World of Tanks || Counter Attack – Teamwork #14

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Time for some teamwork! Playing in the T10 German medium tank the Leopard 1 with Ikzor in his trusty M48 Patton! Teamwork #14

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  1. Is there actually any points for me to get the M48 patton? it seems rather
    out classed by other tanks?

  2. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    +QuickyBabyTV Nicely done, again, sir. I’ve been watching your teamwork
    videos again, as my wife and I platoon together. As the more experienced
    player, I’m finding that it’s up to me to call the shots. The decisions
    made in individual play are not always the same as those made in a platoon,
    and these videos have helped me know the difference. Also, I have
    discovered a sick satisfaction at the devastation a piggy-platoon can
    wrought. Split the map early, focus fire later, and watch them rage in
    chat. Lolz in abundance.

    I was alone on the end and i made 7kills and i got ACE :)

  4. awesome game

  5. I’m a new player I have up to tier 6 tanks any tips

  6. nuclearsharkattack

    More Leopard 1 gameplay, Quickie! ;-)

  7. More stuff like this, hepls and inspire alot.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Full platoon of 140’s cannot be beaten, simple best tanks in the game

  9. I like to play in an IS platoon, with that monster gun in that tier if he
    got a perfect match making 3 IS can murder all the enemy team

  10. M48ton xD that was nice

  11. looking at all the stats that battle should have been won a lot easier than
    how it ended up. its probably just because almost all your tier 10’s went
    to the hill leaving not much on the other side

  12. somehow i always seem to drop in on the twitch streams when your doing one
    of your amazing battles

  13. Where should I send the URL of the replay?

  14. leopard 1 and 121

  15. Me and my friend always play Obj140 and FV4202 together and that seems to
    work really well 

  16. Been teaming up the Centurion 7/1 with my buddies Type61. Similar tanks,
    but Type has speed and the Cent has hull down and rough terrain. 105’s
    blazing away!

  17. Peter Puškár Kvinta A

    Also E-50M player has 3000+ wn8 and she is one of best players in 9-TD

  18. I like to play in the jagdpanther 2 and my friend plays in the t71. I just
    feel that we work well when he scouts and I snipe, especially when I get
    circle strafed and he help me by tracking the med or light

  19. Hey QB I watched this battle on your stream. That was really cool then and
    it’s still cool on replay. Excellent teamwork.

  20. a ram-kill with a Leopard is a quite rare event :)

  21. the insane luck and crazy rng u have sold from wg!
    how much does it cost?
    13x games lost in a row
    13x faketeams
    13x in a row 2-3 good players and 12-13 bots,botters and rookies,enemy team
    13 experts and 2 rookies.
    so how much does this luck & rng cost FUCKING HELL?

  22. please do a review on the 59-16!!! Would love to hear your opinion on that
    beast of a tank!

  23. Cromwell B’s in a mob = Epic trollslaughter.

  24. Pravinesh Dayal

    Could you please do do another review on the leopard

  25. I love to play with my new friend VAE type B and he drives Pz. II.

  26. in my type 59 of course

  27. hayder aldaffaie

    Hi QB can you make a video to show us all your tanks please (:

  28. Don’t feel like this was really “teamwork.” A good game, sure, but not
    necessarily a ton of teamwork.

  29. in. Y platoon I like to use the chaffe

  30. My FV4202 and my platoon mates Patton. We absolutely dominate on the xbox!

  31. My clan does KV-2,s Panzer 1cs, TOG IIs, and Hellcats, just because they’re

  32. oh holy shit, I remember seeing this live! It feels like I’ve witnessed
    history lol

  33. ISU-152 platoon ofc xD
    Ohk every T8 tank if both pen with the mighty *Troll Gun of Doom*
    And if you have 3 of them…yeah…*-*

  34. Samuel Giovannucci

    Just a lazy questions because I could look this up myself, but isn’t the
    new French tier 10 medium the fastest?

  35. I love to play in platoon with my buddy Pinni_86 with T30’s. :)

  36. Watched this on-stream! Awesome game as always!

  37. AttackPenguin666

    Well QB since you ask I have recently been playing with Jimmy287 from QSF-L
    and we got a similar-ish carry with Comets (yes I know you already love
    this tank to bits solo or platoon) and we did roughly half you and Ik’s
    damage in a tier 7 game Assaulting Sand River 😀 even got a Pascuccis! 

  38. Blue Rules Minecraft

    What is the leopards shell velocity? I felt like throughout the video he
    gave very little lead but hit most of his shots. I felt like every shot on
    a moving target would have fallen behind, so is the leopards shell velocity
    high, or am I just weird.

    • +Blue Rules Minecraft well his standard ammo is APCR which has a higher
      travel speed so maybe that’s it.

    • Yes the leopard has high she’ll velocity. First of all its a German medium
      at high tiers they tend to been high velocity and it used socr as standard
      so yeah 😀

  39. Nice carry!

  40. Concerning the synergy of two tanks in a platoon I prefer two tanks of the
    same type or at least the same type of gameplay.
    Most perfectly they are two brawlers or both as versatile as the other. Two
    T-54 medium tanks would be the perfect combination. Or any other medium
    wolfpack with similar tank statistics. Communication and staying together
    are the only things you need to succeed. But with every rule there are
    exceptions. If your team ist just too bad, you can’t compensate it. Then
    you’re just lost…

  41. I’d have to go with duo IS-7s for the tank synergy question(I’m a noob,
    forgive me. Only two tier 10s close to a third) but on Elenberg, assault I
    believe, we took the bottom of the north-west side of the hill. One by one
    we popped out and took shots, and bouncing almost everything coming at us.

  42. Beniamin Budzyński

    My favourite platoon setup is e100 to take hits and high alpha dage and the
    fear factor, fv215b for pure dpm, good turret armour and mobility a batchat
    or object 140 for flanking around a simply out playing opponents with mixed

  43. any autoloader platoon

  44. War Thunder adverts on a World of tanks video. Even Youtube has a sense of

  45. GisterThomas Games

    I like playing the kv2 with my friends becouse stronk gun and Stalin wil
    guide shell

  46. zombieplayer111

    Hey QB me and my friends love playing the Kv2 with the 152 and we do really
    well but we’re always the last ones on the team and then we lose but we
    both do at least 2k damage or more. If you can I would love some tips on
    how to play it better and to be able to win those games. Thx and keep up
    the good work.

  47. 09:16 HAHAHAHAHAH ,listening to that over and over :D

  48. Very good game QB.

  49. I play with a platoon of 3 kv1 for rekt the other team or pz1c for the lols
    and sometimes 2 IS-3 and a tiger 2

  50. I really find amazing the “map awareness” that u have, with this I mean…
    to be at the wright place at the wright time!
    Really think that this is what makes a a good player become a fenomenal

  51. Not only is the gun accurate, but it seemed your round was getting to its
    target quickly. Great velocity. 

  52. Good “Señor Riek” Comment


    at 5:45 you talk about falling trees give camouflage but are you sure about
    WG has some tips and one of them is that you dont get camouflage of
    (fallen) trees.

  53. What do they teach you guys in school these days? Accuracy is how close
    your result is to the intended target, and precision is consistency. I
    think you meant accuracy in this context, as the leopard’s gun seems to be
    good. And don’t take this as a hate post, not many people know the
    difference :P

  54. Justin Marciniec

    So Quicky,
    Today brought upon me a 45.45% win rate. I think that would be at least
    over 50% if I would not keep getting caught Out Of Position. Problem is, I
    don’t know what the other team is Exactly going to do. It also seems like I
    have little backup from my team whenever caught. Honestly now, where/how
    could I improve my game here?

    • Move with your team. Chances are there’s one dumbass that rushed to the
      battle first and gets spots and dies so um yeah.

  55. The bat chat is the fastest duh

  56. cromwell platoon is best in my opion. cause they are fast, manouverable and
    have a very very fast reload

  57. Nice job QB as usual 

  58. Lies QB STB-1 is better could have done damge + kill them faster

    Btw best platoon tank is the Tog 2. XD

  59. 3 t110e4’s are good 

  60. jolly good game, has inspired me to start grinding the indien pz once more

  61. Do you have a video where youd show your xvm settings?

  62. The most deadly combo is: An STB-1 for using ridgelines, an Obj.140 to make
    the initial push and to perma-track other people if needed and a Foch 155
    for the awesome combo of armor and bust potential. Me and my clan mates
    manage over 80% WR with that tactic. Also it is really funny to see the
    enemy shit their pants when they see a Foch rolling with 2 meds.

  63. Marcin Narozniak (Kasbiu)

    Please put the quality to normal 720p not 720p 45

  64. Christoffer Rasmussen

    For tank synergy when i’m platooned up with my clanmates/friends we usually
    go for me in an IS-6 going ham and brawling (i can usually carry games
    decently alone in that tank) and my buddies mixing and matching tier 7
    mediums/TDs (to not ruin my IS-6s prem mm of course) we usually do this
    when we’re done doing our daily doubles and average about 70-80% winrate
    with this setup :)

  65. Jan Košumberský

    “Too many cooks spoil the broth” .D you are just great QB ;-)

  66. I love your vids

  67. If world of tanks hade the stander 3 lanes like Dota has this game will be
    so much much balanced you got your light tank lane your med your heavy and
    the snipers behinde :)

  68. Or Kv2 Power :DD

  69. TOG2 POWER :D

  70. Bulldocarx Arnold

    In a leopard hp don’t…
    If you get ammo-recked you’re dead anyway…

  71. Ike hold while i go get the wn8.

  72. 50b, BC25t and E100 (or IS-7 or anything else armored) in a platoon can be
    very effective for most games. Or simply platoons of tier 10 mediums.

  73. Ehabocrates Starkof

    I had the privilege to watch this game live 🙂 GJ buddy

  74. I love playing auto-loading light tanks in a good platoon

  75. my favorite tank to ploton in is the T1 unningham

  76. Does anyone else notice that the chassee (not sure did i spell it
    correctly) looks the same as the T28 Prot’s

  77. a platoon of 2 elc amx bis can swoop in and to 500+ dmg to one tank in a
    matter of seconds that’s why I like to platoon with them

  78. old KV-1S ofc

  79. gold ammo win.

  80. StupidGuysDoingStupidThings

    My friend Gabe just recently got the Firefly, so we’ve been platooning
    those together and absolutely destroying enemy teams in landslide
    victories, we both absolutely adore the Firefly.

  81. Do you know what buff the is8 is getting in 9.8?

  82. When my wife Linda was playing regularly we loved to platoon in our T-67s
    (they were T49s then.) We’d snipe through the early part of the game and
    then wolf-pack in the later stages to hunt their artillery and cripples. We
    ran various combinations of vehicles but the T-67s were our favorites. With
    two of us working over the enemy with those rapid-fire 76mm.s we often had
    an influence on the battle that was greater than our individual skill would

  83. What was going on up on that hill? Lots of pushing and shoving it would

  84. Not sure I would call 2 vs 4 as “surrounding” the enemy. lol

  85. How can use the free camera mode in replays?

    • *How can you use

    • +Tommi Salonen It’s a mod you have to get it from some kind of modpack xD

    • +Sandeep Singh​ I know and i have the qb’s modpack and i thought that the
      mod was in there but i’m not sure cause i googled how to use it and didn’t
      found it

    • +Tommi Salonen lol No it’s not included in QB’s modpack.You can get it from
      another modpack like “OMC modpack” or “Aslains modpack” but be aware of all
      the clickable and already clicked thingies when installing.

      I recommend OMC Modpack tho because you can already previeuw the mod on
      their site 😉

  86. AMX 50B and T110E5 best teamwork tanks !

  87. was getting huge de ja vu while watching this and realised i saw it on the
    stream xD was a great game to see, good teamwork

  88. T-62A whit Oject140 fast tanks

  89. Peanutbuterjelly

    Have you considered getting wet ammo rack and safe stowage for your
    leopard? I use it on my is3/m103/t110e5 and I never get ammo racked anymore

  90. I love to play M6 with my buddy in T150
    T150 has the armor and M6 the dpm

  91. Wher is your good body ike? ;(

  92. That shell travels extremely fast and accurately. Almost like a Sniper
    Rifle in Call of Duty :O

  93. Obviously its 3 E100 like tanks(the campaign tank). You can basicly go
    anywhere have 2200 alpha-damage and 8.1k hitpoints with a strong armour!

  94. How does one go about bouncing off a Leapord 1

    • Michael Stiles (Kamo)

      +Eric Lee Theres higher chances for ricochets if you are firing APCR which
      the T-62A was.

    • +Michael Stiles APCR is standard on T10 meds… You want him to fire stupid
      HEAT or HE instead?

    • +Eric Lee If you fire an unaimed shot you take what you get. noob wouldn’t
      even managed to fire in that situation

    • Michael Stiles (Kamo)

      +BiddinWar Since i know about the normalization of the specific shells you
      would figure that i already know that T10 and some T9 meds use APCR as
      standart -_- .And no i don’t want him to fire anything else that’s not the
      point the point is that APCR does not get the normalization of AP and it
      tends to ricochet more often if it hits sloped surfaces.

    • +Eric Lee You saw the angle of impact.

  95. Centurion 7/1 And e50 <3

  96. commets

  97. Favourite tanks for all platoon:Vk 2801,2×amx 12t

  98. Ik did not really help you

  99. Ye gads I hate these magnificent, expert games 😛

    Purely out of jealousy mind you 😀 I am too rusty these days to pull off
    regular 3-4k dmg games.

  100. My favorite tanks for a platoon: obj-140 and obj-430

  101. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    Saw this one live… gr8

  102. DarkJediGamers from greece

    Quicky play a platoon of object 140s

    • +DarkJediGamers from greece quicky likes tanks with gun depression….

    • DarkJediGamers from greece

      ok so what to play? I really want to see a t110e5 platoon with IK and
      Jingles(if he comes back from comicon).But instead play one game with IK

  103. ST-I and T95, both acting as heavies and sticking together.

  104. I have a question : Do I can register on the beta test and play ?? Please
    answer me !

  105. QB, you call it teamwork, but i think you are just using Ik :)) to win

  106. Fallen trees do not provide camo if I’m right?

  107. Me and my 2 WoT buddys are always playing Type59 together

  108. why is the enemy t34 even in this match? shouldn’t his maximum matchmaking
    span be tier 9?

  109. My favorite tank to platoon with is the kv 2 because it doesn’t matter if
    I’m top tier or going against tier 8s I’m gonna do damage no matter what

  110. I think that the Obj 430 and the 121 is the best med tank combo becouse the
    dpm and the raw alpha hiting at once is insane!

  111. @qb

  112. The problem i find with the Leo is that i am really used to the other tier
    X meds mainly the Russian ones so playing aggressively is natural. I just
    got the FV4202 and that is also kind of a pain to get used to

    • +Zymon Ramirez Yep, it is essentially the British Leo. You must play it as
      if you have no armor at all. Sneak out into firing position, snipe with
      that amazing gun, and scoot back into cover.

      You can brawl with russian and chinese meds, and to a degree with the E50
      and E50m, but not much else.

  113. Ello kvekke bebe, nais gem gud metch

  114. Best tanks for carrying tier 10 games : One Leopard 1 and 2 Batchats 😀
    just awesome when you can achieve!! :)

  115. russell andrews

    the thing that work was when they was surrounded, then you pick the weakest
    part of there wring, this creates an avenue for the tanks to access more
    of the map

  116. good video please replay…

  117. I wish I was as agile with my light tanks. I always wind up fat fingering
    the keyboard and get myself killed.

  118. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    11th comment

  119. william fawcett

    Can you please do a t44 video 

  120. im one quick bitch
    not first but im quick :D

  121. i love your videos 🙂 can u platoon with me? i am tomato but… 😀 my name
    is homer445566 and i am from Slovakia 🙂 u are best 😛 add me to skype
    please my name: [S_D] UNKEMPT tommy

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +UNKEMPT Tommy How old are you? When will you learn how the world works?

    • SergeantCollier

      +Aroused Squirrel

    • +UNKEMPT Tommy The chance of that is incredibly low. You think you’re the
      only one who wants to platoon with him? And why would it be with you rather
      than with a good player who doesn’t seem like they’re 12

    • Not a chance in hell. I offered Will 20k in sponsorship and after 4
      conversations he ignored the offer. It was a genuine offer since we are the
      largest comms company in the world.

    • +ARKINHK he must be coining it if he rejected 20k in sponsorships.

  122. Ber vey dung!

  123. Yuanchuan Zhang


  124. Kylian Van Leeuwen

    Nice game

  125. I hope you enjoy this post game review with my good buddy Ikzor!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • +QuickyBabyTV Do more Leopard 1 replays and AMX50B replays, they re my two
      favorite tanks and i think that on youtube they dont get enough love.

    • +QuickyBabyTV OMG leopad so pro i like tank leopad

    • +QuickyBabyTV QB, while you were “hard platooned” I think that your
      reputation precedes you. It looks like you were “soft platooned” and could
      have extended c&c with them as they had handed you the marshal’s baton. 🙂

    • +QuickyBabyTV LIKE for you, and this was one of ur best games in last days.

    • +QuickyBabyTV Holy shit that too many cooks reference lol

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