ones that never where on pc, just
    plain out suck and the ones we dont got anymore, some where good and even
    though there is somehow like 40 maps still on pc, it does feel like there
    isnt that much. mainly cause the rotation sucks is why.

  25. XD I just saw in the tank list for the console WoT the HMS TOG II it looks
    somewhat like a tug boat with a gun

  26. they are all special tanks you earn through challenges, difficult
    challenge, and the differences between the two platforms are to make the
    games unique, because PC get everything new first, we over on console get
    exclusives like the hammer which I have, and the Russian tanks, they’re
    always Russian around

  27. The 100th anniversary event was garbage and everyone knows it. WG can go
    straight to Hell for the crap they pulled.

  28. I play console

  29. Jingles, someone pointed this out already, but didn’t really explain it. So
    I will clarify for anyone who has missed it:

    The Firefly you were looking at is actually a Premium version of the
    Firefly called the Boilermaker. It was released only a couple months ago as
    a promotional tank series, in-game. These tanks go along with the Darkhorse
    graphic novel series ‘World of Tanks: Roll Out!’. Wargaming has released a
    new tank featured in the series each time a new issue is released. So far,
    there have been four such tanks: one Tier-5 StuG, two Tier-6’s (the
    Boilermaker and the Cromwell ‘Snakebite’ *a light tank), and a Tier-7

    Each tank is very similar to its non-premium counterparts, but with a few
    small tweaks. The most noticeable feature to these tanks is cosmatic.
    However; if you buy the tanks, they each come with a unique crew. They aslo
    each have at least one other feature to separate them from their siblings.
    The spare tracks on the Boilermaker, for example, are actually counted as
    spaced armor. The StuG, called ‘The Hidden’, actually has a better camo
    value than the AMX ELC, the E-25 or the Borsig.

  30. Please have more console replays on this channel please

  31. Every time I see the console graphics… I wish we had them on PC… I had
    trouble telling that this was Swamp… like for real…

    Also the Snakebite Cromwell is a light tank so that would be cool to have.
    And that Firefly with the camo’d barrel is called the Boilermaker and is a
    special tank. The normal firefly is the same as the PC version.

  32. supremely nice video! , awesome that you branch out a wee bit

  33. Artisto81 AKA Meong Garong

    So, Jingles when would you feature replay from World of Tanks Blitz?

  34. More console videos feed us console peasants!!

  35. Console has a few tanks PC does not python viper kraken fox hornet t7 cars,
    Lycan t71, m41b Brazilian bulldog, t26e4 freedom, revenant kraft panther,
    captured kv1

  36. domesticape Peters

    Woo-hoo! About time Mr Jingles!

  37. I’ve played PC and Xbox tanks. Xboxs high end players are actually up their
    in skill with PC players but because consoles have a higher amount of
    casuals it has a lower low when it comes to skill (probably why theirs to

  38. invaliddenkkommando

    wargaming is fck

  39. hey jingles the firefly you saw in the video, I’m fairly certain that one
    is a premium vehicle.

  40. You mean the other third lives jingles your forget about wot blitz

  41. I like the look of seeing the Gun Barrel when aiming, nice touch. Also as
    far as I know they get a pzII J for free.

  42. well there not completely different game

  43. You haven’t truly understood the differences between Console and PC until
    you snap on to a target. PC’s have to actually have their crosshairs over
    the outline of a tank. Console’s just have to have a tank somewhere in
    their reticle. Now, that also leads to the Console peasants snapping on to
    a tank that actually knows how to go hull down and firing at them while
    they are behind a hill, burying your shells in the dirt, but that’s just
    how the “Kiddie Friendly” game goes.

  44. Could you make a blitz video as well?

  45. ew console is a shit and why do they get tanks we don’t. WG knows how to
    piss off their player base

  46. wish jingles saw my replays :(

  47. Jingles that tank is a tier 6 premium tank call boilermaker it’s a fully
    upgraded Sherman firefly with a cool camo that’s it

  48. even world of tanks blitz player get mark1 as playable tank

  49. Those console peasants xD

  50. you elitist pricks -.-

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