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Source: Jingles

Today for day only, Cookie_RunR, freshly escaped from Sesame Street, showcases the most exciting game of World of Tanks I’ve seen this year.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. O shit thats a thing if you knock out all the crew well TIL

  2. Wtf happened in that first video how did he do 387 dmg when he killed him

  3. you forgot to mention that not only was his team outnumbered and surrounded in the base, but the enemy team also had the high ground

  4. Somehow T71 miracle worker has 10° on it’s odcillating turret

  5. TheHufflepuffPost

    Me: Ah fuck it’s 1:30 in the morning.
    Jingles: **posts**
    Me: Damn you…

  6. Very nice review Paul.. ! Liked it.!

  7. It was rather obvious this guy was not the sharpest tool in the box

  8. Pretty good gameplay from Cookie_RunR. Even tough he got really lucky that the EBR from the beginning didn’t autoaim and shot him or else he would be dead.

    and also he could have dropped behind the T34 5-10 seconds after the T34 disappeared and would have gotten him. (He always had to dive down the cliff)

    EDIT: The TS-5 should have gone into the cap. the T34 had one angle to approach from.

  9. I disliked to get Jingles attention I was literally the first dislike lol
    PLEASE DO EBR 90/105

  10. Ha a jingles video just what i needed after stalking a queen wasp that was harassing my kitchen for 1 hour ( I AM TERRIFIED OF WASPS) But in the end i won against my fears and this video will calm me down. Thanks mighty overlord

  11. Sly kitten clip at the end people! Watch all the way through!

  12. And you forgot the best part, he even made a profit, without a premium account too.

  13. that was one hell of an action replay! Great job to Cookie and thanks for the upload Jingles! hope u’re better

  14. “Heinz Guderian’s Panzer Group 2 charging through the low countries in France in the summer of 1940”

    Jesus Christ Jingles I haven’t laughed that hard in years. I thought I was gonna piss myself.

  15. She is a beautiful little girl! Congratulations on the addition to your family. The first 6 months with a new kitten is so fun.
    I’m sorry that last bit was far too touchy feely for a tank based site so…fuckin a man!! (Whew barely saved that one!)

  16. The first 5 minutes alone are really actionpacked and would have been interesting to watch from any of the tanks’ perspective. You’re really giving uns the créme de la créme Jingles but still: Where are the TOG videos?

  17. That was a seriously entertaining game, I love seeing the batchat 12t in action

  18. little late but still in the top 3,357 people to see this

  19. About Akizuki
    He had us in the first part, not gonna lie

  20. Jingles..Its Cookie as in the Cookie Monster, Another word for biscuit The way you pronounced it sounded like Kooky as in crazy.

  21. 4 in the morning my alarm goes off to get up for work. 4:01 in the morning and a video pops up from the mighty jingles I’ll be damned it’s too early. ???

  22. Really exciting game:-)!

  23. “they both have terrible gun elevation” 20* on the ts5

    • There are some vehicles in WT that can aim vertically up 90°, so in some ways 20° could be considered “meh”. That’s still aboveat average though.

  24. mreowww, and back to salt mines folks 🙂

  25. Was wondering where the kitty clip was Jingles

  26. Are you the guy who used to make videos with Frankie ?

  27. That LT-432 in the first game was using HE only…..Bruh

  28. TS-5 can’t get the gun around, cause he doesn’t have a turret – oh Jingles

  29. henry kuechenberg

    Have you played legends release yet

  30. Weaponized Autist

    I’ll never understand LT players. I mean, good on them for doing what they do but I don’t have the correct size of man-pants to roll around in something that has the armour of wet cardboard.

  31. Om Nom Nom

  32. Next autoeim no skill replay

  33. Is it only me? Why didnt the TS5 just sit in the cap & pull the T34 into view towards him?

  34. The SU130 firing HE makes me sick.. How can you be so dumb?

  35. the amount of lemmings usualy in my team, easly flankable Ts-5, nope lets shoot it in the front cause why not and die, and then claim that teammates are retarded

  36. If your looking for a good game to play try Uncharted 4 for you Ps4. It is a great game!

  37. The title got me interested jingles..

    Wishn it was some warships though

  38. AkShUlLy jInGLeS iT’s NOt A cliP It’S a MAgAziNe

  39. I have one hell of a hangover,. not your usual marine drinking sesh but proper squadron going for it, grobags included……… the sort of sesh that drains a bar dry and would obliterate an australian with room to spare for the germans, if they are invited!!!

    Anyway, despite my kidneys trying to find another body to recover in, and my liver has gone french ie has given up…..sort of, it’s just waiting till conditions are more favourable for it’s survival while my blood level becomes more blood than fermented other liquids…….. I have no idea where I was going with this, or where I started………. I can still type and miss typo’s… that’s good. Oh yeah……WoT spent 4 pounds on getting my first crew to 100 % thingy…….. and I’m still as much use as tits on a fish…………..meh 4 quid, the price of a pint of something more rewarding,

  40. General Saufenberg

    Jingles the Catnapper

  41. Play Armored Warfare, I can’t stand WoT

  42. ACatZuki is a cutie.

  43. Wot desperately needs the worlds first and Only 1950’ies clip fed SPG: Bandkanon 1

  44. The One Who Laughs

    Jingles: ”… and speed is his advantage here.”
    AMX 12t: ”I am speed!”


  46. Hey, where is your div 2 vid??? Come on Jingles, enough with sucking up to Wargaming. 😛

  47. GAH! surprise cat clip ……..everyones favourite type of cat clip

  48. Had one fight like this last night on that map.. in my lkv65.. my friend(type 64) and I did well and won!

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