World of Tanks – Convoy Mode

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  1. Still think it’s hilarious how people still are saying WoT copied Bf1…
    Last time I checked WoT had ww1 theme before BF1

  2. nice vid keep it up

  3. I switched my lanchester crew to light VIC, thinking that changing it to
    83% isn’t too bad…. then I realised it has to be lanchester… so I
    changed it back, now I have a crew which I wanted to farm for a light VIC
    crew which now I can’t do anything with, they are at 75% :/

  4. played 20 games – defending team won once

  5. totaly accurate game mod. 10/10 people fought like this in the old days :D

  6. Jeremiah Pavlichankov

    what is this?

  7. this game mode looks fuckin dank

  8. This game mode seems so much better than the one the Xbox gets the one on
    Xbox is aids

  9. Will we be able to keep the crew for our British tanks when the event ends?

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