World of Tanks – Cool Under Pressure

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Heading to the airport soon, just got time to publish the first of the videos I prepared to cover my absence while I’m in France. Enjoy!

Today Warzey demonstrates how to not choke in the Bat.Chatillon25t when his back’s up against the wall on the Siegfried Line.

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  1. the moment when i shoot the maus in the side excactly like this guy and it
    doesnt go thru… guess lack of skill reduces your pen in this game. ( or
    lack of money paid to wg)

  2. haha, that was well played.

  3. That shot would have bounced for any tank against the Maus. And angled Maus
    turret like that is godlike.

  4. Lol first suggested video for me is Queen- Under Pressure


    It IS physically possible to do 600+ damage to a Maus with 1 round of ammo
    in a Batchat…hit the ammo rack :)

  6. Canadian Edition T

    Your videos keep getting shorter and shorter…lazy?

  7. Well it is a KAZNA member…

  8. jingles is like: ‘oh crap hes seen us. time to moooooooove!” hahaha

  9. Even if he had taken the shot at the turret at the Maus’ turret side, I
    guarantee you it would have bounced. Probably why he didn’t fire, since he
    seems to know how troll the Maus armor is.

  10. I used to love this game but when it went into the direction of a
    reflex/twitch game rather then an attrition strategic positioning game it
    lost me.

  11. Gg I got a fadins medal with my SU-5 arty on console version lel.

  12. Zalophus californianus

    Actually jingles, that’s a 113

  13. Jingles should change his intro soon I think for an upgrade

  14. Why is jingles commentary legendary

  15. This like the first time I watched a video that was.posted the day I

  16. Please make You’re Doing It Wrong 2 Jingles!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’ve got proof that Warzey was on fire… our dorm fire alarm just went

  18. He did very well.

  19. great vid jingles, keep up the good work.

  20. Mohammad Asif Matin (Rocky)

    Obviously he is a cool customer… he is in Kazna Kru, one of the best
    clans in EU server… and in the WG league or world finals batchat is their
    favorite tank.

  21. His tank looks like it has a huge a-hole blown in it…lol

  22. CUBS WIN!

  23. In the middle of WOP WOPS

    too short

  24. Just throwing this out there. But i think wargamming could really solve the
    heavy tanks camping in the back problem by changing the way they do damage.
    IE make the damage not RNG based. If a HT sits at the back of the map
    With a gun that can only do say 300-500 damage and he shoots at a tank and
    pens they will only do 300 damage. Because they are farther away. Now if
    they were closer to the enemy the damage goes up. While the pen stays the
    same as it always would. What im trying to say is if a HT player wants to
    do max damage they have to move up. Although i hardly ever play wot anymore
    (been 2 years) so maybe this is a bad idea.

  25. i mean he is in KAZNA crew so no surprise that he’s an amazing player lol.

  26. He is not in KAZNA by luck.

  27. ooo! A One-Three-One!
    silly jingles :P

  28. Why people are still playing this shit lord of a game and complaining about
    arty when they could be playing Armoured Warfare is beyond me, Not to
    mention the bullshit spotting, camo, damage and penetration mechanics.

  29. Everyone is playing this tank. Me… I love being German heavy pinyata….

  30. If he had managed to ram-kill a Maus with a B-C 25t I would have been very
    impressed indeed.

  31. In my opinion when he saw the Maus at the end I think he should’ve just ran
    in when his turret isn’t pointing at him. He’s a bit lucky that the Maus
    missed the shot on him.


  33. since Jingles doesn’t make videos about War Thunder, does anyone know other
    youtubers who show good RB & Sim battles? I know PhlyDaily and

  34. I would’ve taken that shot that was amazing how he held his cool

  35. * Initiates slow clap * Well done!

  36. it must be a german player….. warze mean ” WART ” if i look at google

  37. Wargaming pls nerf Warzey too OP

  38. Nice commentary Jingles!

  39. great play .. a master class in tanking

  40. When you are hunting with only 1 bullet. You got to make sure you have a
    clear shot.

  41. Souriya Boualavong

    One of the best video on your channel jingles

  42. That’s how Fadins medals should be earn, well done!

  43. Impressive

  44. Amazing game :)

  45. should change his name to balls of steel! well played indeed

  46. I bet WARZEY must b good poker player! ? ?

  47. The perfect cowardice and perversity…

  48. spookyplayz spookyplayz

    Can u put more replays with tanks we rarely see like the amx 50 100 or the
    kv3 because it’s always the same tanks Russian mediums and batchatts

  49. Finally a very interesting replay, well played to Warzey!

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