World of Tanks – Crazy Ivan

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Source: The Jingles

It’s a little known fact that the in-game chat in World Tanks is useful for things other than calling your teammates noobs. Also, Russian tank drivers are all certifiably crazy.

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  1. Beautiful game and brave I mean brilliant narration by MJ. That what I call entertainment…

  2. Muhamed Husic - Ibrukic

    Hey Jingles. I know you served in the navy and there is an amazing VR tour of Yamato battleship on Steam, would you be interested in doing that? Please look it up here:

    Would be great if you could guide us trough the ship


  4. Quite frankly I think this just may be one of the best replays I have seen from Jingles. The teamwork in this video is just phenomenal. So glad someone managed to figure out that the chat is for more than ranting at your team.

  5. This helpfull chat must be a cheat. Never seen that in my vanilla game!

  6. When does the AMX die? I can’t read the type on the screen, too small.

  7. Well, I don’t know how to tell you that but… Is-2M is a Russian premium tier 7 heavy tank…


  9. Ok I’m uninstalling…chat being used for actual teamwork communication…WTH…WoT has gone mad!!

  10. Low in the team with the spectacular MM, and RNG. How in the world?


  12. Татьяна Сушкова


  13. 11:40

    I literally squealed.

    I am a 28 year old man.

  14. Silly youtube, denying me this video by not sending me the usual daily email notification…

  15. Hi Paul or Jingles, do you want a funny WoT replay? I let it be a surprise, that much about it, hanging two “b(p)ricks” on the wall with the Maus, if you want it, don´t know if l need to convert it or something.

  16. Some weeks ago me and my clanmates did a platoon of KV-2s that held and scared the t8s of the other team, it was glorious

  17. Teamwork is OP, its needs a nerf badly.

  18. “I’ll be brave Russian.”


  19. WoT – 2018 – Press 2 to teamwork!

  20. So was it intentional to make a Crazy Ivan reference right after you did a video about the Submarines?

  21. Where do I get this game? It looks like World of Tanks but with people who are not insulting each other

  22. They’re talking in chat civilly? Working together? WITCH!!!!!!!!! BURN THEM!!!! 😛

  23. Can you do a comprehensive guide on how to become a TOG II* ace?

  24. Elc is like:I killed something mom!

  25. “You don’t actually buy teamwork and communication in the World of Tanks premium shop. It is, in fact, free of charge and available to everybody”
    Bloody communists improving the game.

  26. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    LOL Jingles IS2M is a test tank lol only some plasyers have it to test

  27. Refreshing, there is intelligent life in the WOT’s.

  28. Holy shit that udes player sucks ass


  30. Dear Mr Jingles. I hear you talking about communication and team work. could you please try Mech -worrier online. teamwork is plentiful.

  31. The Militant Channel

    As If!!!

  32. Hey Jingles 🙂

  33. Rusty Shackleford IV

    Don’t let this distract you that Ray Finkle was a soccer style kicker graduated from Collier High June 1976, Stetson University honors graduate class of 1980, holds 2 NCAA Division One records, one for most points in a season, one for distance, former nickname “The Mule,” the first and only pro-athlete ever to come out of Collier County and one hell of a model American.

  34. This was awesome to see. not a great player myself its nice to see positive use of the chat feature. P.S. could you feature some more gameplay with that funny ass Kellerman in it.

  35. Conn, sonar! Crazy Ivan!

  36. Bitch, i rarely fire shots elc even and drive around dodging shots and killing arty first 30 seconds of battle lolol

  37. Funny thing happens when you flank a heavily armored tank. It dies.

  38. It’s that bloody tank game again…

  39. So much auto aim luck……

  40. oh my gosh i was in this game. The tiger 1 on the enemy team is a huge asshole. They started the match saying something along the lines of “oh no another game with nothing but losers whats the point of trying”

    None the less none of our team went east and so naturally I went down the road to spot who was there and the tiger 1 called me worthless and retarded and that if i uninstalled the game would improve instantly. Meanwhile all that tiger 1 did was camp at the base then when I spotted the enemies on the east he ran away to the center of the map and continued to ridicule the team.

  41. i intentionally got myself chat banned forever so I could just turn off battle chat never to worry about it again SIMPLY because of the constant flow of toxic assholes like a line of 1 million port-a-potties that get knocked over on a daily basis.
    I use Discord tor team chat so screw it.

  42. Teamwork? What’s this? This is new! Surely Jingles is lying about this tank not being overpowered! This perk “teamwork” allows him to spawn more low health tanks for him to play with! Certainly this is overpowered! Wargaming please nerf the IS2-M and it’s perks, and also rid the chat of anything resembling this new “teamwork” perk. I payed my way to the Type 4 for a reason!

  43. Teamwork? Is this World of Tanks? Is this reality?

  44. Outstanding video

  45. For a broke guy like me, the IS-2 Berlin is a much better deal, for $4 less than the IS-2M costs, you get the tank and a Zero-skill Bia crew, can’t wait to get one! 🙂 crew trainer here i come comrades!

  46. my life rn

    8/10 tier 8 battles are me fighting tier 8, 9 & 10
    1.99/10 tier 8 battles are me fighting tier 7, 8 & 9
    0.01/10 tier 8 battles are me fighting tier 6, 7 & 8

  47. Oh, I would not say teamwork is available for everyone.
    Everyone can OFFER teamwork, but if you get some in return is not guaranteed. So I’d say teamwork is available for everyone IN THEORY.

    But yeah, he played well, and I think I would like to meet more players like him on my team…

  48. Wow, so rare to see footage from the secret Canadian server 😉

  49. “Big fat stupid german ass” damn every word is so wrong but feels so good to say it

  50. And yesterday, I did get the impression that the chat function in this game is for people to rage and cry. Sit down children, and let me tell you a story about an asshole. Yesterday evening, after my work and dinner I sat down for some World of Tanks. In one of my last games of the evening I found myself als a top tier E 75 on Ruinberg, where I did the sensible thing and went into the town, being only 1 of three heavies and the only tier 9 heavy on the team. I noticed that I had the support of an Emil I, AT 7 and one other TD, I can’t remember which. When I got into position, I immediately had the Enemy E 75 opposite of me, backed up by an IS-3A. The AT 7, I saw, when I glanced down at my minimap, ‘rushed’ into the main crossroad, yes the one where mediums and lights can pepper your ass, if you turn your bottocks towards the north, to engage in a slugmatch with a T28 HTC, a T-44 and a Ferdinand and was absolutely pissed when he died. The last thing I saw, was that he asked me the question of how much damage I did, which I couldn’t respond in game, so I answered it for him in the garage. I did 2.6k damage and blocked a total of 3.4k, so all in all not a bad match, certainly not for an E75 that is not yet fully upgraded. Oooooh how I was a noob camper, that sat at the back of the map and farmed my damage and let my team do all the heavy lifting, while in actuality, I was up front, doing what I needed to, namely, holding back other heavies and dealing damage. When I pointed this out, the Asshole-7 claimed that my account was a reroll, since, yeah, my account from 2011 must be a reroll account, because no way a player with 50.39% win rate and 12k games can be this good and have 9 tier 10s. When I looked at his stats, I noticed that he wasn’t a bad player, since he played 42k games, with 52,4% win rate, so why he decided that going into the most exposed location on the map, with a turretless TD, up against more dangerous targets, was a good idea, is beyond me and why I was the one that is a bad player, still baffles me. All in all, don’t be an asshole kids. Now, grandpa needs to lie down (no actually my 27 year old ass needs to vaccuum the house).

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