World of Tanks: Console || TRENCH WARFARE

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Source: QuickyBaby

: Console – Trench Warfare. PC gamers don’t get to play the Mark but console owners do! Let’s roll out in the first ever tank!

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World of Tanks is a online game is available as a free download. is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. this xbox version… looks like FUCKING CANCER

  2. Boring. Very boring gameplay. You aren’t missing anything.

  3. Why not WoT Blitz?

  4. FYI the pods on the sides are a good place to shoot as well. I’ve found the
    flamethrower to be fairly useless as I avoid getting that close. I think
    it’s sort of fun to play, but the only reason people are coming back to it
    is because you win a boost op for being top 3 in damage, which you can use
    to help complete the Centennial OP. It’s the only realistic way of
    completing that OP.

    Edit: I guess it’s also crazy good for crew training, so there’s that as

    Glad to see you doing occasional videos on the console version, keep them

  5. Your right about the longevity of that mode, it was only available on the
    weekends and the mode was really designed to help people farm boosts for
    the fight for the Centennial operation, if you come in the top 3x damage
    dealers in trench mode you get a boost, this boost can be used in
    multiplayer games and will only activate when you get in the top 3x damage
    dealers on your team in a winning or losing battle, the boost will then
    apply a random amount of points between 1-20 towards the fight for the
    Centennial op. For PC players the fight for the Centennial op grants
    players a free tier 8 British premium the Cheiftain/T95.

    I quite enjoyed the Mark 1 the only thing i found frustrating was the fact
    every little rise affects your vision and quite often you will find
    yourself able to be shot by the enemy but you cant get a sight picture on
    them…so you need to be in an elevated position to get good vision. other
    than that pretty fun little mode.

  6. Even blitz gets a mark 1 rip pc

  7. The Blitz anniversary game is horrible, way worse then both console and PC.
    Its like the console, as in your play as the mark, but no new map, no
    flamethrower, it’s just duck shooting

  8. kratos killsyou69er

    Do Blitz next

  9. Clearly QB is racist and doesn’t like British people… #BritishLivesMatter

  10. I just updated my Blitz and there was also playable Mark Is there. WG
    trying to kill PC?

  11. What happens when you flip the mark on the roof? Can you drive further or
    is there no flipping on console?

  12. Try world of tanks blitz

  13. As usual PC misses out on the good things…other than decent graphics…

  14. Austin F (SpiralTarantula)

    I can’t stand the Mark I. What’s the point of having a trench warfare mode
    when everyone camps in the forest and the creek bed? Plus, this tank is the
    only way to get the stupid boosters for the Centennial Chieftain (which
    rely solely on RNG). I’d rather just grind XP.

  15. u can play as the mark on blitz

  16. 4:29 haha… Pinpoint MARKsmanship

  17. Meanwhile the Renault ft gets nothing :(

  18. quicky doesnt realise this mode is too earn boxes that give you points to
    unlock the centennial for free

  19. the WOT Blitz version of the 100 years is fun also… just a different set
    up… i personally think the blitz version is the best so far

  20. Clorox Bleach, please notice me so I can drink you.

  21. Uhhh Lush!

  22. oh he is on the Xbox 360

  23. Hey QB you can also use the mark in the mobile version

  24. I bet the Mark can side scrape like a beast. LOL

  25. Please stop calling it the mark! it’s a mk 1, as in first version. You’re
    basically calling this track Version.

  26. it’s nice to see a youtuber give recognition to console. plz more console

  27. William Hsieh (limelego)

    You can also play the Mark 1 on Blitz

  28. WoT PC, why you no do dis?

  29. why WG dnt make a map like this in WoT?

  30. MAin reason i stopped played WoT. Just constantly seeing all the cool stuff
    constantly rolling out for console and blitz then on PC they are like
    “uhhh… we added a new premium to the super test servers that will never
    make it to live anyways.” yay…

  31. plz do more console!

  32. you can play with Mk.I too in WoT Blitz. It’s cool

  33. I sent a friend invite to you Quickybaby on the xbox. I hope we can play
    together and you can help me one day. My callsign is RaVen LSR I hope it
    went through at least lol

  34. please do more console

  35. you should play xbox world of tanks more often its so cool me and my dad
    have it and we got a tortoise witch recks and we got a tier 9 bat chat arty
    and a kv3 and a maus :D

  36. Aim for the sponsons if you can. If you go to the in game armor viewer you
    will see that they have less armor then the center crew portion. With RNG
    in play and a smaller target, you often will find a bounce or two means you
    are dead. If you spawn south, head to the south west brawl area, if you
    spawn north, the Forrest might be better. Does your press account include
    the Snakebite skill on every crew? Since your crews are maxed out, play
    with the snakebite crew as it has then not-pay-to-win-top-Kek 5% dispersion
    snakebite skill.
    The sides and gun sponsons are 1-20mm, the front flat crew bit are 21-30mm
    as well as the upper and lower pkate, but they are angled.
    I have lived in this mode far too long, but as a new console (started on
    PC, couldn’t handle 12fps then played Blitz) player I am addicted to the
    crew XP coefficient.
    And on console this mode awards you a boost that can be played in normal
    multiplayer. There are three 100 point Ops. If you place in top three
    damage in the Mark, you win a boost. If you finish top 3 in damage you
    unlock the boost and it rolls a point spectrum between 1-20.
    After you win all three 100 point ops you win the Brit tier VIII Cent 95. I
    just won mine (those baby seals were gentle, sweet creatures, but the ice
    is slick with their blood) and had 33 boosts left over. But I will keep
    playing the mark until the server rips the code from my peasent box since
    the crew skill XP is insane.
    Thanks for the second console vid. We peasents have formed a community
    council and are erecting a bed and breakfast for you and your wife to stay
    in when you visit our fair land of limited aiming ability and pointless
    things like the Chieften and dynamic weather effects….and simplified crew
    training….and the Snakebite, a Cromwell that muddles along at 80kph.

  37. QB how the hell you said the longetivity on mark 1 mode in console is much
    shorter than what we got in pc. WTF. This mode in console is actually much
    much better than in pc.

  38. you also get to play the mk1 in world of tanks blitz

  39. Maybe Trench Warfare is good,but on PC this with “trucks” is really funny

  40. Remember, Slowtoes…most players don’t have every crew skill right when
    they play, this fun mode allows a player a massive boost in crew XP with
    short games and no cost (I ended up not even bringing fire extinguishers).
    It is spine shattering and soul crushing after an hour of play, but when
    you see how much crew XP you for for that hour, some players end up
    grinding away hour upon hour…until it is 12:17, the family is asleep and
    you end up on YouTube because your mind is mush from playing the mode all
    Oh…and if you use your boosts in regular play you get a free tier VIII
    Brit premium. But the tank is just cake on the icing for me, I am grinding
    for that sweet, sweet crew XP.

  41. im sad in console they just made ugly shit what is not even working

  42. Hey QB. You’ve awoken the pedant in me 🙂 Surely the name of this tank is
    Tank, not Mark. Mark is just the version number. There’s now a whole
    generation of kids who think there really was a tank called Mark!

  43. If only we had the graphics like XBOX on the PC..

  44. see the console is the way to go haha

  45. More Xbox Vids Please.

  46. The mark was WAY too fast on this game, and rate of turn was ridiculously
    too fast!!

  47. Dat penetration effect/melt metal on the enemy tank looks gorgeous

  48. That Slowtoes just got me guys =)))

  49. Hey QB, I’ve been wanting to play a game with u forever but I didn’t have a
    pc. Thanks for playing on the console (btw I was on your team in the
    chieftain video

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