World of Tanks – Controlled Aggression

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

With you lot sending videos in faster than I can watch them, that doesn’t leave a lot of time spare to actually get videos of my own made for you! Still, a deal’s a deal, so here’s Icelord15 pwning n00bs in his

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I watched him at 1 in the morning

  2. I watched him at 1 in the morning

  3. 0,41 accuracy my ass

  4. Borna Serenčeš

    ummm..did anyone notice that guy cursing he’s ass off in the chat (IS3)

  5. Will anyone tell me the deadline for the video contest? Has it passed?

  6. Why Not Zoidberg Jesus

    welp I’m gonna get my t32 back…

  7. Uuuuuuuuu Jingles savage!!! xD

  8. I wouldn’t say that amx is a bit, however I would say the amx is stupid. I
    have no evidence of him using any programs, but I have evidence of him
    being a player with no brain.

  9. Yep back to watching 1000+ WOT replays LOL .. my eyes bleed just thinking
    about that jingles LOL :D

  10. you need a cut off date Jingles or your going to keep getting more then you
    can watch

  11. This video made me buy back my T32 :D

  12. Thank you thank you thank you Jingles for not just posting another gold
    noob wallet warrior… So pleasant to see someone with skill and pushing to
    get the damage. Tell QB he’s gone off the rails and posting too many gold
    spammers… Because gold noob + autoaim front on does not make you a good
    player :-)

  13. 1000 vids, 5min each, 5min of faffing about with each video, 10000mins
    total, divided by 60= 160hrs @8hrs a day = 20 solid days or about 4wks of
    work…. yeah u need back up

  14. I was your 502 286th sub :D

  15. Jingles in the morning, Jingles in the evening, aint we got fun! I love my
    T32 and I too play it aggressively. GG WP O7

  16. > Pepsi challenge

  17. Wao this is3 is very nice person.Hello from beautiful Croatia.

  18. Man i forgot how shit jingles was

  19. Friendly IS3 in chat was speaking Serbian, he was cursing the Croats XD
    I’m Serbian, and I have Croatian friends, so it’s just funny and stupid.
    What a fucking moron

  20. I love the T32 :D

  21. If those mediums went for their base instead of coming back, they would’ve
    won. If the AMX12t went for cap as quickly as he could, they would’ve
    Heavies can’t teleport around the map! How can you reset in time when
    you’re slow like a T32? THINK PPL! And go for the freaking cap!

  22. Oh iceLORD! I thought you whew saying ISIL lol

  23. Jingleeees, you are encouraging people to use bots! xD xD xD

  24. Ha, look at those 3 premade IS-3 tryhard faggots.

  25. *bang bang* shots fired by jingles xD

  26. wots happend to x com s vid have i missed the last one

  27. Hi Jingles, could you, if possible, make an “All skill – no Luck” vid. The
    last couple of vids and this one in particular, the amount of luck/RNG is
    massive. thnx

  28. Jingles, do you watch every replay sent before the clock turned 00:00 the
    12th of july?

  29. Never underestimate the terrifying power of your community, Jingles. Half a
    million people is…well…a lot of people.

  30. Never Feel sorry for Jingles, Just keep laughing

  31. Seba de los Ríos

    I don’t want to sound cocky but… I have had many games with this
    controlled aggression Jingles is talking about. I think that’s exactly how
    you have to play a T32. Hull down, yes, but you need to know when to have
    the initiative and flank other tanks, especially with that gun. You have to
    know when to be opportunist and when to be a hull down addicted.

  32. How did he pull off some of those shots, especially on the move? That gun
    can not normally do that, ha.

  33. Michael Holloway

    Holy cats, British guy! Don’t you have minion to do your drudge work for

  34. I loved my T32.

  35. lol 999ping

  36. 7:00 was the throw right there

  37. jingles, you should of set a time limit on each video submitted, like under
    3 min

  38. Jingles I have a quick question, My world of tank videos get unmonetised do
    you have that problem??

  39. I think the IS tanks are now better than the T29, I have higher average
    damage numbers in them, it’s 1.7k to 2.9k respectively. The T29 now just
    feels like an ARL 44 with a good turret.

  40. Hey Jingles, the accuracy on T32 is not 0.4 when he is using BiA and
    Vertical Stabilazor and is around 3.4 which is way more decent for those
    snapshots :)

  41. Jingles, you use Bandicam to record videos, what you doo if its longer than
    10 min?

  42. I was to do t worry but yea new video 4am

  43. How are you not censuring this swearing and racist insults in the chat?

  44. Litigation Jackson

    The IS-3 does not have strong frontal armor

  45. hey jingles could you do a video explaining wargamings in-game replay
    recorder and how to use it and were the files turn up

  46. Jingles I’d love to see/know the process on how you exactly watch and
    slowly filter through the replays to find the winner or best one?

  47. Game starts…..Croat and Serbs start fighting :D

  48. so sick of this. It’s just RNG

  49. HAHAHAHAH T29 beast heavy? I have yet to be outplayed by a t29 in my is-1
    and is-2, i mean sure they go hull down but everything else on that tank is
    so weak I can just charge them and then kill them.

  50. did you just said pepsi challenge? have heard you say that only 1 time and
    that is in your first video. Watched it recently haha?

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