World of Tanks – Crew Skill Discussion

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Source: Anfield


  1. Hello Anfield,
    The idea about additional Crewskills with minor bonuses is a double-edged
    sword in my eyes. On the one hand it provides some reward for very longtime
    playing. But it makes it even harder to get into new techtrees for new
    players. WoT allready takes a long time to really learn the game and
    getting into the higher tiers, but when you finally get there you still
    have to fight so many battles with a disadvantage (which is the result of
    older players getting more of an advantage). And if the bonuses don’t
    result in an advantages, they are eyecandy from the start. This gets even
    more relevant if the techtree splitts like with the 416 for example, wanna
    move your crew to the T9 und get pummeled grinding the second one or play
    the new stock T9 with another disadvantage? Nice options. Playing with a
    new account on T6 with normal 100% only crew against some GromwellB or
    Rudys at the other Team (and 4-5 skill crews in them) today might be a good
    simulation what could happen.
    With the player-numbers on some servers dropping the question of how hard
    your early playing expierience is, becomes more important and we older
    player have to think about that too. (At least if we want the game to keep
    going for a longer time).
    It is allready so much harder to learn the game today than 4 years ago
    simply because today you have to learn the characteristics of 5 times the
    number off different tanks per new tier you reach.
    I can see your idea working coming from an experienced hightier player but
    I don’t see it working out for the game as a whole.
    Best regards

  2. I like it. However, I would love new maps and make them bigger. Let’s make
    it 2-3,000 yard maps or a mile. I know this is off topic. But WG needs to
    freshen up the maps. You see a lot of the same plays every game. I want to
    guess and be forced to plan ahead and react over a bigger distance.

    Customization on crew skills is great but the grind sucks. and when I meet
    a long time veteran of the game I know I’m going to have my ass handed to

  3. Hey Anfield, can I ask your opinion? I am just starting to grind for the
    batchat, I have just got the ELC and put female crew members in it, this
    will be my batchat crew and I dont want to have to retrain them. What crew
    skills would you recommend for Batchat? Obviously 6th sense, Snap Shot,
    then would you prioritise Camo or Repairs first? I thought camo but as it
    already has good camo rating maybe there is an argument to train repairs
    first? Thanks, just need a little guidance.

  4. Great video Anfield, I think your ideas are really good. I think you should
    honestly do some testing with intuition, I think aside from SS, this is
    probably one of the best loader skills. I can’t tell you how many times it
    has saved me in certain situations since it allowed me to swap to the shell
    I needed. If you want to try testing it let me know.

  5. i can’t agree with you more, and you have some great suggestions for new
    crew skills. I’m a long time player but damn, has it really been 4 years
    since 7.2? Crew skills is an excellent area for Wargaming to improve on in
    the near future

  6. There was a talk of turning WoT’s skill/perk system into something like
    WoWS to where it’s all tied to the commander and not individual members.
    They also recently made Sixth Sense an automatic skill for everyone, which
    is nice. WoT needs to do the same regardless of skill level.

    Some more things I’d like to see though:
    – Combine Recon and Sit. Awareness into one skill/perk. A lot of times you
    get this awkward situation where you move a crew into a tank that has
    commander as radio op instead of them being separate and it really just
    screws things up as far as crew training goes.

    – Make WoT’s Intuition like WoWS version of it. Instead of RNG-dependent
    insta-swaps it’s a solid 50% reduction in reload time when switching ammo

    – Combine Additional Grousers with Enhanced Suspension, but made available
    for all tanks. Would still be still kinda useless for most tanks, but might
    be of actual benefit for overweight tanks with bad hill climbing speed as
    well as keeping them from getting tracked as often. Unless they would
    further rework it to benefit all tanks and make it useful.

    – Combine Clutch Braking with Off-Road Driving for same reasons.

    – Combine Call for Vengeance with Designated Target.

    – Combine Deadeye with Eagle Eye.

    Again, this would be going on the WoWS-styled perk system so each would
    have a point cost tied to them. So it would be a good idea to combine perks
    into each other so make room for even more perks.

  7. Richard Gustafsson

    Can you do a small video on why the perk safe stowage isn’t increasing your
    ammoracks HP (for yellow) but only increases the other HP (for red)? Or
    maybe you can give me your thoughts on it

  8. Alexander Addison

    some new skills and the ability to customise tanks further much like the
    abandoned emblem initiative would be ideal but much can be achieved by
    buffing or improving the existing unused skills and equipment, for example
    overhauling designated target and giving the radio operator an equivalent
    skill that would just increase the time spotted automatically (although
    that maybe OP on a light tank with an OP crew so perhaps you could limit it
    to tanks within 200m or something), change adrenaline rush into a skill
    that would give a slightly improved reload time if you fire your shot
    withing x seconds of loading it, maybe Deadeye (an underrated skill already
    IMHO) could deal a touch more alpha with a critical hit (could make the
    argument that it’s adding more RNG but i’m just floating ideas)… or they
    could just explain to the majority of the playerbase how critical damage
    and saving throws work and watch the skill rise in popularity that way.

    PS: I must be the only person on the game that doesn’t rate safe stowage, a
    mild increase in ammo rack HP? all that means is less one shots, your ammo
    rack still had the same chance to become damaged and can be damaged by a
    single penetrating shot of any gun (providing it has the travel to hit the
    module) and safe stowage doesn’t increase the HP of a damaged ammo rack
    either to my knowledge so the same guns will detonate a damaged rack with
    or without the skill.

  9. SirRippingtonEsquire

    If the emblems-give-you-bonuses update had gone through, I would have quit
    WoT right then and there. That shit isn’t cool imo and I’m positive many
    feel the same since they backed out on it.

    Everything that isn’t Sixth/Camo/Repairs needs to be buffed or changed
    entirely so that they’re on the same level as Sixth/Camo/Repairs. Currently
    there’s very little else worth taking other than those three and it kinda
    sucks to see so little variety.

  10. I was always thinking of changing intuition to actually be usable instead
    of completely random. Perhaps make it so that if you change ammo types a
    certain percentage of the way into your loading time, you wouldn’t have to
    start the loading process again. This percentage being based on the current
    skill level of intuition.

    Brainstorming aside, do you plan on doing something like this for the
    equipment? Equipment is more or less on the same boat as crew skills.

  11. I just want the game as realistic as possible. Buying skills don’t fit in
    that. The only way ur team gets better is by training or experience!

  12. New players are already getting rekt by veteran players with 3,4,5 skillz,
    now while a different system with extra skills might appeal to older
    players and bring something fresh for them,young players just don’t have
    the attention span to invest time and play a tank 400 games to get some
    good crew skills,they want satisfaction now or they just piss off to
    another game,WG knows this.What they should do is speed things up,just a
    slight increase in credit reward would be perfect,every game I get a little
    freaking medal like sniper or spartan or some crap, these should add
    bonus’s like 500 credits for each medal,crit damage 200 credits,module
    damage 300 credits all this, if they had a visual on screen that told us
    hey you got sniper medal +1000 credits,you ammo racked that guy here’s plus
    2000 credits,that’d be kinda awesome,I know some of these things are
    already accounted for but I’d like to see my screen full of boners I mean
    bonus’s man bonus’s.Every game I’d be like horeee shiete I gort like
    feefteein K’s bonurrs’s dat game.

  13. There are fire extinguishers available, and a firefighting crew skill.
    There are repair kits, and a repair skill.
    There are first aid kits and… ah-ha, I sense an opportunity to expand the
    number of trainable crew skills.

  14. I don’t think better players shoud be given even greeater change to get
    even more OP

  15. I agree with you, with crew skill and perk’s also need extra box for
    consumables and equipment

  16. I would like some new skills, I am nearly finished with my 6th skill on
    Cromwell B and Only have usless skills left.
    Like your ideas! Maybe adding a medic skill to your crew can get crew back
    after 60sec or so

  17. I really would like to see the crew changes, but also I would love to see
    cosmetic customization to further make your tank your own. I just want a
    blue TVP ffs. Also nobody can beat Overlord’s naming scheme. German
    Commander – Adolf Hipler ; American T30 Gunner – Eaton Dix

  18. William Linklater

    I was really excited about the emblem boosts and so sad when they scrapped

  19. sekken93 (CrySpy)

    I can’t watch 7.2 vid :(

  20. I agree completely. Crew customization is a good way to go, also, I was
    pissed at the abandonment of the logo bonuses, because I’m one of those
    chumps who puts them on all my tanks anyway. A little reward for spending
    my money would have been nice !

  21. shoutout to DeLong Wang… lmfao

  22. i think it is okay right now and there definetly ARE a few useless skills
    but honestly…? I feel like wg should take care of the sky cancer Problem
    first and balance their tanks better. for instance, chi ri is absolute
    trash in a tier 9 Game and is-3 is retardedly OP in my opinion.
    i don’t think that crew skills are a major problem in the game right now.

  23. my russian crew is 6.92….

  24. Ehi Anfield, I’m with you. The crew skills are part of the game but not
    totally working. Something is missing.
    Good idea for the loader to have a skill to prevent the double time reload
    if ammoracked (that in reality.. There are lot of ammoracks in a tank, you
    hit one and all of em… Ok).
    So, one of the members could become a medic, could spend his skill as a
    small healing pack. Or if a small healing pack is equipped it works a big
    For the radio operator, use of the machine guns. So those annoying lights
    won’t do nothing on that heavy (incredible to see a t7 bullying a t10
    heavy, keeping him tracked, when he has a 50mm machine gun).
    And why not a general to make more profits?
    Or take the same skill more than once? Triple dead eye?
    Double repair?
    My two cents

  25. missions are ok so total shitnoobs who pay dont get them

  26. 100% agree.

  27. thx antfield really helpfull guide maybe i improve my wn7

  28. What if you’re ability to add these emblems that increase tank performance
    had to be earned through means such as 1 for making your tank elite, a
    second for an ace tanker, and then dependent on how many slots the tank
    has, another for either your first or for your second mark of excellence
    and the fourth for either your second or third mark of excellence? And to
    apply these permanently one must simply pay a premium CREDIT price of
    around 100,000 credits.. This way not everyone will be running around with
    increased tank performance, but those who put in the work can for around
    the price of vents.

  29. Jonathan Albertus Rawung

    Thx for this vid! It helps alot. btw what equipment should i use for
    crusader and cromwell?

  30. First comment #rekt BTW Anfield when NootNootNootNootPINGUuuu kills you in
    pubs next time, its members<3

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